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The Worst Things
  • everything you could possibly think of especially the gossip ridden inbred locals, everyone looks at you its a "drive by stare in" type of town, everyone wants to be someone but no-one is anyone I hate the people in this town they are all wrongens
  • Stevenage is the toilet of Hertfordshire. Why? Because it is run the Labour Party Council (since 1973). Labour Councils have also ruined Luton (Bedfordshire), Slough & Reading (both in Berkshire), Brighton (Sussex), many towns in South Yorkshire,in West Midland and many other places across the UK.
  • Germans who sound like they're French.
  • Ian picton formally of chells and Wolfe lol we all know Wolfe
  • town centre needs brightening up so grey. lack of facilities for the young adults and youths
  • Firstly, for all those who seem to undermine the pin green area, your very quick to jump the gun, pin green doesn't have that bad of a rep, in fact it's quite nice of an area when you compare it to the likes of Bedwell and Shephall. The worse thing about Stevenage? You people who can't do anything but put it down.
  • Sad soulless dumping ground for cockney London scum and those pricks who feel living closer to London somehow makes them cultural. It doesn't. You live in dystopia. But you know what? Stay there, don't infest the rest of country with your presence, yuor not fucking welcome
  • It's a shithole
  • Arrogance. Everyone is so fucking arrogant. The chavs are bad enough, but at least they're too stupid to realise they live in a shithole. You got the snobs who live there, moan about it yet still feel culturally superior when they live in fucking concrete slums like Ridgeway and all them shit heaps.
  • the worst thing is all you people slaggin off stevenage when half of u dont even live here you stupid nob heads.i live in stevenage and have done all my life, im now 25 and i have never done any of the things you out of towners say us stevenage people do. yes it is full of young single mums and yes there are alot of chavs but ive never been any of those things. im actually offended that you think of all stevenage people being that way. i was bought up in a well loved family have never smoked have never touched drugs and am not a single parent.i work hard for a living and dont walk around with my trousers round my knees and wear a hoody like you people say. shows how much you losers know about stevenage dont it.
  • The incest
  • stevenage is the worst thing
  • younguns wishing they were older
  • Everyone who visits thinks it is:(
  • It's the pits and they all had each others mothers, uncles, cousin, brothers, monkey you name it.
  • CHAVs & 'mini'greebs.
  • bouncers are all the same, rude and arrogant but atleast they take away the wrongens ruining everybodys time. the 'rudies', sad little people who hang out in the carpark in the leisure centre, sitting in their bangers. GO HOME,ya losers.
  • Some of the people: wasters (adults as well as some younger people) making life a misery for others around them such as anti-social behaviour. The creeping violence beginning to engulf our youth who can't resist the 'glamour' of their London cousins + want to try to emulate them, the bad reputation the town has which is not deserved - are we any worse than any other satelitte town? The constant putting down of our youth, who despite what I have just said about violent culture, still have so much to offer the town + the world if only just listened to + given a break - old townspeople need to know just 'coz they were here first, nobody owes them anything; they have to EARN respect like the rest of us, so if they think kids are rude, then they need to listen to themselves sometimes. The crumbling housing stock + service the Council give.
  • Barbara Follet
  • nothing to do with the kids under 5 and the graffitti and gangs
  • The kids with kids. Stevenage is young mother central and there's no decent explanation for it. They have the same education as kids elsewhere, but grow up watching Eastenders and have the Slater family as role models and all turn into slags. Then the kids grow up thick becuase the parents haven't experienced any aspect of life besides childhood, pregnancy and single-parenthood, which makes for a pretty limited education and a pretty limited life.
  • The Chav's........ oh yes its fake burberry heaven, the outdoor saturday market provides all chav's with their 'armour'
  • The town centre, the oval, all of the new town. Ugh.
  • Pulse and Vogue- for the gangs who hang around there and have fights. Smelly back streets The town centre is like a ghost town at nights and u don't feel safe because of all gangs and yobs coming out of pubs.
  • entering stevenage
  • the amount of stoopid chavs ridin about on their stoopid bikes. we need a town bonfire to burn em!
  • right, this is a message to everyone hear who is giving Stevenage a bad name. We have one of the lowest crime rates in herforshire so no-one can complain about crime. People who complain about the youth hanging around in gangs are mostly midle aged people who were once in a gang 'rebeling' in the 60's so the youth today is no different to they were back then. Teenagers have always hung around in 'gangs' because they normally have a large group of friends through school and just because they wear hoodies and wear baggy clothes and there are a large amount of them is not their problem, its yours!!! Its just the same as you did and if you didnt then mabey you just werent very popular. What is there to do for a teenager? You cant go into pubs and clubs, you get mabey 1 under 18 event every 4 months and they are rubish anyway. Stevenage has a huge cycle path scheme which is excellent as it helps the environment and it shows that they have tried to tackle pollution problems. If we are meant to talk like 'cockneys' then deal with it, we are 30 miles away from london and many residents in stevenage come from, work in or have realtions to London so is it any suprise. And when we look at the surounding towns that try to look down on us...Hitchin - big drug culture , St Albans where everyone is snobby and theres just as much street violence as there is here. if you dont like Stevenage then SHUT UP and GET OUT!!!
