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The Worst Things
  • I love slough please respect my hometown
  • slough is a shit hole
  • Some people need to have more manners. Pride in their homes and environment could be better. All in all, Slough is better than many places.
  • Slough's hidden population in shanty town homes (Slough Express, 11 December 2009):'A hidden population of at least 2,000 people are living in about 1,000 dangerous 'garden sheds' across Slough, it was officially confirmed this week. Council bosses have started cracking down on the greedy landlords who rent out sheds for at least £150 a week to mystery tenants. The guilty landlords face fines of up to £20,000 and could face other criminal charges relating to health and safety, benefit fraud, income tax and council tax evasion.'
  • Slough of a craphole for asylum seekers, thugs and welfare recipients. Slough has been run by the Labour Party Council (since 1997) and represented by Labour MP Fiona Mactaggart (since 1997).
  • I lived on britwell in the late was shit then,the home as gone and my weekends were messing about in the town at nite or the garage roofs on wentworth ave haha.ive since become wiser being electrian over here near Ilford.where ever it seems Indians there is large brown problem they say slough 150k a month god knows how much here in Ilford everybody is down the local drug/alcohol centre things don't change eh.what id like to know is hows slough with all this thinking moving back over west maybe Bracknell Basingstoke as im council tenant.are there lots horny junkees at weekend I work all week but love good time at weekend.slough cant be that bad I went school westgate cippenham still there.only thing I got care system flat a joint and sorted trade lots suppouse worse off.any horny girls out there in 30s give shout ian from Hainault wants know.easy on the piping ill do your wiring well cheap eh babe all love ian I don't believe slough that badxx
  • mr phillips from langley academy is a fkin wanker LOOOL no sideburns doe, 3 foot tall wasteman ugly cunt
  • hows slough jobcentre move to essex its a lot nicer and peaceful even if we do have drug/boys posing in there cars last summer 2012 it was well hot down southend and there wasnt a white person about whats happen to this country but the girls are nice understanding and the weed blows your head off add in a mess about at the sea and a gram of ketamine happy days wickford boys
  • SLOUGH iS A DUMP BURN THE PLACE AND ALL THE PAKIS REBUILD A NICE TOWN GET RID OF THAT STUPID TRADING/DEALING estate BETTER JOB OPPURTUNITES INSTEAD EVERYONE HIGH ON BROWN AND CRACK WHERES THE KETAMINE OR ICE what i done with my rizla the place could be so much nicer but what expect with largest amount of heroin flooding through every month so close to airport and load of afghanistany/bangledeshi ready to sell to you move out as soon as you can or you will end up in REHAB you can smell the drugs when walk out station police dont give a shit bless unfortunate people that have to live there
  • i lived on the britwell estate in doddsfield road the childerns home from 1985to 1990 it was all shit and horrid then we use to play over the shops on the roofs and get someone to get us 10 benson hedges for 80p what happened recently to this home new housing has replaced it i live in romford but am moving to basingstoke the estate was bad but we made the best of bad thing known as the londerners from the home we were looked at as scum but survived any help what happened to this home ring ian 07908 992902 althogh it was bad and all we wanted was to get back to london to our individual familys we had w/ends out holidays life was shit although currently i expect the place is far worse especially as portrayed by thames valley police on road wars as i say im moving to basingstoke become electrian have own flat council and new golf gti so life was not that bad but at the time all we wanted all 10 boys in home was go home to parents all over diffrent parts london i went school westgate in cippenham getting 7 gcses life was honestly crap but eh you have to fight the system to survive and at 17 offered own council place enfield town basingstoke is my next destination anyone tell me what happened to this or people lived there 85to 90 i probaly know you well it was shit and i feel for the familys there but believe me you can make some thing of yourselfs regards ian
  • people seem to have a real lack of teeth
  • Nothing. Little grebo basterds fae windsor or sum posh toon wi nae idea of culture bad mouthing slough other the internet. Wee pricks.
  • nothings bad man, everythings cheap, sex, drugs, alchohol, 50p would last you a few days blud
  • Access to London
  • Access to London
  • The amount of private household and recycling bins down Lancaster and canterbury Avenue are disgraceful!
  • EVERYTHING SLOUGH IS ONE BIG SHITHOLE. If you got rid of all the asians polish and the damn right bizarre there would be 1% of slough actually left if that!
