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Clubs (Dance Music) and Music Bars
  • Had some immense nights around hanley, big 80`s fan so majority of time was devoted to reflex.
  • Had some immense nights around hanley, big 80`s fan so majority of time was devoted to reflex.
  • Never had chance
  • Chicago Rock is the best club in stoke by far. They have Liquid and a Witherspoons, but its pretty tame compared by the rest of the contrys standards.
  • satchmoes, the sugermill, the underground
  • tytyhjy
  • farenight studio 1
  • harry's bar, stoke....check out dj sweetjayne.
  • The Void was da place to be with the following promoters all hosting events there in the past: Illusion, Vibealite, Helter Skelter, World Dance, North, Species The place was ok but more for da pop happy hardcore. Time & Space (Club Metz) was mint Club kinetic, Reality, Odyessy, Illusion, Rewind (Vibealite), The Unkwnown Species etc all did events there. The Underground was good until it became a rock venue with nights such as: Illusion, Species, Jedi etc. Zero was better then i thought at first, well i didnt like it at first but it grew on me :o) events included: Illusion, Jedi, Genocide, Species, North etc The Talbot was great i used to go to Snatch & Genocide all of da time there :o) Illusion @ keele uni used to be mint @ was the venue where stoke's first ever rave night Interospective was held back in 1989
  • hanley is the best place for all this :D
  • Liquid for all the chavs
  • now now now iv read all the reports an having been born in stoke i do think that a lot of ppl are moaning about the place but on monday, thursday, friday and saturday nights there is so much you can do in hanley. all the bars an clubs are close together so you merley fall out of one club straight in the next, there are loads more high brand bars know such as liquid, touch, the nme bar "underground" where pete docherty is constantly making apperances. youve got flares, walkabout, aruba even a harleys and a strip club. im a student at the mo in sheffield studying law an nights out up here are awsome but nothing compares to going out in hanley theres just so much more to do.
  • Only good place i can think of is flares its good for a laugh
  • jumpin jacks, liquid, flames, creation, suger mill
  • Chaplin's bar in Hanley (opposite the Bus Station) are doing a men-only night on Tuesdays till late, starting late October 2005.
  • The best club for dance/pop music is "The Club" in Hillcrest Street YES its a gay club but so what? its a great night out for anyone 18-80 the main nights are Fridays & Saturdays which is 4.00 before 11.00 5.00 after that(non members)doors open at 10.30 and drinking up time its normally around 03.45 Monday night is Student night and at 2.00 entry you cant go wrong the doors open at 10.00 but it dont really get going till 11.30 and shuts at 02.00 then there wednesdays SKINT night where a selection of bottles and pints are only 1.30 and now Thursdays are Club night to which is a cheap night to.All the drinks are cheaper then ANY straight club or bar in Hanley and you dont have to worry about gay guys comming onto you as most of us puffters have pretty good GAYDARS :oP (and there are locks on the cubicles for those who get scared) LOL
  • im sure you'll be able 2 find an ancient bar/club somewhere in the middle of nowhere in a country lane, any way even if you did there'd b no good lookin ppl probs packed full of the most CHAVIEST OF CHAV COMMON PPL WITH DA MOST OFF PUTTIN AXENT
  • Flares and Chicago rock cafe are the best!!!
  • underground aruba chicargo rock and china gardens are all great
  • heard rumors of a chicago house night coming april 2005 to hanley stoke on trent called jelly size
  • To be honest, your best bet is to go down the offy and get a few cans in. MUCH SAFER! but if you do find yourself lost in Stoke/Shelton try the Roebuck, its close to the train station for a quick gettaway!
  • satchmos for clubin on sat u r a townie gimp if u go ny where else
  • Liquid - by dazed, Creation - unsure of the street down the bottom sumwhere, formerly known as valentinos
  • burning eyeball a new weekly under 18's rock night which takes place at Fusion, Hope St, Hanley, Stoke. 6.30pm - 10pm - 3 door tax, playing all things rock!!!!
  • No trouble in satchmos? obviously you've never been on monday night, the so called "mod and indie nite". The place is full of hideous little scrotes from trentham who all want to be liam gallaher-aka the burberry brigade. Although some of the more imanginitave ones combine burberry with aquascutum. They have totally ruined what used to be a good night. Stoke is full of fuckwits like this, as is any city but because stoke is so incestuous they are harder to avoid than in a bigger city. Hence the reason i am fucking off to manchester!
