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Skateboarding Spots
  • Forde park avoid it creeps around there
  • There is a decent skatepark in hanely, but its like the place where i smoked weed as a kid, so its only good if you have a mild interest in skating and a big interest in getting high. Its in Hanley aswell by the way.
  • plaza
  • Idsall School in shifnal is alrite theres a few sets and a flat bank.
  • iraq
  • Longton Park
  • central forest park....just don't stay after dark
  • plenty of skate parks.
  • We skate outside aldi bcuz th ard cluff allers go birch skate park..n we darent mess wif them!! Plus we liv at its gravey..shit..thats a clfff hall sayin!! Homemadew sk8boards RULLLLE \m/ so u cluff allers can drool...i ope they dnt find out i rote this! Want a me...07777777777
  • Forest park has the most amazing skate park i have ever seen
  • stoke plaza
  • The Skate Plaza, new Forest Hanley, opens Nov 2005, 600 000 worth of skate park bonanza
  • Trentham lakes
  • Central forest park - skatepaths and the upcoming skateplaza. The plans look amazing and the skatepaths are already built to skate! Visit
  • Hanley park but it will be better when they have finished the new play area, i reckong adults could get on them
  • Out side me house or oakhill skool is gud. lots of flat beanchs and stuff
  • small park in newcastle, staffs uni campus
  • The Green Star Carpark, hanley road,sneyd green, 4 stair sets of different sizes, loads of benches, rails if u can ollie high enuff to reach them. Spar shop, community drive, smallthorne, huge flat bank with a sticky outy krub thing where the bank turns vertical n a massive set of steps, wall ranging in hites. Newford Primary - nursurey area round the back, loadsa kurbs, benches n stuff but dont stay for hours cuz the people who liv near fone the pigs.
  • A Tiny ramp in hanley park, or the university campus, although they son't like that
  • Bargain Booze at the bottom of Carlisle Street and the car park in front of it.
  • The Grum, Basford
  • Wolstanton High STreet, Bradwell Lodge, nice little walls, gaps and rils U can wax up if U can be arsed, mind the Peds tho, they mite try an Kill you if you do ANYTHING to upset them. Maybe the council could build us a Decent sk8Park... maybe i'm jus dreamin.
  • Hanley park!! safe to skate on 1' vert ramp, no junkies or gangs to be seen!!(they hide in the bushes!!)
  • Fenton park, City road car park, Fenton
  • cheadle high, near millenium gardens in caverswall are some good cerbs
  • Hanley Park, the museum, my back yard (avoiding dogshit from oversized poodle), Newcastle town centre, Burlsem park had an official "skating area". Wow!
  • PARK
  • Queen's park in Newcastle.
  • the queens gardens in newcastle is where all the fit skaters hang out
  • Keele University Central Pedestrian Area
  • Wherever there's no one in a flurescent jacket and walki talkie. (they usually have grey hair)
  • Hanley has lots of places to skate: small steps, big steps, handrails, metal benches, plastic benches, grindy curbs and the whole building has 3' transitioned banks to wall the whole way round. Ramp in Hanley Park. Museum still good. Also check out the multi-storey in Newcastle. Immensely slidy free-standing curbs.

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