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Buskers, Street Entertainers
  • The accordion man near the town hall (thinking about it, he might have died, I'm not certain)
  • Youth Workers walkin the streets trying to lure young people to their clubs.
  • I saw the 'accordian man' today (23.2.08) in the market and also talked to John Breeze (The Padstow Busker), who sings and plays guitar outside Simmons bakery.
  • Ginger Mills died of a heart attack on February 8, 2008, aged 70, in Pershore where he spent most of his time recently.
  • Ginger Mills died 7th February 2008 in hospital in Worcester, Aged 70 years Funeral 1pm Tuesday 19th Feb 2008 in Pershore Abbey. RIP Ginge
  • Black Andy, Ging Mills
  • Ginger Mills Black Andy Hector
  • Hehe don't u just love that ginger bloke in the leopard print leggings.. Scary but funny.. Who else.. The dude on the fruit stall opposite JD sports or whatever, near the town hall. He's nice, gave me free strawberries..
  • that geeza with his accordian - always out on market day
  • The bloke who changed his name for a round - he changed it to something like 'yellowfairysquirrelrattaildiddle' - he walks round with a mass of ginger hair in girls clothes. Or the organ player down in the market dressed as a french man.
  • the old guy that plays that instrument the acordian? i think. anyway he is on his last legs but still good at scaring away kids! he works outside w h smiths
  • If you wana see some crazy crap come to the alban arena around 12, and follow the guys doing backflips and stuff, their so cool!
  • I knew Ginger Mills back in the 60's and 70's. Indeed one of the Characters. denims and waistcoat. Some said Coppers best mate. He spent some time enjoying the hospitality of Harperbury Hosp. Owned a budgie which sat on his shoulder that he would regularly "sell" to unsuspectng mugs for half a crown, take it off his shoulder, give it to the happy customer, walk away whistling at which point the faithful bird would return to its original owner. That's enterprise!
  • the guy playing accordion outside smiths! this guy is awesome, mofo knows nirvana and shizzle
  • Theres a brare that plays a recoder for money, theres a scavenger who looks through bins for food and theres thi9s old dude who plays next instrument outside of WH Smith been there since probably the 1900's still going on strong like a solja, raggo
  • I wonder if georgie (?) chap with the tatooed head and wooly hat, lived in a camper van down by the fighters is still going strong, or atleast drinking strong-bow.
  • Donovan went to Art college in Stalbans. Don't know if he ever busked, but I'm sure he idled away some trippy times in the parks and undersea locales.
  • There is that old guy that scares little kids! he stands in the road playing music between whsmith, and some posh watch shop
  • Remember Black Andy, guys ?? and Hector/Andy who used to clean the toilets under the town hall ?
  • the guy by the clock tower is sweet and he plays for leukemia leave the poor fella alone
  • the guy by the clock tower is sweet and he plays for leukemia leave the poor fella alone
  • the guy by the clock tower is sweet and he plays for leukemia leave the poor fella alone
  • jimbo G is a big gay bear!!! yeah you heard me!!!
  • The man with the accordion is amazing!
  • Look out for Carwen, who is quite a local character, in a 'falling over drunk' way.
  • LOADS of scummers in St. Albans town, especially on a market day (sats and Weds) Drinking booze and generally being a nuisance. Fag Ash Lil is actually dead now for those who care. No?...didn't think you would. Most of the loonies seems to have evaporated into thin air, or still go to see St. Albans City play football at Clarence Park anyway. The old fella playing his organ (behave!) is still around near WH Smiths.
  • Black Andy. Ginger Mills.
  • There's a crazy lady i know in Garston. The Bag Lady. Thought I think shes dead now, asphixiation my ASDA carrier bag, Sad tale.
  • There's a homeless lady who wears a black wig which is always off to one side, she sits in town constantly smiling.
  • Toerab Hussian will always give you a quik shag
  • Bas free the man with the french outfit and a lankey guy who offers kid money to go in the abbey toilets be warned!
  • What happened to that scouse geezer always as asking "'scuse me mate"
  • ther's this 1 guy u c walking roung town somtimes wiv bushy ginger hair and wears like purple ripped trousers and a leoperd skin t. ok...
  • If you see a man with long dark hair and a girly voice...slap his bottom and he will sing for you..his name is chrissy P and he will not even make you pay for the privelage of him singing wham hits in your face...with spit
  • the random tramps outside nationwide who piss on the benches. the tattoo and piercing man, hang around rawhide and you'll see him sooner or later SO KOOL! the wig l;ady who sells the BIG issue! the tranny called rainbow rabbit or something, hahaha!
