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Musical Instrument Shops and DJ Gear
  • dj gear - any of the pawn shops. they are everywhere - this is slough
  • fuk dat
  • Digital Village in Acton... they know their stuff
  • Digital Village in Acton... they know their stuff
  • zara hussain of stile road contact sona966@ urgent its yr father
  • Damn - I've never seen anywhere in Slough that sells musical instruments, but London and Uxbridge do and there not far away, like 15-20 minutes by train. I brought my guitar online though and our postal service is so fast!!
  • Langley Guitar Centre used to be alright
  • nearest place is in windsor where all the classy people who learn instruments live with a suitably tacky name that sound like it is in slough: Hooters
  • Langley Guitar Centre - I bought my first guitar off him when he first set-up in his hairdressing salon in the Essoldo cinema on Bath Road at Cippenham in the late 60's and dealt with him throughout the 70's when he moved to Langley. He was OK. Good to see he is still in business.
  • Slough? MUSIC? yeah a mic and some bling innit blud! Slough wouldn't know music if it hit them in the face. They get Peter Andre to do the Xmas lights? mooha! Go to Windsor, Hooters in King Edward Court for all your rocking needs
  • the guitar centre at the end of williby road (langley) great store, permenently stoned staff and a good session in the back room for a small fee with kick arse amps
  • hmv in queensmere
  • The one in the Bishop Centre, just off the A4 between Slough and Maidenhead is looking much better than it used to, when it only had organs.... Now it's a proper music shop with loads of guitars, keyboards, digital pianos, sheet music, tutors etc. The staff seem to be nice and helpful too.
  • Langly guitar shop
  • Dawkes in Maidenhead is great for Woodwind.
  • Yes! Singletons does still exist! It's now run as a mail order company and, if the stuff is in stock, it gets sent out 1st class the same day. I should know - I run it!!! Thanks to the person who replied before I did. It's nice to know there are people out there who will support me. The new info is: email: phone: 01628 777101 fax: 01628 777147 and, coming soon, website: If you order by email or on the website you'll get a 5% discount. Looking forward to hearing from you!!!
  • Just to let you know that Singletons music shop itself has been taken over. It is being set up as an internet music shop. The original owners have retired and the new owner is based in Maidenhead. The website isn't running yet but their email address is I have used the shop over many years and intend to support the new owner whenever I can. Hope this is useful to someone
  • Just like to update - Singletons Music Shop in Windsor would seem to have closed? Anyone confirm this or what? WHERE do we go for sheet music? Slough always was a dump for anything like music shops,(let's hear it for John Bejteman......) don't say Windsor is going the same way?
  • re comments langley guitar centre, i must have bought 2 guitars from another shop. reviewers comments are liable and incorrect as the are, helpfull, knowledgable, offer agood service and are in fact greek. remember rock against racism etc.
  • The nearest is probably up at the Bishops Centre on the Bath Road near Taplow.
  • Langley Guitar Shop sells three guitars a year, probably to the same person. There is no music in Slough, nor a break in the cloudcover. It is a dull place.
  • I didn't think anyone in Slough knew how to spell instroomant let alone play one.
  • Musical Instrument shops are non existent in Slough. The nearest place are the Guitar center in Langley or The music shop in Windsor station, both are fairly good stockists. for sheet music Singletons in Windsor (follow the army barracksall the wat aroundand you will eventually see a small shop called singletons.....its not well posted at all) although the two aforementioned shops do stock/order sheet music. Also HMV in Slough High street stocks sheet music sometimes I think. +
  • bang on the metal tree in the square outside boots. it makes a nice noise. cheaper than buying an instrument
  • There is a small guitar shop, which also has a recording studio, in langley, not bad, but its run by these little feeble italian fools, who really could not give a flying shit about customer service, intruments are over priced, and if u even mention anything wrong about the amps in the recording studio (which was designed for ompah lompahs it seems because the ceiling is about 4ft high,also has this dry stale smell) they laugh in you're face and just ignore you.
  • Farnham Road, near Maplin's. For strings, elec guitars, percussion and amps.
  • THere is a good guitar shop in langley called the 'Langley Guitar Centre' where you can find almost anything guitar orientated (except Red-hot-chili-peppers tab books!). I've bought 2 guitars from there and they are well priced and good quality
  • Langley Guitar Centre - enuff said.
  • There are'nt any Musical Instrument shops in Central Slough. The closest are along the Bath road towards Maidenhead.(quite a distance) and in Windsor, a short train journey away for only 1.20 return.
  • Guitar Centre, Langley. Not actually in Slough, but just a mile or so down the road. Small, but a good selection of Geetars and friendly service.
  • The only place that sells anything vaguely representing a guitar is Cash Converters on the Farnham Road- if you get lucky though you can sometimes pick up something other than an Encore.

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