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  • The people are horrible met some nice people but my experience they are weird horrible people once I spoke they never liked me cause was scottish.went down to see my girlfriend never liked her friends there dole dosers with 7 kids dangerous people used to ask her for money all time stopped when I was down never liked me cause I stuck up for her .she's been threatened with knifes plus they put her kid in danger .me her broke up because of it all allways wanting a her to help them use abuse her .not saying glasgow great its got its worst sides as well'but worst is in stoke. wish I tried hard to bring them bk to glasgow with me in eastkilbride she isint a stokie shes dutch lived there for years wish done more to bring her bk with me avoid this Place like plague shit hole and some of people are shit plenty of work witch is weird no exuse to be on dole there
  • WOW the majority of comments on here are of people complaining about stoke and yet they struggle to even spell anything correctly and fail to turn the CAPS LOCK OFF Im from stoke originally yet im not stupid or ugly but i must agree i do dislike the people here and their attitudes that's why i ventured out and now live in the USA and am a self trained web developer and run my own business now so not all are bad and i don't have the stokie accent (thank god) and i never use slang words in fact i could not even tell you 1 slang word that stoke uses that's how much i actually interacted with the lets say stupid people of stoke so some previous people need their facts right before they go accusing everyone to be the same this site sounds very angry to read and is a complete waste of server space i mean the least you could of done is made it look like you actually tried to make a website.
  • WOW the majority of comments on here are of people complaining about stoke and yet they struggle to even spell anything correctly and fail to turn the CAPS LOCK OFF Im from stoke originally yet im not stupid or ugly but i must agree i do dislike the people here and their attitudes that's why i ventured out and now live in the USA and am a self trained web developer and run my own business now so not all are bad and i don't have the stokie accent (thank god) and i never use slang words in fact i could not even tell you 1 slang word that stoke uses that's how much i actually interacted with the lets say stupid people of stoke so some previous people need their facts right before they go accusing everyone to be the same this site sounds very angry to read and is a complete waste of server space i mean the least you could of done is made it look like you actually tried to make a website.
  • ftyftry6
  • Stoke is great , everyone else sucks because we are the best. so dont go calling us tramps.
  • oatcakes =D .. Robbie Williams obv =D .. Stoke City << bst fings around obv =D.. thers so mch write bout it!! all you southerners hu fink yoor ard rytin shite bout stoke jst cus yoor posh twats dnt mean we all av b. n if ppl gt a prob wiv our accents den dnt listen yoo n yoor posh fukin dialect its wank so jog on n get a lyf so wa we say 'duk' ys it such a problem??. insted of rytin tha bad points bout stoke take a look round yoor shite holes n yool see hus worse !! yoo obv fink alot bout stoke ovawise y wud ya b on ea?? N YOO *SOUTHERN SOFTIES* HU FINK YA ARD PISS OFF N DISS YA OWN END CUS YOOR PURE WANK N DUNA NO NUFINK BOUT STOKE. ALF OF YA AINT EVN BIN EA !! WE BIN TLD WE GT STUNNERS ROUND STOKE SO SCREW YOO NOB EDS HU SAY WER UGLY!! N BTW WE AINT FUKIN BOTHERD BOUT AVIN THA BEST SKWLS OR UNIVERSITIES NO1 GIVES A TOSS. BEIN A KEYBOARD GANGSTA DUNT MAKE YOO ARD BY DISSIN US N IF YOOR FRM STOKE DNT DISS YA OME TOWN YOO PRIKS FS!! GET A GRIP YOO JUMPED UP MUPPETS :@ !!!!!PURE STOKIE BORN N BRED!!!!!
  • We are maryhillers, We bum cluff hall, we are maryhillers, so cum batter us all. Maryhill r wankers, we'll neva b as gud, maryhill r wankers, we also bone t.wood. we wish we wer m8s wif cluff allers, we'd ava reet gud time, sted of on this websyt, cuz we darent do no crimes!
  • the chavs yes stoke is full ov em
  • Staffordshire Oatcakes
  • just how bad can a council get..well stoke city council would be an ideal starting point...they treat they citizens like crap..wont actualy let them pay their council bills at a time when when they can afford to pay..I/E pay day.. NOOOOOOOO..they want it one day we cant compromise its the rules you know....they are soooo thick they can knock six inch nails in to concrete with their head....I HATE THEM.......HATE..HATE...HATE...
  • We now have a branch of the environmentally friendly bath and body products chain Lush.
  • I miss Stoke so much. I moved to Telford three years ago, and now I really want to go back. Yeah people say it's a dump but really it isn't, I'd say that about Telford. Wrights pies, just can't beat it.
  • stay away from stoke, the only place worth living in britain is London and possibly Manchester
  • the potterie's is not a bad place to live or visit just keep your hand's in the car at all time's and never venture out alone!!!!!!! just turn back before it's to late.........
