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Live Music Venues
  • Avoid
  • You have the sugarmill and the Underground. They are the main spots for music. the Regent Theatre is also good for musicals as is he Victoria Hall.
  • North Staffs Accordion Club, Holditch Miners Club, Chesterton. 3rd Tuesday each month.
  • The Bulls Head, Bankhouse Road, Hanford, Stoke on Trent, ST4 8EN. Live Music every Friday & Saturday nights, great atmosphere, fantastic bands of all genres, big pub with stage and bags of room, so you can see the band and are not suashed in like sardines. Staff are great, service brill even when the place is packed. Most of the local bands play here, always a great night to be had!
  • The old brown jug, the underground
  • The Glebe has live music almost every night and the guy who runs it (simmi) is a star!
  • ers
  • Edensor Technology College
  • the only place these days is the glebe, stoke. not the best place to play, but put on some decent bands, less mainstream.
  • Cheshire Cheese (quality hip hop)
  • not too sure about this one, mainly brittania i think.
  • SUGARMILL all the way, Victoria hall is also good.
  • id recomend loads of places i'll just name some good big ones Sugermill (of course) in hanley The under ground (also in hanley) green stars also good in smallthorne
  • Dont touch the Talbot Hotel
  • Sugarmill!
  • the sugarmill hanley.
  • Plenty in Hanley, and there is always Harry's bar down in Stoke, full of lovely tax dodging students!
  • The sugarmill is definetly the best place! We have the Underground too which is a good venue! Nearest one outta town is probs Birmingham Academy!
  • sugarmill for band or the gleabs smack nite for new bands
  • the talbot has amazing bands sometimes (but also appaling punk/ska/metal bands) when "the musicroom" puts on a show. i see maybe one interesting band per year at the sugarmill and satchmos. other than that its all either bland punk, second-hand metal, or terrifyingly abysmal indie radio friendly nasty.
  • Rigger newcastle under lyme good venue for local band's ask for buff
  • tons in the town center
  • rock idols at tommy cheadles bar port vale football club fri 4/7/04 only a fiver on the door carling and worthy only 1.50 a pint
  • Sugarmill Talbot Satchmos Underground Keele Uni
  • Obviously the Sugarmill is the best, but Talbot follows close behind. The Glebe is the newest music venue about, but very overrated by their staff, lots of good bands, but if they have more than 5 people in the audience (and thats not often), it is too crowded to enjoy
  • The Talbott in Stoke has some pretty cool bands but for the up and coming Indie bands its gotta be the Sugarmill in Hanley they recently had Snow patrol there
  • There is a great pub called 'The Oxford Arms' on Wolstanton Marsh that try desperately to book and promote good music of all varieties
  • Birmingham or Manchester
  • The Sugarmill is great, they have loads of bands (saw King Prawn there recently - fantastic night), the Talbot in Stoke has loads of ten band all dayers, and even the Glebe in Stoke now has bands every week!
  • sugarmill, satchmos and limelight (crewe)
  • Jumping Jacks, across the road from The Junction often has live music, aswell as Chicago Rock Cafe!
  • Lomax in Stoke, excellent.
  • The Stage Door - quality
  • the talbot, the sugermill, the sutherland arms, you get good local bands eg senseless and size 5
  • Need more punk venues rather than shitty indie bands at the sugarmill
  • Faceless,souless, corporate fucking wetherspoons have taken over any attempt to have a decent live music venue. Other than that we have 0 places to go to listen to any half decent live music
  • fuck knows.but any1 who the fucks been talkin about the cube? how long ago was that shut down!! ps vallies is now creation u thick southern wankers
  • satchmos good live indie acts,chicago rock cafe good fun
  • The Stage, Hanley. Used to have The Wheatsheaf in Stoke town centre, but again that went down the pan. As did The Theatre Royal, bought up by Mike Lloyd, owner of the local independent record shop. It folded. I think Mike Lloyd is bankrupt now. But there's the newly done-up Victoria Hall, and Teddy's at Trenthan Gardens has been used as a venue by The Manics, Oasis, a couple of others.
  • The stage is ok.
  • The Stage
  • Satchmo's in Hanley, THANK YOU!!!! for at long last bringing cool live music to the City. The bands are class and it is a greatblast from the past to chill out with good company in a buzzing atmosphere.Always busy, never any bother and never lets us leave without a smile on our faces!! Every Saturday night is a session night.
  • R.I.P The Wheatsheaf, Stoke
  • sugarmill rules !!
  • Sugarmill is fantastic!!
  • satchmos is a top night out and the rigger for punk,ska and rock
  • Go to Glastonbury, 150 miles away please
  • rigger pub in newcastle , fab bands, good atmosphere and the sexiest bar staff in the world ( hello simon!)
  • The Royal, Hanley - Stoke on Trent -
  • The Wheatsheaf closed down in July 1998 but Wheatsheaf Music continues across the road at Riddle's Music Bar at The Talbot Hotel in Stoke. Live bands seven nights a week. Bar open until 1.00am Mon - Sat & 11.00pm Sun. Doors open 8.00pm. More info from 01782 844438 or www:
  • Oasis
  • Stage - dogs for top music and bands.
  • Wheatsheaf - a bit out of the way.
  • The all new Victoria Hall and soon the Old Regent ( Was the Odean)

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