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The Stuff We Can't Fit In Somewhere Else
  • Honestly if you really don't like it don't even bother coming here or leave already
  • the county show and halkirk games are the two best times to visit thurso. its about the only time people remain in a good mood while drunk due to the fact everyone ends up sitting outside the beer tent all day and rolling to the pub at night by which point they're so pissd and laid back that half of them fall asleep. thurso itself is shite to be honest. its ok if you've grown up here and have your car,job and boyfriend and nothin to look forward to except the next weekend. but some of us need a bit more. once you've lived in a city thurso is just stifling and boring!
  • barbara deighans arse
  • Your free to go anywhere u want at anytime wif no danger to urself xD such a safe place its scary tbh -_-
  • The woman that takes her ferrets for a walk. Spent all night shagging her in a tent, gave the best head i ever had.
  • If you must visit a place, then I highly recommend anywhere but Thurso.
  • lack of good shops
  • Man to laugh at - John Grant MacKenzie (aka Jockers) for cruising about in his ugly little mini van. Ha Ha Ha!
  • Horne's grocer, accross from the police station. Probably the safest shop in the country. The staff are helpful(especially James' son David who is a little wanker and will openly admit this) "DO YOU WANT A BAG???". It's also the only shop where a 10p packet of crisps cost 20p and a 50p mixture is 1. The biggest rip off merchants in the land....and James knows it
  • Can you still buy a single from the wee Caravan Shop beside the Glebe?? (or has it been demoished now??)
  • special mention to high school japes like planting teachers cars on the school stage and being chatted up by teachers in the Central even though they know you are v young.
  • Just about sums up Thurso, nice for a few days holiday, just don't stay.
  • If you want to see the most amazing range of monster farming and DIY stuff, go to Alan's of Gillock. Swoon at the enormous cattle feeders, drool over the astonishing range of power tools, turn green with envy over the massive bags of cement piled as high as the eye can see! A great day out for all the family, if you can find the place (phone and ask for directions).
  • I noticed a lot of talk about a white water rafting venture as there were some letters in the local rag, some very knowledgable people were very much against this new enterprise as it was a very dangerous stretch of water. It seems that the people involved in it got lost at sea and had to be rescued by helicoptors. I can't say that I wanted to chance it!
  • 28 Feb 2000. The New Weigh Inn (new bit) seems all but complete although I don't think the guest rooms are ready yet - everyone's still being put up in the 'quaint' lodges where self-catering means you get a fridge and a microwave oven! Rumour has it that the lodges are next for refurb though. The food's reasonable although a bit 'pubby' (well, I did order at the bar, I suppose) and on a long stay it might be hard not to get chip-bound.
  • The new Weigh Inn Motel which is nearing completion will be a great asset to the town being the only really modern hotel in the north of Scotland.
  • Sandra's Snack Bar Also Has A Backpackers Hostel (16 Beds) 4 Beds In Each Room. Hot Shower In Each Room. Central Heating (Too Hot) Cheapest/Cleanest And Best In Thurso.
  • Dounreay, 10 miles west of Thurso, was the centre for the british Fast Reactor research until a short sighted government withdrew the funding in the early 90's. Interesting place with lots of scientific history.
  • Old St. Peter's Church (near Thurso harbour) to see large window frame made from single piece of stone (one of largest in Europe of its kind, I believe)
  • Dunnet Head - about 10 mile drive from Thurso. Most northerly point on UK mainland, with excellent views of Caithness, Sutherland (all the way to Cape Wrath in clear weather) and Orkney.
  • Nice for walking and fishing. Otherwise don't bother. Orkney is more fun and the locals are friendlier.