  • The local weirdo's are pretty fucking crazy. Having nowhere to go late at night on a Monday or Tuesday other than 'Shitcago Rock Cafe'. It's bollocks!
  • it's a bit bland. the landscape is flat. don't rate the mp or the council much. lots of people moaning about how horrible stevenage is - try living in pontypool.
  • There are more young girls with babys than any other town I have seen, I think it has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in the UK!!!!! Oh and there are more dole bluging scumbags in this town than you can imagine!, you have been warned!!!!
  • The fact that you feel like you have to walk round in full body armour to survive this gang ridden hell hole. Anyone that has experienced this first hand will agree with me as it can be a real inconvenience when you are on the way to the pub and you get jumped and out numbered 25 to 2 or you are just trying to get home from work and someone decides they want to see what happens if they hit you in the head with a metal pole. By the By didn't somone get shot recently also. Oh what a peacful and gentle place we live.
  • qd, primark, ethel austin, shaw goodwill, lidl, tk maxx, pizza gogo and the people who like to shop in them and keep them in business.
  • 80% of the population, how big is the chip on your shoulder.
  • Other than hanging out at the bus stop, the council successfully removed all the places where the teenagers can hang out safely and do teenager stuff. Atound every corner a new toddler play park is going up. I suppose it is to cater for all the babies in this town and their teenage mums. With nothing to do or nowhere cool to go, I assume the only activity that remains is to have a shag.
  • Well... okay, so there's a lot. Mainly, it is actually the ppl that live here. Because it's a self-confessed 'overfill' of London, it's just like one big dysfunctional council estate. There are no mansions here, no pretty li'l back gardens and tree-lined avenues. That's all in Welwyn. This is the Concrete Mass, and is home to druggies, ex-convicts, young mums, old lonely men, and ppl in two-stripe joggers. Behold the Benefits Crew!
  • How long have you got? Okay, lets see then shall we:- Appalling Concrete architecture which has left a permenant stain on the whole area. Fortunately I went to school in Hitchin, so all my ideas of what the kids are like is mostly based on hearsay evidence. Needless to say it is not good. The utter destruction of what was once an alright little town into something which looks and just feels like s**t. The lack of any positive soul. The knowledge that had it not been for WWII, it would have been Knebworth Garden City. Thankyou very b****y much Mr Hitler. There done now, I feel so much better now I have got all that off my chest.
  • Stupid townies who think they're very cool, when in afct as we all BLATANTLY know they're sad 13 year olds who spit on anyone who dresses differently from them in some pathetic useless attempt to make themselves look big and cool.
  • Its full of those twats in baseball caps and shoddy cheap sports clothes and really common slapper girls. Both think there really hard. Most have stds and are generally the reason why i can go home from uni in bristol and start calling everyone retards.
  • Idiots that hang around thinking they look hard cos they are smoking, swearing and wearing a hood over their baseball caps!
  • full of the overspill from London
  • Rudeboys outside mcdonalds, and a bunch of $"%
  • The people, Caernarvon close (Kids), The town cleanliness, the kids that kick footballs at your car and the buildings in the town like the shops.
  • Has anyone noticed (how could you not) the endless chewing gum and fag butts etc. on the town centre pavement. Speaks volumes I think.
  • The lack of male population that has a hint of respect for women.
  • Archer Road and the Archer Road posse
  • Skinny lil girls with skirts right up their arses that LOOK 12 but goin into pulse and stuff. annoying! and have i mentioned PULSE?
  • Basic lack of culture.
  • Who put all the roundabouts in Stevenage i ask!!!!
  • Design and reality parted company (Award winning Oval centre is a nightmare to live in living proof that ideals dont thrive with out a basic level of income to maintain them) Principles and design are currently divorcing. Powerfull building lobby is doing a deal with council. In return for permission to build pretty much how they like, they will create another set of "new town" type developments aimed at wealthy middel classes godsend for the council who will then have a chance of getting the coveted unitary authority status and will (with the addition of 10 thousand middel and upper income homes in the next ten years)finally have a much needed cash injection into the commerce of the town.
  • I grew up in Stevenage and have only recently moved to Luton. I have only been here a few months and I want to come back, the worst thing about Stevenage is that there is nothing for young teenagers to do. The Ice bowl has gone and is being replaced with an expensive health club. Maybe if the youngsters had something to do they would not be hanging around causing trouble.
