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The Best Things
  • Avon and Somerset’s finest. They couldn’t catch AIDS in a gay bar.. Seriously.
  • Yo dinnerbell, screenshot this.
  • No fancy tricks, no tomfoolery, no smoke and mirrors. You know who you are, you know who i am. I will ambush you when you least expect it, bang bang! Shona Kent RIP
  • S.C.A.T.
  • For wedding dresses and suits, sales and rental please visit SALE NOW FOR DRESSES, as little as £159.99 HURRY WHILE STOCK LASTS. And get your free delivery if you live within the M25. QUICK QUICK, It's DACHEL COLLECTIONS
  • The best gym in Taunton is Trimwise health and fitness club, they are friendly and helpful and don't just take your money for absolutely no customer service like all the other gyms I've tried. Their website is if you want to find out just how great they are.
  • Last time I visited Taunton I saw the biggest fight I've ever seen, involving about 20 people in the town centre! Top entertainment and a great way to end a night out!
  • You should go to Richard Huish college in taunton. I leave home for the bus 7:15am and get home at 6:45pm. It is worth it.
  • The Goths are everywhere
  • It's not in the South East or near Liverpool. There's a strong alternative subculture, even if there's nowhere left for it to gather
  • taunton is so nice, i have worked all over the country this year, nothing comes close to taunton. not too small, but not big enough to be unmanageable, less than 2 hrs from london on train, 50 miles to bristol. loooaaads of pubs, and generally a cracking set of people
  • the peopl in general are lovely....well in my experience anyways. if you go for a walk youre bound to bump into at least one person you know, probably more...good sense of community...
  • Low Crime Rate.
  • The surrounding hills & countryside.
  • There aint any crack or guns.
  • Otters on the Tone, Derelict interesting buildings, the splash of a cricket ball, Hestercomb Gardens, Dream Fields, and the Library.
  • Well its not realy that good but the mad Jamacan woman that is very often seen walking around Taunton some times only in her bra which isent a very nice sight because shez fat, and is ushaly stood in shops where they play music doing the same dance move over and over again to and random song untill its finished. well it made me and my friends laghf, u have to be there to find it funny.
  • I'm 13 and i think that taunton has loads to do, going to the cinema, go bowling at hollywood bowl and also just sit around in vivary park so don't dis Taunton sayin dat there isn't nething to do when there is loads. i agree that there should be some night clubs for the younger lot but there should be a lot more for the teens too, not just the tots.
  • sxy gals
  • going to Huish after paying for some sh.tty public school (eg QUEENS)
  • The alcohol,men oh did i mention alcohol
  • rooster records and hernry's
  • Nothing!!!
  • the B.R.C
  • The fat bloke should really stop meeting him in Macdonalds, he really needs to go on a diet. Going to Macdonalds and ordering a big mac doesn't exactly help either. To be honest I can't really see how he can get through the door!
  • Iced Caramel Mocha from Liquid in Magdalene Lane. Soooo Good.
  • Closeness to the countryside
  • The incredibly vibrant live music scene...the fact that Taunton's out in the middle of nowhere seems to encourage young lads and lasses to take up gee-tars and rock the house with unparalleled genius.
  • The marines who occasionally let a local nob-head know hes not quite as hard as he thought.........Nice one marines, keep knocking out the inbred plastic man. utd & arsenal supporters.
  • The best thing is they shared goals of all taunton yokle folk that is to drink cider and tell of the best way to bugger the govermeant and at the end of a hard cider session if a suitable farms daughter can not be found get into a scrap and remenis of past battle victorys
  • It's near the M5
  • Leaving Taunton School
  • The best thing about Taunton is the M5 to London.
  • The Bus station (there is a way out).
  • The M5 because it takes me away from Taunton when I can't take any more.
  • There is a Motorway and Main line Station or easy ESCAPE Its relatively clean and "nice" in the town centre Some puns are open till 3am
  • In breeding. It allows us to excell at swimming with out webbed fingers and feet, and the springs which we stick onto our heads stop the local idiots walking into walls. Except the tragic man who walked into a lampost and was immediately sprung into a busy road. He will be missed.
  • Everything is cheaper then in big citys but we still have lots of highstreet shops unlike other local towns.
  • My Beloved CELLAR BAR-Until they bloody got rid of it! Bastards
  • Friday night at Chambers. Being drunk in the new high street. The price of hash is so cheap. Perkin. Stupid little cider girly crews scattered around.
  • The fat guy who walks up and down the street wearing nothing but a pair of very attractive and tight trousers.
  • Really nice town, great if your not a city person but want a bit of life. Had a great time at Richard Huish college.
  • Safe place to bring children up in, low crime rate. Usually okay weather. Easy to get to the beach from. Walking from one end of town to the other and indeed to the suburbs is no problem...45 minutes max.
  • mmmmmmmmmm - its ENGLISH
  • Lots of new development taking place, blending with some attractive old buildings - giving the town centre a clean and modern feel.
  • Lots of bars and pubs, at the moment there are over 15 within half a mile of the town centre, with plans for more to come.
  • The home of Richard Huish College, which I frequented for three years.
  • A huge Heroin scene, very cheap and the pigs don't care and are gay.
  • Voodoo Lounge, Chambers.

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