  • Okay, I should have wrote this in this section first. Eddie is the best man ever. He would walk up and down Hatfield Road and come into Londis and every day on the hour he would buy a can of Londis Best Bitter and sometimes he would be thrown out for stealing londis best bitter but most of the time he just comes in with his 53 pence and buy it, and once he took a camera into londis and he took a picture of the best bitter and a picture of the porn mags and then he got another customer to take a picture of him buying the londis best bitter. Amanda claims that he once had a set of headphones which was plugged into a can of coke, but everyone says that she is making it up. However, it's probably the truth. She works at Safeway and once she threw me out and tied me to the railings outside with my tie.
  • Ginger, ginger, where are you now? Andy the Glass Collector of Our Hearts has left as well. The Fighting Cocks is a shadow of its former self.
  • As you may have noticed, there are several superheroes wandereing the streets of St. Albans. I havent seen them all , but here are two who you may have noticed. Scratch card lady: Those of you who ever go past woodstock road at the Safeways end will have noticed a woman with one crutch and a lot of make-up. This is scratch card lady. She goes up to the post office, buys a scratch card, then walks half way down Woodstock road and scratches it. She never chucks the card away, like a good citizen she puts it in her polythene bag. She repeats this from 1:00 to about 8:00 on Week-days. She has never been seen at any other time. Crazy Eddie: Crazy Eddie wanders much more freely than his boss, SClady, but always reports back about the goings on in town. He can be seen all over town and always pops up on Woodstock Road. Rumor has it he never sleeps. There are many more superheroes, I am sure, so please tell me if you've seen them.
  • That bloke with the accordian outside WHSmith
  • The everpresent accordian player that scares children.
  • i love that man!!!! he wears a stripy jumper and rocks out hard. HE WILL PLAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (even if it's the middle of october)
  • The best sight in the whole of St. Albans is a bulimic old man, who forces his way into violent groups of people, and then spins around, eating and throwing up at the same time! He is a laugh. Don't give him money, though. He'd only spend it on food and then throw up.
  • the man who cuddles you for a quid ahh nice man
  • The guy who plays the accordian next to WH Smith, he rocks.... i think he is french.... but he is still damn cool
  • there's a fine array in watford. go there for the leather clad really tall guy strumming a whole variety of Am.
  • Grebo Al. I've yet to meet someone from here to Watford who doesnt know of the long haired, cap wearing and german army shirt with communist patches bloke.
  • The guy that sits outside the pasty shop on French Row is the cutest man ever! And the accordian player outside WH Smith is insane... but we love him!
  • There is an old geezer I used to see all the time along the taxi bit near the Cock, he would walk around shouting Taxi while I was waiting for a bus. Havent sen him for a few months now though.
  • "Mad" Alan "Two-Partings", or Greebo Al, as he is also known, has become quite a character about St. Albans. He has several different styles of hair, which he like to display to all concerned. The first is the original "Two-Partings" look, which features the most impressive quiff I have ever seen! It defy normal St. Albans laws of Gravity! Second, is the plaits style, which have coolest long coloured fuzzy plaits woven with hemp! Third, is the Flame-Red-Two-Bunches, which is worn with stolen black cap! Alan also like to frequent the pubs and parks of our fine city, and often can be found with many non-fascist accessory. Tool is often present.
  • Does anyone know what's happened to the French onion-seller accordion player. He used to play outside WHSmith 4 years.. we miss his oniony odour.
  • That bloke wiv the beard every saturday morning by the bakers. Wow he's been there for years. Soon I will be busking. Look out for a lanky dark-haired kid with an acoustic guitar playing Nick Drake and Kings Of Convenience songs! Hahahahaaha!!!
  • The wonderful guy who dresses as a frenchman by WH Smith. He plays the accordian really well, and he used to play me "Baa baa black sheep" when I was small. Now he can play Tweenies and Bob the Builder! And pretty much anything actually, its unbelievable.
  • The Sick Man from Newcastle likes to vomit on other people's uncles for money. He keeps me amused.
  • There's a good one in Liverpool. He plays a tennis racket and wears a santa hat. Oh yeah, and I once saw a London tramp playing a traffic cone outside Liberty's
  • There is this gimp man called Nico, and ever week he will congregate by the clock tower and perform a sick dance. Tickets cost you about 200. He also does scene from Pulp Fiction!!
