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Musical Instrument Shops and DJ Gear
  • Deckheadz...
  • gillian greeg westside
  • Gillian Greig music shop just out of town past railway station, they will find you practically anything you want! Mainly deal in sheetmusic but do gifts, hire of stringed instruments etc.
  • Great music shop just down the road in Wellington called Ted Turner Music (6 South Street, 01823 660788). They are always friendly and they give good advice. They do guitars, drums, books, keyboards and loadsa other stuff.
  • westside music, bridge street, near pizza express
  • GC Music in Burnham-on-Sea, just down the road off Junction 22 M5, is a great Musical Instrument Shop with a good selection of Electric and Acoustic Guitars, plus Brass and Woodwind, Strings etc ... good prices too and really helpful staff!!
  • there are a couple but i prefer mansons in exeter......mmm....mansons....
  • Westside Music Centre
  • John Packer for proper instruments. For wannabe guitarists Qvistamp in Station Road used to be a popular place.
  • westside quest amp
  • Gillian Greig on Parkway rd
  • As a guitar punk, I just use Westside, it's pretty spot on, but they don't have too many deals goin' not that good value but they sell most stuff.
  • John Packers are the best when it comes to good advice about musical instruments. They have just moved to a bigger shop in Staplegrove Road. You will find real friendly people willing to help no matter what instrument you are looking for.
  • John Packer for brass
  • Quist amp is ok.
  • Quist Amp on Station Road have always supplied top blues harmonica player Ian Briggs with all the amplification he needs.
  • There is a healthy music scene here, mainly because the town still relies on wandering minstrels to tell them the news. NOTE: The news of the death of Diana PRincess of Wales has not yet been broken here, as the town songwriters are desperately trying to find words that rhymes with Diana, Dodi and Underpass. Any suggestions can be sent to town minstrel Ian Singer, Oak Tree, Field, Taunton.
  • John packer for your wind instruments, some very shinny saxaphones ! And westside music cenre for keyboards.
  • Westside music is the place - just over the bridge aswell. Just around the corner is quist amp music where you can find some bargains
  • John Packers ment to be best woodwind shop for miles around. (wins lots of sales awards from Yammaha:-) )
  • westside music shop on bridge st.
  • Clancy's Wild West Line Dancing Emporium

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