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Clubs (Dance Music) and Music Bars
  • DELLERS NIGHTCLUB to re-open......November 2009!!! KISS & NY DISCO @ Dellers -Taunton..............
  • Taunton is dead.
  • dellers has now closed. so taunton is just left with shout, after yates, que pasa and all the other clubs have closed. it really needs a liquid to come in , there is the market for it!
  • Most Taunton clubs insist on shiney white trainers and a huge collection of bling before they'll let you in - Deller's Warf is probabley the largest, none are particularly inspiring. Rockers bar has live tribute bands most weekends if you like imitation heavy rock.
  • rockers live ... bridge street, amazing club. strictly NON CHAV
  • things for justabout everyone to be fair. dellers and shout if you like more mainstream things. Also sturms in that category. aura if you like drumandbass and more alternative-y stuff (bands and things) thou they also do a cheese nite saturday wich is great fun. rockers live also for bands..............urm there are others but theyre all quite mainstream too.........basically just walk around see 4urself...! in general, quite a lot of younguns around however.....or young-looking.....woteva...
  • mamba's closed up now, leaving you with very little Aura (formerly Ether formerly Sloanes), Shout (formerly Life) or Dellers as your choice
  • Club Aura (Formerly Ether).
  • It is best to do a tour of the Taunton pubs, before deciding on your final destination ofthe evening. Millers is a good place to go to be seen as is Brazz. Take your credit card to the latter! The Market House is good for a bit of cheesey music and checking out the local talent. A Wednesday night is a good time for this. Life bar is often busy because of its drinks promotions, and Yates tend to be for the older crowds. Many a drunken old lady has fallen on the dance floor. The Toad is a good place to end up. The music is a good mix of chart dance and cheese and Tuckers snack bar is just up the High Street. Perfect for some late night/early morning munchies!
  • Taunton's a bit crap for clubs really. If you're wanting to loose the will to live, head to Ether. If you want to be swamped by hedgies then Cafe Mamba's the place. Dellers isn't great but is best Taunton has to offer.Can be a good night out if you're drunk enough. Music's sometimes good and u can usually pull a minger or two!
  • Only two choices if you wanna have a real clubbing/dancing nite out: The Wharf - Largest club in Taunton, Wide open space/ hanger atmosphere (TIP: get there early, big Q's on Fri and Sat nite. U dont really wanna be standing next to Oxfam waiting to get in!!) CAFE MAMBA - The (IMHO) club in town, Full of friendly regulars, student, sk8ter types. you just gotta try out the Hyjacker nites. Hip-Hop Old Skool features plenty, causing some of the regular types (Edge et al.) to start 'bustin moves in a Break dance stylee' (TIP: Always ask about offers on drink before ordering - These offers usually last till 10pm, so i suggest getting several bottles around 9:45pm ) =8-)
  • Theres dellers ("The Wharf"), oh... and dont go to the moat. The george is the local gay bar, if, unlike me, you`re into that kind of thing.
  • For the finest Drum 'N' Bass, Hip Hop, Trance & Techno nights that Taunton has to offer try ETHER!!(was Sloanes). Or if you are looking for a night full of aggressive attitudes, fights, and some seriously cheesey commercial dance music try THE WHARF!! (was Dellars).
  • Valbonne has closed down some 2 years ago!!! Nightspots to head to are now Toad in the High Street or Life Bar on East Reach
  • It's best to go around, like Dellars, Melodies, Toad.
  • just don't go to any there the worst clubs in the country, the worst dellers, the least worse, no on second thoughts they're all as bad as each other. go to bristol...
  • Vallbonne has now closed and is no longer a club! It is now a gym 'fitness first'. However a new club 'life' has now open at the top of east-reach!!!!!!!
  • Update; Valbonne has now closed, There are NO decent clubs in Taunton I'm afraid. Maybe at 22 I'm getting too old....
  • mud club.ask @ band stand.some stoners bound 2 now
  • A good place to go is Market House in the middle of town but does have an older apeal some times, depenes on the night really. The best club has just opened really its called Toad its got good music and if you up for a night of danceing and pulling then its a good place to go. Then theres also yates wine bar, thats ok yet again all depends on what kind of night you really want. The great Dellers Wharf!! is still up and running with its Kool waters running every last friday of evey month, this is wher they have a top name dj come and do a set, its a good night.
  • SLOANS and there not bad places if you like a bit of funk soul and no kids around your feet
  • Too few clubs, too many pubs trying to be clubs and charging more than midlands clubs do to get in...a lot more !!! this ain't London..
  • Well, I gather most people who've already written on this site will be pleased to know that Valbonne shut down about a year ago! Hooray. A new club, Sloanes, has opened just up from the centre of the parade(turn down by Clinton's Cards. It's very charty most of the time but sometimes has live student bands play, always a fun evening, and if you're there for the Triplemint evening then GO. It's a wicked night of live hip hop bands from Taunton and Bristol and has an amazing group of breakers from Bournemouth. It really is fantastic! Also, no one seems to have mentioned Mamba. Music nights from Weekender and Highjacker provide cool alternative DJs two Thursdays a month, and this is when everyone will be there. It's definitely worth going. It also has local bands such as Psychadeliasmith and INKARMA(especially amazing) play sometimes too.Chambers has a hip hop night every Friday and so it's worth going there then(very young patrons indeed, though).These are all kind of music venues and so could probably have gone in that section as well, oh well.
