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  • Christian youth??? Loads of churches and really friendly people in Slough. Gifts, cards and books especially Bibles can be got at QUENCH, church street, in Kingsway Church, the same building as Church St. Cafe is in.
  • every street corner has either a prostitue or a druggy, OR BOTH :D nothings bad man, everythings cheap, sex, drugs, alchohol, 50p would last you a few days blud
  • Salvation army in stoke road friendly place to meet.
  • Slough really is a shit hole, am I right people? The people, the schools, the high street and even the lazy bastards known as 'police'. With one golden rule: keep as far away from Slough's vile prostitute and immigrant ridden streets as you can. Failure to remember this rule will almost certainly mean you will be raped, stabbed or mugged. Also, if you didn't know, Slough is also the Jihadist's central and the US should be looking here for Osama instead of Afghanistan. It's not that I hate Slough, I hate the people from Slough and all the Polish, Pakis, Indians and Eastern Europeans should get on a boat back to their fucking country so Slough can regenerate itself from the damage done by these people Slough doesn't need. That includes the Mayor, who is unsurprisingly an Indian.
  • da cinder track is gettin sum very good artwork down der now
  • Slough iz heavy man! we al go 2 da prk n av sme vdka str8 init! we smetyms cal up da boyz of chalvey bredryns den dey cm wi uz to smoke sm splifz! 1 of me matz sabir haz 3 yard n we go dere to get wit da boyz! oncz i ad sex in per parentz bedrooom man, it was sik! Ma name is Zara Hussain, i am ze slough girl, girlz dnt mess wiv me man. boyz i am on facebook . luk me up innit! x x
  • sent,low,mexo,lilo,vort,ock,zeds,lsd,test,wyzer,kilo,ded,star,remio,else,oze,raze,zerk,cf,choo,fox,dock,oss, an mny more graffers from berkshir lol keep a look out 4 them
  • The crime in Slough isnt really that bad, its just some people are known to the police and so the people they hang around with are also known to the police, and are usually arrested alot because of Suspicion of something and then proved innocent, so its usually more unjustified arrests then condemnable arrests.
  • Manor Park Is The Best. Much Love, Me
  • French classes for children La Jolie Ronde Nursery primary Family sessions. Suitable from 3-11 y. Coming soon to Iver Slough area. Register now 02087972515 or e-mail
  • The Britwell estate is crap, youths hagging around the streets outside everyones houses in groups / gangs, neighbours constantly arguing and shouting with each other on the street, constant loud music and parties. People there in general hate each other and wait for that look from another so they can say 'what you staring at' and start a fight, adults as well as the kids. there is constant loud shouting from kids, people trying to smash car windows on the estate, who ever said it is not that bad obviously does not know any better!i am not sure whats better a 'Gypsy Site Vs Britwell Estate'!
  • bewear of: chavs that hang around langly grave yard. me and two girls mates got chased by them last night.
  • Britwell wouldn't be such a bad place if it wasn't for all the youths who go round tearing up da streets. So to speak. And you don't gotta have attitude to walk the Britwell. STAY OUTTA MANOR PARK!
  • I lived in Slough for 8 years and my family still live there. I had family in Langley, Chalvey, Cippenham and grew up on the Northborough estate in Britwell. I managed to escape and all I can say is thank god. The place scares me silly and I don't visit if I can help it.
  • im 16 and i find it easier to score a class A drug such as coccaine than alchohol blep
  • hmmmmmm slough,slough,slough... being a very much well traveled welsh man, i have had, well to be completely honest the good fortune of frequenting the streets of sunny slough, for the past 5 months to spend time with my g/f who lives in burnham, and i must say and agree with other comments that there is a under belly current of"it's gonna kick off big time"mood, i havent yet recieved any hassle or so much a glare. now being from swnasea the city once named"pretty shitty city"slough has alot going for itself but people need to relax more and stop trying to make a name for themselves by being, rude, arrogant, and damn right shitty,i have been in brunel bus station waiting for the last bus to burnham not seen a soul, i have walked through britwell with a bag a chips at night, not seen or heard a soul,one day i was feeling a little bemused by it's reputation and once even tried to stare or cause a little angst with a gang of jumped up groupies but no response they scotted off on their choppers,so heres to the next time i come to your town,cant wait, bye.
  • Find and read John Betjemen. His work on Slough is accurate and informed.
  • slough still is a dirty shit hole and probably always will be.
