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  • I was involved with the 'Plaza Cinema, at The Priory, Knowle Greene' I am the benefactor of all the films that were filmed and screened there. If I can be of more help in getting these unique films to screen, then please contact me Regards Paul Marshall (07787 504 144)
  • The Two Rivers Shopping Centre, Staines Park, Ashby Park (Lammas). Macs, Subway, KFC. Broadway Parade, Stainash Parade, keep away from Kingston Road around Matthew Arnold Skool. The bike stand outside Spelthone Everyone Active Leisure Centre, the youth shelter in Staines Park to be avoided at all cost.
  • By the river when its not full of midges and chavy mushes! in fact thats pretty much the only place to hang out in staines! actually if you walk down the river towards ha ha bar ( i think its the slug and lettice now) then you can climb down under the bridge and theres a bench under there! for all your trollish desires!
  • Seriously if your anything but a chav dont go there unless your up for a fight wiht the local tossers (chavs rudeboys and all that lot). i personly dont mind beeing chased by allod of chavs as i grew up round there. dont go to ashford either full of em. there is a skatepark in the lammas its alright not much troubledon there and a car park by the river near the Ha Ha bar good for begginer skaters like mwa
  • The sh*ghte riddled pools of Lammos park
  • As others have said, Stainash Parade. The teenagers tend to perch on the bike racks like a flock of starlings. Which is a real pisser when I want to park my bike there. (("*%*%*ing kids)
  • Courage Underground Car Park or The High Street Really
  • Stainash Parade is very popular with little boys who think they're cool and very hard!
  • To be honest the only one I can think of is the cinema....Staines isn't really geared towards youth creativity unless you count smoking, vandalism and violence!
  • 'We' used to meet up down wapshott road with a 24 pack of "Bier des rats piss" or what ever it was and proceed to get pissed and do wierd things b4 heading into staines!!!!!!!!!
  • me an ma massiv hang by da john nike sports centa aaaiii after me an Ricky C stopped it from bein deshomlished. Innit. Come down an see me now for a kilo of de west stains massiv's finest skunk now hear me now.
  • for some reason i seem to see people hanging around the path that leads to the station
  • Update - Silver sands grassy area seems to be surrounded by residents whose sole aim in life is to get you in trouble - photos, calls to police, local campains and so on. Beware
  • Stainash parade seems to be the ultimate hang out area for the Kids aged 10 - 16.
  • A new place is now Mc Donalds drive thru - where all the moped boys hang out
  • Staines high street-full of the usual townie/rude boys...
  • Just about everywhere!
  • That'd be the phone box in the high street. Crowds of young rude boys hang out there trying to look cool/hard. Oh dear.
  • Should be banned. Kids shouldn't be let out of their parents houses until theyre 18. Then they can make us all laugh cos they can't handle their beer and look like prats! Oh they do that now but they're only 15!
  • Outside Londis opposite Grosvenor Road on the Laleham Road
  • In the summer all the local youth of Staines seem to congregate on agreat piece of land called Silvery Sands which is right next to the river. Easiest entrance is done the bootom of Penton Avenue, turn left. They swing from the tree's, smoke fags, spliffs and drink bottles of Cider. As you can imagine after all this fun they run round naked scaring my dog!
  • A favourite spot used to be the fountains inside the Elmsleigh Centre (since removed, presumably due to being too pleasant on the eyes, and therefore not in keeping with the rest of this god-forsaken nest of proles).
  • Staines highstreet appears to be the hookup spot for the 'rude boys' of staines. usally inhabitants of the Matthew Arnold School on Kingston road, staines. The Rude boys spend most weekends and evenings 'hanging around' in small groups in the high street shouting at 'non-rudeboys'.
  • Half the under 15s of the town seem to hang around outside the threshers down Stainash Parade trying to buy cigarettes.
  • Usually the car park by the river opposite the Tothill Car park
  • The bench outside Debenhams seems very popular, good view of one way system if thats your thang!
  • Leisure centre cinema
  • The riverside car park used to be a favourite of the local boy racers but now the ONE-WAY system has gone so have they,

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