  • Over crowding it, small gardens. They are building far too many houses and not enough schools. hey could have made Stevenage such a nice place because it is near London, but the people are miserable and every1 hates it here. I would never bring up my kids in a place like this!!!! Full of London rejects!!!!
  • Close to London if you don't like London. Property prices for first-time buyers. It's the single-parent family capital of Hertfordshire. It's nowhere near the seaside. Too many traffic humps. Too many toy-town Wendy-houses. The town centre looks shabby.
  • Bishop; hes a PRICK. craiglefilth is a proper gay. 1 thing that isnt bad is wolfy, who lives in sefton road
  • everything about this cesspot makesme sick,esspecially the scummy mothers that walk around in track pants and breathe smoke into the lungs of their mistreated, soon to conform to the shitty ways of their parents, children! The whole place should be burnt down and urianted on, as for its history, it should be erased from the memory of a country slowly "going down the pan" signed IhatepulseMcgeez
  • Obviously the majority of you are either dyslexic or have been truanting from school in your youth. Your grammar, spelling and sentence construction is appalling. Instead of slagging off your town, get down to the excellent facilities within the College or Library and brush up on your communication skills, written, typed and oral!
  • the way people treatr the town, if tyhe people had respect for what they had and each other stevenage could actually be a place thats safe if ur alone at night, and they'd even be somewhere good to go... look at whats here people stevenage would be great without the scum who mess it up...
  • Full of attitude
  • The residents.
  • Stevenage Slappers! The bins in the New Town wreaking of sick.(especially in the summer!)
  • Quote... "Whoever it was who wrote about the kids hanging around the shops seemed to know more about their activities than an average bystander would know (where you one of them?) I also had my time of hanging around shops and it was great (not), but I fail to see much else avaliable to kids these days. A small hall with a busted pool table is hardly going to keep their interest for more than two snapped cues. I will say that the scheme now running at the Merrymead shops seems to be a step in the right direction" ... In other words it lets them vandalise the shops and stop for a tea break?!?!? The sad thing is that they have spelt it "Merry Mead" when there is a huge sign above the shops with the correct spelling!!
  • Fag smoking mobile phoning tatty young mums in the town center.
  • To near to Hitchin The fact that they have now destroyed the murual outside the Longship. People that think Manchester & Liverpool are better places to live.(Stop sniffing the glue, open your eyes and get a job!)
  • the teens and there bull shit
  • being soooooooo close to london all the wannabe eastenders who think they are all Pete Beales cor blimey guv N All that apples and pears! This is not LONDON this is STEVENAGE. there are 30 miles between us,
  • the local baggy assed star reading parent's who seem to walk on there knuckles cracking walnuts with there eyelids.
  • the whole place
  • Ponds called Fairlands Lakes, though I did have lots of fun there so lets not be too harsh!
  • The rest of Stevenage apart from Pulse
  • arriving
  • No decent restaurants. A few good curry houses on the High Street and that's about it. Is anyone in Stevenage aware that there's more to food than Curry/Kebab/Chinese/Burger ?
  • crusty grebs that suck some serious arse and smell like poooo
  • the social
  • Nothing alternative you're either a townie or a target
  • The total scuffers who bring down the whole tone of the place. The councli have provided excellent, facilities for kids / teens / adults. However, the kids that hang round the shops, vandalise the parks and generally exhibit the lack of control / concern of their parents spoil the whole place. I live in Stevenage and am sick of seeing good facilities spoilt by uncontrolled kids. There is nobody to blame but the parents. All of these families should be shipped somewhere else and made to live in high rise flats as it is obvious that placing them in a good environment with facilities has no effect. Stevenage needs a course of serious gentrification.
  • Houses too congested
  • Pulse & Vogue
  • You wanna see bad in Stevenage? Try The HEATHCOTE SCHOOL!! The building looks like a prison, the teachers are mostly drunken sods and the students all love themselves to bits! You want advice? STAY AWAY!
  • Shitty gangs in puffa jackets
  • Chells and Pin Green, Railway station
  • The pigeons-god damn it the town is full of their shit and when u r in town u r constantly having to dodge the dirty grey things. Kill em all I reckon!
  • How long have you got
  • The worst thing about Stevenage is the decline of the neighbourhood shopping centres: both Roebuck and Marymead shops are like something from a post war auteur movie. The oldies who were pushed into Stevenage hate it; the young kids hate it and there is this terrible tension between young and old. What the place needs is a heart, not a motor.
