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  • Martian is the best!
  • martian, rooster is odd too muhc effort even if it is cheap
  • Martian records is always good... its not as good as exeters one tho. usually Cheep.
  • Rooster Records next door to Ape Skates
  • Martian Records
  • Martian Records on Bridge Street, has a pretty good selection of the less common stuff and doesn't cost so much that you need to leave your granny as a down payment
  • roooooster records, east street, rite-on-records, station road & martian records, bridge street, any dude in baggy jeans knows them three
  • Mash Records in Axminster, down Silver Street. Sells all kinds of music, very good independant record shop.
  • martian martian martian all the way......although rooster is pretty good too (more retro.....more searching needed there however) and theyre right at opposite ends of the town which is just plain inconvenient....!
  • RITE ON RECORDS!! (For Dance Music Anyway)
  • Dance Direct used to be good a few years ago for Italian dance music. Guy with a ponytail in there was a right miserable git though. Humph. If you weren't buying Hablando he got in a right strop.
  • Rooster Records, Virgin Megastores
  • The scarey 'Mullet Man' has gone now. Yippee! Hence, there's a heck more of a turnover and Mr. Knowledge himself (the lovely owner)is back at the helm.
  • Martian records is the best place for CD's, LP's, DVD's n other stuff like that.
  • The best record shop by far is Rooster Records on East Reach, scary mullet man will go to EXTREME lengths to get the cd you want, and flirt with you when you come to pay...Quality!
  • Bristol or Exeter
  • martian records,virgin,mvc,roster records
  • Why do you say Rooster 'sucks'? You obviously know sod-all about music. This place is absolutely tops for those that know and are intelligent enough to appreciate 'real' music. You're in the minority in your views cos whenever I go in there, it's packed out.
  • Theres martian... and then theres rooster. But rooster sucks.
  • Rite-On Records (Dance Music!)
  • Martian Records is great for albums and videos , (over the bridge) ppl say rooster records is pretty decent aswell!
  • rooster is the only record shop in taunton, loadsa good old + new vinyl, cool piano in the shop, cheap, friendly owner.. martian used to be good but has become too main stream and don't do vinyl any more. renaissance was great, but is no more.
  • I've moved to London but always come back to the record shop next to Poundstretcher. They sell cds at the price they ought to be, way before the corporate giants caught on.
  • Rooster - best vinyl collection ever!
  • electron and the one across the road have some dope underground a rare stuff
  • Bring back RS records
  • Rooster Records - the one and only best shop in town with the nicest owners.
  • Rooster is the only indi i know of.
  • SNV were good, but they closed (as many the decent shop have in Taunton).
  • Martian records in Taunton is one of the best be sure to visit it!!
  • Dig the groovy piano in Rooster!!!
  • Rite on records: the best place for hip-hop
  • since Sound N Vision closed the only record shop worth going to is that one on east reach "rooster records" only i wish they had a cafe in there like that place Binos in croydon so we could all chill out there & listen to tunes. That would be brill
  • that nice little shop down east st (rooster's?) is the ONLY place 2 go if your serious about your music they have a good thrash cd section all around 8 quid but it sells really quickly so you have to be quick 2 also lotz of cool records lotz new and still sealed inc Slipknot, Green Day & Rage vinyls & rap 2 the bloke in there always goes on buying trips to america so the stock never gets stale i think they have been there about 5 or 6 years which is a long time for taunton
  • Yeah, I agree. Rooster's is THE record shop to go to and it's way too good for the likes of Taunton. Martian's are also okay but they don't do much vinyl and Rooster's chart cds are at least a pound cheaper. I know a lot of DJs who use Rooster for cds and vinyl as well.
  • roosters has loads of really kicking rap vinyls worth checking out. they can also import rap cd's from the States at a fraction of the cost Virgin do them at. they will order anything you like.
  • Rooster Records is the coolest record shop and I'm always made to feel welcome!
  • Rooster Records have a fantastic selection of vinyl, both new and second hand and always in tip top condition. Everything from psychedelic, jazz, indie, thrash and lots of rap American imports which are proving very popular. CD's are also plentiful with chart cd's (brand new) at 8.95 and the cheapest in town! Lots of promos, overstocks and deletions. Very varied selection including folk, jazz, metal, country, rap, dance ... you name it, they've got it. Staff are personable and friendly and go out of their way to help. Rooster caters to ALL tastes.
  • Martian records is great. What it's doing in Taunton I don't know.
  • Martian records on Bridge Street do chart cd's at 9.99 and have a good selection of pre-owned cd's, vinyl and games. Rooster records on East Reach is top hole too.
  • Only very basic wax records are avialable here as any neweer technology is treated with suspicion and hatred. Even vinyl is seen as a tool of the devil and must be burnt. Don't even mention Cds. . .
  • Martion Records. Sneered at unless buying Thrash Metal. There used to be a place that kept all the birth records but they got too confused what with all the inbreading and all and left...
  • All closed down now, only the big boys survived
  • Martian records is great - just over the bridge It sells all chart albums for 9.99 and you can pick up loads of cd's second hand that u cant find anywhere else - u can also get records for about 45p
  • Not much cop Im afraid, exept Riteon records on station road if you like bang bang music
  • Virgin is obviosly the best record shop, always has the newest release. It also has a good dance collection for those , like me who love bangin choonz.
  • Quite a few second hand record shops, best of the others is Sound n Vision on High Street.
  • rite-on records has a fine selection of dance and phat beats,or there is a wide selection of good 2nd hand shops with good new stock aswell i.e. martian,rooster and rennaissance.
  • Rooster records is good for wierdo's after incredibly rare forgotten records.
  • Good old soundcheck closed down so now we're left with Virgin and MVC, mainstream rubbish.
  • Renaissance Records, Bath Place, off High Street, Taunton - Taunton's longest-running record shop! (established 1990) 1000s of quality used and deleted records/CDs/tapes/music memorabilia, most types of music, loads of indie/metal/punk etc. Worldwide Mail Order service available, website: e-mail:
  • Sound 'N' Vision - Average. Expensive. Has a lot of merchandise. Student discount (up to 10%)
  • Martian Records - Opened Feb '97. Second-hand shop, but has an excellent selection considering. Loads of tapes, CD's, and videos. Has some rare stuff as well. Would be nice if it had some cheap video games, but worth checking out.
  • Rooster Records - Similar to Martian, but with less modern stuff. If you want something old or unheard of, it could well be there.

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