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  • The people in Caithness have shit taste in music especially when it comes to a bit of dance music. Nobody can tell the difference between proper pounding techno beats and Dj sammy
  • I like how Dj gregor comes to this page to complain, it is easier to be a hard done by bedroom Dj unapreciated in your own town. But if u wanted to be heard u could organise ur own event. Hire a venue and charge ur own door. Or be business like and contact skins and ask if u could guest in the place. U r nothing but a coward who will sit and complain that they could do better instead of getting up and actually doing better.
  • Skinandiiiiiis! well its not like you have a choice really is it? the only place to go if you want to drink past 1am. To be perfectly honest its bloody funny when you're sober, if you're blazing its more than likely you'll be scrapping by the end of the night - no such thing as a one-on-one in thurso, fights are a team sport up here! The legendary Popeyes is the place for an all-day saturday sesh and and hungover sunday winddown. And the Central for kareoke on a sunday night! However Thurso is only good for drinking if you've lived there all your life, the moment you experience living somewhere larger than a goldfish bowl (Dundee in my case) then you realise just how much it lacks any atmosphere or entertainment. And you can only drink past 1am on a friday and saturday.
  • I always suspected Skinandis was shit (not "the shit", just shit). Since moving away and facing the prospect of going back, I expect I'll be able to stand roughly half an hour of Skin's incredibly shit music, shit bouncers, shit barstaff, shit customers, and shit rule about having to be in for 12.00 and paying at least 5 to confine myself in what can only be described as the ultimate realm of shitness for the next few irretrievable hours of my life, before I'm forced to slit my wrists in their shit toilets which some "young patron" has probably spewed in after one too many WKDs/Barcadi Breezers/Smirnoff Ice/etc.. Sometimes I wonder, what if Skin's actually got some proper DJs who actually knew what they were doing, who could actually mix songs, held actual proper club nights, would it all change for the better? And then I think no. Why? Because apparently all those (I can't get out of) Thurso folk actually think Skinandis is "the shit". So really, I can't blame Skins completely, it's not their fault they have to cater for culturally retarded customers every weekend. It's just convenient, that they're culturally retarded enough to do so. Verdict? Skinandis. Shit. Not "the shit". Just shit.
  • skinandis is the only club and has not very good music its only good if its packed out with people you know. the comm is the best bar in town and has live music on thurdays
  • Grove - Brilliant crack, especially on pensio/giro day. Cheap tins of export too!
  • About time someone came out and sed it Skins is still shit frantic fred for gods sake. hes bald 3 years behind in music. i want a venue there so i can show all in thurso desent trance techno stuff and every one would be amazed because i dont think anyone in thurso has herd anything like this in skins. But yet i dont think i could get a venue there as am abitty young and also brian prob wont let any1 else touch is cd mixxer wwwwooooooowwwwww. i use vynil and cd. THURSO NEEDS MEE IN SKINS TRUST ME I KNOW REMEMBER THE CRY <="DJ-GREGOR"=> if brian cardosie reads this put up a post on ure site sayin Dj-Gregor i want you to do me a venue in skins i'll be more than happy to because people will want me to do more and more TRUST ME
  • Looks like the new place to be will hopefully be Liquid, where the Viking Bowl is. I used to DJ there about 5 or 6 years back when the Viking Bowl used to be THE place to start your night off in Thurso. They even had bouncers for crying out loud! Well I've been asked back to DJ at Liquid and I can promise that the playlist will be dancemusic - no Westlfe or Blue. Bout time Skins had some decent opposition starting with a DJ that uses vinyl and knows how to mix.
  • Skinanadis official music policy:play as much SHITE as possible.Both the DJs (Frantic Fred & Andy Crawford)have no idea about music.If I had 1 for every time I've heard someone complaining that they're playing crap music then I'd be a millionaire,and that's no exaggeration!!!
  • Skins is a pub with lights ! it sucks -_-...
  • where the fuck is all the techno, come on people sort yourselfs out!!!!
  • WOW!! stay calm, about Skinny knees!, I have seen more money spent in that club than Gs in sneck has spent in 20 years, this is possibly one of the best clubs in scotland for a half desent night out!!
  • Skins ace dance tunes all night just like the Hitman and Her
  • Skins is a joke shop class tunes Mr Blobby Black Lace Bob the Builder yes they are all favs off Frantic OAP Fred a complete bore and a man with Van Goghs ear for music its like a disco from the 1980s a nightmare even after 30 nips, they did it up but they mias the point its like having a cake well made and baked only to top it with cement, useless and ruined...change the music to some proper dance and it might improve ..then again theres always Aberdeen
  • skins is pathetic infat i dont think it should be given the privelage of being called a nightclub, the owner is a twat and some of the bouncers are twats aswell enough said !
