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Computer and Games Shops
  • Krackers in Bath place have started to stock the odd RPG system which doesn't involve the D&D logo. Collection is far from extensive, but it's improving. For console games you have both Game and Game Station, both of which have good second hand sections.
  • krackers ... bath place (off the high street) games exchange (pink planet) .. in crown walk
  • urm, not realy my thing but theres one in crown walk that i think is fairly popular, plus gamestation and game in the hi st...
  • game ,games xchange
  • E.B.?
  • Electronics Boutique (gAme) sell everything really, PC, PS1&2, camecube Xbox etc good value, Games exchange in Crown walk can be Pretty damn cheap though.
  • krackers, bath place
  • Krackers - well when it used to sell RPG games rather than trading cards, WWF merchandise, plastic action figures from dody horror movies and anything to do with Games Workshop (like those damned lead figures).
  • Games too are from the devil himself. As is music, laughter and love. Any anywhere not in Somerset
  • I like going to Jackpots, an excellent arcade which caters for all gambling addicts under the age of 12.
  • Game Zone in the Crescent, is a bit dingy, but it always has excellent stock, so don't knock it!
  • A few, but so dull I won't be doing their advertising.
  • Krackers in Bath Place also has 'tv' type stuff eg manga, D&D, AD&D, Warhammer, Star Wars, Manga, MArs Attacks, Star Trek.

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