  • The worst things about Slough are: The Polski Skleps throughout Slough. The Islamic 'Jihadists' who think Allah rules, but still can't muster his strength to eat beef. The pervert infested Brunel Bus Station, plenty of dark corners and plenty of rapists. The creeps and freaks all up and down the high street. The Tesco Superstore, why did they need to go that big and fill it with Indians, Pakis and Pollacks? The gangs who think they're hard terrorising old people and doing graffiti. That shop on Wexham Road where all the Indians do their grocery shopping so they don't have to go to Tesco and get their Tikka Masala ingredients. Joginder Singh Bal, the Mayor of Slough, because he is also an Indian and Slough is supposed to be an English town. Greatest sympathy goes out to all those normal people who live in Slough and have to put up with going to Uxbridge for a shopping centre you can go without receiving death threats. I used to live there about 3 years ago and fortunately I moved across the world just to make sure I never have the chance of smelling the vile stench of Slough's streets.
  • One peaceful May morning I trotted up to my local slum cornershop near crusty Chalvey Road East when I heard a disturbance near the tower block. As I investigated a group of 6 dodgers stormed out the stairwell towards me screaming 'ALLAH FOREVER, WE SACRIFICE YOU'. Adrenalin kicked in faster than Usain Bolt's 100m sprint as I paraded down the back roads. Upon passing the local wino/crackhead 'Trev', I tripped on a grass verge. There were more flies around Trev than usual. I looked up and the 6 Allah lovers surrounded my helpless self. One of them (who I'm guessing is the leader) proceeded to poke me with a stick. He demanded whether I stole fruit chew bars from my local cornershop. They didnt take no for an answer and kicked the shit out of me. A&E was my next visit. Upon leaving (With 2 cotton buds up my nose) and a frail body, I passed the Wexham Court estate where a vile prostitute asked to give head for a tenner. I declined. Wat a shit day I was thinking! As I eventually got to my flat on the Spackmans way and entered, the contents of my rented flat were missing, and a note was left saying 'Bare manz afta ya. Dont steal from tha Singhs. We dun tek no shit man. Leave our manor now or we'll duff ya'. 2 weeks later, I left. Although High Wycombe aint the nicest of SOULS!
  • the people who let it down
  • its all soo bad, nothing good about this place except the fact that i dotn have to stay there anymore, i moved there from glasgow for a job and lasted 6 month, survived moee like i was soo happy when i left this place its a hell hole and thats me trying to be nice n bit my lip, anyone reading this and thinking of moving here. just dont!
  • The police as they are so predujice and some of the schools, although most of them are good. Also there are Quite a few perverted men but none of the girls go for that sort of thing.
  • Chalvey, awful place.
  • nothing its sick
  • everything. The islamic fundamentalists who shout about islamm being the only religion and allah punishing the infidels in the middle of the fuckingtown square, that's just out of order, the huge chav gangs, the fact u can't walk anywhere and feel slightly safe, the lack of people who appreciate good music, the leaflet hand outers and questionnaire people, the trampy little stalls selling fake stuff, the huge amount of immigrants who don't speak english, the lack of a decent bookshop because the majority of the inhabitants are illiterate, the traffic congestion around tesco, the way you will be mugged in any of the parks, never go to the bus station unless you want to be raped, ditto train station
  • the stupid stainless steel tree in the centre of slough, slough doesnt have enough green plants and trees as it is, so why make a metal one that costs a lot of money when they could of put a real one there and save money
  • dere aint any bad fings bout britwell ive lived der my whole life its ghetto
  • Safe there ain't really ne fing rong wit slough i fink it is gang* u get me nd i fink ppl in slough will probley agree wit me innit
  • the bussation scary place with lots of reaks hanging around
  • its full of chavs! seriously they hang aorund every bus stop,corner shop,park etc thinking they are the dogs bollox except they have nothing better to do than stand in a bus stop all dressed the same drinking lambrini! seriously dogs bollox forget that just plain bollox thats what they are!
  • not enough people like me
  • The stench of Junction 7 on the M4.
  • full of chavs. have to go to uxbridge or camden to be with good people
  • The people who think it is their right to shove Islam down everyone else's throats on the high street. If your table is there and I want to look, then I will - don't pressure me to look cos it offends!
  • All the traffic lights on the A4 .... and can someone not redesign the B&Q car-parking nightmare. Do not even think of going there on a weekend or bank holiday. It needs an in road and an out road. One-way traffic though the entire awful complex is the only hope.
  • Slough= sophisticated Windsor
  • Thames Valley Uni and that network of alleyways next to it (in the brunel roundabout)
  • Dont get me started well manners wouldnt go a miss and the office
  • How about that certain landlord of the upstairs masionettes in Bridlington Spur. Well done for chasing out the single women from her downstairs flat. Do you know she had a brain tumor at 19 and needs to take pills every day to stay alive. Oh! that's right, you heard from your previous lodgers that she had financial problems and decided to see if you could get her masionette! Well done, your family must be very proud of you and your ability to earn money. Hello Mr.D'Cotes of Meridian Casino, you also must be very proud!!! The walls have ears!