  • highway man come on guaranteed to take some dog home
  • Liquid,Fluid and jumpin jacks.
  • there is nothing for under 18s night it is soooooooo toss!!
  • Gotta be Satchmos on a monday night proppa retro Fluid is quality Friday and Saturday but if you want a choice in music ie different rooms its gotta be Liquid or Creation (the old Valentinos)
  • In Hanley Valintinos is no longer called that. It is no Creation. Best places on a Monday night (student night) are Flares and JFK. JFK is 1 to get in and 1 for all drinks. Flares is 60's 70's music. JFK has great variety of music. Both have a youthful clientel on Monday nights but much older other nights.
  • liquid nightclub stoke on trent is the best all you lot dont know what your talking about, valentinos and the cube or whatever are not here anymore, hanley has been upgraded!!
  • im sick of reading about valentions its now creation u mongs when did u last go out
  • Born and bred in Stoke, I moved to Coventry for the "University Life" and let me tell you, it is NOTHING compared to Stoke. Glad to see most places in Stoke have turned to funky house for a fresh sound. For a Satutday night, the best bar's have to be Tube and Revolution.. And Satchmo's is simply the ONLY place to be. Atmosphere is QUALITY!
  • Liquid in Hanley plays some out of your mind dance music. If you like that sort of thing!
  • The Potteries has a few good ones including Liquid, Jumpin Jacks, Creation, The Place and Void up Hanley and Maxims and Zanzibar up Castle, loads of bars in Castle as well Yates, Spoons, Limeys, Revolution, Brassingtons, Fluid, Edwards, Gratsbys, etc up Hanley theres Fluid, Chicago Rock, Bar La de dah, Walkabout, Harleys, Blue Bar, Chicos, Yates, La Bodega, Bar 360, Fat Cats Bar, Zest, Hogshead
  • The Void
  • sugar mill
  • satchmos is the one, indie. funk etc
  • if you are over 21 and looking for a good nite without kids gettin drunk then try Queens of basford esp on a friday nite for all ages i go regularly and its got great music and a full dancefloor its not a "grab a granny" club that it was in early 90's its also open on thursdays and saturdays but its a bit quiet
  • Liquid Hanley - only good when you're REALLY far gone.
  • New rock/alternative night starting at the end of August @ Maxims in Newcastle
  • The Stage aka Sugarmills was a good little place for those of us who wanted a change from Valleys and the Place. Good sounds, Good atmos, Goregeous Women. Also check out The Globe just past Harry's bar (also good) on the same road as the council offices in the Stoke part of Stoke
  • Stokes clubs are shit! I suppose if any Creations the best but they all suffer from SGS (See my post on 'The Worst Things' about Stoke-on-Trent)
  • satchimos is a load of shit. It is the grimmist place ever. If you want an atmosphere go to flares to laugh at the gay bar people doing gay ymca style dances and join in with them. Weatherspoons in hanley is cheap and a laugh but full of smell, dirty, divorced 50+ men glaring at the youngest person in their.
  • Void for silly dancing and outlandish behaviour, plays top dj's and funky upstairs, lots of fun to be had by all. Find a local and enquire about any afterparties, they're usually a giggle!! Reckless is very good @satchmos good music, cool crowd, next door to the void! The Place is a fuckin pisser on mondays, student night for everyone i know, is'nt as good as it was, mainly because all the fun people have gone to uni and those that are left have started to go to liquid. ( shit at the weekends but if it's holiday time and the cool kids are back in town then monday is the night!!) Liquid is the newest/cleanest club in hanley, expensive, no atmosphere but if you wear designer clothes and can't dance then it's for you. Valentinos, now Creation, commercial venue for beer boys, tarts and keele uni students who get the coach to hanley now and again. Cheesey/chart tunes (not my cup of tea!) it's shit if i'm honest and over priced (you will be thrown out for stealing the fake plants!!)
