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  • what did i do with my knickers are they still behind the halifax in romford it was a little dark i had to go home naked haha
  • get a life have a joint fuc the bench my car is warmer down two tree island i get smashed out my nut and shag anything that breathes do i care no im a decent bachelor from romford leigh on sea is great nite out just keep glovebox full of rizla and condoms by the way im 35 still going on 20 new golf gti
  • the bench is my home
  • Alot of young people hang around the clock at the top of town. This area is set to be redeveloped in to a central plaza.
  • will people please stop attention seeking about their beloved bench, for people who claim to be "Alt." and yet shop in topman/starbucks hang out in the CENTRE of town! everyone knows the best place for losers to hang out is chalkwell beach anyway, me and my chums used to get drunk at the GREEN bench, which was a bench in front of some disused toilets hidden down by the front, then we moved in the abandoned bandstand, we were the more imaginative wasters of southend
  • Ahhhh The Bench the hallowed meeting point for more than just one generation but loved by all until someone without a heart killed it. I know who is responsible watch this space to find out who is to blame!
  • The Millenium clock, everyone here is actually really friendly in contrast to whatever everyone else thinks. I think it's a load of bollocks that they're tearing it down, what's wrong with friends meeting up?
  • Whate wrong with the bench, ive never spent any time there im a 38 year old gay lonely guy with no mates in this area, i spend many weekends in southend area and always in the town even just to use the shops or for a pint in weatherspoons/the last post, im always on my own and id just love to join them who hang around there, ive never seen or heard any trouble with the lads n lasses that hang around there and there never noisy, yes i have black hair, and wear some goth /emo stuff some times pending what mood im in, but next day i can be in me trackies n parka, does it matter what we wear really, its the person that conts, and at least they allhave a good group of mates there, its a lot better than sad sack me stuck on me own, ive never been able to make friends just by being in the town, but id be proud to be part of there group, as i think there all well behaved tho i do think there a bit mad when i see them standing around in the rain, ok i sepose i did the same when i was younger , so come on guys n girls, if ya see this sad guy on his lonesome always walking past you lot either to go in smiths or where ever grab me and say hi,
  • i used to go to the bench every day pretty much, or warrior square park. i cant believe the council tore it up years before i left southend and people are still talking about it, its amazing how many people that square bit of concrete brought together i made so many friends there and i wish i had done more to stay in contact with them and anyway, whats with this chav/metaller debate? fucking free your mind and grow up. idiots. /Sean-O/
  • Gotta try Utopia at the side of the royals. I have some interesting memories from that litle old coffee shop *wink wink*. And I hate coffee.
  • slags wall down the front
  • The remains of "the bench”! People who feel the need to slag it of to make them selves feel in some way mature or more intelligent don’t actually have a clue or the depth to see beyond the surface. It may consist of some complete tosspots that only care about the image they betray and are just hanging out there because they have nothing better to do. But its also a great place for young people to meet others like them, develop who they are, have some fun, make a few friends, loose a lot of them and then come away from it a lot wiser. I say bring on the nirvana shirts, bring on the beginning of long hair and bring on the newbies!! :)
  • I have just been reading on this site about the Doomcookies, I am rather shocked at the type of language that you Southend people are using to describe each other. I hung around there back in 1998-2000 and met a lot of good friends who have lasted to this day. I have a good education and job working as a supervisor in a local bank and I cant understand why after 8 years people are still slating each other. My view was that most people i met and knew from the 'Bench' were pleasant people just because we wore different clothes doesnt mean we didnt wash, how funny that this is all that we were accused of! Anyways I was a Doom Muffin, slightly bigger and friendlier that the so called Doom Cookies. tee hee hee. I think the reason you slate each other is because you are all afraid of the unknown, maybe you should all have a picnic one day and actually talk to each other and find out who everyone is and their reasons for dressing as they do, Trendies like their clothes as it makes them fell as part of a unit a gang if you like, it makes them feel protected, whereas someone who dresses alternativley also wants to feel like this but also to feel like an individual. Think about how many times have you ever seen a fight between 2 different groups of alternative people and thn thinkj about all the fights you may have seen between groups of trendies (especially outside night clubs). Makes you think doesnt it, who has the more intelligance, spoke a bit of pot, eat some cookies and chill or drink alcohol and become agressive and violent towards even your best friend.