  • dont know if anyone mentioned the old man in the long floral skirt often seen the the highstreet
  • slough is full of bitchy people like girly naveed, a bunch of witches all jealous of any couple who seem to be happy n wanting to spend some time together, so all couples, dnt move in to slough n if u already live here MOVE OUT.
  • HEARTS IN SLOUGH A support group for people concerned about, or living with heart problems, their relatives, friends and carers, in and around Slough, Berkshire in the UK.
  • New branch of photographic studios, opening in March,,46, Windsor Road.
  • Britwell is the worst estate in Slough! It's worse than Manor Park & Chalvey no contest! I was scared for my life walking around this notorious death hole!
  • I recently passed through Slough and had the misfortune of staying at the Green Man pub which is on the A335. I was looking for somewhere a bit cheaper than the Travel Lodge, and at 50 a night, it seemed a bargain...but read on before you make your booking. I don't know what the hell is going on with this place - from the outside it looks like any other B&B pub, but once you get inside, it is one of the weirdest and most on-the-edge places I have ever stayed. The smell of ganja being smoked was ever present, but that is just one aspect of the extreme experience. Walk in during the day and everything seems OK, with a nice bare wooden floor and sofas in the bar area. But come night fall, it is a different story. God alone knows exactly what all the people staying/living here all do with their daytimes, but most seem to be regulars of some description. While we were there in the evening, all sorts of people passed through the bar, including a gang of (very) young offenders, the largest of whom I was told would "shoot me as quick as look at me" which obviously put me at ease, so I deliberately lost at pool so they could get the table. There was also a near fight involving someone else which obviously added to the "relaxed and friendly" atmosphere we had been promised When I eventually went to bed, the room was filthy dirty which was annoying enough, but to my abject horror, there was no lock on the door. With an expensive work laptop in my possesion, I ended up jamming the chair up against the door and taking the laptop to bed with me. I didnt get to sleep until at least 2am because the bar seemed to just stay open all the way through the night with MTV music blaring out on wall mounted speakers not to mention the shouting and screaming by the youngest of the Motley Crew who had come in. Also, seeing and my room was also next to the only toilet in the premises, I was constantly awoken by the thugs going in and out, as well as overhearing some very sinister mobile phone conversations the details of which I won't go in to now. How this place has remained open, I have no idea. While staying there was an experience I will never forget, I really do not advise a visit. This place is like a recreation of the Wild West on the outskirts of Slough...
  • On the north side of the pedestrian tunnel under the railway in Salt Hill Park, is graffiti that says, "Chalvey Ahead, No Sikhs".
  • The car park by the side of the Kings Head pub in cippenham is a good place to get rid of all your unwanted laptops, just leave them in the boot and go and have a quick pint and hey presto it's gone and you also get to meet the local autoglass rep when he comes to repair your window.
  • Slough used to be quite posh, being in Berkshire & close to Windsor, something really needs to be done.
  • bring some independent cafe's shops and restaurants, bars and clubs then it'd give scope for choice!
  • no1 can b put dwn da britwell not till u lived dere n den if u do its coz u dun belong aint no room 4 snobs up in here takes guts 2 wlk da streets n takes da attitude of sum1 born n raised in da britwell can tlk demselves out of shit so if u dun wanna face da music dun come near my territory coz me n my bredryns well bust ya ass. u get me blud!
  • A famous poet lauriet once wrote, "Come friendly bombs, fall on Slough". That poem has never been more relevant. The town planners need to ship up on their ideas. The Council need to give the townsfolk, something more to be proud of and lead by example. The communities in Slough, from the Catholic Irish of Wexham, the Monsterattans of Chalvey, the Pakinstanis of Dimond Road, and the Indian communities of Manor Park, THIS IS YOUR HOME. GET INVOLVED AND BE MORE PASSIONATE ABOUT THE PLACE YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN LIVE IN.
  • My hometown. Britwell is not a "slum", as I am dismayed to read on here. At heart it is filled with loving, caring families who go about life as much as anyone else. That old London community spirit can still be found. Look again and don't be so quick to condemn.
  • I have lived in Slough for about a year, and can honestly say it isn't that bad. Having lived in the Midlands most of my life, it is far better than most of that - nuneaton, coventry, atherstone, tamworth, walsall, wolverhampton etc. etc. are hovels compared to slough. Also, although the nightlife could be better, London is just 15mins away by train, so why bother? Also most of west london(Hayes/Southall etc.) are far, far worse. I have never seen a fight in a pub in slough(have seen more brawls in Windsor). Before Slough, I lived in Windsor for 6months, and found it deathly dull. At least Slough has some life in it! As for the idiot who wrote about chalvey, I wish they'd walk through Whitechapel or something at night.
