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  • well the music shop has pretty much all stuf musical including actual cds and records which is along the road from woolies but goods vibrations is better its got a really good selection of music badges wristbands and suchlike
  • good vibrations
  • Good Vibrations ! end of presink beside graham begs
  • Thurso Records Shops Ace for all the new punk stuff far better than the old days
  • The Record Shops not bad since it was taken over from Tartan Past Times, I mind going in seeing Motley Crue records beside shortbread times and the like absolutely twee but cashing in on the tourist(s), much improved now though can get almost anything you want one of the few shops in the town worth looking into
  • Good Vibrations Record Shack has just opened. Brilliant, its only small but you will get stuff there that you wont even find in HMV or Virgin.Prices are good too, best shop in Thurso.
  • Music Shop - It's now shite since fat man has taken over from ex-Holborn Karaoke host James. They haven't heard of the music you ask for and look at you like you're shit if they don't have it.
  • there is onlt one in thurso in the arcade ,not the same now kennyy's gone
  • whasits thats where you will find the tinks (Susan Williamson and Co)
  • The Music Shop
  • The Music Shop in Thurso is not too bad,but it's a tad on the small side and frequented by the usual teenage geeks/long haired rock knobs and sad Goths loking for crap Nephilim records.
  • for decent heavy metal ur better goin 2 inversneg, talent way better there anyway
  • There is Shearers Music Shop up by the Caithness Enterprise HQ in Thurso. It is about 100m North East of Woolworths.
  • The Music Shop buy your CD's and get it wrapped in a WEE BROWN PAPER BAG
  • Thurso Music Shop Independant shop run by James Sutherland Stocks Chart, Indie, Dance and local music Well worth a visit
  • there is the music shop. it is good, but quite hard if you are looking for something specific. it isnt very well orgainsed, but one thing i do like about it is you can order any cd for free, and buy it when it arrives!! you can also buy various musical instruments too.(guiters, drums, keyboards, etc..)
  • The Music Shop. perfect for buying harmonicas and iron maiden tshirts. not perfect for buying anything released within the last month. perfect for shania twain fans. not perfect for music fans. "hev ye got e new wan fae the chemical brothers?" leads to social exclusion and the reputation that since you went of till the university ye hed gotten too beeg fir yer boots and thocht ye were it.
  • The music center at the end of the toon sellin recorsd and CD's for all tastes.
  • There is no record shop, unless you like Shania Twain or metal. Take advice from someone who knows: if you see a shop which looks like it might sell "music" or instruments, don't go in. You will only regret it.
  • J & JM Shearer not the same since James "left".
  • J and JM Shearer Music Shop in the arcade, stocks evrything from dance to Rock music.
  • The Music Shop in Thurso isn't worth mentioning if you want anything that isn't soft pap 80s rock, country, or cheesey dance compilations. Ask them to order something and they'll laugh in your face.
  • Music Shop in Arcade - small but perfectly formed.
  • Shearers music shop has an excellent range of soft melodic rock for all tastes. Rock on!!.

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