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Hookup Spots
  • The Marlborough club on Cottonmill Lane (nothing to do with Marlborough school) is pretty good in the summer and the bilking hills are cool when it snows but it's often full of chavvy scum these days
  • Orchards
  • The nunnery to play football and chill
  • Outside Pioneer Skatepark in Heathlands drive.
  • park just off camp road - cider (ahhhhhhh!)
  • Woods by Judo club and Pioneer Heathlands drive where townies meet grebos meet bikers meet skaters and the Bill.
  • Hum.. near the quadrant theres a park, occassionally chav-ridden but its alrite. My mates and me eat KFC and flirt with random druggies in the park lol. It's a laugh.
  • when ever im with my cousin and its good weather he always says something like"this is the sort of weather me and my mates will sit out in st albans centre with our shirts off smokin pot,best days ever"i personaly have never been to saint albans,but i understand that it is easy to missuse de urb' and good for chillin' on t' green,but you can to that in bristol,and thats closer,so fuck that
  • X block oaklands college in town smoking table provided
  • Quadrant back in the day, looks like hoodrats rock McDonalds though nowadays- hoodrat city central.
  • A very popular hook up spot would be by far, around the side of mcdonalds just off the high street. Quite a few nice boys and girls meet there and chat nicely to the locals...
  • The alban arena!! by the blue rails!! great for some parkour to
  • We got to the wick and hang out on the benches by the children's park and the scout hut. We smoke our cigarettes, look up at the stars and sing coldplay songs before we go to someones house.
  • waitrose
  • COSTA!!!!!!!!!!! dunno why, its expensive, the managers throw u out if u arent spending a fiver every second, its too hot in summer and too cold in winter and ridiculously busy but is a great spot to hang out.
  • Blockbuster video, hours of fun.
  • Station Car Park, Blockbuster Video, Verulanium Park, round the High School... and of course the wicked wick, which is looking quite (atleast my shoes came out with no visible traces of dog shit) clean and tidy these days. The gallerias was a cool place to wile away those summer holidays.
  • The kids that want a fight could do with walking past/standing outside McDonalds on the high street..there are always other kids waiting to beat someone. Must be a fun life for them...
  • verlelamium park has some big trees to hide under ;)if ur feelin like goin alfresco
  • verlelamium park has some big trees to hide under ;)if ur feelin like goin alfresco
  • verlelamium park has some big trees to hide under ;)if ur feelin like goin alfresco
  • The kids hang out in the Vintry Garden which is the place for smokin', if you know what I mean. You should see some of the skater kids fill themselves up with pungent herbal smoke. They seem almost to swell before my eyes as that sweet aroma goes into their very hearts. Then they tend to go white and throw up, sometimes.
  • Pioneer 6th march 2004 a big gig 7.30ish til aboutish the "not katies" are playing i think and many other kool bands! come dopwn fro sum fun and laughter only skater dudes,grunges etc not townie fags cos they suck and spoil it everytime by trying 2 fight us wen we no we could beat them anyday...........just dnt want 2 lol c ya there!
  • Fleetvile rec
  • Back in the day when I was 14/15 we used to hang out at people's houses. Or at the Quadrant if we were feeling daring. The same shops have been there for years, its a bit surreal in a time warp sort of way.
  • see the local toilet seat or ask the locals and they will poit it out to you. Also Mike Mitchello will hook you up with some spots
  • They hook up spots in your artical suck. Fleetville and safeway are crap yet people go there all the time
  • The Memorial Wall.
  • Clock Tower /Vintry garden. but ONLY when you're drunk
  • Meet me at the Nunnery in the early hours of a cold sunday morning, and I will provide you with hours of pleasure and delight...marry me. (i love Paul Pepper)
  • francis bacon school round back there's a halfpipe, has no coping and a chain in the middle but its pretty sick and the fence has been bent so its easy to get to. but don't spend too long-eyes all around!
  • Cunningham School, has sets- 3 sets to 6 sets. Smooth surface
  • Outside sainsburys, the pikeys love it.
  • All the skater kids, who are the mutated children of Greebo Al, hang out in Clarence Park and climb up on the bandstand. They sure are an incestuous group. The best Old skater kids are Ant, Ginger Skatey Tom, and Chucky.
  • the wreck. drink cheap cider. pull townies. get into fights. no better place to be when you're 14 really.
  • Clarence park! Groovy place not filled with townies (like most parks in St Albans) where me and my mates can turn up the Ska as loud as we want...