  • Being stopped on the street by random strangers (all men). Slough seems be the only place this happens. If you are a woman walking around minding your own business, in broad daylight, some men will stop and try to talk to you. Even if you adopt the "on a mission, leave me alone" posture while walking, they still do this! I would like to say to those individuals "Get lost, leave me alone!!!! A woman walking around on her own is NOT necessarily single. Highly likely not interested in YOU. She's NOT lost. Doesn't need your company. And CERTAINLY wants to be left alone!".
  • The incompetence of the local traffic department - who can't even figure out how to synchronise the traffic lights on the only main road in the borough, so everyone has to stop & start & use up more petrol & pollute the air more, and then they put loads of speed bumps on the side roads to inconvenience the drivers they forced off the main road.
  • People who buy land to make a quick buck..Pasture land at Farnham Royal ! people who knock down good houses to build more estates...but not near them.. Sorry but it has to be said wan....s who nick cars then race them through local estates. All dealers who sell drugs to survive at others expense.
  • the whole of slough is a shit hole theres is nowt to do especially in cippenham teengaers are considered as thugs and criminals.the village in cippenham is crap everone gets barred from the shop and then the man comes out chassin us tryin to grab us then he will go in his shop and phone the police and then two minutes later pc stevan bell comes runnin tryin to arrest you for everything like having no lights on ur bike standing under a bus shelter.if you stand outside the pubs ur get bottle lobbed at you and women threatning to come out and beat you up.teenagers are trouble makers in cippenham because there is nothin to do so they go terrorizin the shops and smashing windows and dat.all i can say about cippenham is its a shithole and safe to all da westgate.and essay its only a pencil case you boffin
  • Slough is what happens when politically correct left wing councils run towns. Law and order doesn't exist, you can't walk around about 80% of it at night without being harassed, mugged, stabbed or having the shit kicked out of you, but woe betide you if you park illegally or drive 5 mph over the speed limit. Sadly, a model which is spreading to the country at large.
  • traffic wardens
  • ugly people in general,bigger people that wana do u over
  • manor park y'all r f*cking stupid!
  • Chalvey, increasing violence/drug problem.
  • Young Asian boy racers in their BMW 323i's,Golf GTIi's with stupid go faster bits of plastic on them>Nobody wearing their seatbelts, especially the toddlers standing on the back seat ready to go through the windscreen.Speed limit signs purely for decoration.Red lights purely optional.These tossers always slow down in the end (death, theirs or someone elses,or getting married and finally having to grow up).
  • TOWNIES!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Having to visit family in such a Dump..
  • The lack of really late night takeaways and the amazing problem of there being no dedicated off-licences on the high street. Very bizarre.
  • where to start, I thionk I have said most, I'd say lack of anything individual, all rather chainey!!
  • No decent coffee shop
  • The people. They are appathetic and uninspiring! Most tend to live in socio, economic and ethnic societies. People do not mix. There are few community groups. People tend to litter the streets and Slough council allows town centre streets (the roundabout) to get taken over by hoards of large vermin. It is hard to find a house in Slough were the front lawn hasn't been concreted or patiod over to nmake way for a car?! The front lawn, flowers, plants and trees have long gone. In such an industrial area, Slough council fails to highlight to its community the advantages of oxygen encouraging greenery. You will often find street in Slough where the locals ahve used the pavement as a car park. Pensioners and children are given little consideration and often ahve to used the road to bypass. Slough council has ignored this trend. In other towns, this is illegal.
  • The care in the community cases that wander mindlessly up and down the high street muttering to themselves, low flying pigeons, beggars, loud drunken doll bludgers who sit in the Moon & Spoon for duration of day getting p*ssed at the expense of tax payers, the close proximity of CHalvey and the smell that emanates from it, the hoards of immigrants and assylum seekers that can be seen pouring into SLough on a daily basis enjoying temselves again at the expense of hard working tax payers.
  • The bus station;arguably the worst in the UK The accent
  • The worst thing about Slough is playing spot-the-white and finding a nutter skinhead. werd.
  • Come, friendly bombs, and fall on Slough! It isn't fit for humans now, There isn't grass to graze a cow. Swarm over, Death!
  • The driving of anyone around Slough is abysmal. The burglars _ I never got burgled in Birkenhead but did twice in Slough! The gorwing crack problem.... The litter..... The roads are all in terrible state... The bus station and the pissy stairs....
