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Michele Fielding by Julie McGovern (Member 10238830) on 27-Jan-2017
I am looking for Michele Fielding (formerly O'Meara)who lives in the Stockport area.
She is married to Terence Fielding. If anyone has any info, could you please let me know.

Up with Morton FC by Susan The Faint (Member 10309116) on 26-Oct-2016
Greenock Morton FC of Scotland are the best.
Up with Scottish football.
Old Friend by Robert Renshaw (Member 10308085) on 16-Sep-2016
Looking for Margaret Dean from Cheadle Hulme (Red short hair lovely smile.)used to go to the George and Dragon in Cheadle in the 1970s.
I am now in the USA and would like to get in touch with her.
Thank you
Bob Renshaw
friend search by janet beadle (Member 10300461) on 24-May-2015
can anyone help with finding old friends of mine. sue and steve jones . sue was from stockport . dont know maiden name but i knew them in wiltshire in the mid 70s. they had 3 children.julie , derek and martin.julie was deffinatly addopted by steve.her name was changed from ridgeway.she was born around 1964..the two bows were younger.i think they were ridgeways also. last time i saw them was 1984 ... more >>   
John Edwards aka buster by sarah russell (Member 10295576) on 6-Sep-2014
Hi really need to find john edwards he used to live in adswood in stockport on Adswood hall cresants around the 1980s . Any info would be really great thanks   
sharron roberts by elsie (Member 10268670) on 20-Dec-2011
does any one know of a sharron roberts,she lived in farnworth,,kearsley,,her mum was called elsie and her dad ronnie,her parents was divorced and i believe her dad went to live in oldham,sharron will be approx 54 years old now, im trying to trace her as she is my cousin,,not seen her for over 20 years,,any help would be very helpfull,thank you
she worked with her mum elsie at a factory... more >>
  • Re: sharron roberts by Jeffrey Stafford (Member 10286428) on 9-Aug-2013
    There are many Sharron Roberts living in the Greater Manchester area, but I have picked out this one because she lives alone, looks like she was never married. Her address is 153 Leigh Road. I think it is in the Atherton area. Good Luck.

    Jeff. Hyde, Cheshire.

Win pet prizes for Christmas in our FREE small forum competition! by petsadvice (Member 10257026) on 15-Nov-2011
Win dog and cat accessories/toys in our FREE competition!
Just register at
and post a pic of your cat or dog in the competition thread (visible to members only).

Competition closes soon, enter now and join our friendly pets community f... more >>
Pet Forum by petsadvice (Member 10257026) on 23-Jan-2011
My friend has a forum,
Free advice on many pets, from cats to water snails. My speciality (I'm a member there) is gerbils, I know a lot about thm.
Looking for Tim Johnson by jane harry (Member 10247813) on 17-May-2010
Trying to locate the whereabouts of Tim Johnson he attended Stockport School for Boys Mile end age early 40's   
  • Re: Looking for Tim Johnson by Jes Johnson (Member 10266570) on 20-Oct-2011
    Im his brother, send me a message and I will give you all the gossip...

looking for by jc (Member 10246780) on 15-Apr-2010
Hi, trying to find John Bancroft, born in blackpool, 1949. Any offers.
Advance Notice, Star Studded Championships 2010 by S.B (Member 10184513) on 5-Mar-2010
WCDF Worlds Qualifying Event

Whitby Sports & Social Club
Dunkirk Lane, Whitby, Ellesmere Port, England
6th to 8th Au... more >>
Looking for a simple web page template? by Reader (Member 10122086) on 14-Jul-2009
AMBER will get you going. Free to download at   
Petition to Stockport Council re: Stockport County F.C. by ImposterSCFC (Member 10236021) on 12-Mar-2009
Hello everyone,

I am writing to draw your attention to a petition to Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council to provide more aid, assistance and support to the town's professional football team at a time when they are in real danger of going out of business.

Please go to the URL below and sign the online petition. Please also forward this to your friends, family and col... more >>
  • Re: Petition to Stockport Council re: Stockport County F.C. by blue (Member 10259583) on 25-Mar-2011
    Where did all the money go?