  • Well, all you guys dissing the bench or standing up for it are truly ridiculous. You don't know what you're talking about. I hang around there, I'm not depressed most of the time, they're/we're actually very friendly people (in general) if you just got to know them/us instead of throwing abuse at them/us then you might find that out. Someone said that they hang out there because they're/we're depressed? That's the biggest pile of crap I've ever heard, I mean, they/we hang there cos that's where our mates are.. I don't know why you people don't get that, we don't mind if the trendies/rudeys/chavs hang on the sea front do we? No so just drop it. Just because we hang out there doesn't make us depressed, grungers or anything. So stop labelling everyone you see, it's pathetic that you judge someone because of the way they dress or their taste in music. Sad people. And also I hang around the famed bench/clock/virgin/WHSSmiths and yet I don't stay there all day, I wander around a shit. So just shut up you don't know what you're on about..
  • the bench may not be there, but thats why we all go skin up in the bottom of farringdons PML, half of its still there atleast. AND U FKING WANNABE CHAVS CAN FKING TLK!!!! All we do is do drugs!?!?! yeh w/e, ur more fked up on crack then us. Altho cracks always fun. GROW UP AND GET A LIFE INSTEAD OF HAVING TO INSULT US ALL THE TIME...ur just jealous cos theres 500 more of us than u :P!!!
  • The New Bit with the lifts outside the royals right on the entrance to the top of the peir (that was there a while ago). Great spot for parkour! And generally pissing about. Watch out for that camera though! It turns 360 degrees!
  • the grunger scum hookup like fuckin pigeons round sick,at last that dam bench has gone mmmmoooaaaawwaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!.
  • The Cliff pub rocks! Two Tree Island Car park after 9pm is great for dogging
  • HA... HA... This is quite a fiery topic- the bench. But many a person does "hang" around WHsmiths and the 2000 clock... They are in fact (the majority/some of them/most of them/half of them) quite friendly people and do not all wear black, as one might think. Some do, some donnot. I wear pink shirts, jackets and jeans. So there... We are perhaps not so stereotypical. I sometimes sit for many an hour there, conversing and eating. The people there are also no more depressed than others walking down the street, I do recall some charity people coming and setting up by the odeon using big speakers with loud music of the 90's pop sort, and many people from the "grunga crew" like Spice girls/backstreet boys/et cetera and started dancing. The observatory and parks (priory, southchurch, churchills...) are also a good spot for picnicing! Over and OUT.
  • well,really me and my mates just hang in southend anywhere!mainly we skate around above argos (sad lol!)<------ add me people looking for people to hang with round runnymeade soithend hadleigh rayleigh and skate man! cos its just me n my mate tht r skating its boring and we wanna learn new stuff moving on....
  • Roots Hall in the ground, one of the best teams in the world!
  • hook up spot wud have to b either the odeon...or a mates house...or may b the place ur aimin 2 get 2...but i find the best place 2 hook up is Starbucks...go in get a nice hot chocolate or ice cold frappacino 2 get u started!!! works everytime!
  • my group normaly hang around outside Virgin on WHSmiths in the hgih street, when we're not being harrased or shouted at for being ourselves we normaly sit there and talk quitely amoungst ourselves until there's somwhere good to go.
  • The meeting spot is usually outside the odeon or virgins, big place to meet. Other than that we sometimes hang round a park down the road from the royals(not down the front the other road)
  • costa coffee is becomin quite big. comfortable seats and dnt av 2 hang around outside wen its cold! in abby national
  • LOL it's brought back some memories reading all this... The bench, dear god, its just a place for all the alternatives to go and wait until they're old enough to waste time in the Alex instead. But yes it had been gone for a couple of years now and yes there are still doomcookies hanging around in that area of town. What can you do in southend though? Wasting time is the only option - get out! go to london! But hey they're mostly all kids anyway, kids without jobs, they'll grow out of it, I'm sure. Oh and if anyone's interested the bench actually has a website, though it's disused now as it once belonged to my friends who have long since grown out of all that but here it is anyway
  • i like the way people say the front is a shit hole the only people who make it shit is the wanna-be rude boys who come from around southend like london (wankers) ,canvey(cock suckers),shoebury(scumbags)plus all the other surrounding areas, not just my point of view know facts
  • The Rayleigh Mount best place we used for all our experimental drug taking- now a squirrel zoo! Pavilion in king georges was second choice cos of all those bored grassers(sorry i mean residents) in king george flats!