  • By the lake on lazy summer evenings, when you are fourteen, and have got someones older sibling to buy you some Diamond White...Bliss!
  • ice skating in the park. only when it's frozen, mind. you'll meet old guys with their ex-army modified boots
  • Clarence Park, even if you are old enough to go to pubs its a great place to go with a bottle of cider on a summer evening and pretend you're 15 again!
  • Sometimes, on a Saturday, Verulamium Park will fill with drunken underage skater kids, greebos, woodcraft people, and associated hangers on. They will drink of the Vodka and Sherry and Cheap Wine, and smoke cigarettes given to them by Tom. Then, accompanied by Alan and Chris and Madge and Leo and Simon and Nicky P and Tom with his burnt hair, they will stumble and be carried across the park in their drunken-ness. Then, all the skater kids will spill into the Goat, and be asked to leave by the poor long-suffering bartender. Then they will all go back to Rosanne's house for dirty skater-type activities involving people called Tom. Chucky will tell his story for weeks to all who will listen. Rosanne, meanwhile, make her way across town like "Godzilla Destroy Manhatten" only smaller and with only one clean hoodie. She is never sick, however. Emilia and Becky just fight over who can do the Three Point Plan better. Becky is more sleazy.
  • behind the Beaumont bike sheds
  • If you hang out on the bandstand at Clarence Park, then you can meet many cool and influential people. We once met Andrew London, who liked to join our group and be a twisted man. He has friend known as Timmy T, who wear sleeveless shirt like Paul Mc Lain, and they like both to spin Rosanne. We once also saw this girl called Suzie who likes to stalk. Madge was there once too, but not the one from Neighbours, Alan's friend instead. We also once, whilst making fire, met very rude and offensive skater kids to whom Grace denied even knowing us.
  • We like to hang out on the big round bench by the Clock Tower and play BERIMBAU! and perform Capauera dance! Max Cavalera from Brazil Metal Bands comes and dance for us with his seven drummer! We love the max! He is worthy of the respecr of all delinquent St. Albans youth..
  • there is a small space that exists around chequer square but apparantly you have to imagine it as hard as you can before you can truely be there. When you get there, supposedly there are dogs that lick your hands and bring you bacon rolls.
  • 8:30 clock tower.
  • All the "grungies" (gay wannabyes who were chains and love korn and slipknot) hang around the conspiracy skate shop, which is actually a good place to hang around
  • It's cool to chill where the games are played, it's hip, it's rad, and it's Noah's arcade!
  • gimp square - see the gimps dance!
  • The Wick: Provider of many a hazy afternoon, that expanse of green field, the trees.....ahhhhh. Only in summer though.
  • SOmeone mentioned chime square, someone else changed the sign from chime square to gimp square. Personally I think it suited gimp square better.
  • We tend to cluster on top of the drunk unconscious guy in Christopher Place. Then Victor, Diana and Liam gather to eat Sushi there, watching a bunch of floppy haired teenagers in leather jackets wander in and out of the snooker club. Our joy is immesurable.
  • We always like to meet on the concrete square in the park. There is a log there known as the Eternal Log, and it is a local rumour that a local cult (known as the Eternal Siblinghood) often congregate around the log, and either try to set it alight or drive it into the ground as the mood takes them. It is always interesting to visit the eternal log and see the changes that have befallen it since the last visit of the siblinghood.
  • I like to meet my friends at the top of St Peter's street, near the war memorial. We then run down the street, singing songs from famous musicals like "Oliver!", with choreographed people singing with mops, buckets and trays of cakes, until we reach the eerie green town hall.
  • climb the walls of the cathedral and i shall give you what you desire
  • I like to meet people in the park
  • Everyone meets in many places, sometimes outside the Horn, sometimes in Dante No.2s bed, and sometimes on top of the Cathedral (not so good when you've had a couple of beers.
  • Alban Arena loads of benches and phones for when your mates are late
  • The roof of Verulam school. one big flat great place full of tennis balls and cables
  • Clarkes skate shop.
  • Well if yer a goth go to the cathedral and surrounding park as other goths hang out there *:)
  • The Clock Tower - Very Cool place to hang out when you are 16 The Lakes - Great place to sleep out when you are 16
  • McDonalds, if you are under 16
    The Kings Arms, if you are a young drinker
    The Vintry, if you are over 18 (and own a Porsche)
  • Graveyard on George Street. Apparently where Donovan learned to play the guitar from an old tramp.

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