  • Thurso has a small studio theatre which presents occasional dramatic and musical events. Information on Tel. 01847 892019
  • I was stationed in Thurso, Scotland for three years at a now closed US Naval Communications Station. It was the best three years of my life. Thurso is a small town on the far North of Scotland. It has a population of just under nine thousand. In the past few years, more and more tourists have come to regard Thurso as an excellent place to stop while exploring what used to be considered the Wild North. There are many attractive hotels in the town. The most inexpensive way to tour in Scotland is by driving from one bed and breakfast establishment to another. The Tourist Board insists upon inspecting and classifying these establishments to ensure that tourists get full value for their money. One B & B which has been awarded the "Highly Commended" grading is run by Mrs E Fisher, 5, Mears Place. Thurso. KW14 7 EW. Phone: +44 (0)1847 894124. I strongly recommend this B & B to anyone looking for a wonderful place to stay for a cheap price (£16 per person per night).
    This town is a well-preserved example of old time Scotland. Until recently, there were no shops open on a Sunday. There were no trains. Sunday papers had to be specially transported from the town of Inverness situated a hundred and twenty miles to the South.
    Truly a laid-back society until the tourists discovered it...
    In case you think the place is lacking in life, you just need to walk into any of the hotels on a Saturday night. During the summer, to please the many visitors, there are groups providing live music. In case you have cultivated a liking for the sound of the pipes, the local pipe band plays outside the Pentland Hotel each Friday night in the summer.
    For the holiday maker who is tired of the crowded resorts and who wants to get away from it all, Thurso is ideal. The nearby cliffs at Holborne Head provide spectacular views of the thousands of sea birds which come there to roost every Spring.
    The port of Scrabster is two miles from Thurso. For the sea angler, the lure of catching a large halibut is a tempting prospect and many anglers hire out boats to try their luck. The largest ever halibut caught off the British coasts was caught by a lady who had never done any fishing before.
    For the golfer, there is an excellent course which is open to non-members just outside the town. There are courses also at Reay and Reiss.
    If you would like to explore the Orkney islands, there is a regular ferry service operating out of Scrabster and sailing twice-daily to Stromness.
    Ten miles to the East of Thurso, there is Dunnet Head, a very high cliff and the most Northerly point in the British mainland. Further to the East is the famous John o' Groats to which, every year, coachloads of visitors come in the belief that this is the most Northerly point. However, business is business.
  • Went to Thurso in 1990. Thought it was the place the train goes to back into Wick before it heads back down Scotland. Spent about four days in Wick just hanging out. I'm Scottish by decent and when given an opportunity to go to Scotland from Germany, I looked at a map and picked the furthest city north. It was a toss up between Thurso and Wick. I enjoyed Wick. There was nothing to do there and that's what I was looking for.
  • I was also stationed at the US NAvl Communications Station, from 1983 to 1987 and it was one of my most memorable times of my life. Although what I would consider an secluded location, the people of Thurso and surrounding areas were extremely friendly. I would not recommend visiting in the very harsh winters, but it is beautiful during the summer months. I would like to extend to anyone who was stationed there, whether USN or RAF to write me at: in the USA. I returned to Thurso for a visit during April 1995, and could not believe that Thurso still looks the same, although now they have a supermarket "CO-OP" open on sundays, and a bowling alley. Truly a happy tourist to Thurso and all of Scotland.
  • Having grown up as a native of Thurso I can't recommend it as a holiday venue/place to live unless you:
    1. Need a stress free enviroment (as nothing happens here)
    2. As a general rule of the thumb Thurso is a quiet and homely place, some detest that aspect of it to them i say - Bog Off!. Seriouly though - Thurso has like any town it`s good elements and it`s bad. Unfortunately to distinguish between the two is akin to sorting the wheat from the chaff by hand - difficult. On a historic note Thurso folk have a loathing for Wick folk, as a reslut the term -"Dirty Weeker" (phonetic) has arisn. Alothough I am under no illusion that the Wick folf are indeed dirty, I think it would be best if they stuck to showdering at least once a year like normal. Enough of these japes, To concentrate on the specifics, Thurso is not London - that is Obvoius. The town is a masima of ideals and classes, a town where the unwritten rule of philanthropy is considers normal. You can park your car in relitive saftey any where but like the apples' worm and dogs' also there are diseased areas. Take for example the Glebe - or formally Holburn Avenue (Excuse my Colloquial mutterings). Not a place with a good reputaion but, it is , if you will , akin to Londons answers to Soho. Well you have been warned. Have a nice evil day.

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