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  • Top Joes has its clique at the end of the bar beside the gents toilets. its frowned upon if you are not in the aforementioned clique to dare to stand inj that section of the bar!
  • Park Bar is ONLY real 'pub' in town, Comm is ridiculously expensive and boss is a perv ! Top Joes O.K. and Newmarket not bad for mid 20's crowd
  • "Again, NO pub has ever served a minor, M'lud! Some, however, might attract a FRESH FACED crowd!" What a load of bollox!! LMAO
  • com
  • Holborn = 35ml measures which is good, bugger all atmosphere though and tries to be too much of a city bar in a small town. no matter what is done to it (and its very nice now its been done up) it will always be "the halburn" Cental = good banter and some cheap drinks too, bar staff sound as and even has a dancefloor! Newmarket = pool table and decent banter Y-Not = nice place to chill out during the day and have a cheeky wee sesh. had our sixth year leavers do afterparty there - good music and good atmosphere, probably one of the better places in town! The Grove = its open at 9am.nuff said. As with all the pubs in thurso however, its not what you know its WHO you know. Or who knows you even. There are some ver young Young Farmers that prop up the bar every now and then
  • park, best place to find good beer and fab gossip
  • the comm is the best pub ever it is at the end of the main street opposite the bank
  • the comm
  • the Com ! old mans bar but WE ALL LOVE THE COM NOW DONT WE?! Newmarket is aight...skins...halburn too i guess
  • The Comm is the place to be the crack is brill and Trish pulls a ace pint
  • Newmarket without a doubt. Holborn is ok but not what it used to be - Central is a dive
  • Fuck that these cunts serve underagers I won`t mince words - Holburn.
  • The comm is quite good, do alot of drinking in the the central, have been knowen to get a few free drams from the cool workers in the bar
  • Top Joes, Newmarket, Royal, Central or Comm. Viking bowl is dead, rest are shit.
  • Best pub used to be the Station. Still has great food but they destroyed probably the best bar north of Inverness to please a few tourists. very very sad what was done to it but that is progress. Still serves crappy Tennants beer
  • top joes dont go there?"!?
  • The Comm Bar in Thurso is the place to get the crack well run by Dougie & His Family.Keep up the good work
  • Don't go to the Station Hotel unless you're over 70! They have gutted out the lovely old bar and sold the mirrors and ruined the atmosphere which made it a great place to drink! The local's are avoiding it like the plague, so steer well clear. "We no longer have a pub, only a lounge bar" is a direct quote from the management!!!!!
  • There are 5 main pubs in thurso's centre, make up your mind where u want to go using the following guide: If you are partial to a wrestle then you might want to try the holborn, just accuse one of the locals of staring at you and the next thing you'll find yourself in caithness general(which is 20 miles away).If you like to eat very small white biscuits with your drink then the newmarket and the holborn should be to your taste. If you like to meet men and get rather friendly with them you might want to check out top joes its full of men who are partial to a spot of uphill gardening. If you like either being hit on or just hit by either farmers or oap drunks then the comm is your place. And finally if you like trying it on with FRESH FACED girls then your place is the central.
  • the best pub to go till in Thurso is the Holburn all round good crack none of the wasters you see in other places (newmarket) everyone is welcome laid back people great laugh
  • The Holborn Pub is the greatest thing ever to hit Caithness! Pure 100% banter. Also you get the College horse riding sluts going in there which means cheap whores on tap
  • the holborn is blatantly the best in thurso as every other pub is full of buftys(central,topjoes) or druggies(newmarket,even though i quite like it) and its like cheers sometimes you wanna go wher everybody knows your name
  • All dives,especially the Holborn,run by a man that looks like he should try running a bath instead. Went in 3 times,same man,same shirt,same dishevelled look.Newmarket good for its range of herbs on sale.
  • The Commercial and Sheiling Bars. Many a long day and early morning spent in there. Excellent crack with George running a tight ship...NO DRUGGIES. Very found memories and sore heids.
  • holbourn-fresh faced aint the word!!.pub is older than the hills and showing it.the less said about it the better!!!!!!! newmarket-all you see is the PURPLE HAZE comm-good all rounder the grove aka the beaks-old men r us the viking bowl/all star factory-good clean bar HOT BAR STAFF (NEIL)GRRR.9.00pm the best time.then down e street. central/top joes-heaving at the weekend very sore getting trampled on.
  • Well, personally I find that all drinkers in Thurso are not allowed to do anything against the norm of flock. Although a few drinkings holes appear to nice, if you do not drink Vodka and coke you do not fit in. Also seeing 14 - 16 year old girls looking like hookers is far from being a turn on! So after careful consideration; should you want to drink in Thurso, go to the Legion! I've been going for 20 years now, still not a problem, hoorah!
  • The central and Top Joes by Sutherlands Pharmacy. My sister says it is great.
