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  • The guy with the eye patch. I know not his name. He used to wear a wonderful cowboy hat, however has switched, it seems, to something new. Man who rides bike is another with a name I do not know. He is an elderly gent, very pleasant to talk to, yet completely barmy.
  • graham outside post office on north street, big issue guy, decent chap .... vernon, no teeth and has been drunk since 1964
  • Quick note .In Taunton Fred clarke is not so much famous becase he is Arthur's brother but because he is avery nice bloke
  • theres theplease form an orderly queue guy who sells the big issue, he's amazing. apart from that not much going on, the odd busker here and there but after spending a day or so they don't tend to return....! theres a rather amusing assortment of tramps thou (especially the beardy one who always misses the bus and swears about it....), and a mad black woman who wanders around in her bra in summer and sits eating melon in the town, much amusement if u know where 2look...!
  • The big issue man with the toy dog and amusing signs outside the post office!
  • Yeah you know? That cute crooner Ryan Middleton, if you see him and his plucky acoustic, bung him a couple of quid, would trounce on Pop Idol.
  • Alan Debenham - council wonk/hack...
  • highstreet
  • Taunton has only a few homeless all of which reguard them selves as educated buskers, put on the streets by the repression they have suffered from the evil farmers unwilling too give the jobs simply because the refuse to work. But i have met a very intresting intullectual busker who filled my head with pholosaphes that not even yoda could decript, But there where well worth the 20 pence and half a ciggerette.
  • Jason Baxter - He's a top piano player but really should learn to play some jazz as opposed to Ragtime.
  • Some great classical girls near superdrug when the donut man's not there. The man with the weird eye that lives in Alfred street and chats up women who are walking on their own and scares them, scare my wife again and I will call the police in. The Fat Hairy man who walks through town in just a tight pair of shorts even in winter.
  • The best "Street Entertainer" used to be an old man who judging by his medals and insignia used to be in the navy, he used to drink a lot and sing songs to anyone who listened. He had plently of money, always going into dixons to replace his alcohol sogged radios, and buying more whiskey of course. Nice bloke, but I guess he must have passed away, RIP.
  • I know what you mean about the noel edmunds lookey likely whatever you do dont turn around and shout "i am satan" like i did you will not hear the end of it well certainly not from him anyway!!!
  • PINKY!!!
  • Dangerous. Avoid any eye contact. Keep an eye out for those Servants of Satan from the AA trying to get you to join, ohhh Ooooddddaaaallaaayyyiiiii
  • Street Entertainment includes peeking through the windows of newsaganets to try and catch a glimpse of this months copy of Razzle.
  • Ohh what about them mexican blokes who insist on playing their panpipes and sell us their CDs. Oh and dont forget them lovely morris men:-)
  • That guy who looks like Noel Edmunds who reads the Bible to Boots customers every weekend in the High Street
  • Mostly shitty scabby types pressuring you into submission with their halfbonged ash dump.
  • Loads.
  • Bums and drop outs. Quite nice people though.

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