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Hookup Spots
  • Dosthill lodge late 80,s .4:20 😉. Few smokes before heading of in convoy to a all nighter. People from glascote,Belgrave,stonydelph,dosthill ,wilnecote.all getting along partying together.I loved the rave generation
  • outside the band stand in town
  • Thank God the Street Wardens got the Shop 19's alcohol license revoked, it has been really quiet around here since, even though I have to go to Tesco to get me tinnies!! The CHAVS moan about them but I see the Wardens are trying to get a teen shelter between Avon and Dart. That'd be cool because it is a better place for us to hang! (US meaning the ones still have some respect for residents!!) Even though they are grassers, they are just trying to do a job, I think if the Chavs leave people alone, the Wardens leave the Chavs alone! Never see the Police in Wilnecote though, which is a good thing!!!
  • We tend to go in the castle grounds on Saturdays but there is quite a bit of chav scum there so the skate park near strikers is the best!
  • Outside the local Tesco in Amingotn. Or outside Macdonolds in the town center
  • Any where in the castle grounds is decant, grebs go 2 the bandstand wahey!
  • Chavscote Where All the kidds spend there time drinking cider and think there 'HARD' lol keep Dreaming Oh And Embassy the place to pull!
  • None of you know anything about Tamworth. You should have been here 30 years ago, when it was a place worth living. It is shit-heads like you that have fucked our town Crawl back under you stone piss-creeps.
  • the skate park
  • the rock on Friday and Saturday, if your over 30 and still have a bit of blag left in ya you can get some dirty sex in here, as long as your not too picky
  • the arcades at "leisure island" of course
  • Claire's Accesories in town in the best place to hook up and watch people having thier ears pierced, for any other piercings head to Narla.
  • how can u slag us off wen u probably dnt even lkive round ere?!?! if u did then ud no dat there feck all else 2 do round ere uva dan wats bin said a bove!!! n there aint nuttin rong wit chavs! we dnt go round slagin off greebos all da tym 4 wa tthey wear so y shud u slag us of cause were maybe a bit more stylish dan u!?! u twats!
  • actually wilnecote is not a place 4 slags cuz me n my mates hang around dwn there n we dnt get pissed of frosty jack n shit n no 1 hangs around dwn d underpass cuz its shit n will ppl stop callin wilnecote people chavs we r townies
  • u dont no wot ur on about u fat ugly grebo tamworths better than n e where else its not full of townies it sfull of fat smelly grebos that think that there hard cuz they were black clothes and worship the devil and n sit dwn and sweat in there clothes that they wear all the time TWAT
  • "The shelter" a green peice of metal shit with a place to sit and a roof over your head next to tiny football pitch with wooden posts instead of real goal posts. Located in between a giant field, an industrial estate and Woodhouse High Scool
  • how can u call all the girls slags and the lads rude boy wanna b's id like 2 c all of u cum up stoneydelph and slag us all of(sdc) u will soon b carted away by sum lovely paramedics!
  • just round town rele met new ppl n all of u lot dissin the younger people in tamworth drinkin the barrels of cider u all did it once 2!
  • by mc donalds because all the lads hang around there not namco station cuz u get banned 4 nuthin (like me)
  • why do all you peole hate tamworth so much? ive linved here most of my life and you all make it out to be an hell hole well its not!! not all of the teenager girls there are slapers ok some are but more aren't if you all hate it so much F**k of some where else!
  • every one in amington or who ever wants to come down meet at the underpass when ever we are always there
  • The 'Greebo' bandstand, wall, or pit....motherfuckers. Everyone welcome except you gay rudies.
  • the der park near snowdomne
  • just a note to let people know subway skateshop is now called blend & is situated in bolebridge mews tamworth. for more info see note:- give us some feedback on our site it helps cheers Richard.
  • if ur over 18 and pretty rad chances are u'll hang in the jailbird (jailhouse pub) other than that the kevs hang in the parks etc....
  • Sick of the tramps in black hanging around the band stand, where the males wear more make-up then the females for god sake. Whats up with going down the car park? nothing thats what i say you are just jealous that you wouldnt be wanted down there because you are a fat ugly greebo! and your hair hasn't seen shampoo since god knows when. no body down the car park has fiesta populars or 1.1's at that.
  • well, my most memorable lazy days waiting to grow up and venture the world were spent in the castle grounds, ive got to give it to Tamworth borough council, they take good care of it, however i have seen a bunch of scallies hanging their from time to time, a couple of the girls decided to run and see a fight in action this one time, this bunch of 15 year olds carried their babies as they ran too, ahhh yes, what has tamworth become of late i ask myself
  • Now.Tamworth is quite a place 4 stupid little bints to hang around in they're oh so scary "crews" (as they call them. I wish someone would just tell them all to P**s off because they just make the plcae look ugly.And i do find it funny when i see them with a bottle of cheap cider in one hand and a fag in the other.Oh thegood friday nights just get better and better....
  • The bandstand in the castle grounds you all gotta go there everyone (exept trendies)
  • The best place 2 meet fit ladz is the bloody chipy! All the fit desperate druggies go there n their up 4 anythn tht us sad slappers will give!
  • Well,Spar in Belgrave where allthe local slaggs hang thinkin their rude in their tracki b's and with their boy racer bitches!tTown where all the 14 year olds hang thinkin their gr8 gettin pissed on cheapo cider!