  • for some reason thre are two massive tesco stores five mins away from each other (longton and meir park)WHY?! woudnt it have been better to make one of them asda or something-give more variety!
  • fenton has fab shops and fab people, except 1. he is a convicted child abuser. for anyone that thinks locals should know who he is, then loddy your local MP. it's ok giving them rights, but wot about the local children who are at risk. i dont expect vigilanties, but the local schools, youth clubs, in fact anywhere that children are, should be informed. if you agree with me then email me,at as i am collecting as many opinions and intend to send to the house of commons the publics opinion of our children needing to be protected.
  • You have not mentioned the band Discharge who come from Stoke, o n Robbie Williams you forgot him!
  • Adding a new feature: 'Is there anything that should be made more of in the local area?' In Stoke and Newcastle we are known as the five towns (of course it is actually 6) and there are many walks and bike trails that could be turned into a tourist attraction to tour the area but it needs someone who knows the trails like the back of their hand to organize it!
  • Where have all the trains gone? Long time gone!! Will they be back again? Only Virgin know that and they only operate short trains. "Shortage of stock sir" They werent short of stock in BRs days and they operated Real Trains not these light weight "Panchos" or something which will be blown off the tracks at the first puff of wind!
  • longton is full of the most miserable, downtrodden people on the entire planet. The highlight of their week/month/year is wandering round the town centre boasting "I'm having chips for my dinner". Pity these poor people and pray you don't end up like them. In fact longton is the only place I know where you get 3 games of Who Wants to be a Millionaire for 1, probably 'cos most of the locals can't read. Avoid it like the plague.
  • I would like to know who made the comment on Oasis wearing shit clothes, cos I'll break his neck.. Otherwise this is still SHIT, no Rescue 2 has closed down now, so people cant shop there. Another-world is a great store for 'trade in' games.
  • What a crap election we have just had, What do we end up with, well i'll tell you, a self centered, gay rights campaigner, idiotic dreamer type of "bloke"
  • Go Vale!!!
  • if theres one place you don't want to visit its trentham because its full of up town scum that think they're kings of the world
  • Stoke-on-Trent council does fork out for a lovely set of christmas decorations each year, including a huge, well lit tree in the middle of Hanley. Its just a shame that little bastards decide to smash all the bulbs on the tree. I have it on good autority that last year when this happened the culprits were caught and spent the night in police custody, it turns out that it was two drunk students who didnt realise that the CCTV cameras were pointing straight at them while they commited this crime against humanity! Damn those students! I do have the names and addresses of these students if anybody wants to join me in paying them a visit sometime.
  • Chell Heath (or smell heath if you like), has to be the worst place in Stoke. Full of undesirables who have not got a brain cell between them. They all walk around thinking they're tough. I remember I came across a tough lad from there and he threatened me saying he was from Chell Heath. I kicked the crap out of him, as he lay on the floor he said he'll get his mates on me(yawn). Saying Chell Heath is in Stoke is embarrasing:( Just one more thing to add. I once saw a blind guy whistle for money in Hanley. A couple of years later, I saw him in Chester. Do people appreciate whistling more in Chester?
  • It's all right is stoke but I can think of nicer places to be To the people that hate it - go fuck yourselves with burnt sticks and stop wasting your time complaining - life's to fucking short, go and be good To the people that love it - but surely Tahiti is better?
  • all u who critisise us from stoke r all scum u dole dossing bastards,ud certainly c who the boss was when u came down and the lads gave u a a matter of fact-we are polite and freindly people-but only to those we GIVE A FUCK ABOUT!
  • I think alot of these comments about stoke-on-trent are total shit. The people who have wrote them must be stuck up twats who think there city is the dogs bollocks. Oh and as for the people who live in Stoke, yeh we r friendly just not to greebo pricks who write shit about stoke on the internet.
  • I have five generations of family traced to newcastle-under-lyme and stoke on trent,all part of the potteries sice time immemorial.Though I have never been to england its kind of sad to hear of its modern standing as a den of vice.Was stoke on trent always this horrid?what are the causes of its current title as the worst place to live in england and wales?.
  • Stoke is a doubt about it but some of the cunts posting on here ought to consider the shitholes they "exist" in. Derby? Cunts. Birmingham? Thieving cunts. Manc? See Birmingham. Chester? Jimmy Choo fuckwitted cunts. Let's face facts....Britain is getting worse but the cunt epicentre is anywhere but Stoke.
  • Where else would have an occupation such as the 'Saggar Maker's Bottom Knocker'? or a pub by that name for that matter?
  • I would just like to add that on one of first nite in Stoke I visited a pub, within ten minutes of being served two fights had taken place by very drunk very local stokies and then some very random women put a chiar through the front window...never drank my drink so quick! After going home and retelling this tale to someone whi had lived in Stoke all her life she just shrugged and saidthat this was the usual and if I wanted to get by in Stoke I just should't talk to being an outsider and all.....
