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Hookup Spots
  • cycle path,towards elmtree and hartburn gay sex hookup nightly after 7pm
  • 5 Chopwell Close, in Tithebarn. On Hardwick estate. You get free sex and drugs. The son who lives there will have sex with just anyone. He's a fuckin tramp. He's so up his own arse. He's ugly, too. Only good for hilarity. He uses people. Not only an abuser, but a loser. No wonder that girl finally left him for good.
  • the churchyard near barnacles at the top of the highstreet but do not i repeat do not under any circumstances if you value your life go in that park after 3pm(winter) or 9pm(summer) unless you wanted to be hounded by the numerous "colourful" characters stockton would rather bury eg (smackheads,winos,chavs,13 year old "gangsters" or generally scroungers who beg none stop for cigarettes or a quid to get the bus)
  • Stockton is not a place to hang around, unless there are more than 10 of you. People on their own or with a friend are often intimidated by the large group of drunken yobs who parade around the high street. Beware of the footballers wives syndrome who walk around the high street at night accompanied by their macho men who all dress as though they are in Lanzarote. Drunken women are far more agressive than drunken men, BE WARNED !!
  • The yard of ale askew shops !!! RaMsEy WrEcKiN CrEw !!!
  • out side splash (the new swiming baths) is a good place and there is the benches near the satute of the tree that hits its self.
  • The best meeting place i can remember is on the cycle path between hardwick and bishy, from 7 till you were pissed this you to be the place go,
  • Ramesy Park just next to ian ramesy school although the park does not exisit anymore god rest its soul
  • The best hook-up spot was either albany shops in norton or the park in crooksbarn!! Who eva said we call curry an chips "cuzza an chips" is totally wrong... i've never heard of "cuzza" in my life!!
  • I'm 13 and i hate stockton like mad. I am SO gunna move out. Stokcton is a grotty disgusting s***hole which millions of ugly annoying townies and way 2 many slappers. I HATE TOWNIES!!! Go home - read a book you thickos. They annoy every1 when people sud be making fun of them cos the girls (slappers) will end up preg at 14 and the lads will kill them selfs by drinking and smoking themselves into an early death bed. DAMM TOWNIES!!
  • monkey tree parks always heaving with young chavs
  • any bus stops around and about always gud 2 sit in when its rainin with your 2litre of white shite. oh n the cycle path leadin from hardwick 2 bishy 2 elmtree
  • Used to wander up to Norton Green and sit 'round that oak tree. Now chopped down, though!
  • usual meeting place for us was outside macdonalds in stockton....
  • Ropner park
  • BEWARE PET OWNERS!!! Cat thefts!! Caught 3 sick scum bags (hoods & caps, trackys tucked into socks) on bikes at about 4am on BRADBURRY ROAD stealing pet cats from the street. These sickos steal cats to train dogs for dog fights. These are the sickest scrotes around and there only kids! Spoken to RSPCA staff & they say its not uncommon. Next scrote I find will be nailed to a tree!
  • just go to any section of beck in stockton and build a den in the bushes then poke ya lass all night, while she wanks you off, n sniff evo sticks.
  • 9 finkle street oldest house
  • I think Stockton is a good place to live it wasnt for shoplifters,smackheads,prostitutes and perverts it would be a better place to live and also a better enviroment
  • Bollocks to the Non-Teesside Lad/Lasses - You don't have a clue 'bout the place. Its simply the best place on earth if you know where to go. The industry is why we're here (and you southern students-think bout it)
  • >if you dont want to be jumped of some Blue hall kids in there 18'--21 dont go to the pizza shops at the bottom of the town cause they will be there!!!
  • Back alleys off Spring road
  • The greyhound statues on the high street
  • Any place tha sells "Parmose" after the pubs/clubs shut.
  • The green dragon yard on a riday night before the georgian and then onto the arena in boro! (alt only!!)
  • the bridges over the tees is normally a gd spot,
  • Preston Park aviary is a good 1,and u dont get wet when it rains!
  • the elephants foot we used to call it near ian ramsey park. it was just a big hole in the ground that everyone used to sit in wen we ahd been chased out of the park by the police
  • ragworth shops loads of kids thinking they are hard!!!
  • erm... dont really know where ppl hang out in stockton... outside Hungry Jacks through the day av seen all the skoolies on there hols out side there were u also see the odd smack head...
  • KEEP AWAY FROM McDONALDS AFTER DARK,(well come to think about during daylight also),unless u want get the worst headache of your life with hundreds of smack heads suddenly wanting to get a bus somewhere,but bless there cotton socks they've got no money so they'll blag ur head in, not to get not 10p like the gud old days but now its 35p!Cheeky C*nts!K E E P A W A Y !!
  • err outside mcdonalds stockton high st
  • The best hook up spot used to be Hardwick shops but the people who know best shot loads of fencing around it.
  • Stockton on line free PC access for work or just browse the Internet meeting new people at a community centre near you 11 in the Stockton area.
  • if u r a sk8er, u wanna b avoiding the town centre at nite, especially if u r wearing baggies!! the amount of hassle u will get from the local smackheads (outnumber sk8ers 1000:1) is not even worth thinkin about!
  • Spooks Wood near Elm Tree was always the place to be for a spot of underage drinking or camping!!
  • The entire area of stockton high street is filled with townies.avoid.the statue on collum thing near town hall popular meeting spot .Underground toilets where "special people" go.that if they suvive the over powering smell of urea.Just avoid.
  • Outside the corner shop in Sydney street, it's like king of the hill all twenty somethings stood there with there bottles of lambrusco, rain snow or shine they will be there!
  • The field behind the Billingham site of Stockton-Billingham College (known as Stockton Billy Tech to those over 24).
  • Teesside Retail Park
  • The best place to sit after a night spent trawling through Stockton's many and rubbish pubs is the Churchyard - here you can spend the morning eating Curry and Chips (or Cuzza and Chips to the locals) from the very nice chip shop near there. Some say this is the best Chippy in the world and that their Cuzza is the best, but then again most Stocktoners have never left the High Street in their lives, so what would they know!
  • The park next to Ian Ramsey Upper School just off Greens lane
  • we all used to sit in Carricks cafe sharing one drink between about 10 of us, just so we wouldn't get kicked out!!!

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