  • Right, this is where we set the record straight! Forget about all that toss that someone wrote on your page, iv been living in Stoke all my life and i can tell you ALOT about the night life! A typical Friday night in Stoke and Newcastle is one of the best in the country!Kicking off in Newcastle, you have a whole range of bars from "The Tube" to "Revolution" to "Blues Bar" to "Yates" there is at least 40 bars, no joke! When 11.30 comes about, jump into a taxi down to Hanley and there are a whole load of *DECENT* clubs to choose from. There is "Liquid" possibly the best and newest club in Stoke. Creation...(the new valentinos) The place is nearly unheard of now since new clubs have opened and the place needs soooo much work carrying out on it!Jumping Jacks is a club/bar which leads into liquid! There are also a lot of bars in Hanley, ranging from The Junction to Cuba which plays a lot of R&B. The Void still has the biggest named DJ's in the country regularly attending! The Sugar Mill is full of Goths and Greebos, i highly recomend you stay wel away from there, which is virtually impossible because it is literally across the road from liquid! Fluid is also a good bar, which is at the far end of Hanley, there is also a fluid in Newcastle.
  • Liquid & creation. everywhere does cheap drinks on student night in hanley - (monday)!
  • Nowhere can beat the Void, Best D.J's for House and Hardcore. Worst thing they should of never closed down Club Kinetic. Face it, Stoke is the dogs bollox!!
  • Hanley & Newcastle are gr8 places 2go 4a nite out.we have been going out 4 years and we get sloshed, pull, dance & av a gr8 time.So dont diss it! We r goin out 2nite!!!!
  • brannigans the one with the ginger guyon the door, LONG LIVE THE SCOUSE, and all its albanian old women pulling punters
  • The Void at Glass Street in Hanley is EXCELLENT a mixture of different people all loving the music and eachother!! But beware walking past from 4.00am till 6.00 am there will be some scary sights emerging - all sweaty ciber kids with pokemon bags and wide eyes!
  • Liquid in Hanley is the place to be. A bunch of tossers go there on Friday nights but it's hilarious!!!
  • there all wank but i always end up in creation which is a right shithole
  • valleys now 'creation' is full of young uns rosie o'brians in 'the place' WIKIIIIIIIDDDDDDDD
  • Clubs in Stoke that are worth going to? No...sorry. Can't think of anything, unless you want to end up in hospital.
  • creation
  • Where to start?! Branigans - full of 40 - 60 year olds dancing to Phil Colins thinking they are 16 again! The Place - what a shit hole, sick all over the carpets, people stink of sweat, stupid prices to get in and what for a shit night?! Also it now appears to be a spot the white man club, you will be lucky! Creation - not to bad at least people make a slight effort to look attractive and overage, expensive beer and expensive to get in but good music, the only bad thing is watching some silly 15 year old tart wiyth hardly any clothes on showing all she hasn't got on the podium, but after 11 that ends as it's time for the 15 year olds to go home to bed.
  • Saturday night in the Place. R&B room all white people welcome-HONEST
  • Not enough! THere's a new rock club up Glass Street
  • Golden@Void is a class night out, other than that, make sure you have somewhere to stay in manchester
  • Place is spot on for RnB on a friday nite, n if you like the hardcore stuff then the basement in the place would suit you.
  • THE PLACE-friday and saturday-full of sexy lads. Flacketts-also great for all the sexy lads. millionaires-a cheap pisser of a time on a monday night.
  • chicos is the best rock pub around, but foxy is a dick and a twat of a DJ
  • Shelleys in Longton where surgical removal from the carpet was necessary for all at closing time.It was so sticky through a combination of spilt beer, fag ash, snot and vomit.
  • Chicos hasn't changed in ofer 15 years. We used to play 'tig' in there but nowadays the kids are far more sophisticated and miserable.
  • freako chicos. been going there since 1987 and it hasn't changed except some are getting younger. you can wear your trainers and jeans here. non-alternatives like it here so they can perv over goth girls in basques
  • Nappy Night at the Place on Sundays and Wednesday. Before all these little slappers were born The Place was the place!! to be. Everyone that was anyone went Nappy night booging the night away in the Cellar. Me and Mates agree that Nappy Night was the best time of our lives. Trevor M rules.
  • the new creation definately wrth a visit & somehow it has nice birds in?must be out of towners!
  • The Stage, now The Sugarmill, used to have the BEST Friday night in town. I used to work there. For shit wages.
  • The place in hanley is not shite where did you get your information from you obviously don't go to the same night club as me and sad fukers like you lot out there dissing the place dont know how to have a good time and should lighten up a bit and get a fuckin life.THE PLACE ROCKS!!!!!!!!
  • the void. drugs
  • Apparently Valentino's has been bought by First Leisure and is having a grand opening night on Sat 28th Sept. Be there - I will!!
  • New club to open soon. Part of a chain - Creation.