  • Slough is an anagram of 'ghouls'. One of only three anagramattical place names in England, the others being Oundle and Newark.
  • I find the rats in the central roundabout quoite cute but they would not be there if the litter was not so bad.
  • please dont talk to strangers in slough, they will either stalk you knife sell you drugs mug u and occassionally beat you senseless
  • At least once a year Cippenham has the honours of having all the pikies come and stay near Asda in their lovely caravans. They often drink in the Long Barn and The Earl of Cornwall. We do love their visits!
  • go to superdrugs on sat girls r fit
  • theres a photo booths in tesco, by the lifts and the stairs in the queensmere opposite clintons and various other places around places [i think theres one in boots but maybe thats something else i dunno im thick someone get me out of this straight jacket so i dont have to type with my nose nemore] if u need a toilet [most people in slough dont actually know what a toilet is hence the "aroma" of the local area] then theres some in the queensmere near marks n sparks, and theres some in the observatory on the 2nd floor near StarFM and i think theres a public pay one opposite nando's [handy if ur running from some thug, u can hide in there and they wont understand why uve suddenly disappeared]
  • Please do not come to slough- you'll regret it
  • Responsible investment instead of lowest-common-denominator pacifying development budgets, Slough could be alright. Too late now, I've long since moved.
  • Slough has recently been immortalised in a new BBC 'comedy', 'The Office'. Local boy Ricky Gervais (well, he's from Reading) has summed up perfectly the dismal corporate boredom so many residents here go through. Slough's not unique though, but is generally conceived as one big Trading Estate and is littered with new offices and plenty more offices-to-let. I know people all over the world who've been sent to Slough to work for big corporations. All we need now is a decent nightlife to go with the shit daytimes and we'll be away!
  • why did the builders have to build all the council estates because it makes slough worse.
  • Brought up in Bradford, lived in Hull too, I'm used to towns with an image problem, but Slough is not only ugly - it's commuter, office and factory lifestyle means it lacks the character that a 'proper' city has.
  • Slough is PACKED with NGOs, voluntary orgs, charities, QUANGOS, public-funded bodies, etc. If you need some advice or assistance, you can probably get it free. How's it paid for? Look at the Council Tax Rates.
  • Slough isn't as bad as people think it is. There's plenty of work in Slough and people have some money to spend. If only Slough didn't have quite so many criminally included children... I wouldn't be about to have to sell my car for scrap.
  • Admittedly, i have only lived here for a couple of years, but besides the beggars having the occasional comical fist-fight, i have never seen any of the trouble that is so widely reported on this site. "Chalvey is a place to be feared by people nationwide" wrote one report. What utter nonsense! The 1960's shopping centre looks a bit like Beirut on a bad day (no insult intended), but otherwise it is good. There may be tension between the so-called ethnic minorities, but as a white man living amongst many Asian and Afro-Caribbean people, i have no problem. You don't wannna live there? Don't!
  • Working in a well-known music store in Queensmere, we had a large cross-section of the local populous grace our premises, but it seemed after a while that Slough is blessed with an above-average proportion of, how can I put it, mentally-challenged residents. How about a new category- local nutters?
  • Slough is a mean place with tough estates- be careful round dodgy areas.
  • hi, igo to st.bernard's convent in slough. it quite a good school with loads of facilities. i don't actually live in slough and i'm glad because most of the boys in my class have been beaten up by local boys. the boys from st.josephs came to our school and beat up boys from my year. it wasn't very nice and we have had loads of lectures on it. also a boy in my class was walking down slough highstreet and he had his pencilcase nicked. i mean come on what kind of idiot would want to steal a pencilcase? i'm not trying to put anyone off coming to slough, but be warned there are nasty people in slough.