  • it smells and its embarrasing to tell people who are not from slough that you are!!
  • Long Barn. Some of the young kids in Cippenham who think they're 'bad' coz their parents let them stay out 'til gone 12, when really people just look at them and think they're sad. The sleezy men in Slough who think no women can resist them when the majority of men in Slough are mingin' and most women wouldn't look twice. The women aren't too hot themselves though (myself and my friends excluded of course!). Big fat birds with pineapples on their heads and crop tops letting the rolls hang out everywhere. the traffic in Chalvey does my head in aswell. Lots of bad points about slough.
  • LISTEN the reason so many people hate slough is becouse they come from just outside slough i.e. winsor maidenhead etc. so for 99% of these middle-class snobs this is the only "working class" area there going to see. whynot take a trip up north to solford and toxteth or maybe the estates of glasgow. or maybe go and see hackney or tottenham. then say slough is the worst place in britain. the worst thing about slough is the middle class judgemental boring wankers who surround it
  • i got peed on under the 8 storey main flats in the britwell centre.I want to get revenge as these shallow minded youths are going to be fuuuuuutuuure criminals! britwell is sooo loud!
  • There are many disgusting estates to choose from but the worst would have to be Manor Park and Britwell. Manor Park is a 30's slum, full of gangs of asians who have kindly graffited on our community centre "Manor Thugs". It is very deprived, and some of the houses are boarded up. The other bad graffiti in Slough is in Chalvey where it says "Paki Power", and the Bus Station where it says "I hate your country and "Islam Will Rule". Britwell is a 50's London spillover shithole with the highest crime rate in Slough. The 3 storey flats are litterally falling down, and I was shouted at and stabbed by white and black youths.
  • As i gently strolled down the back roads of wexham court estate, a group of asian groupies grabbed me, tied me up, & LITERALLY masturbated on my face! They ran off & left me there on the street bench all night & the passing early morning grannies didn't help me as i had ejaculation fluid encrusted on my face! I have had recent councilling to get me through this & i never want to visit my slough colleages again as i'm to scared to walk the 30's backroads!
  • no talent. everyone looks the same cos everyone shops @ sport soccer. and who's brilliant idea was it to put a GAP in SLOUGH?!?!?!
  • The facted that most people do not give a flying toss about anyone in slough (although there are some good people around) somehow half of the people in slough must have been sucked through a worm hole in the space-time continium, and put in there place are these what I can only call freaks and barbarians, because some of the people are just demented and are not of this realm. SO PLEASE just be careful of you bump into at anytime of the day, you never know what might happen.
  • the pigeons,
  • The fact the very multicultural society doesn't exactly get on very well. Seeing 30 police and 6 mounted police on a saturday morning is enough to put any one off.
  • the rest of slough
  • all 7 tower blocks in langley make you feel sick, especially the 4 which are on one estate.unfortunately i had to meet my friend in one of them (albion house) and there was urine and used condoms in the liftshaft.
  • the 6 feet tall graffiti in chalvey on the run down council estate. i got him by a turkish salesman in upton because i ignored him.
  • Slough is a euphemism for the surrounding villages desparate to disassociate themselves from it. Stoke Poges, Farnham Common, Iver, Richings Park, Burham Beeches, Taplow, Middle Green, Eton, Datchet. All in Slough. I think it pains the residents to be reminded of that.
  • to the person who lived on the britwell for 28 years: it's a disgusting loud smelly concrete dump which is full of criminals.
  • Slough is an indian overidden urban rut with plenty of high-crime estates especially the chalvey estate, because my mate got stabbed there by a group of asian youths.
  • Waiting for a bus in that bus station - very scary indeed
  • They demolish all the wrong buildings. They get rid of the old Granada cinema and The Golden Egg (sob) on Windsor Road, yet they leave Brunel Bus Station and Thames Valley Uni standing. For why? Answers on a postcard please...
  • Slough
  • Its just a little too near maidenhead - this town is crap cos it is full of judgemental snobs who need to take their heads out of their arses, and also lots of kevs and sharrons who the snobs are ashamed to admit are their sons/daughters. Slough is also too close to high wycombe: people complain about how rough slough is and all the racism etc. they should go to high wycombe! it makes slough look posh (yes that is possible!)
  • britwell, upton and chalvey.
  • If Slough was a beauty-spot, it's name would still make it unattractive. Perhaps people should consider pronouncing it 'Sluff', as in Brough (pronounced 'Bruff') in Humberside (now possibly Lincs). It does at least provide some comedy value, of a kind.