Would Extra Income Make A Diiference to Your Life in 2009? by David Taylor (Member 10103609) on 1-Jan-2009

Many people are worried about the coming year with redundancy, Credit Crunch etc. Would you like to join a business part/full time where these difficult times make your services even more attractive?

We are a Footsie 250 P L C Company and our distributors get paid for reccommending their services, not just omce, but ever... more >>
Manchester Congestion Charge Scams by David (Member 10233666) on 28-Nov-2008
Exposed: The Greater Manchester Congestion Charge SCAM!

In order to support claims that the congestion charge is needed, traffic light signals have been altered to cause maximum delays, such as traffic jams (just take a look in your local area to see the proof before your eyes!). The signals are changing more frequently than ever before. Many areas that now have traffic jams that didn't previou... more >>
Warzone Britain by Shelly (Member 10226895) on 29-May-2008
Hi guys, fed up of hearing about murders, needless murders, lobby your MPs or Gordon Brown.
Disappearing people by phoukme (Member 10156952) on 5-May-2008
A good fiend of mone once told me of this very special diet that enables you to disappear if you stay on itlong enough. But you have avoid the dreaded all inclusives or you will start to look like another good friend of mine.

Nuff said
  • Re: Disappearing people by eagle eye (Member 10220173) on 7-May-2008
    he looks better for it. at least he can still diet and look good. but you will be ugly forever.
    and the fat is now a golden brown. when was your last holliday. i bet it was blackpool. on a wet weekend.

  • Re: Disappearing people by phoukme (Member 10156952) on 10-May-2008
    As a matter of fact it was Blackpool and it is also true it was a wet weekend, but it was nothing to do with the weather.
    Don't you really hate it when bitchieness and sarcasm are dragged into a perfect and seemingly intelligently conversation between what I thought was two species of the male gender apparently I must have not only lost weight but also my sense and ability to have a battle of wit... more >>

  • Re: Disappearing people by eagle eye (Member 10220173) on 14-May-2008
    some one said. if whit was sh.t you must be king turd. how is the job. mick said you looked like randel and hopkirk. in your white gear.i hope its not white to hide the stains.

Minge lickin by phoukme (Member 10156952) on 19-Jan-2008
hey fannyhunter leave the poor bitch in peace, I heard she's workin in a sardine factory, It appears to be a mutual arrangement   
  • Re: Minge lickin by eagle eye (Member 10220173) on 30-Jan-2008
    i seen you in spa. i know who you are.
    you are tryin tto get youre spuds in anywhere.
    see you in old king.thumpthback. has every one else died on this site. come on get sending/

  • Re: Minge lickin by phoukme (Member 10156952) on 31-Jan-2008
    YOU SHOULD ALL TAKE SERIOUS HEED TO THE ALL KNOWING Eagle Eye, If he unleashes his almighty power itll make you sterile, or blind in one eye, whichever takes his fancy.

  • Re: Minge lickin by eagle eye (Member 10220173) on 1-Feb-2008
    eagle eye to minge licker. dont go eatin yellow snow. and mushrooms grow in shit. dont need to watch out beadle's not about. the words of a wise man. so keep it up. but make sure you where a bag.on her head.use fly spray. make sure she has her own beer money. and bus fare home.make her take her self to the bus.

  • Re: Minge lickin by eagle eye (Member 10220173) on 2-Feb-2008

  • Re: Minge lickin by eagle eye (Member 10220173) on 4-Mar-2008

Newrock Boots by cat (Member 10080268) on 3-Jan-2008
Just seen that the Stage Door on Underbank is selling all its NR's at 95 quid. Can't keep it to myself anylonger
Peace C.
THE BENNETT FAMILY by Johnh Bennett (Member 10075013) on 7-Nov-2007
I'm looking for anyone who knew the Bennett family, who lived at 78, Higher Bents Lane, Bredbury, and later, 3 Meadow Close, Woodley.

There were several scandals involving my family, which occured between 1952-1962 approximately.
I have never been able to get to the bottom of what exacly occured as both the family,and its history, are fractured.

The family names are: my late father, John B... more >>
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