  • its really obvious that you have no idea about the so called "bench". Iv been going there for the past year and all i can say is this. The people down there are the nicest most intelligent people youll ever meet. Very few of them do drugs and although most of the people there have had a hard time they never dwell on it. You talk about depressed and suicidal grungers when they are the most cheerful people i know. what about u rude boys and gels who seem to only want to go round beatin people up or u trendys to afraid to get your hair messed up. Do me a favour get yourself a life andTHEN come and judge them. i know hanging outside wh smiths isnt an ideal way to spend your time but where else can we go? Another final important point. IM NOT A GRUNGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and never will be)
  • I usually meet people in the "usual spot" - between WH Smith and Virgin. Some of the metallers/punkers/goths/rockers/stoners (whatever you want to call them) are pretty cool, so say hello!
  • right well basically the only pplace to be would be the kursaal and all of the ova p[arts of d c front. but recently the bouncers have got really tough and if u do just one teeny tiny thing rong u get barred from the kursaal. yer an also if ur gettin a little hot wit ur boi and needsumwher to go then head 4 iunda d peir. trust!
  • *to message below*personally I think your a complete wanker, but anyway...*end* The bench has gone. Most of the alt community still hang around where the bench was/near the Rossi ice cream stand and churchill gardens. The Alex pub seems to be a kind of alternative pub, but you still get the rudeboys/trends there too. If you are alt there arent that many places to hang out now sadly. Even the bench where I sometimes meet up with mates, up by Victoria Plaza, has been ripped out... its not like it was in anyones way ffs!
  • The Gravel Pit (southend sea-life centre car park)
  • Over a year ago I went on a date with a pleasant guy who should have known better when I said "Where shall I meet you?" and yes, he suggested none other than "THE BENCH OUTSIDE WH.SMITHS", bear in mind he was in the later half of his twenties and I'm in my early twenties I didn't think it was appropriate! i dont think it is even there anymore and I do look out for glimpses the so-called Doomcookies...
  • RIGHT. shut up about your sad fuckin bench. The seafront is a fun place 2 go, wid loadsa stuff to do such as the arcades, bowlin, the casino and pubs n stuff (n chippies). The boy racers are young and just wanna show off there new cars, nutin wrong with that is there? At least down the seafront you can do stuff rather then sit about and make yourself more depressed by wearin black! I resent all of u that have called any gal that goes 2 the seafront a slapper, we do not flash our tits at cars...well not all the time, but hey you only live once, HAVE FUN. Not all rudes come from the best of backgrounds either, but they cheer themselves up by goin out and havin FUN wit m8s rather then wear black and moan, and sit, and sit, and sit, and sit. The clubs are gr8 to. The music isnt that bad, if u went maybe you would know, rather then goin to the bench wearin black and sittin. HAVE FUN.
  • definatley down the seafront , unless your a grunger , then its station/ W.H smiths
  • well now the bench has gone because the council are doing over the high street with some crap the "alternatives" and "trendys" (most of em r trendys when u think bout it) still hang around the same area really. As well as the warrior sq park and churchhill gardens (i think they still go there). There aint many other places really cuz they all stick to the same lame spot cuz they don't like to travel cuz they r all scared. Anywayz.... dont get me wrong, i go there, only to meet my mates, then leave straight away. I have better things to do than be depressed with morons, like skateboard.
  • okies most of the grungers/goths/punk/sk8ers etc.. all hook up by whsmiths,odeon,virgin )though their all really close together but hey there u r), warrior park, churchill gdns,b+q on sundays and sooooooo on.
  • got an idea- if we keep moving the benches further up the highstreet then the bench crew will move further out of town (as they seem to be gued to he benches)p.s. if u want to have a decent life and not become a druggie etc then stay away from the bench
  • First thing the bench is gone it has been taken away now by the council and new ones put in different positions by the council. And as for all you mugs slaggin off rudeboys. I wear a pair of TNs a nike clima fit cap a moschino t shirt and tracksuit bottoms etc and i go down the seafront all the time. The seafront is the best place in southend and all you people speaking against it meet up in town at smiths coz your too scared to go down there the meeting place is the kursaal or one of the arcades the doomkookies grungers etc dont go down there coz there not welcome there not really welcome anywhere so they go to town where they are least likely to get beaten up there is nothing to do in town use your heads people and go down the seafront and actually do something rather than sitting on a bench
  • yo,its ric.the bench was originally me n gaz chuffin on a fat funky blunt,other peps turned up n we all got the council took my bench,the mini-moshers hav taken my place and 1 by 1 them f**kin penguins steal my sanity! VIVA DA BENCH!
