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Hookup Spots
  • dewn bowl innit bud...
  • vivary
  • The Studio Cafe doesn't exisit any more. The guy that ran is a photographer now. Still working in Taunton though.
  • We go to the best pub/restaurant in Taunton - The White Horse Inn at Bradford on Tone. They serve the best food and Phil and Donna are the best! You can even play Petanque in the garden now.
  • Ape Skates is the new skate shop in town at the top of East Street next to Rooster Records. Opened in October 2005, Run by a skater called Russ. 100% S.O.S Shop. Go support!! Always has dvd's playing, good meeting spot.
  • A bench dedicated to a man named Charles outside of St. Mary's Church. I feel others may use this spot too as there seems to be a fair collection of litter there quite often.
  • walkin around priorswood you will find the skankyest hoes in somerset. they are all either prostitute look alikes or chavs.they r proper muppets.
  • dnt go to priorswood. every body there are proper skanky hoes and dress like prostitutes and chavs
  • vivary park for sure
  • vivary, yay!................lots of people gathered together just because theyre happy it's summer. wot fun.....! and ice cream too..!
  • Vivary Park is ok
  • Ummm, well written by the guy below he spotted out some good skatespots around Taunton, but he did miss a few out. Lidils car park is a nice place to skate, nice curbs and one or two ledges, good for flatland tricks and practacing really. Another is Dreamfields skatepark. This park is small but great fun to skate, a bowl and a fairly respectable street area make it a decent park to skate. If ever you drop into taunton I suggest the first place you go is dreamfields. Cheers Dan Jones
  • Blackrook park!!!
  • in taunton its alright 4 beginners and good sk8rs not for alright sk8rs but taunton is lame but there are some decent spots like if you like grinding then go 2 lidls about a metre high ledge at safeway and if u like steps then go 2 st georges theres a 3,7,10,2,5,3,8 and if you want rails then mostly every set of steps has a rail and all the parks r shity metal ramps like the staplegrove mini hamilton(over the road from dreamfields indoor sk8 park decent mm...u have 2 b a member to go there though thats it really sl8r
  • its gotta be the Huish B Block :)
  • The river by Safeway's carpark
  • Dunno really, Kerbs and stuff, multi-storey carparks seem to be the'IN' thing at the mom.
  • For one we are not spice girl wannabes and for seconds Valbonne does not exsist anymore! At least we don't stand on curb corners to earn our money unlike the girls from Bridgwater!
  • vivary park, high street...
  • the band stand.ask for woolworths and its rigyt next 2 it.
  • Frech weir used to be boss when I woz a lad
  • The hollywood bowl is a haven for anyone harbouring a 1.1 nova that has been taken to the extreams of trevorness, the wanna be max power cars perform burn outs, rapid races around the the car park and impress the all the lovely ladys with there super sounds. Be there and but don't bring a fiesta, Because the are frowned upon like the sinners of the 16 centuary..
  • The Tudor Tavern closed down at least 6 months age. Going to be some sort of boring museum or something. Valbone has been shut down as well, no idea what's happening to that. We don't have any traffic wardens any more, just jolly green parking attendants who will slap a ticket on your car if you apply your handbrake.
  • Vivary Park, many's the afternoon spent with other students sat drinking cider with the radio blaring. Let's just say that this is a common activity with Huishers.
  • A very good hook up spot would be that of Taunton Canal just by the cinema and bowling lots of teens getting drunk!!! shock horror!! then going on the much to maccy d's not that id know obviously!! ps if you do go there dont inhale too much cause you may get s***ed!!!! nuff said!!
  • Junction 25, eastbound
  • If you do ever decide to meet anyone in Taunton (sheesh) you will need to remember one thing: Those from the East of England are to be hated in this town. If you let slip (perhaps by reffering to television, radio or photographs) that you are from anywhere but the West, you will be chased by lighted candle and set on fire for your crimes. You have been warned.
  • Hook up Spot in Taunton? Ha ha! Enter Vivary Park Armed with a 20Piece and your sure to have a good time!!
  • All the erasy women of this dire little hole hook up by wearing skimpy clothes and standing in puddles until they meet up with yet more ugly inbred mutants. Anyone from outisde the town is treated with suspicion and mocked for having roots which lie anywhere by Somerset. Sheesh.
  • High street, or the park in summer, bring some beer/cider and youll have friends a plenty.
  • THe bus station is a good place to meet new people and make friends for life. I frequent this place as there is always something to do to pass the time.
  • the bench outside burgerking or m.f.i.
  • THE STUDIO CAFE - bath place - this dreamy little cafe is where i feel at home. the friendly staff and the nice food make it a haven for happiness! i don't know where i'd be without a cup of hot chocolate on a saturday afternoon at the studio!
  • People like to meet at the Tudor Tavern, which now seems to have become quite a profitable venture for the owners.
  • nightowls is now called vallebonne and is just the place to go if you are only 15 and dont mind getting into a fight,try thye palace in bridgwater instead
  • Hook up spots in town tend to be the High Street, frequented by Big Issue sellers, and Spice Girl wannabes.

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