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Hookup Spots
  • the fairylands lakes or any garage block for drinking Stella and/or dogging
  • Just want to say that you say 'One of our previous contributers to this site said he lives in Bracknell'. Well that 'he' is ME - I am female & LIVED in Bracknell. Or as I call it Crapnell. The description was of there, not Stevenage to where I moved back aged 16. So much better than Crapnell. I like living in Stevenage, it's not a bad place, not full of teenage mums & I am a grandmother & not a 'slag grandmother' as someone put it. Unfortunately there seems to be a recent influx of beggers, all of whom reside here but not homeless in the true sense of the word. It's very depressing to see.
  • queens gardens in HULL, EAST YORKSHIRE
  • ASDA carpark, there's some whore who parks there in a VW camper van and gives out blowies for a tenner
  • costa coffee bars 1 old town 2 new town 3 roaring meg 4 proverbial pub
  • Check out the doggin that goes on in the carpark in Fairlands Lakes. I went there and got to bang some bird up the arse. It was fuckin awesome. Usually happens on wendesday nights at around 9pm
  • The knocking shop in the tower block near town, Brent Court, its where you get the best whores in stevanage
  • The Penn Road pussy parlour
  • The massage parlour round the back of the town center
  • The local whorehouse in the blocks of flats near the swimming pool
  • karens house
  • Nah, Steps in town centre is where everyone hangs out now, chavs, grebo's, Goths. Dat one place where everyone gets on. Oval is think der rube boys n girls, hahaha old towns gettin loud!!! one of da worst parts of chavanage now, popple way is chav end, hampson park still where lil children like to go n drink b4 cops show up. Stevenage is bcomin ruder dan ever, more fights r breakin out n more gangs fink it's 'cool' to beat loners up etc. Ain't changed all dat much but smiln sam's went ages ago, vogue n pulse went last yr now tis crappy shit, chircargo's beta dan dem n old town is now place 2 b 2 get smashed or ave a laugh!!! PEACE OUT!
  • Outside the indoor market entrance opposite back of woolworths. Bluebelles massage parlour where they have more than one girl on a day. Watch all the horny old men climbing up the stairwell to the pad above the big man shop.
  • Richmond Field, Under the bridge in the middle of fairlands valley
  • the stairs of the train station, probably get battered there
  • STATION. It's okay, earlier on in the evening before you hit the night out with DRINKS/PARTYING GALOOOORE!
  • York Road park, Used to play football as a child all hours of the day. Then when we got older n used to drink cider and smoke the herbs.
  • Shephall Park or The Lakes - take a football, a frisbee, a few mates and a sack full of beer and you've got a pleasant afternoon picnic!
  • Marymead Shops.The stuff of legends...cough... OVAL SCUM
  • Do not hook up in Stevenage. You will probably find your words have been misinterpreted and someone will arrive with some heroin.
  • hangin at the top of the infamous failands hill, shoutin at the cars going by and gettin philosophical. obv if yous is too young to haf a mate that has a car
  • Bedwell a.k.a the bronx of stevenage the place not to go if u dont no any1! once named the 15th worst place in britain by the met police ROUGH AS HELL!
  • The best place would have to be the canyon adventure playground. A great place for kids and teens like myself. But then in July 2004 some bastad burned it down. see
  • that weird (and i mean WEIRD) goth stall in the indoor market
  • Never hung around Stevenage as a youth, but I see where TODAY's youth frequents - and that tends to be the bowling alley, the cinema, outside either of these two (funny how 14-yr-olds tend to stand outside places and not actually IN them...), the steps near the clock tower in the New Town, and around the McDonald's in the leisure park and the town centre. But not the one near Blockbuster cos you can only really get to that one if you drive - bit out of the way for ragamuffins on short li'l legs. Which can't be a bad thing.
  • Would rather die than try and hang round here
  • Train station. Quickest way to get the hell out of this hellhole.
  • The Football ground car park where the boy racers and ppl doing 'intimate' things hang out
  • base camp one is where to meet
  • Town Square
  • Train Station. to get your ass to London or Leeds. (or even Hitchin)
  • Around the back of staples on our bikes rules!!!
