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The Worst Things
  • I am going to the police now. I will √®asily show you what perjury is. Your file may be closed but Robin-Rileys isnt. That is the basis of ones defense. Love and miss ya
  • Come on ya plod fuckos, daddy is down for round 3. I am ready and you wont find anything.
  • If you ever want more family, i know where 3 is. You must now ask me if you would like the information. Hope you are happy with the knowledge of Leo's final resting place. You could deny it but the tattoo on your hand told me you may need to know. You can sin for a win, helping you makes me feel great. Whatever you need, i will always be near.
  • I must admit, i am surprised that one and two dont want to speak to number three. Happy new year my love
  • Call bereavement services 01246345888. They will verify it. I dont lie. Blonde lad thought he knew, he only knew what i told him. Here is what i am telling you, thats the truth my love.
  • Ethel and Arthur was married until death. One chose to be buried and the other wanted a cremation.They had Alan, who had Lee, who in turn had you. I requested a find a grave be created (and it has) of Ethel. Arthur and Lee are scattered at Ethels grave. So with your great and his grandparents.
  • Lee and Arthur are scattered with Ethel Richardson in spital cemetery in Hady, Chesterfield. Ethel died in 83. Arther died 17/8/91, he was cremated and then his ashes were scattered at this grave. Lee was scattered there also as he was very close with his grandad. He is no longer lost to anyone who might need to know.
  • Hope you had a great birthday. Just over a month until his anniversary. I will place flowers from you and family. Be well my friend.
  • I'm lookin at these street lights, I think hard, I think twice Goin back and forward wit myself, I'm askin, is this right I self reflect, lookin in the mirror tryna find my self respect But I can't detect, all I can find is the things that I have grown to regret This person I am I guess its me, or is it one of my personalities And actually, I can see myself be-coming a casualty Like casually, just diein out, a dark night just ridin out Had a battle with the gin, fore I left the house and I think that I just lost that bout I treat you bad I know that shit, I'm not blind I notice it For a whole year you rolled wit it, but you cut loose on yo YOLO Now I'm stuck here just all alone, these late nights, writin sad songs Wake up pissed, wright mad songs, is there anything else to add on Not an angry dude, just like to vent, I'm not mad at you, not what I ment I mean too much had changed up and you was my one constant You was all on my conscience, so I let these street lights guide me And I follow them blindly, in hopes that I can find me.
  • It takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate them, and a day to love them, but it takes an entire lifetime to forget them. -Anonymous
  • Curtis Popo of Cammell Road, Sheffield is who sold Lee the sawn off shotgun used in that tragic affair. I have irrefutable evidence. Lee confronted him and asked for the weapon or his money back. Curtis made him wait almost three weeks and then he let him have it. The weapon was stolen from a farm. He should be brought to task for facilitating this.
  • Shona Kent used to hate her life. She self harmed, was suicidal. Shona Kent once told me that she was groomed by a man when she lived at her grandmothers. She told me that her nan didnt believe her after she raised her concerns. She bottled her emotions, afraid to tell anyone about her dad, her upbringing. You now love and truly value your life, no suicide attempts or self harm. Make someone believe that they will die and if they are as stubborn as her they will love life just to stick 2 fingers up. I have gone after the people who facilitated abuse, you got your kids. The world knows and now doesn't care what your dad did. i forced it out there and shoved down evryones throats to angularly do two things 1.Make you a character that people want to help, even in light of the dad thing. 2.It isn't you're fault, i knew people would see that. You got your kid back too. I didnt get you in the end, i did find your sister as an apology with hope that its something that you wanted. Like all good villains, i got my comeuppance and when i did, i even chose to expand the parameters so you would feel safe. Don't lose that zest for life, i will be watching. You didnt need to remove Ri from his school.
  • There is a known paedophile living at 12 Northleigh Road, Taunton. Please be careful if you have children in this area. TA12XX
  • I've seen her twice today. Free advice, write a will or at least write down you're final wishes. before you RIP. The children sitting in your blood.
  • No fancy tricks, no tomfoolery, no smoke and mirrors. You know who you are, you know who i am. I will ambush you when you least expect it, bang bang! Shona Kent RIP
  • I think the place sucks big time right now! Bloody boring place.
  • Not being able to find all these hookers that keep getting mentioned
  • futtin chavs innum...
  • Small businesses rarely survive in Taunton cause it's too expensive here. This is why many are locating to Yeovil & Bridgy instead ;-)
  • The lack of appreciation for anything fresh or exciting...
  • Youth/alternative culture is rarely welcome unless there's money involved...
  • freemasons...
  • snobs...
  • Old People...
  • The people who run Taunton just want to market it towards families & retired couples as this is where the money is. Screw the rest of us, as far as they are concerned we might as well just all move to another town or city & let Taunton develop into a giant retirement home!
  • Chavs. Typical sick provincial town chav violence at night. Binge drinking chavs who go clubbing then want to beat any stranger unconcious and glass their face open not for material gain but for sick deranged fun.
  • The chavs are everywhere
  • Chavs and Londoners. They're everywhere and we're not allowed to kill them. All the best pubs have been converted to Chav joints or closed. Also nobody can drive: indicators and lane changes are unknown concepts as is parking safely and speed limit. Drive at your peril.