  • Im too old for this now , but Tots, MR Bees hmm memory fades !
  • Tobs house!!!!!!!!!
  • Okay... if u like rude boys the place 2 b is outside the library Gardens in Leigh... but if like me they're not ur cup of tea, stay well away!
  • Outside "oh yeah" down the road where frankie and bennies is. a hallowed grungers/goth shop, liturally crawling with goths and mainly grungers. Maybe the reason everyone likes it is cos the owner is high 24 hours a day and anything u buy in there smells of weed. class hang out spot, sittin on the kerb gettin beeped at by people that dont wanna run u over.
  • Ahh, the bench. I remember the bench, back in around '97. It was fun then, it probably still was, until they removed it, I'm not sure where all the new age doom cookies hang out now, but Hi from one of the (I think) original Doom Cookies. I even now why we were called that and by whom :-)..... "You're all Doomed and you can't afford Cookies" - Duncan - of the Pool Base ~1997.
  • well the bench is great its for grungers rite wrong its for grungers if you can proove to them lot that u are most of the people that hang there are a rite lot of wankers if u ant one of there friends or u havnt been there as long as they have then they wont accept u there a rite lot of twats but nothing against sum of them but you know who u r and nothin agianst grungers
  • 'THE BENCH' outside whsmiths that every1 talks about has finally gone, vanished, destroyed!!!! (ahhh)
  • Please get a life all of you!! THE FUCKING BENCH IS NOT THERE ANY MORE!!!! Oh dear what will you all do, maybe get a life now.
  • the bench is for saddos,grungers are so stupid they are little freak clones of each other! and i do wear reebox classics tx
  • ok the bench at southend outside WHsmiths has just been demolished so recently that its still being cleaned up but it has been as far as i can tell completely demolished!
  • The wall around the flowers outside The Bakers Oven next to the phone box by the taxi rank in Rayleigh High-Street! It's a wicked place to meet peops coz its in the middle! Usually meet there before goin to the Brush! Could i be more specific? nah....
  • The bus stop outside Leigh Church where all the teenage thuggies with backwards baseball caps, Kappa trackies and sneering attitoooood hang out. Wankers.
  • Yeah the hook up spot for grungers really is the fabled bench. I keep wanting to go and sit on it and meet peiople but I reckon they all know each other so it's too scary. Me and my friends always meet at the door of WHSmiths cos there's people we'd rather not meet and they meet at the Odeon. But if this means to meet people you've never met I don't know, I'm still searching for the place and Southend sucks so much it's hard to find, it seems you have to know people to meet people and that doesn't work well. But whatever you do for the love of God don't go to Dawn! It's terrible, full of 30 year olds and absolutely no young'uns at all. But I say full when I mean there are about 15 people there on a Saturday night.
  • The Bench
  • da bench-well what can i say...a big waste of fucking space. Not only is it a sad place for 14 year olds to spend there lives at but they are all dirty fucking goths who are only trying to scare there poor frail mothers by not washing for weeks on end and listening to utter shit such as cradle of filth. and yep it is certainly filthy.
  • Not everyone at the bench outside W H Smiths are depressed. Trendies seem to think we are sad stoopid losers that are suicidal but thats totally not true! Why do people steriotype us on the way we dress? We are just a little different. So we like different music and have a different taste in clothes. Who gives a f***! I suggest you stoopid f***ers who think its clever to say sh** to us should get a life! We would be perfectly happy to be friends with townies, trendies and rudes ( and we are with the mature ones! )if they could stop being such childish little twats! SO THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!
  • Just a few things to say- a. it is not grungers who hang at the bench because most of them only listen to one grunge band i.e. nirvana. most listen to metal or punk. b. what makes that bench so much better than every other bench in Southend? c. yes for many it might just be a passing fad, but for many metalheads, they actually like the music, not just because they are trying to be rebellious or "identify" with the lyrics. d. why don't they look in shops more, or perhaps hang at someone's house where they can all hang together and listen to the music that draws them together. e. why do they claim to be non-conformist, when in fact they all dress similarly? just because you listen to a type of music, doesn't mean you have to dress in a certain way.
