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Hookup Spots
  • anywhere dark...
  • The Rec, tourists don't usually venture that far, so it's a good place to escape to in the summer. Kids playground by the rec = place to get drunk if you're a teen! Or Bancroft.
  • All the chavs meet up by macdonalds (where they also spend half their time) and then go down the dip/the rec/the brass rubbin centre to get pissed on stella and white lightning ... People that are meetin to do something productive meet at the american fountain or the natwest.
  • Hook up spots? nyone know where i can get hooked up with a sexy young lady?
  • the bus helter out side lakeland plastics
  • Somewhere, anywhere. I hang out at the mall, around my community, and downtown. I enjoy going to festivals and movies.
  • = Cox's Yard, McDonalds, Yates, Hole in the wall. =
  • SAFEWAY!!!!!!!Hungry Student Hotspot! Or, on the grass by the water front near the Swan Theatre.
  • macdonalds you sad people why not try a place with more feeling ITS A F***ING take away stpre
  • macdonalds you sad people why not try a place with more feeling ITS A F***ING take away stpre
  • Skate park is always gud for sunny days to check out the lads.
  • 'the ROOF' near holy trinity church
  • The Bancroft, grassy area by the fountain down waterside! Many a day in the summer spent checking out fit lads, gettin pissed and sunbathing.
  • The dip is a safe hangout,also down the greenway
  • Has to be the grassed area near Holy Trinity Church! thats for hook-ups! The Bancroft Gardens it has to be for hanging out.
  • The 'wall' outside maccy d's is called the 'block' if u ddint know. its the only place to go when it rains so dont dis it. other wises its maccy d's and toehr random shops untill we get chucked out.
  • Definitely the wall opposite Maccy Ds and the bench on the bancroft by that circular garden although I fear it has now gone! Shottery fields playground
  • Everyone hangs out at a wall by mc donalds. Yes, a wall.
  • the wall opposite the back entrance of maccy d's, the kiddys playground @ the rec wher every1 gets pissed on a friday nite!
  • The childrens playground at the rec!! every1 goes ther wen ther waz nothing else to du.
  • The wall between the canal basin and MacDonalds
  • The wall outside Mcdonalds and the Encore was the definate place for the 14yr old townies,sad to say but back in the day that was me before i found the joy of skaters.(and got old enough to get into pubs and stopped drinking cider from 2litre bottles!)
  • skate park is obv. a must for anyone ever in stratford cause everyone goes there when there's shit all to do. also maccy-d's. i s'pose quite a few people meet up by the American Fountain and dillons, esp. if they're going up that side of own anyway
  • Shottery Fields and the 'dip'
  • Stratford skate park
  • the recreation ground by the kids play area , plenty of place to hide that beer. also a good place for the boy racer as the carpark is masive
  • the rectorary gardens childrens playground is full of young youtjs who don't belong in a childs playground- its better for skateboarding
  • This also continues for students that is at Safeway just up the road, students looking for buy one get one free offers.
  • the Faviere Home
  • The wall opposite Macdonalds just before you get to the Bancroft............... yep..... a wall........................
  • All the kids hang out around Macdonalds or on the corner opposite the Encore pub.

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