  • grungers and oaps
  • The people: nasty, violent, monosyllabic, bigoted, small-minded, baleful, hate-inspired and hate-fueled. People in Slough need to be less fearful of each other and chill out and SMILE now and then.
  • Bad crime. In three years living near Farnham Road: - one house break-in during the night, while house occupied, money taken and blood left on curtains - one car stolen, two car radios taken, one car window smashed, while car parked on road outside home - car door lock damaged while parked in Slough train station - big dent in back of car overnight and no note left. The parade of burnt or abandoned cars on the road between Denham and the A40. The ugly power station shadowing the middle of the west side of town. Lots of unpleasant, overcrowded, horrible housing. Trouble in pubs and town centre especially at pub closing time. I shared a house with a temporary manager of the Wetherspoon pub in central Slough. He couldn't wait to go back up north again because he found that Slough had too many psychos and nutcases determined to cause trouble in the pub. Slough has a very high Indian population, now this is OK in itself but the trouble is they will insist on messing up their houses. The houses get done up in all different ways, pillars, iron gates, wooden shutters, the effect is very confused looking streets with no character. The smell of poo in Windsor Meadows.
  • The fact that it has such a bad reputation. The police couldn't give a stuff. And nor could the council.
  • People giving it a bad name when trying to promote there idea of 'Working Class'. For example, the beer swilling louts who say 'yeah well I'm from Slough!!' like it's a symbol of social poverty. It's these people who keep social classism rearing its ugly head. Oh yeah, and Ali G always talking about Berkshire Police on his show. Firstly, Slough has Thames Valley Police, and secondly, Staines is in Surrey (formerly Middlesex).
  • Stereotyoes about the Britwell estate, i's started as a council estate but now most of it privately owned so people take more care of their surroundings !. True there are still a few problems but you get that everywhere, and beleive me there are a lot worse places in Slough (I should know I've lived on the Britwell for 28 years !)
  • The smell of sewage from Eton. John Betjemen and other snobs who visit briefly and complain.
  • everyone knows everyone in Slough
  • telling ppl your from slough...some ppl never talk to you again
  • Nowhere to take children on a day out - you have to go further afield like Thorpe Park in Surrey and Odds Farm in Woburn.
  • Erm well trying to get a bus at night from the bus station rates about top of the worst things for me. LAst time I heard the rent boys latest victim getting a bit of a beating.... DO NOT GET INVOLVED IS MY ADVICE, unless you are feeling exceptionally suicidal / mad / bored. Another bad thing would be the high street at closing time......again DO NOT GET INVOLVED IS MY ADVICE, unless you are feeling exceptionally suicidal / mad / bored.
  • The stainless-steel tree sculpture in the High Street Plaza. It cost an obsene amount of money. Imagine how many real trees could have been planted in and around Slough with that money.
  • Slough Council - England's most incompotent. No enforcement of any parking restrictions within the borough.
  • THE Place to be asked for change.... if you aren't asked at LEAST 10 times then you are doing something wrong... It's a dump.. even the new shopping centres are crap... It's a nightmare to get too - poorly planned town, LOADS of congestion... stay well away from it at rush hours... The entire place has the feeling that something is going to go off big time... I certainly won't be coming here after dark!
  • Puffy jackets. Sloughite language. 'Goodness Gracious Me' Steriotypical teenage asians. Violence between Muslims and Sikhs. Traffic. It's bloody name.
  • The area in general, you thought coronation street was dismal.
  • Slough seems to be exempt from the national highways laws - at least it seems like none of the drivers have actually got licenses or road-legal cars. I can only think that they have somehow found a loophole in the law. Consolation for living in Slough perhaps?
  • Salt Hill Park. Two murders in past three years, I have been followed in there and a friend of mine has been mugged there.
  • The town is being covered every where with those dammed speed cameras (although they don't all work all the time).
  • I was unfortunate enough to live there for a few years. It's my nomination for the worst place in England.
  • Worst part is Salt Hill Park, and Slough High Street. I was walking through Salt Hill Park with two friends and some other boys came over and started hitting my friend and spat in his hat and put it on his head and took his watch off him. In the High street try not to look in anybodys eyes.
  • Slough's equal opportunity policy means that the Road and Town Planning Dept is manned by blind, retarded masochists.
    Avoid: At peak times: the Town Centre, the Bath Rd Retail park (sorry B&Q it's not your fault - see Town Planning above) At all times: the A4 between the Three Tuns junction and the Huntercombe roundabout (M4 J7) - see Road Planning above.
  • Really hostile people out at night, and there are no skaters anywhere!

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