  • the bench rocks. we love it. we aren't grungers/goths/trendies/muppets/dogs/chimps/rude/lovers of barry manilow/human, but we rock.
  • OI evryone cussin off the bench crew can just fuck right off, dont stand there judging us run along with your own business, yeh maybe the bench doesnt look like the most fun place to be but its where our friends are and wot do u do? hang wiv ur friends see we aint so diffrent, the only reason ppl notice us is coz we look diffrent, this isnt coz we want to stand out this is just us dressing how we want to dress and not giving a fuck wot other ppl think, as for smeeling i'll have u no theres only one person at bench that smells that i can think of the rest of us are clean. we dont just sit there alld ay we do move to other places and if u get abuse from us its coz u piss us off by judging us by how we look. all u ppl that judge us are just shallow and narrow minded, and ppl sayin that u used to go to the bench an u found it boring obviously dont know how to have fun or were unliked there and had no friends thas it im finished stickin up for miself and my friends now (btw hey evryone, keep it fit) fare thee well..........
  • lets get this straight, coz its fuckin me off! tha bench is a place for punks, goths and metalers too. its not just restricted to grungers. its a mix, thats why its cool. theres trendies too. its a place where evry1 can hang out no matter who u are. we r not degenerates or trouble makers, we're just there 2 av fun! just leave us alone u F****N RETARDS!
  • A bench??? Everyone just sits on a bench??? F**kin' hell
  • We go to "the coffee house", corner of the street near the FPC. The shitty bench everyone prattles on about is for folks who want to fit in to any vaguely alternative scence going. Usually kiddies who are id'd at bars and have pop bands like Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit emblazoned across themsleves. "Broken homes" doesn't nesscitate shit taste in music y'know. I meet my friends on the ex-bench next to Virgin Megastores. That way if it's cold I can peruse the poor slection at Virgin and I am a good distance away from the bore-me-stupid-"alternatives"...
  • Tha Bench outside WH Smiths, where the grunge/goth peeps hang. The park opposite Warrior Square Swimmin pool...and uh..all along the sea front where the "rudeboys" like to look cool in their cars.
  • outside smiths or the new bit with the benches outside the odean.. now ppl can sit down and see all around where ppl are!
  • I guess yo ucan split Southend into two: The Goth/grungers who show us their indervidual by wearing all black, and loadsa makeup. They always sit outside W H Smith, and I can't remember a time when I haven't seen at least two sit outside looking quite scary, and brrr... giving me the chills. Then you have the 'world famous' seafront, full of ****s, ****s, ****s and *****s. Wannabie rudeboys who sit in their cars all night with their quite young girlfriends. The clubs around Southend also suck, playing nothing but rude-boy esque garage, or poppy hip hop, and are full of morons with attitude, like they have something to prove to themselves and other people. A few clubs do play some half decent stuff, but its pretty hard to find them. Most normal people stay away, away from southend.
  • ok, look! none of u seem to understand what people do at the bench. Anyone who thinks that all the grungers at the bench do come from brilliant backgrounds can think again. I know nearly everyone who hangs at the bench and nearly all of them come from broken homes and i know that they are actually depressed and just want other people to talk to, peopel that understand them so they end up at the bench becoz its reassurance that theyre not the only ones going through bad times. They do not merely sit at the bench, the bench is the meeting place, and they actual place where they hang out is at the park opposite warrior square. Loads of the people sho go to the bench are looking for people with common interests too. They look for people who are interested in the same things they are, and since they still are a minority, they simply look for friends. I do not sit at the bench, i have my own bench for mi cru but i see everything that happens there and i know exactly what the bench is for. The grungers do not give a bad reputation to southend cos southend is s**t the way it is. as for the seafront, it is a sorry case and its not worth the time it takes to walk there from the high street.
  • Well all the skaters go to B and Q on a sunday at 4 cos it closed and well as for the bench i dont really know why sad ppl hang there but who cares it ment to be getting rid off anyway! At b and q we get the likes or barry dring sponsered by reaction and some other amiture skaters who live in the area!