  • Valbonne is now closed down. Yeh! No more slags and teeny-boppers to be viewed freezing their bollox off in timy skirts waiting to go in and give several luvky individuals blow jobs next to the bar.
  • Sturms sports bar is always a laugh for the females. We came down from manchester and it was like they'd never seen a female before. Clapping and cheering as we entered and thisa went on for about five minutes. Don't go to dellars though that is full of old losers
  • You have got to be kidding: Kingstons's - A dive (closed) Shite Owls/Vale Bondage - Youthfull faces ahoy (now closed) Dellers (still open, reasonable actually). The Ivory Club - good if you're over 50. Sloans - new, formally the Conservative club (but you can hardly call it a club) You can see the pattern, go to Bristol is my advice.
  • The winchester arms has Craig David at it every 1/2 year. He does a bit of mixing... sound.
  • The Valbone is full of pre pubecent teens who get high on alhopops and moist at the sound of steps. (do not go here people from taunton school go there)
  • There is sloanes which hosts koolwaters quite a lot this is very good and if you look old well your in!! just dont let anyone get a drink for you get them your self if you want to remember anything!!
  • A decent club in Taunton? Yes, that would be a good idea.
  • Dellers offers 1 a drink on Thursday and offers a good opportunity to pull skirt.
  • "STUFFED" is a singles bar. Those wishing to meet up with a sexual partner can be sure to do it here. . .as long as they bring their own brother or sister.
  • Good one. Taunton and clubs. Urm, Well, all the pubs seem to think they are clubs! Try Bristol Or H-Exeter
  • Not enough clubs, need new big venue as the clubs we have are just too small, door prices are too high as are drinks, Taunton clubbers need to visit the midlands clubs to see how much they are being ripped off.
  • Dellars? The Place to go if your Past it
  • Ha ha, no really, perhaps one day something interesting may happen here, but to be honest, i doubt it. All the pubs here serve little more than Vimto, and the night clubs upgrade to fizzy vimto.
  • Chambers allow under 18s most of the time they just don't serve them (umm well not /all/ of them)
  • Dellars is the only club worth a mention and is ideal if you read mixmag or any FHM or loaded type mags. Hard house fridays somtimes some good vibe stuff, alright but not top.Nice totty though wearin hardly a thing.
  • Valbonne is the most popular club, especially on a Friday night as it's real easy to get in without being ID'd. Many of us gather under the bridge with our bottles of White Lightening, it's the bomb! The more experienced of us prefer good old Vodka!
  • Things have changed a bit in the last few years. Now (1999)Kingston (which was the place to go for a fight with the Marines) has been shut and turned into an 'exclusive' (!?) snooker hall, Nightowls (the scene of many a drunken fumble as a 15 year old) still looks as dodgy as ever but is now inexplicably called 'The Valbonne'(I've heard its still full of underage slappers), the main club is Dellers Wharf on the bridge which is actually OK and has attracted some big named DJs and I've heard there will be a new club opening by the church which is causing a massive row about the youth of today etc etc etc. OH and what ever you do don't go the Ivory Club, this is the weirdest place ever. I accidently ended up there one night and there was loads of dirty old men, people who looked like they should be a bingo and a handful of girl who couldn't even get in Nightowls. You have been warned.
  • Go to Dellers Wharf just by the town bridge, it's the best place because it's the only decent club in town...and besides, everyone else goes their. Pleanty of sofa's to sit down on and a pathetic excuse for a dance floor...but the music is okay..try carwash night (70's) last Friday of each month.
  • valbonne sucks! unless your a teeny-bopper!
  • Nightowls is much better than the palace. The palace is in Bridgwater. Bridgwater is bad. The palace is bad, Nightowls is good, go to Nightowls. Also, if you want something a bit more upmarket go to Deller's Wharf (if you can stand the crowds)
  • Whoever recommended the palace in Bridgwater needs help. Valbonne (Nightowls) is infintely better. Alternatively, go to Dellers Wharf for somewhere more upmarket.
  • Valbonne isn't as bad as suggested. It's a student hang-out and it's much better than the Palace in Bridgwater. Whoever suggested that must be mad. Try Deller's Wharf which is classier, and you can sit down on nice sofas along windows which overlook the river.
  • Nightowls has been renamed "Le velbonne" But it is still shiteowls to the residents of Taunton.
  • Kingstons Night Club has closed down, in it's place there's a pretty trendy snooker hall [with bar] now called 'Rileys'
  • The Chicago Rock is now open in Taunton. good music covering the 80s and 90s so its the best place for thirtysomethings.....get there early as it gets packed and you will queue for nothing.
  • There are a couple of clubs...
    • NightOwls - good on Thursday and Saturday night. Thursday is ladies night, when females get in for ?1. This is supposed to attract more blokes, but it doesn't really seem to work.
    • The Ivory Club - designed for 'older' people (21+), but it's a good club.
    • One piece of advice is that Kingstons nightclub, which is next to the station seems to always have loadsa very young looking 18 year olds....
    • The new nightclub in Taunton centre called Dellers is a very lively drinking place for the young, with great music, and a bloody good vibe.
      Dellers is not for younger people! It was originally intended for over 21s, but even though they dropped it down to 18s, you seldom get younger people in there.

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