  • Where do Robins go in Summer?
  • Most of the stuff on these Stoke pages seem to have been written by one of the following * Brain dead morons who can't spell * School kids who havn't grown into morons yet * Morons who've never been to Stoke * Morons on drugs And worst of all morons like me who should've had the balls to do something about the way this city has been going over the last 25 years. I'm sick to death of reading comments from whinging bastards who don't live here to you i say shut the fuck up and stay away. To the whinging bastards who do live here i also say shut the fuck up or do something about it..... I used to love Stoke-On-Trent but each year the same sort of council is in power, the city will get worse. Remember the millions of pounds they've wasted 1 Unity House.... Knock the fucker down, please 2 The new "civic" centre.. a posh 13 million play house for the council 3 "The "CULTURAL" quarter"..7 million overspend, FOR WHAT 4 The so-called traffic management scheme.... the fuckers were pissed when they come up with this one..cut down on traffic polution by blocking side streets and short cuts, throw all the traffic onto the main roads, so we can all sit there choking each other to death with our exhaust fumes. Actually this is quite clever, the more of us that die from carbon monoxide poisoning, the more money the councilors can siphon off into their own pockets. Becuase they wont need it to spend on the public services. PEOPLE OF STOKE .... WAKE THE FUCK UP.. LONG LIVE THE REVOLUTION
  • Loads of cycle-paths, and there's an excellent new cycle-path map of Stoke, but they didn't print many so they're hard to find; write to the Tourist Office and ask them to send you one.
  • Everyone is knocking the place but I wouldn't move anywhere else because the people are genuine,funny & friendly.Its maybe not the most attractive of cities but where else are the people like this?NOWHERE enough said so shut up you shandy drinking southern softies.
  • Surprisingly, the city is well served for Kung-Fu clubs...
  • is it stoke on trent, really, more like a massive refugee camp, im scared stiff walking around hanley in board day light. sick of it.
  • hedge hogs are gay
  • It's Ok in Stoke-on-Trent but not exactly a place I would choose to live in.
  • All right it's not pretty. But it's not that different than anywhere else. Everywhere has rough areas. It seems that a lot of people writing comments here are smart arse students from the home counties who aren't really aware that poor people exist that aren't clever enough and didn't have a Daddy rich enough to pay for them to go to University. I'm not slating all students, just the ones that think they're really cool because they watch Star Wars all day, listen to 'intelligent' (read shite) music and think this makes them way above everyone else in the world. Just make sure you do some studying so you never have to live in rough parts yourselves!
  • When asked about where I come from and I've said Stoke I have had people pitying me, one v#even bought me a drink in sympathy.
  • Chell heath has got to be the shitest place in the world,possibly with the exception of abby hulton.Don't enter unless your armed to the teeth
  • "Stoke-On-Trent should be bulldozed to the ground and rebuilt"-James Whale, Talk Radio.
  • Libraries - free email and internet access for everyone in Hanley, Longton and Tunstall Libraries
  • The people of stoke on trent are really friendly (unless you bump into a football fan) Everyone who knocks the city- usually southerners who reckon they're better than us cuz they live closer to the queen ought to just SHUT UP cuz they know nothin. We are the elite: the elite people and the elite city.
  • Me and mah mates (when we existed there) called it Smoke on Stench. Also when you come out of Stoke Railway station it looks relatively pretty (the bit the Queen saw when she visited (twice!) yet hidden behind those buildings is the damp rancid slug filled slum of Shelton. Didn't shelton use to be posh long ago - burn it doon i say and start again.
  • Rumour has it that John Major visited when he was somebody important. As he was leaving a Sentinel journalist asked if he had enjoyed himself. "About as much as anyone can enjoy a wet, wednesday afternoon in Stoke".
  • people are generally helpful, except the homeless onthe street which can be annoying!.
  • There *are* 6 towns, it was the bloke who wrote the book about that girl of the 5 towns that got it wrong Don't mock Chell Heath, it's an unhealthy thing to do
  • I too thought that Stoke - on - Trent was the worst possible place to live, and in some respects it is true, Stoke is dirty and can be dismal. When you`ve grown up in the area you notice the good points. Especially when you move away. I now live in Stratford upon Avon, and although I thought I`d never hear myself say it, I actually miss Stoke. The friendly folk, the fact that anyone over the age of 65 is impossible to understand, the oatcakes, piklets, the rain, PMT (BUS SERVICE), the shopping centre. I also miss the nightlife, especially when the are I live in hasn`t been introduced to clubs yet. What I`d give to go to Valentinos, Brannigans or the Place. Trust me, don`t ever knock what you`ve got untl you`ve tried livving without it!!! So whether you can ''Yed a Bow'' Or ''Kiss may G`nayt'' Dunna knock it!

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