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Hookup Spots
  • anybody under thurso's drinking age (which is definately somewhat lower than that in the rest of the uk) can be found either - (EMOS) on thurso beach and the swing park/tennis courts beside the royal bank or (NEDS) sitting infront of the royal bank and on the slapper bench opposite cardosi's glaring at any female/over 25 drivers while waiting for a boy racer to stop and take them a cruise/buy them a bottle of lidl's finest cider.
  • thurso is shit in the winter months - stay at home and hibernate until the summer. in the summer months thurso is ace, there is no place like it. ultimatly skinnandis or skins is the place to be anyone who is anyone can be found here. the gala day or more importantly gala night and likewise with county show day/night are not to be missed.thurso see's some world class surfing this birngs lots of hot chicks to the north which is good considering the average age of most tourists to thurso is about 95! the best time to be on a night out is the 2nd last working friday of the month as this is when all the Dounreay workers get payed, and as this accounts for most of the population of thurso this is when the town will be busiest.women- although thurso has quite number of attractive women you can be sure that they are "going with someone else" this is the down side of thurso, although women are quite attractive availability is a problem.
  • THURSO - in thurso there are three types of people - The acidemicals (no not the football team) - the grafters - and the wasters. Which one of these types that you fit into is determined when you leave Thurso High school - grafter's hate going to school and leave to do manual labour type jobs and earn good money by working hard. - Acidemicals are people who are good at school and stick in, however they also have alot of common sense and good judgement - they end up working in well paid jobs ( usually at dounreay ) where they get paid rediculous amounts of money for doing fuck all ! - last but in every means least is the wasters - they fuck around at school thinking that they are just "IT" and are under a false illusion that that people think that they are cool. wasters fuck around untill leaving thurso high - they may try college or try to get a low paid job that a four year old could do,however this is just to kill time untill they can sit on the Dole ( or GIRO as waster refer to it as).once they are on the dole waster make sure that they spend absolutely all of it on drink and fags and amount to nothing over the corse of there lifes - if they are privilaged enough to have internet they are probalby still thinking that they are "IT" nom - even if they are 24 and the only four wheels they have to there name is a skateboard !
  • miller chap pritty good drinkin place! drinkin bench up e river good in e summer and spacey but police wander into ere 2 much nowadays!
  • the flower boxes next to woolies the council offices/redwood and the park are all good sor skaters hanging around the salmon pool and miller are always good for a fly one and the comm the best local bar ever
  • up the salmon pool with bottles of cider
  • behind music shop ! good for a smoke. Steppies/breakers at the beach . Dammies dugouts was an old favourite....Oh and deanos house -_- xD
  • Doon e mall
  • The coach park beside the harbour footbridge ,great for all the (gay)boy racers to admire each others spoilers burberry caps and Eminem haircuts, unbelievable that people still exist in this 70s timewarp today(driving roond and roond). Some nice Ford Cortinas and Capris can be seen bouncing to Snoop Dog and Bryan Adams
  • Behind the Newmarket, The co-op Car park , The Veg-O matic Green Seat where various tramps and "tramps" of a different nature do sit their behinds upon.
  • Down at the beach or up the mall
  • the spacey the place besides regeny jewellers (alley way)not exciting but a good place for underage drinking!!!!! lol
  • naver ,tuesday nights during 7 aside footie season,if you dont pull a bird then you can pull a muscle laughing at the pathetic sharks f.c
  • Acca's Fish Mart
  • Nirvana Rock
  • outside Cardosi's
  • Thee red devil or clio 16v has to be one of thurso's attractions with his massive spoiler putting the seven wonders of the world to shame- ha ha TOOT
  • the circuit. the men drive round the circuit, beeping horns at the girls who wlak round the circuit. it is not at all primal but in fact a very developed mating ritual. Men are especially successful if they have a) loud tunes, like techno and def leppard b) a fido dido or kenwood sticker on back window c) a much better looking friend to riding shotgun. Girls are successful if they a) wear cordouroy ski pants with the knees and butt worn away b) crop tops that show an expanse of grubby pale flesh. ymmm. c) giggle inanely with friends every time chosen car passes. Which will be at least twenty times in one hour since there is nowhere else to drive except the 'stainland'road which lots of people die on.
  • Lots of teenagers haggin aboout the job center bench looking for a older friend with a car, take a run roond the toon and smokin fags.
  • The Precinct is the place to be, especially on a Saturday afternoon. Anyone who is anyone will be there, hangover or not. Check out the talent (or lack of it) and wind up/eye up the tourists.
  • We all know e bench up ae mall,great for a drunken fumble.
  • "Doon e` mall" (up the river) is a hive of activity in the summer months! Affectionately remembered as the site of my first poke!
  • Outside the Job Centre
  • Sitting on the wall at the front of the Royal Bank, giving dirty deeks to passers-by; young lassies trying to catch the eye of 'at chiely wi' 'e fast car who's driving round and round the block, windows open (inviting hypothermia) frightening grannies with ear-drum bursting music.
  • Up Thurso river to the salmon pool on a sunny afternoon with a carry out and a box of matches for the whins.
  • Sandra's Snack Bar & Take Away - Used by Local Kid Through Out The Year. Also by Surfers and Backpackers.
  • Outside Cardosi's with a bottle of Buckfast.
  • The Dowpy Dan Memorial Bench

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