  • don't you just love the southend life and the pathetic arguments between "grungers" and "trendy's" even though the former is practically non existant nowadays but narrowminded peeps still feel the urge to label ne 1 not wearing reebok classics with this stereotype. i think we should all just grow up and stop creating "them and us" views on everything. Just because we're into different things doesn't mean we can't all get along DOES IT!!!
  • the bench outside whsmiths is imfamous for bitchy nasty horrible alternative kids... although the older ones arent so bad, its the newbies that do my head in.. I know a few people from that bench, and i know alot of stuff about a few years ago b4 all the newbies arrived... ahh well it was better back then, but still i hate the place and it sucks... if u look on that bench outside smiths u can see cartoon drawings of the odd doom cookie. The cliffs used to be a great fun place to get pissed, well until i started goin to pubs n clubs, but now n then i still return to the 'white house' whcioh is the big white shelter not far frm the pavillion!
  • Well this is for all u little doomkookies,that bench wont f**king change youre life or get u friends,so stop wasting youre lifes trying to look cool(u dont) get youre arses in gear and do something.Have a bit more imagination!!!We older punks would never hang out there,ITS NOT FUN!!!Start a band(as a seggustion).
  • DA BENCH - well basically we've been called the Doomcookies of 2001 by da old skool doomcookies! Da Adams family!!!! if ur a grunger and u wanna hang roung wiv decent ppl, either cum 2 da bench opposite WH Smith or cum 2 warrior sqaure park man!! dnt be scared by da dodgy ppl - dey really r not dat scary!! peace xxxxxxxx pimp z, sloth, brull, barbie xxxxxxxxxx
  • The bench outside WHsmiths is popular with the types of people who get or used to get bullied at school I am sure of it. The love of grunge and punk music is an act of rebellion against a society that has failed you. You will grow out of it and then realise how sad you are.
  • If you want to have a great time we suggest going to leigh cliffs and getting pissed on a bottle of strawberry 20, 20.
  • The bench outside WHSmiths is an unfortunate reminder of the grimy minority that plagues Southend like no other town I've ever seen. It's actually a very interesting mix of people. On the one hand, you have the washed-out, older variety with their fading tattoos and long greasy beards. They sit there in silence, leaving only to dive into a nearby bin, gazing at the rest of Southend with bitter envy. The other type that populate the bench are very spoilt and angst-ridden pubescent kids. Lovely parents, lovely home, shame about their attitude. Always trying to prove to themselves and others that they are rare and special. Their hallowed individuality is the most laughable hypocricy! Determined rebellion against being the same as 'everyone else' will eventually lead to them to phase two, and they will join the bench's bearded, bin-diving population. And so the sad little cycle continues.
  • The DOOM COOKIES bench is the place to be..... NOT. The inhabitants of said bench are refered to as DOOM COOKIES because they are DOOMed to sit on the bench forever and can only afford to buy COOKIES from Tesco(which has now shut down so they probably steal COOKIES from home). This story was told to me by my mate Alan a.k.a Gaston the Badger. Big up to all the true southend metal crew, size, stoopi, mandalor, room 101 and all the rest. R.I.P. Cynical smile
  • The Seafront.MMMM, Well what is there to say other than what a sight of sore eyes. You have all the little slappers on the ever famous wall, along with all the little sad boy racers, with there cheap cars trying to impress. Well they need there cars as they have no brains, no looks and no personality. Mind you the same goes for all the little tarts. All they know how to do is flash therir tits and open their legs for any bloke that passes.
  • Woah! Everyone is talking about that bench huh. It seems everybody has a different opinion about that place. I used to 'go' there until I moved, and I had never been so depressed in my life. I'm sorry to all the 'grungers' but that place is for sad, loney, depressed people. All we did was sit. Sit for hours, doing nothing except wishing I was somewhere else or someone else. I kinda wish that I got up off my ass and did something, and I hope if any of you people are reading this you'll do the same. At present living in Wales I am writing a book, it is so much better that just 'hanging' doing nothing. I don't care if you are a grunger, punk or rudeboy, you all suck. Do something with your life. I will be back to Southend one day and I will burn that f*ck*ng bench.