  • People who slag Stevenage off, after they have visited maybe 5-10% of the town and write it off as a slag heap without any consideration to the damage they are doing- I say to them: If you live in Stevenage and don't like it then move out buddy ! If you don't live in Stevenage and slag it off then pull you f!*cki*! head out of your arse and start living(you probably live in St Albans anyway - and we all know that snobs who live there are all ex Psychiatric patients from Shenley)
  • Ariving
  • The worst thing seems to be the crap about Stevenage you've aloud some individuals to put on the site. I lived here all my life and would be the first to admit that it is by no means a dream town, but none the less it's my home town and I like it. Whoever it was who wrote about the kids hanging around the shops seemed to know more about their activities than an average bystander would know (where you one of them?) I also had my time of hanging around shops and it was great (not), but I fail to see much else avaliable to kids these days. A small hall with a busted pool table is hardly going to keep their interest for more than two snapped cues. I will say that the scheme now running at the Merrymead shops seems to be a step in the right direction, allowing the kids to fix and use the cars they work on (in a safe enviroment). Anyway, there's plenty more I could say to all those critics, but why bother. You don't know, so you don't understand and therefore you don't even warrant a response. I've got better things to do(hot needles, eyes,,,,,,,no what I mean)
  • A town where the majority of people are very scabby and pig shit. Pseudo cockney boys and girls who have not got a fecking (sic) clue. I used to live in London but have been here long enough to see that it is turning into a war zone, hope to move back home soon. Great idea but a shame that the people it was supposed to help (a lot of them anyway) have taken it upon themselves to turn it into a huge doss house where cowardly "gangs" attack elderly citizens and nobody gives a feck! (sic) Bomb it!
  • Just thought you'd like to know that due to the allocation of houses to be built in Hertfordshire by the government, Stevenage is going to get something like 4,000 shiny new Barret homes on the other side of the motorway pretty soon. Right in the green belt too. Hell, I never did like Knebworth...
  • Have a Look for yourself's............The Whole thing looked so nice on Paper.
  • The carpers who reckon Stevenage is crime ridden. If you think Stevenage is tough and crime ridden, try living in South Manchester and suddenly Stevenage won't seem so bad.
  • The snotty kids on the busses, the rood greengrocer at Marymead shops, thesense of resignation in the young and failure in the old. The anorak wearers who think that buying a house in Stevenage rather than renting a lovely 16th century cottage in Ayott St Laurence will provide a better furture for their family. The same guys who don't drink, don't smoke, save every penny and find their wife has run off with a 21 year old bikey into glue sniffing and mild s+m!!!!
  • Stevenage Borough fans lobbing bottles at your head because your football team had the nerve to defeat theirs at Stevenage. Especially as they targetted the only female in our group.
  • The worst thing about Stevenage is the Oval - Thought you might like to know that... How can anyone ever, ever go there, shop and hang out...
    In reference to the quote about The Oval... I couldn't agree more. The place is a dumping ground for all Stevenage's social rejects. Not nice. There used to be a bar up there, but it got fire bombed. Then there was a club. That got broken into by 20 'nice' young men with knives and baseball bats shouting 'Get out or I'll be forced to touch you quite gently with my lovely pink bat..' That Obviously didn't last very long.
  • I'm a resident of the town; born and bred here over the last 18 years. (Just to let you know my pedigree.) Stevenage, interestingly enough, has a great claim to the title of "Armpit of the South". As far back as the 1970s, the town was a dump - it was the place where the craze of ripping cinema seats started, which as we all know spread all across the country. The local shopping centres harbour an interesting phenomenon. Each has its own gang, named, with great originality, after its home centre. So, instead of the fearsome Death Kill Squad of Stevenage, we have the Muffin the Mule, watch-with-mother cute little OVAL gang. There are the GLEBE boys (wow, I can barely type, it's so scary). And let's not forget the awe-inspiring PIN GREEN lot. It just goes to show the type of morons that live here. What about some originality? What about the Argos gang? Or the Sainsbury's mob. Ok, so these "gangs" hang around shops at night, trying to look hard by wearing big baggy jeans and puffa jackets in the middle of summer. The stupid thing is that if they did that during the day, they'd be shopping. Hard 'n' scary, huh? And these gangs consist of about 10 fifteen-year-olds, with maybe one or two twenty-five-year-olds. Hello? Why don't these sad blokes go down the pub? Or hang themselves by their own ponytails? God, imagine having nothing better to do in your mid-twenties than hang around, at night, with a load of teenagers gobbing at old ladies. Welcome to Stevenage, folks...
  • Having had the pleasure of this wonderful half cocked half way house to London for the past four months I thought you wonderful yokel locals might appreciate my comments. When discussing my residence here with friends and relations in cultural hotspots such as Liverpool, Bristol et al - eg anywhere except here. My main comment is to note that this crap hole has about as much culture as a fully sterilised and irradiated petri dish. I mean - you are nothing more than a bunch of cockney rejects who cannot seem to be able to make Stevenage a home as opposed to a stop over point for London. You're sad and you know you are... Repeat ad nauseum.
  • Everywhere else apart from the Old Town. All the no hoppers, whose crotches in their trousers hang somewhere between their knees. The reputation.

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