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  • Difficult topic pubs, had great times as a stokie (moorland in smallthorne, terrace in hanley, scrimmys, white horse) yet I think enjoyment in such an atypical environment is relative as what I consider enjoyment as a stokie is vastly dissimilar to an outsiders opinion. Gotta expect a fight down these parts.
  • Difficult topic pubs, had great times as a stokie (moorland in smallthorne, terrace in hanley, scrimmys, white horse) yet I think enjoyment in such an atypical environment is relative as what I consider enjoyment as a stokie is vastly dissimilar to an outsiders opinion. Gotta expect a fight down these parts.
  • Best place to go drinking is Burslem. It has an abundance of real traditional pubs which have so far, bar the odd few places, not been ruined by unnecessary trendy wine bar makeovers and modern refurbishments. The ones which have, i.e The Huntsman (now Chills Bar), the Saggers and The Swan all seem to be home to the local knobheads and braindead youths who are out to impress their mates by acting like utter morons and these places lack any character or atmosphere. Providing you give these places a wide berth you'll be just fine. Every town has to have somewhere that caters for the plebs which is fine by me as it keeps them away from all the decent pubs. Burslem is mainly orientated to a more mature clientele and has a warm friendly small town atmosphere with friendly working class people and before long you will soon get to know the regulars as most pubs are friendly and the people are too. Unlike some other towns not a million miles away you wont find it full of stuck up snobs. Burslem has the kind of pubs where the staff get to know you by name and you're not just another customer. I can't think of anywhere else where the people and it's pubs are so friendly and welcoming. Pull up a barstool and within minutes somebody is making conversation with you. That's one thing I love about the place. So if you're after a good night out but you're too old for all the dickheads up Hanley then Burslem may be more you're kind of night out. Pubs are generally cheap or reasonably priced and if like me you prefer traditional locals boozers with personality and character than themed pubs, foody pubs or trendy wine bars then you have many good places to choose from all within a short stagger of one another. The Old Post Office Vaults, The Leopard, Bulls Head, The Duke Wiliam and if it's Northern Soul you're after then The Olde Crown has one of the best Northern Soul and Mowtown discos in the area. Many pubs have live entertainment from Wednesday nights right through to the weekend so there's something for everybody from Karaoke, live bands, open mike, soul and mowtown discos to folk and blues and even local poetry nights. There's about 30 different pubs and bars all within a short walk of one another so my advice is just go for a pub crawl and try out each one and I'm sure you'll find one that suits your liking.
  • Norton estate pub avoid it if your foriegn like me from glasgow
  • lol pubs have served underage i know this i am underage lol
  • uuiuh
  • the manor
  • The Barrel (oh my god)
  • STOKE....plenty of fights tho,nd in hanley
  • we cant evn get servd for pop
  • The best is my local Duke of wellington in Blythe Bridge great atmosphere
  • Dont touch the Talbot Hotel
  • The Three Tunns on Bucknal new road in Hanley (gay bar)is the most friendly pub as us puffs dont think life is all flying headbutts and kicks to the head.
  • stoke littered with shite pubs onli da crown does edible food
  • th kingsway fore pool or the gleabe fridays
  • beer is power cheap in stoke, everywhere
  • garunteed a f*&% an a fight every night
  • just hit the uni before 6 and you wont have any id checked. still, best to surf in with a 'real' student to avoid being chucked oot
  • The little irish pub on London road is great, then of course, corner cupboard, roebuck, The fawn. Students' union is cheap!
  • The Regent
  • Any ancient building with the slightest bit of dignity and history has been pilaged for the sake of 'Ye Olde Pub'
  • Yates, the tube, revolution, harleys, fat cats, all in Hanley.
  • Avoid Harrys Bar and The Glebe in Stoke full of rough arses
  • The Terrace Penkhull
  • trentham hotel!!!! full of proper youth of today
  • Orange Tree Newcastle Noah's Ark Hartshill
  • the hollybush and thurston in bentilee is a good as long as you get on with the locals.
  • Best used to be the Newtown in Fenton (nothing like a night up muppets corner) but since it was open and closed more than the girls' legs in Cobridge it seems to have died a death
  • all the pubs in stoke are absolute crap the sutherland arms on london road is partic shite
  • The grapes Newchapel the only place to be served by a real prostitute or her family ask for Zoe
  • So many, Glebe is great for a chilled out drink, if your a student the student's union, LRV for mainstream stuff or Odyssey for Rock and indie. Talbot, Harrys, Stage Door all fab
  • the old mill working mens club on newstead industrial estate.
  • In hanley - junction,fluid,chicago rock are sound, and bar cuba is gud for RnB tunes!
  • Fliud is the place to go to psyche yourself up for the Void on a Saturday
  • Hanley-the Tube, Chicago Rock, Yates's, Bar 360, Fluid, Fat Cats
  • theres only one place to go for a drink in stoke and thats the hillberry in bentilee although your best coming armed with a knife or bar of some sought you'll get a warm welcoming from the 50 or so lads that sit in the lounge
  • Foaming Tankard,Victoria Road , Fenton,(Dogey) Manorhouse ,Manor st ,Fenton, (Nice pub) Loads!!
  • All great if you want to get pissed and have a fight. Beware do not enter into any pub if you are from and ethnic minority you will be hung drawn and quartered by some thick mindless racist thug.