  • To me, the bench was a place where i thought i could fit in, who has the right to judge me? I can be anything that i want, if i choose to follow trends then i will, if i like punk, metal and gothic music, then there is nothing anyone can do about it, once again the bench needs to be the place where anybody can meet and forget all differences just for once and live without judging each other, admittedly you have to have freinds there now, + thereseems to be some sort of initiation thing going on before anyone starts to realise you exist, but now i have friends so its easy to just talk to people. It should be that people can look at you and find that it doesn't matter whether you wear stupidly baggy combats [though i think mine look cool], your still the same human being. Oh well theres the deep part over with, Personally i enjoy hanging at the bench anyway,andyeh i hate Southend its a shithole, but its also what you make it so i still have fun Skateboarding and generally hanging around, and for the record there are just as many trendy assholes as grunger assholes, so dont stereotype either group because there is no need why not just get on with your life, chill out and enjoy it cause it ends.
  • Yeah Smiths is where most people hang out, but it is really boring. The seafront is rude-boy heaven, and good for a game of pool or arcade machines.
  • All Saaafendas know about the grungers, goths, punks etc...etc..that hang about the bench outside WHSmiths. You all wonder why southend smells? well heres your answer...
  • Well normally everyone hangs out at w.H.Smith's or the new cinema Southend is great!!
  • As far as the clubs of Southend are concerned (I don't know that much about all these places out in the sticks like Zero or The Brush)I always find myself in the soup since in terms of atmospere and sometimes music these small crappy joints like Sunrooms or Saks is what I prefer, but at the same time I have to say I've no metal in my face, my hair is a normal colour and I don't look or act or smell like a tramp - and I'm under 35, so often I don't really fit in. But on the other side of the coin when at the meat market (sorry-Tots) the problem is that although it is a higher class of venue - there is well "that southend atmos" which as everyone knows is at its best boring and at its worst getting a kicking from the bouncers. But if drunk I admit Tots can be a good laugh with your mates.
  • well, before I was of legal drinking age, suppose it had to be outside WHSmiths in the High Street, or Fairfax Park/Gainsborough Park
  • The meeting place is probably WH Smiths it also has been, in between that and the cinema. This area looks like a school playgroup and if you walk through there, then you are likely to be thrown obuse.
  • The Arches on the Seafront - any lunchtime, particulary if you're a socail worker!
  • lets face it folks - just outside WH Smiths in the high street is the "Unrivalled Meeting Place" in Southend
  • The seafront is for people that like dance music, mobile phones you know the sort the ones to avoid at all costs, which is going to be hard in southend.The best place is at Adlib on a tuesday. or any where were the band bo weevil are playing.
  • Outside Burger King, anywhere along the high street, your get spotted eventually and meet people you either know well or have never meet before!!
  • the benches outside WHSmith's all the punks and metallers and goths hang out there and i spent allmost the whole summer there before going for a skate with my mates.
  • I would just like to say tha the bench outside WHSmiths is for Grungers and not punks - so get your terminology right next time!! And the doorway of WHSmiths is a popular meeting place for everyone!!
  • Has to be outside Wh smith,
  • Has no-one else seen the hundreds of squirts that hang around at the top of the high street outside MacDonalds? Must be really exciting!
  • Ok This is more based on rayleigh next to Southend.....hook up spot has got to be a small shopping arcade in the middle of nowhere, Its the meeting place untill you reach the age of 15 and finally start getting into some pubs even if they are shitholes, also another place in kirbys and fairview park, Oh the memories of freezing my nuts off in the winter with a bottle of white lightning...........
  • the best spot to meet up is on the wall outside the crooked billet pub , old town , leigh on sea
  • At the front of the new Odeon multiplex opposite WH Smiths. Go down here to identify the underage girl that your mate get off with the night before at TOTS
  • Farringdon car park.
  • The hook up spot in Southend has got to be the seafront, well, that is if you're 17 going on 12 and like bits of stuff that's got nothing better to do than wears skirts two sizes too small made out of cheap leather or crap PVC. If you want to try and pull these little girls this is the spot (Slags Wall).
  • the seafront is for people who have spent lots of money and time to the appearence and and performance of their motors and want to go for a cruise and a blag somewhere to show it to the underdogs such most of you who drive around in your escort 1.4 lx and think you're a rebel doing 35 down a 30mph road-you weesels!
  • The bench near Smith's at the top of the high street seems popular at the moment with the local fake punks (bumfluff beards, faux deep voices, a reckoning they're deep and spiritual, when they're just as likely to be racist and homophabic as your average TOTS kid. Certainly NOT PUNK)

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