  • If your up for bloke watchin the arcade in the hollywood boul is the place to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • Just to let you know that shakey-jake the geezer with the puppets and buster the dog have now moved to Brighton but seem to have more gigs around this area since he moved says he quite enjoys busking on the beach!!!!!
  • ahhh by the rock in front of cineworld and the side of maccy d's ..... we had some good times there man. some good times.
  • Town Centre. Best place to spend your money on a Saturday.
  • A humble bench along the cycle track.
  • That water fountain in the towns great, especially on a saturday when evry other buggar arranges to meet there!!!! ha ha
  • Train Station If setevenage ever has a riot it willl be centered on the Walkway between the leisure park and the Gordon craige centre Place is thronged with scantily clad 15 year old females and 12-19 yearold guys every friday and saturday night. wild west atmosphere has been calmed by regular presence of 4-8 security gaurds and half a dozen ticket inspectors. Place to be if your under 15 is the regular schoolies disco in Gordon Craige centre. Or any where out of the area if you dont want to mix with the ofspring of Londons unwanted.
  • The glebe shops
  • Bingol in the old town, where all the nonces hang around, and wolfys house in sefton road
  • Fairlands- the place to go for all no hopers who either have 'issues' to deal with with their other half or for slappers out to pull- and all they get is cold arses coz thier skirts are to short!
  • Every dark corner, neighbourhood shop or park with some swings to mess up. Because obviously all the cool people want to be outside in sub-zero temperatures drinking Smirnoff Ice with a bunch of 13 year olds.
  • The 'Oval' seems to be the under18 gangland central of Stevenage. Many a pre-pubescent boy(or girl - usually with a baby) to be seen past 6pm chuffing on a 'phat joint' and supping on 'White Lightening'.Failing that, outside McDonalds in the New Town or the Leisure Park.
  • In 1994 the steps in the town center
  • well us girls find that a good meeting place is in vogue. good company. nice people and very friendly.
  • Ne where thats not a pub or bar. THE PLACE OF o' SOLOTUDOUS!.and of course cloud nine. All the ten year olds in their puffer jackets wanting to b hard hang out in town and blatently smoke underage while mummy isnt there
  • Every kind of low life hangs out at "the oval" and other assorted run down scum heap shops like "the hyde" and "the fold" and anywhere else with four shops and a post box.Isn't that fun ?
  • Bowes Lyon House - which used to have Europe's largest skate park (maybe it still does
  • The Place of Solitudeous. A bad arse spot for Rat Piss the hardest bitch in stevenage. It's a nice place the shepall boys are cool i don't know why they all fight with the bedwell crew whats the point boys! keep it cool. And scheuber your names on my fist. Laters 1983
  • In my time it was hampson park or the town centre now you're likely to get beaten up at either.
  • The stinky greebos tend to meet and hangout on the steps outside McDonalds in the town centre, wearing t-shirts of bands who were big ten years ago. All the rude boys hang out and meet at their local shopping centre, where they try and intimidate old people and occasionally beat the shit out of a person who is walking alone. They only do this when there's at least 10 of them cos they are fuckin weak alone.
  • The Square is good but stay clear of Pulse and Vogue - or you'll meet wierd people - like I did!
  • Smilin' Sams what happened to the rather handsome Manager Jon??? Anyone who knows let me know - wouldn't mind taking him out for a drink or six!!!
  • Stevenage International Airport. It's nails if you've got friends flying in from Norway or stuff like that.
  • Stevenage isn't so bad guys, yeah sure it has its ruff parts but cum off it where doesn't? Where would we be without all those rude boy wannabes driving around the leisure centre continuously tryin' to impress us?! And Pulse, wow! Yeah baby yeah! That place is the bollox, seriously rockin'! So don't cuss it down, hear me? No disin' Stevenage.
  • Broadhall Comunity Centre is great if your an old fart like me. Annual membership 4.00 (You need to be proposed and seconded by two mmbers)and the beers cheap!!
  • Any of the local housing area shops (sad)
  • Outside McDonalds, New Town. All Loocal Shop Areas have crews.

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