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Demolish It Now Building in Taunton, Somerset*

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Demolish It Now Building
  • The Market House and Dellers Wharf, preferabley with everybody inside.
  • mecca bingo or whatever bingo it is, nextto the bus stn..!
  • Ian Botham Stand, no more free cricket, although if you talk to the nice old boy in white next to the gate at the Brewhouse, maybe during latter stages of a game, he'll see ya right.
  • Kings College - preferably with all the convict jacket wearing gimps in it...
  • QUEENS - I agree, blow the little sh.thole to hell, thank god i escaped to Huish...
  • - stretchers should die reasons: obvious
  • Jelallabad Baracks should be knocked down. It is an offense to one's eye and I feel sorry for the nice people living at St. Georges Square to have to bear the sight of that rotten pile of stones.
  • Somerset county training collage Victoria street
  • Job Center, those new flats where the Classic used to be on Station Road, Bus Station building. The new Tesco is hideous too.
  • The Castle school should definatly go. it's old ugly looking and is basically one big heap of shit.
  • DHSS building
  • I think the person who wrote demolish surrey etc. has a serious problem and should look at whats wrong with his/her own town before critisising completely different areas which have nothing bad about them!
  • Most of the town, so the council wouldn't be so hung up about bringing this town into the 19th century as it's still in the 18th.
  • The swimming pool off station road, the walls, floor and ceiling are "decorated" with spray concrete for f###'s sake!
  • Taunton School. Borders have cutlery inserted in there rectums
  • Taunton School
  • the wimpy get it out!!!
  • Taunton Deane Borough Council, for putting the War Memorial in the middle of a roundabout. You need binoculars to read the names.
  • Careers Center. Talk about useless
  • St Margarets, the old leper hospital in Hamilton Road. Since two fires some time ago, it's been a total eyesore. It never gets repaired because no insurance company will touch it! Listed building? It ought to be on a list of prime sites for demolition!
  • Debenhams. Its an eye-saw (freedom of speach)
  • London, Essex, Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Yorkshire, Lancashire, etc
  • Not technically a building but the silk mills railway crossing!!!
  • SCAT, college is ugly as fuck with some muck graphitti on the front.
  • Bishop Fox's school which was recently built to the residents complete horror, ugly, man, ugly.
  • The Job Centre and the multi storey car park are such eye sores !!!
  • The multi-storey car park is a blot in Taunton centre.
  • SCAT's Collinson Centre. It's made up of temporary buildings made of cardboard which are all falling apart.
  • Town hall, the police station, Kings College.

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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