  • Eh good ol' St Clair, good place to get pissed at 16 'til it turns into Mad Friday and they start IDin' all eh cunts in ere!
  • I've been to nightclubs all around the globe, some good some not so good, but you can rest assured i've never been to a club where the DJ can have the skill to mix Runrig with DJ Sammy!!! What is the music policy in this place anyway? It's kind of Corries meets Belgian trance with an 80's urban country feel!!! The Dj in question is Frantic Fred, there is nothing frantic about this guy at all, i assume he got the name because everyone frantically tries to throw themselves of the balcony when he starts his terrible banter. Let someone else have a go that can beat match and has some tunes that are relevant to the youth of today (rather than playing Eminem and Scoooooooooter all night). And what about the folk that go, do you people not realise that by turning up in your droves every week that you are actually inflating this guys ego, get a grip Thurso and realise that you are being ripped off.
  • Skins is okay, better now for having some of the profit put back in to it???
  • Shite. Gotten worse. Just shite. Got to be in before 12 o clock - shite.
  • the club (and there is only 1) scene in thurso is absoloutely shocking. someone needs 2 open up a descent club and put "skins" out of business. theres no tidy dilly's, the music's crap and it's owned by a dick (u know who u are).all of u who (sadly) are still left up there should take a deek at what's going on.
  • Only one nightclub in town and that's Skinandi's.Not bad,but the last time I was there,the doorman charged me 5 to get in and by the time I got to the bar last orders had been called!Good place,but go upstairs for more space.It may take you as you try releasing your feet from sticky carpet.
  • For the oldies - The Legion Club on Riverside Road.
  • skins is the only club but it is crap
  • the clubs suck
  • Skinandis has its'own website!!! Sign the guest book and speak your mind.Let the owners know how bad it is!!!!
  • there is skinadis, pretty rubbish place! all they play is dance music, cost a bomb to get in, theounchers have an additute problem, and if u are 18-, well, no chance of fun there! the new owner hasnt even botherd to change the carpet(used to be called eves, thats what the carpets say!!) when they had a foam party, they had too much cholrine, and everybody had sore eyes! lowly reccommended, but seeing as it is the ONLY nightclub, better than nuthing!!
  • Friday nights are now Dance Nights (ABOUT TIME) in Skinandi's with DJ Richie and the odd guest DJ.
  • aaah. the wonderful skinandis, where you can buy a round for five and still have change of a tenner. was once threatened to be thrown out of the place by three jobsworthy bouncers. but then I knew what they were up to behind their girlfriends' backs so all was ok. plus there is a female bouncer, who has bandy legs and bad hair but keeps all the slappers in toe. yes, there are remarkably young patrons, but being that they have intimate relations with the bouncers....
  • Skinandi's is pretty good for people watching. See the remarkable talents of some of these young girlies, who manage to shoe-horn a size 16 body into a size 10 outfit. Truly amazing - even if it does put you off the hot pies on sale. The lads don't seem to care much - lager goggles probably help take the edge off the horrific sight of pallid, white flesh bulging out everywhere.
  • Skinandis update;Frantic Fred is back after his summer break (aaarrrgghh!),and yes, you've guessed it, the music is as crap as ever.Are we never going to hear good dance music there?I somehow doubt it.
  • SKINANDI'S (aka. Eve's/Flicks) - the best club in the world on a saturday night. Loads of people come out of the woodwork here, like Dirty Weekers or folk from Strathy. An experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life!
  • Haven't been up north in years. Does everyone still gargle with aftershock out of luminous plastic shot glasses in skinbacks? And they say we have no culture!!!
  • skin backs actually tries to pass its self as a night club wheras its music is more like my granny trying to mix daniel o donnel with runrig and the dj's are unbeatablly crap.
  • Maybe not the best club in the country, but Skinandi's is a great thing for Thurso. Even if your not a fan of dancing the night away, Skin's as its become to be known, is the only place you can get hammered after 12.45. Good nights to look out for are when Brian gets the big coverbands up from the south. The ABBA Experience will guarantee the best part of 1000 people in. Get in with the bar staff and you'll be drinking till dawn!
  • Skinandis, probably the worst nightclub in Britain!! The worst DJ ever!! The bands are all second rate, playing cover versions.You never hear good dance music there(the DJ thinks that Shania Twain is up to date dance music). Just as well we're all drunk when we go there!
  • I was just home in Thurso over the New Year for the first time in 4 years and spent several evenings at Skinandi's with my old buddies. Sadly I didn't see any good scraps (that was the main reason I went there) but I was surprisingly impressed at the place and I've been in clubs all around the world. Good going Brian!