  • The Holborn....if you have a lot of aggression, go there and burst someone
  • Central Hotel - Brilliant pub food Top Joes Bar - Busiest bar in town Holburn Hotel - A good laugh, best visited after a few drinks
  • huh, well the holburn, comm, new market and practilly the whole of thurso pubs attract FRESH FASED PEOPLE(wink wink)
  • Stay away from the Newmarket Bar - dodgy booze, dodgy barstaff, dodgy owner
  • Don't bother wasting yer hard earned cash in the Newmarket folks unless you like being served by Soor-Faced barstaff and sitting with underagers. Its a cross between a Cheap Whore-house and a Daily Record factory (wallpaper)....Should be frequented by the local drugs squad rather than folk wanting a decent pint of 80-/...Top Joes is a friendly place as is the Comm and Popeyes in Scrabster, Holborn is okay too.
  • the NEWMARKET BAR is the place to go in thurso,it has the friendliest bar staff, the best music and parties (hallowene party just past was leathal!!!) 35ml nips, all your best beers and lagers on draught and its mobbed all weekend every weekend, what more can i say, no other pub in thurso is even worth a look in the NEWMARKET BAR is deffinately the best, cheers isla!!
  • Bring back the MoonShine. Now that was a good pub.
  • if you go to the park on a night friday will see a piss young walter mann now that entertaiment
  • why does nobody else like top joes? it's the only place you can have a pint and read the paper in peace? and if you stay there all day you can have three square meals, get blootered and still have enough money to take a taxi up to the glebe to get yourself a prostitute. crap jukebox though.
  • No pubs in Thurso realy just bars and hotels....not like it is doon thr south.. Royal, Comm Bar....thats it rewaly in Thurso....apart from our own muilti complex...The Viking up in Ormlie...(same place as the new picture house) nice bar a bit too crouded at the weekends but nice all the same.
  • Top Joes has just become the first gay bar in town. Go to the Holborn on a saturday night and you will see a real life sumo wrestler on the door called walter
  • Feel like an OAP in the Central. No surprise that they provide a nappy changing facility in the ladies' loo - some of the customers look as though they're still in the process of potty-training (and I don't mean the bairns brought in by parents during the day).
  • Early openning down at Srabster Harbour in Popeye's 9:00am and the measures are 35ml instead of the usual 25ml. A serious drinking venue! Early opening in town-The Grove also 9:00
  • Go to Top Joes for the crack, it's excellent. The drink is cheap, it's not full of 14 year olds (the Newmarket) and you can watch your old school mates trying to strike up a conversation with someone they can't remember at all. Also, if you stay to the end you can hear the barmaid shouting "Drink up and go away to Skinandis, or wherever the f*** it is you're going!" I love it. Better than any night out in Edinburgh.
  • The best pub in Thurso is the Holborn.I have to say that as my mate owns it,great for a lock in wae "Big Clair" after Skinandi's.
  • The newly done up Station is worth a visit. It's amazing what a little time and effort can do to a place!! New owners Stan and Pam have done wonders and the food is probably the best in town!
  • It has to be the Newmarket, although the Com is pretty cool too!
  • Of all the times i have visited Thurso, I always go the Holborn. It is definately the best pub in Thurso. The staff are friendly and the atmoshere is good. If you're ever in Thurso got ther for a drink!!!
  • Week Nights - Central. Saturday - Viking bowl 9.00pm, Top Joes 10.30, Central 10.45 (Take your pint up from Top Joes) Stay until 12.30 then over to Skins!
  • Ah yes, the common weakness of the average Caithness dweller. You spend your formative years being fit and healthy until you reach about 14, when you discover the joys of "Special VAT" cider at a School Disco. This seemingly irrelevant moment changes the rest of your life. From the moment the alchoholic apple juice passes your lips, you will be sentenced to a life long addiction. Pubs in Thurso serve the following drinks. Vodka and Coke, Tennents Special and Becks. No-one drinks anything else as that would mean being different. (A strict no no)
  • Watch Sid's immaculate pick-up technique in Top Joes - anything over 16 and under 20 is fair game to this Caithness Casanova.
  • newmarket bar the best bar in thurso music & entertainment,TOP JOES is a bar which is now to be avoided as it is frequented by bufftys & wasters
  • NEWMARKET BAR Now run by isla mackay and is by far the best bar in are guarenteed the best beer and music in town
  • They are all awful. Cheap, though.
  • Comm, Top Joes, Newmarket, Holburn (in that order) and then on to Skinandis (it is essential that you are extremely drunk by this stage).
  • Holburn. The Ideal Place For Saturday Fight Night (Evernight) - No Nead To Pay Entertainment FREE !!!
  • On numerous visits to the watering holes in Thurso it is noted that the best are..... THE CENTRAL TOP JOES THE ROYAL THE VIKINK BOWL... Avoid the one called the HOLBORN
  • Top Joe's Bar has the best selection of draft beer
  • There is only one pub worth going to in Thurso that is - Top Joes. If you go to Thurso go in here on a Friday or Saturday night at about ten it's packed as all other pubs in Thurso are sad.
  • Good for a laugh if you're visiting. Each pub has its own wee gang of wide boy regulars. The Top Joes regulars wear a baggy shorts and polo shirt uniform and are worshippers of Big Bowg, the God of Beerbellies.
  • New Market, Coral, Commercial,Upperdeck,Sinclair, BrigdeEnd(now defuct),Royal,Pentland,Skinadis.

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