  • The funny bloke by Argos on Saturdays who will play you ANYTHING on an accordion. And I mean ANYTHING. This guy knows nirvana.
  • The Dude with the guitar by the clock tower is shit. Avoid him.
  • The Church of Choad has delightful demonstrations in St. Albans, in the square near the clock tower. They open the doors of the Church of Choad, and out cums the Choadmaster, who looks like Choadie from Neighbours. He does the dance of Choad, surrounded by a choreographed army of Gimps, borrowed from Chime Square for the occasion.. the dance goes on, with a massive swollen dragon, and the chant of "PUTTY" fills the air. Some kids chant "PATE" instead, but what do they know? As the gimps form a human pyramid, the Choad belonging to the Choadmaster shakes and rolls, and he fires hot grey putty all over the dancing gimps and any passers by. This is the eternal ceremony of the Choad. Then he has his Choad in the hole.
  • There is a guy in George Street called George, and he has cymbals on his knees. Apparently he once dropped a massive cymbal, and sliced some of his toes off..
  • This guy called Arthur does a gimp dance every Thursday at 7.30.. he has a young gimp chained to him, and whilst Arthur dances, the gimp merely watches. Arthur has promised the gimp his freedom in return for a dance, but still the gimp will not dance. When the crowds who gather have paid 200 pounds, then will the gimp do his dance. It is a sick dance, and lasts three hours. The gimp has floppy hair, and is called Nick.
  • If you wander round the back of bhs Timmy Mallett will hit you over your head with a mallett. he says "give me your money". unless you say something simillar (which you cant cos your unconcious) he takes your wallett. Malletts mallett was such a cool game
  • If you lie in wait by St Katherine's tower for about another year, youmay see the mummers with their deranged drummer and NINE FOOT DRAGON. I think it escaped from the magic crystal shop. Also, I paid attention to the wizened accordionist the other day and heard him play some fine and mellow chords, as if in secret. There was this five year old gazing up at him and I thought, "Wagner, Wagner!"
  • The man also says "Oh, I know more words than Suck, it's just that Suck is the most appropriate word to describe the brink." We like his dance routine.
  • Someone tries to entertain people with his/her amazing vocabulary, but the only word they know is "suck".
  • You can often see The Brink playing their terrible music on the street, but they don't want any money, because they suck.
  • adam chady and his endless sticker collection. look out for him at a lamp post near you
  • OOoooooo
  • There are usually some bums rattling some money in a cup sitting on the streets, they make some quite good tunes.
  • quite a few but not all the time
  • I want to sample the accordian dude by WHsmiths. I think he hibernates in the winter tho'.
  • There's a man who likes to dance in big shoes, and invite people to make fun of his mildly deformed head, for money. He's great!
  • There is a guy who lies in the road outside Christopher Place, with a hat that you put money in, but he spoils the illusion when actually given money, as he thanks you. He may actually just be drunk. I'm not sure.
  • The Annual Fat Man March is always a sight to see... Led by Andre, lots of Fat People strip down to their thermal underwear and run up and down St. Peter's Street, whooping, until they are stopped. The origins of this date back to medaeval times, but it's always fun to watch.
  • OH no. I went to see the big fat man the other day but hes been shot by big bob. Serves him right for not following the herd and moving to Bury St Edmonds like his pals. All thats left now is a poster put up by boots saying. "there once was a big fat man who did a cool dancing routine. Alas he is not with us now. We shall soon be getting a replacement for andre. but in the meantime why not come in side and try our new range of laxatives on demonstration by our new drugs expert. Mr Logan".
  • There is a guy who sits near the Clock Tower and recites Shakespeare scenes.
  • There is a big fat man who has begun to do a regular Russian Dance act outside Boots every weekday. He rocks!
  • There is a big fat man who dances outside Boots every Sunday, slapping his thighs and shouting "Hey!" in a russian fashion, but he refuses to accept any payment for this entertainment. I think his name is Andre.
  • There's a guy who goes about showing people his laminated leaf. True.
  • They used to be great untill big bobs mob took control of the streets and now they only get a 10% cut. Most have moved to Burry St Edmonds or milton keynes in hope of salvation from bobs satanic cult of devil worshiping cattle.
  • That guy on Staturday mornings who plays really fast folk music opposite sunshine hair dressers. He has these CDs for sale but I dont think he ever sells them so next week we should all go and buy one and he will run out of stock. Then we can all laugh.
  • that guy who plays the accordian outside Smiths is good. I havn't seen him for a while, i hope he's nto dead.

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