  • the boot baby
  • the underpass in wilnecote near the co op, after going to bowling green stores to top up on the frosty jacks with the 50% extra free skallies sit under here and slowly cause more abuse ocasionly one does something stupid and takes a pill and then all hell brakes loose they then finish there night off by walking home so they can get in before ten to keep mommy and daddy happy
  • Outside ankerside where all the simple minded rudies are being gay and inbreeding every nite over a litre of cider and 10 B&H
  • Er the whole town is a pub so anywhere really, its a great place to get pissed and have a good Ruk! specially stryckers on a saturday evening. then go home and smash a few telephones on the way home.
  • we are tamworthians our self and we hate living in this peckered town,even the 20yr olds drink the yr 7 flex,a bottle cider to get the confidence to pull a 15yr old dirty ride.
  • i think the most fun place to be in tamworth is errrrrr well i dnt think there is ne where it is so boring there is nothing to do the lads are mingerin well most of em r. they ave no sence of romance they need to grow up. i like it @ strykers car park @ night as there is loadsa fit lads there n out side of ankerside shoppin center on da balconies is good 2.
  • McDonalds, only place they can get into!!!
  • stonydelph spar crew KEVS that think they own the place after some dirty white lightning
  • Monday nights down the castle grounds all in there rockports bowling around gettin drunk off a sip of cider and waiting to go into teeny boppers night,soz hard evry1 else can get into a normal friday night club!!!1
  • For your information whoeva wrote this the brook is not just a scally hang out full of slags its a place we can go to have a laugh and c our mates, if someone sorted out somewhere decent for us all to go then we wouldn't have to hang around in the streets but the only people with power around tamworth cant be bothered to get of thier arses and do summit about it so b4 u start havin a go at us think about who u really need to question!!!!
  • Florendine street bridge isn't where the so - called 13 yr olds hang out its the s's by Kerria centre actually and the do have dress sense thanx very much. So get ya facts sraight, next thing u know ull b dissin us 4 ressin it by da water! SAFE!! LISTEN TO COWLEY MAN, SWEET !!
  • blend-skate shop, no barry's allowed.
  • McDonalds in the town centre. They will hang around acting all hard and thinking about how they are going to get into xenon, then when they are inevitably refused entry, they loiter in the castle grounds shouting abuse at everyone.
  • Tamworth service station every firday and saturday, full of the local big boys and there slappers trying to prove to the middle age ladys who work there that "there the man", sad gits, oh and then trying to book rooms in the travelodge to have a quick shag because mommy doesn't allow them bring people back to the house.
  • Shop 19 in Wilnecote - the estate's premier hang-out arena. Back of Tinkers Green 'apartments' ... ok, grey dismal maisonettes. Metal shutters at night (shops close at 9pm) add to ghetto feel - plus graffitti is raw (COUNCIL IS C**TS). Over 18s expect to be collared by lippy 11yr olds requesting you purchase their 10 Sovereigns.
  • new internet cafe on market st (oposite just pool)....ok i suppose if ur into this kind of thing.....
  • The spinny, Hockley. Many an illicite moment spent there.
  • The McDonalds drive thru car park. Rude boys drive round it in their shitty tarted up Novas/ Fiestas up to 20 times a night looking for their mates who obviously aren't there
  • The benches that are in the middle of all the pubs by Oxfam, Tandy and the travel agents ahh many night has my bum got numb sitting there as I had no ID.
  • Any intra-estate area with shops or a bench. Scally Tamworthians hang around shops asking passers-by for 10p in the hope that they'll be able to collect enough for a 1 litre bottle of Strong Cider, which some poor defenseless over 18 year old will be bullied into buying for them (usually the village idiot - of which there are many). The more mature scally (between 13 and 26) hang around in their fiesta popular plus with pepper-pot alloys and big-bore exhaust attempting to entice girls, in the castle grounds car-park.
  • Under the canopy by Watsons newsagent in Stoneydelph. A hangout for all the intellectually impaired individuals who make 1 can of lager last a week between 12 of them.
  • Ahh, yes, peopl hanging on the Amington Bridge - very true, but then we must give them credit. They grow out of this and mature in time. Yeh, then they think they should maybe go and hand outside the Amington One Stop instead, tres cool guys!
  • There are tonnes of these in Tamworth if youn wanna pull a yobbo!!! alright Byron!!!to name one the castle grounds is full of people being sick and shiiingb themselves.
  • Tamar Park (Wilnecote! Its full of Scally's, they drink 1 bottle of lambrini and think they own the place!!! Oh, and for an easy shag you need to go down the brook, lots of drunk scally's up for.....well, whatever u want!
  • The Castle grounds on Friday nights. Loads of damn 15 year olds each with a 3 litre bottle of cider, completely wasted before they've drank a quarter of it.
  • Strykers Bowling Alley is full of boy racers trying to pull in their loveley fiesta 1.1's kitted out to look like an RS Turbo. Get a grip lads, you aint impressing anyone.
  • The 'oh lets all think we're cool despite the fact we're obviously not' Florendine Street Bridge, Amington. I warn you all, the 'posse' are all around 13 years of age, have no fashion sense and think that they can get served for alcohol at the local store.
  • It used to be Hamlets
  • My front lawn. GET OF YOU LITTLE SHITS !!
  • On top of the bridge between snowdome and "leisure island" The carpark immediately after the bridge where the "boy racers" club meet every night (Very Sad). Most kids can get into the nightclub anyway!!
  • The Church Wall, Saturday afternoons - well it was in 1980
  • Chicken run, Ankerside
  • Car park opposite Strykers Bowling Alley -Anytime after 7.00pm

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