  • chavs. just chavs.
  • its sad to see "so many pups and clubs" which is intising young people to drink more in a small town with somany people init its creating a war zone for fighting and violence can you blame most of them what else is there to do!!!NOTHING! SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE i know this because iv been there! belive its safer being in the naval& miltary east reach than walking around at nite. by Colin.B
  • the fact you know everyone can also work as a disadvantage sometimes (eg if u do something/someone whilst drunk everyone knows...!) also, amongst the lovelies there seem to be quite a few, shall we say, strange folk per square mile...
  • The people can be incredibly Cliquey & quite snobbish.
  • The coucil are very short sited, and always do everything for the old folk without hesitation, whilst anything new or radical that will boost Tauntons image as a youthful & in-tune town will be viewed apon with much dought & negativaty. If you want a cracking example read the weekly gazette.
  • Its cool if you have mates in Taunton, but otherwise it can be a real C**t to make freinds if you are an outsider. The town is incredibly clicky & everyone is in there own little Tribe. It is also quite pompus stuck-up.
  • The toffs who lord it over us ere commoners. And quibble over the price.
  • Costa Coffie shop on the high street they kick you out the moment you finish you coffie and moan at you when you there and the coffie and every thing els is cold.
  • costers coffie shop the coffies cold and they kick young people out the moment uv finished! dont go there
  • I agree that there should be some night clubs for the younger lot but there should be a lot more for the teens too, not just the tots because the older ones get the pubs and night clubs, the tots get the lil play areas but the only thing there is for teens is a whole load of grass to sit on. So vertually there is absolutely nothing for teens. More For Teens, Less For The Rest.
  • ugly gals
  • All the lary Townies dressed up in their bright sporting uniforms, starting fights and generaly acting knobish!!
  • Bridgwater scum invading our town
  • the clubs, near brigwater, and not that much better.
  • EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!
  • All these bleeding foreigners i.e. Londoners who can't hack it
  • There's only about 4 places to go out, and even the good ones get slightly boring after a while. Plus, the total lack of taxis at 1am. Damn them.
  • the fact that all the sad wankers think that they're cutting edge cool & hard, unfortunately they're all sad deluded no-marks who think Taunton is the big city.......its not......its a poxy sleepy boring middle class public school riddled hole where nothing ever happens except a few little boys fighting over an ugly bird after drinking 3 bottles of mule..........sad sad sad bastards the lot of them.
  • Too many takeaway restaurants in Station Road
  • The attitude of the people who would rather you got ran over by a car than give up a small section of pavement. Hanging baskets too many of them, litter bins, lack of them.
  • The negative aspects of this site were featured in a local newspaper. It seems that Taunton is not only a crap place, but the majority of the locals refuse to accept the truth. That kind of sums up this small-minded town of country folk.
  • Seeing Taunton School
  • all the kevs driving there cars through town on a saturday windows down playing some reallly commercial dance music!!
  • I was born in Taunton. I did 8 years in the army and I would feel more comfortable walking down a Bosnian high street at night than ours. It's like walking into a wild west saloon when you walk into a pub here. The town is full of dullards and people who think they support Man. Utd. I can't wait to get out of the place, and when I've finished college I will.
  • sorry, i want to spend the next 50 years AWAY from my computer screen
  • Flowers, Hanging baskets, and the general attitude of every man for himself.
  • Bridgewater and Wellington are close by - as is Minehead!
  • There are big cement things called roads which allow outsiders to come here. No one ever leaves though. . .
  • Incest
  • Locals who blame every single fight in the town centre on "those fucking Marines"..come on..... ,my hubby's best friend was a Royal,he was such a nice chap,they aren't ALL bad! (just the few twats that give them all a bad name!)
  • OLd folk and beer boys. a very ben sherman, Calvi Kline, kickers, river Island orientated place that you can find refuge from if you listen to
  • The poncey little villages scattered aroung the outsides which brings all the snobs out every weekend. Surprisingly, many of the young folk soon turn into skaters.
  • Quite a few nutters who like a fight on a Saturday night.
  • Boring for young people, Taunton is a very old fashioned conservative town which is very much still set in its ways. This attitude is complimented by the lack of things to do in the town. For example, no music venue and if you are walking around after 2am the police will stop you and ask questions....i repeat this is a safe place...the cops must die of boredom too !!!
  • valbonne there's nothing to do etc queen's college racism
  • The level crossing near Bishops Hull is enough to drive anybody insane. The gates are always down, sometimes causing huge tailbacks. They never built a bridge because they thought the railway would close down. Well it hasn't, and now we all have to suffer for it.
  • One of the worst thing's next to seeing every police officer in town running red lights,is all of the hookers in town in the summer.I mean c`mon now,is'nt there anything we can do about this?
  • Taunton is quite insular. People tend to come and not leave. This means that some local people have quite a limited view of the universe. I heard somewhere that it was in the top ten nicest places to live in Britain...
  • All the drop outs in town, Taunton is beginning to get a reputation for the homeless and travellers littering the streets. I've never seen so many in one area - Get a job!
  • Perkin Warbeck, Millers, rich, stuck-up members of certain public schools.

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