  • Slough has seen plenty change in recent times. A lot of people now come into Slough to drink and socialise. The town has become a central hub for meeting up and having a drink. Indeed, the punch-ups still happen but that's only because Slough is place where many cultures, ages, races and people from different backgrounds and places interact. The diversity is great in this town. With all the bars cropping up, we can say a lot of the 'street' activities have died down, i.e. crime, drugs, boredom, etc have mellowed because of this new drinking culture of getting dressed-up to go to the town. Fights and other anti-social behaviour will always be there. Towns/cities up and down the country have similar problems but as long as people drink and are around people they don't know, there will always be this kind of disorder. One thing that has become dangerous in Slough is the gang culture in Slough. Organised crime is on the up. The Chalvey district is one the most notorious places known to many nationwide. The unsettled nature of the small district has given it a reputation that is now feared by outsiders. Asian gangs are rising and becoming feroicious more than ever. The area has short, quiet periods but as history tells us, erratic times in the place are frequent. This has attracted much media coverage and has put Slough in disrepute. Organised crime and gang related activites are soaring in Slough. This is something that is not apparent to the visitors in Slough when they come to drink. By vistors, I mean those that don't live in the districts bordering the Town Centre, i.e. Chalvey, Upton Lea, Upton, Wexham, Manor Park, Salt Hill, Baylis, Wexham, and Stratfield Rd. These areas are the real Slough of which the outsiders are unaware of the real going-ons. So the next time somebody outside these areas feels brave and wants to cause a disturbance in Slough, they should reconsider their options and think what the real locals would have to say or do in response. Please be careful - Slough is more than meets the eyes.
  • Slough is not as bad as is implied in your pages. Yes, like all places in the Country, you have bad things that happen but things are not as bad as are stated in your pages. Having lived in Slough literally all my life I don't think there is anything wrong with the place but people come to Slough with an image that it is a dreary, grey and disgusting town. Well they have been informed wrong. There are lots of things going for the place like 2 exceptional shopping precints where you can purchase almost everything. Slough has been given a bad name on your pages and have not given the place a chance. Yes there has been some bad press in connection with the Sikh and Muslim communities but this instances haven't taken place solely through the Sikhs & Muslims of Slough - people of each culture have been known to come from places such as Southall and Birmingham to bring trouble - so please be fair to the likes of the people of Slough. Slough employs an awful lot of people in the worldwide companies based on the Trading Estate ie. Mars, BT, Fullers Transport.
  • Apparently us Slough people have a reputation as being nuttas and being 'ard as hell, so Watch it! ;)
  • Richard Hill - Writer based in Langley near Slough
  • Was offered a job there once, but didn't fancy paying 92000 for a two up/ two down terraced to live under one of Heathrow's runways!
  • Slough is one of the smelliest places, I have had the pleasure to visit. On good days there is a wonderful aroma of gentle chocolateyness to the west of the town from the mega Mars bar factory. On other days a soapy smell lingers from the detergent factory on the trading estate. When all else fails the mixed fragrances of 2 day old kebab and sewage farm spread far and wide. All within sight of Windsor Castle and less than 5 miles from the Queen's gransons. What lucky lads they are!!!
  • What the people are like: Medium friendly. Very multi-cultural. Medium-Low intelligence.
  • Slough is not racism-free, there is plenty of Sikh-Muslim tension in Slough
  • Ice Rink next to Montem Sports Cente in Montem Lane, Slough. Montem in the news: dustman driving dustcart vehicle lost control and smashed into a house... Woman in house was in kitchen at time.. heard smash and went into her living room to investigate noise to find a dustcart lorry on her new carpet!! Estimated damage cost £25,000.00... Council to repair damage... Dustman driving vehicle was breathalysed....
  • The home of the Mars Bar, and if you go to the Trading Estate (the first one in the World), you can often smell the yummy chocolatey smell all around the sweet factory.
  • Cinema yes definitely good nite out. Don't bother about the Ice rink unless very keen or with good transport plans, it's just a little too distant.
  • Keep you eyes off of other people in Slough, as it does have a tendancy to be a little 'hectic' shall we say. AVOID the backstreets at night, the Wellington Street roundabout at all times (the one next to the Library, underground subways), as many muggings happen here. Quasar is dodgy at times, take a lot of friends with you in the evenings at places and hold your cash in safe places. Just be a little more careful than usual.
  • As a local lad I find the appraisal of the town somewhat unfair. Having been a resident for over 24 years (on and off) I can safely say it is not that bad!!!! Ok, the social life may not be exactly kicking but that is not all there is to life. Anyway, the beauty about Slough is its geographical location - close to London and Windsor for social life and the west end (who wants raves on their doorsteps?), in the leafy lanes of Berkshire and close to Heathrow and major rail and road networks! Besides that it has quite possibly the world's greatest football team - the Mighty Rebels (Slough Town F.C. themselves!!!!) Pick on somewhere really dull, like Reading!!!!!
  • Best characteristic - every amenity going, worst - near to Maidenhead - wear big boots to tread on the kids.

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