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Skateboarding Spots in Taunton, Somerset*

Skate parks, street spots, waxed curbs, stairs, steps, handrails, skate ramps

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Skateboarding Spots
  • Theres a long newly tarmaked hill going down from the connections building. Its good for long manuals if thats your sort of thing. It only wide enough for one car so its fun when one is comming straignt for you (they will try and get you), you're in a manual and determined not to stop.... i hope you can steer.
  • same places really the good thing bout taunton is that its 4 everything even crapy bmx
  • NE where with rails, carparksare still pretty in, and schools are sweeeet, if u can get in without sad assed people getting cops down there ( old bags usually)
  • st stevens primary.ask @ info for townley parc.its the primary up the road. deerstone road kink and rail heaven.go 2 the football club and walk 2 wards brunsher.turn into the estate on the left.the white rail, ask 4 fire station,its right next 2 it.also up from fire station is st theadores (or teds).........if lost ask for martin or a brc person.
  • Try the multi storey car park.
  • Please, skaters, rails outside flats are definitely NOT for practising your sport on, fascinating as it may be. These are residential areas, and residents do not wish to be troubled by the constant thud of skates from rail to ground (particularly the older population, and those with heart or nervous conditions). Please keep to the other areas described on the website, such as car parks etc. You may feel that this is just a winge, but I would ask you to bear in mind that these residents are Council Tax payers, and resent their money having to be used to repaint rails which were damaged by skaters who weren't welcome in the first place! So please, please, consider the folk who live nearby.
  • I've just been to St. Margarets school, and I couldn't find any where that looked skateable, could someone (perhaps Mike) inform me of where to go whilst inside the school grounds, and any new, and good skatespots in Taunton, other than M.F.I e.t.c
  • the best place to go is round the back of mfi priorswood skatepark and st margrets school.
  • Everyone always goes to the obvious - carparks etc However there is a gem of a spot - rails, humps, a small tarmac playground, step jumps and even more rails can all be found in one place - St margarets school. It is an old school which hasn;t been used for years, the caretaker will let u on it for a couple of hours (once he's seen you). You can find it along middle way which is the turning off by the police station and then you will find it on the very top of the hill on the left, you will may see me there - mike
  • What about them railings outside the job center (go get a job and stop perfecting your grinds;-p )
  • Right ho, Taunton is pretty lame, Ive lived here ages and have never heard of most of these spots.Any way most of the people with skateboards are just fashion skaters any way. if you really want to hook up in Taunton the best thing to do would probably be to come out at about6-7 ish and check the following places; Safeway carpark(kerbs, islands, andstand,etc) bus station(top benches after8:20 when last bus has gone.) or just up the high street.
  • Safeway car park seems to be a favourite, especially amongst the freaks on wheels.
  • My brother always goes to the multi-storey carpark (and just lost his front teeth there).
  • staplegrove mini-ramp,m.f.i,marks and spencers,hamilton skate park(MORE SUITABLE FOR BMX),skate park on its way in wellington 5 miles down the road.
  • Car parks: Asdas, council offices. High Street: low benches, slippery curbs, walls, steps etc, slippery metal platform. Banks: Youth Centre (very good) another smooth car park nearby with little bank, Crescent Roundabout, bank wall one end steep brick banks the other. Also Stoke Road, Upper Holway Road, Wellsprings Park, Cheedon Road. Banks/ drainage ditch bottom of Rowan Drive, Upper Holway: bit tight but much fun with practice.
  • Watch out for the kids who use the hand rails!
  • Down the High Street is phun.

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