  • You get a good value Jacob`s Club 2 for the price of 1 offer in the Mt Pleasant Spar shop!
  • Flicks when the Royal Yacht Britannia came into Scrabster was always a laugh - huge punchups between the sailors and the locals
  • The Weigh Inn looked like it shouldnt be too far from completion after having been burnt down.
  • Eves night club has been renamed "Skinande's and has had a massive JBL sound system fitted, most buisy on Satarday nights
  • Well, there's Flicks (or Eves as its now called) fur gettan on down on 'e weekend nights til 'e smashan sounds o Runrig an' Bryan Adams.
  • Think where you live is bad However here are its highlights (such as Thurso has)
    • Attractions: Again only one thats semi-decent - The Bowling Alley (also has a good bar)
    • Martial Arts: If you're in to martial arts and have to move to Thurso then you may just get to like Thurso. The arts available are:
      • Ninjutsu: The best one in Thurso although one of the newest.
      • Shotokan Karate: An old club but provides good training.
      • Kuk Sool Won: Founded by Scotlands first black belt (although he now lives in Edinburgh), still a good club though.
      • Preying Mantis Kung Fu: The newest club in town but I've heard that it is an excellent club
I was stationed in Thurso as a wee lad in 1969 and it is a wonder that I survived the two years I spent there. The people were the best I have ever known and the main reason I did a search for "Thurso" was in the hope of finding some of my old friends from there on the net. I was the head navy tech on the big transmitter at the base and the lead Petty officer over the transmitting site for the first year I was there. I became a member of the Dunrey Social Club and after loosing lots of money I became skilled at darts, billards, Scottish dancing, and and just having a grand time. Any info on how to reach locals in that area would be appreciated as the two years I spent there (the parts I can remember) were great. Robert L. Schissler
  • I was stationed in Thurso from 1984 to 1988, and I returned every year for Christmas/Hogmanay and I lived in Thurso from 1993 to 1996 as a civvy. And lemme tell you this: Thurso is an excellent place for vacation and I'll tell you why. First, the hiking and hill walking is excellent. In Caithness and Sutherland there is never a want for good trails to follow and hills to climb. And as odd as it might seem, I preferred to go up on the hills when the weather was nasty as a sort of challenge. As long as isn't foggy or blinding snow you'll be alright. Also, Thurso has probably the best salmon fishing in Britain. My son and I would stand on the Ellan Bridge and watch the salmon with their silvery bodies leap out of the river during their aquatic ballet. Also, Thurso is a hub for water sports such as surfing, jet skiing, kayaking, diving and sailing. There are also several golf courses in the area. If you decide to go to Thurso to drink, assuming that is the only saving quality of the place, then you're missing the whole point. To walk along Thurso East or Dunnet Bay and to feel and understand the centuries that have passed along those very paths humbles one and every notion of the American concept of bigger, faster, better is reduced to ridiculous cinders. Enough said.
  • For the big game sport fishing enthusiast, the sea port of Scrabster situated tow miles from Thurso has some of the best to offer in European waters.
    During the summer and autumn months,the giant halibut and occasionally common skate can be caught at deep water marks.Both British records were held here until recently but the halibut record still stands at 234LB which was caught by a man from Stockport, England in 1982.
    More recently in the last 5-6 years, during the winter months, the shark fishing potential has been recognised resulting in multiple world line class records.
    The season for these runs from late November through to mid March when Porbeagle shark of european and world record size can be encountered. February and March will see the biggest specimens. The WORLD 80LB line class record and ALL TACKLE record was broken in early March 1993 with a fish of 507LB,and the WORLD 50LB line class record was broken in early March 1992 with a 414LB specimen.
    Most anglers who fish the winter months use tackle of stand-up 50+80LB class,and the use of a tournament grade line is recommended should you wish to chase the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) records which is very possible.
    There are a few boats that can be chartered specifically for sharking but the best point of contact is Mr. Sinclair Calder who runs the top boat which holds the multiple world records. The boat is very well equipped to handle fish of this calibre.
    For more information, Mr. Calder can be contacted on Tel: ++44 1847 851 233.
  • Flicks then Eves now Skinande's (!!??) is newly done out inside, which propably means it has got different paint on the walls with similar poor taste as the last effort. Worth going for a fight if you're that way inclined, or just go to experience the best entertainment the County can offer - local youngsters 'avin it large an givin it up to the techno sounds of 'Frantic Fred'.
  • We now have a new nightclub in place of Eve's called Skinandi's (apparantly an old norse name for the River Thurso.
  • Well Eves has now changed ownership and it now has the distinction of having the name Skinandis...It is the same folk who own the central that own the nightclub so it is not a bad laugh..although a tad small on busy nights.

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