  • The Place is about the best club cos you have the choice of dance music or you can go upstairs to Rosies for pop music! However the drinks are VERY expensive! Vallys is crap. Void is best for proper dance fans but full of drugs.
  • Brannigans is full of OAPs. Valies used to be OK but is currently shut for refurbishment (the clever management have decided to refurbish it at the busiest time of the year). It looks like it could be good when its been done tho judging by the amount of money being spent. By far and away the best club however is The Place esp on a Monday and a Friday.
  • The Place in Hanley is definately the place to be and also Flakkets for a real taste of what Stoke is like (some people are actually quite nice not as u would of noticed)
  • Valentinos used to be young totty heaven, nowadays it is populated usually by about ten people all fat mingers who were turned away from dance clubs for being too rough.The Place on Fridays is heaving with fit young girls who are generally filthy.
  • Come on! how can nobody have mentioned North at The Void! but beware if you have a weak heart!!!! big names like MARK EG, SHARKEY, THE PRODUCER!!! if you love very VERY hard techno! go to North!!!!
  • The best club in Stoke, by far, is the stage(or rather the sugarmill). It plays decent music, has a great atmosphere and it's 2 for 1 on Fridays and it's quite cheap to get in. As for the rest they're all dance/pop clubs that are so similar that you could forget which one you were in if you'd had a few. Never been to the Void but I'm told it's really good if you're a hardcore dance fan.
  • dont even bother.hanley club scene is shite,valies mings,the place is boring crap especially when youve been going every monday and friday for as long as you can remember and basically after a nite out in this small town u always wish you had drank a bottle of jack daniels and thrown yourself under a passing car much earlier on instead of paying the quids to get in the bastard clubs in the first place.sorry to be depressing but im sure some of u out there agree.hanleys club scene is about as interesting as watchin an episode of home and away
  • Vallys is toss since they have had a new DJ. Golden is just getting better. Place is excellent for atmosphere. The Junction(new) is a small version of vallys-
  • Golden has big names, but its gone downbank lately, all the casuals have lost the plot and fuck knows whats going on.
  • The Place but once you've been a gazillion times it does kinda get borin. Jaxx is great on a Monday, free to get in and all drinks a quid... they're askin for trouble!!
  • the sugarmill is a must,great atmosphere and music that doesn't make your head hurt.
  • I've lived here for two years and have only found a good night to be had on a Friday in Satchmo's or the Sugarmill.
  • GOLDEN at the void. COME ON. weeeyyy. I am f....
  • Very cool hip-hop, big beat night called Dantai. It doesn't have a permanant home but pops up about 4 times a month. There are always smart flyers around for it.
  • Staffordshire university students union. Cheap beer, sexy men.
  • The Place - Stoke On Trent Has a second area on a Saturday night dedicated to the R&B scene, been long running, good crowd lots of out-of-towners, small amount of house, garage and reggae.
  • Satchmo's. Was a jazz club and still puts on a good turntablist friday night called Reckless.
  • Visit Burslem Snooker Club Cleveland Street Burslem the oldest snooker\billiard club in England opened in 1913 still the same tables, licenced ,open 24 hours
  • chicos in hanley near the bus station, fab rock/ goth/ alternative place where all the freaks of nature hang out (including myself!)
  • Clubs include Valentinos and The Cube (This was then shut down in July/August '95, but I am told has since reopened (possibly called Heart and Soul). It was shut down due to people pissing on shops and vomiting everywhere outside, as well as the amount of trouble in and outside the club.
  • The Cube was more probably closed down due to hideous amounts of drug dealing going on inside the club, we thought, and not people throwing up outside it, and the other club mentioned, Valentinos is completely full of youngsters - yes I used to be one of them - so if you've grown out of that, there's The Place, which is a far better place to be seen in.
  • Cube was shut down due to lots of drugs, and people getting stabbed. Valentinos *is* full of kids. And pushers. And people who can't hold their beer and want you to beat them up. The Place is not the place to be seen in - it's shite. Only go if you've actually taped 'Gardening Time', so you can be assured of a good time when you get in .
  • The Place: over 40's only
    The Place has a buzin atmosphere and opens four nights a week: Monday being student night, Thursday is "Pure" in the place, especially for clubbers, and the usual Friday and Saturday. It is not full of slappers... . There is also Kintetic and The Venue, which are clubber's heavens.
  • Valentinoes after its latest update is still totty heaven where the totty here is so tigh that the police out to be called.
  • Place is good

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