  • seven stars or nick name sven stars going from stafford twards stoke
  • Most the pubs in hanley are pretty shite in the day but when it gets to night time everyone is to pissed to notice how shite they are. Hogshead not bad, pool expensive! French Horn full of middle aged piss heads with nowt better to do than sit outside! Yates alright if your into that sort of thing
  • fluid is over-priced, over-crowded and over-rated. full of greasy haired wanabees (trentham, may bank etc) and vile women. AVOID!!!
  • The Stage, compact and cuddly
  • 'Castle at the weekend is usually full of the bespoke trendy types. Trainers allowed in NOWHERE, blue jeans also banned from many city 'hotspots'. Lets face it, if you don't like dressing like a ben shermanned stockbroking wanker you are fucked.
  • flacketts fluid chicago rock-all a great night out!
  • Flacketts, Fluid are good for lads and a good nite out.
  • The Hawkesmore on regent road hanley good cheep beer landlord n land lady great have a good laugh with locals..
  • The Corner Cupboard is the best place for an afternoon drinking session & watching the match (get there early though to get the best table), if you're a student beware of irate Stokey's who don't think students should be allowed in 'sunny' Stoke.
  • The Albion, Hanley, where all the drunks go on giro day and shout at each other.
  • Albion, in Hanley, where the winos go on giro day. Rigger, Newcastle, where the kids still think Buff is cool
  • The Sneyd in Snow Hill,Bears arse rough.
  • the Norton Arms.If you get out alive you've done very well!
  • All the pubs close when stoke city play at home! Proof that the dirty stokies can't even be trusted not to trash their own beloved city!!
  • The Dewdrop, Hanley. (Also the Crosskeys in Newcastle, even though it smells) Young un's and students mostly, a few weirdos. There used to be a scary metal/biker pub called Harpers, now a transvestite bar. Never mind.
  • a fresh faced clown can be found in the junction every monday nite chewing his face off to the sounds of IAN Brown.
  • Hogshead is quite good but Weatherspoons is cheaper. Don't go in the Unicorn!
  • Stoke and Pubs do not match because finding a boozer in stoke is like looking for a pinhead in a fuck-off pile of horse shit!
  • The dunrobin (new bosnia) in Longton the best pub in the world if you can avoid a kicking, loads of slappers (young and old), bands, discos, comedic karaoke, mullets galore, and a chance to laugh at the inbred longtoners who love doing the same shitty things every night and would never wish to leave their town. No seriously this is still the best local night out in the land.
  • The Rigger. But if you're approached by a man with a very manky beard who looks as though he hasn't washed for decades run away as fast as you can.
  • Satchmo's is a really chilled out bar. They play all the old Jazzy stuff, low lights, cool chicks and nice staff. High time I say!
  • Blackfriar , newcastle mid 20s to early 30s crowd lots of ex studes rock discos fri and sat, fri a lot more mellow tho try it youll like it
  • any pub can be seenwith underage gruffnuts pissed off a pint and seen with an under age slut trying to look hard but their hair justs makes it laughable!
  • Fluid has an ace atmosphere, but its too packed...ITS TOO PACKED WALTERS CANT YOU SEE!
  • the miners arms in milton is wicked. i love weatherspoons aswell
  • rosie's in hanley and fluid rock!
  • The Plough In Kidsgrove.
  • Corner cupboard has a good mixture of students and locals and they have a big screen for the footie.
  • once again, rigger in newcastle is fab
  • The Roe buck - bottom (south end ) of Leek Road / Winton Terrace, Shelton (just)
  • The Stage Door in Hanley (next to The Stage venue) is a good 'rockers' type pub, and there are many new wine bars.
    The Stage Door is not a 'rockers' type pub, and never has been. It's not good either! 'Shite' would be a reasonable word to use for its description.
  • Rocker-type pubs: The Sutherland Arms, Newcastle - The Ale House, Newcastle. Both shite. The resident DJ, Bone, once got shot in the town centre.
  • Dread Heads coffee shop also opened in 1995, and is an excellent place to chill out before and after a club.
    Shite, and full of shite people. An ex-dread-header is doing 40 in a Thai jail at the moment.
  • In Newcastle there is Gio's and Stones, both open all day until late, as well as all the pubs, including the ex-Slug & Lettuce now the Farrow and Firkin which is always heaving on the weekend.
  • Yates' Wine Bar (although it's a pub).
  • The Dew Drop - excellent jeans pub unlike Yates'; both in Hanley.
  • Good bars include the Foyer and Rosie O'Brians.
  • The Albion. Always seems to be full of winos. Well known for revolving doors, which, once the novelty wears off, become really annoying - you can't get out as quick as you would like.
  • The Dew Drop. Ask for double vodkas - it's cheaper in the long run. Known for crap murals upstairs. Has quiz nights and DJs and that. Definitely the best pub in Hanley since the unfortunate demise of the Woodman.
  • The Woodman in now called: Scruffy Murphy's. Absolutely pants in comparison to the Woodman. They don't have a juke-box, and play either a tape with "U sure do" by Strike or Clock's "Axel F" on it or some Irish stuff, all the time. The beer isn't bad, but Stoke isn't Ireland - surely the best place to go to experience an Irish pub is Ireland?
  • Coolist pub in SOT is the greyhound in Penkhull
  • The Firkin in Hanley. The same as any other Firkin pub. However, the one in Stoke gives you up to 15 quid cashback - dead useful.
  • Crown and Cushion for some 70 year olds.

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