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Hookup Spots
  • The wall outside the shops near Powis Avenue. It seems to be a magnet for some reason (well, maybe it's because the police station less than 1/2 mile up the road is closed at night and at weekends). There's some bus-stops just down the road if you need to get somewhere, and a chip-shop, or you can watch the amazing views of cars bouncing over the incessant speed ramps as they approach the traffic lights (who said Tipton wasn't cultured lol). Personally, I wish the Germans had bombed the crap out of this road so we could start again, but this central does offer easy access to other areas.
  • Lower Church Lane seems to be a popular hangout for complete morons. Maybe that's why we have CSO's having to patrol the area. The chavs also like to hang around last remaining grassed area on the new housing estate just behind the police station, shouting and swearing as private residents try and go about their business. The chavs have turned the area into an unofficial youth club and it has annoyed a lot of people because they don't want this king of thing bringing their neighbourhood down, especially when there is schools and other places people can meet and not cause a nuisance to others. The council estates are even worse.
  • owen street,
  • Victoria Park used to be OK before the Triangle crew started shooting people with modified pellet guns. By the way be careful in the park if you're on your own or in the they say, the writing's on the wall..
  • Jubilee park is virtually on the seafront - a mere 90 miles from the beach. Here you can grab an ice cream and dodge kids on motorbikes.
  • victoria park is a great place its just a few mins walk from the train station. Also the corner of tudor court and tudour street kids seem to congragrate round there (i should iknow i lived in that street for 10 months)
  • Own Street seems to be quite popular with travellers, deadheads from the nearby council estates and criminals. There is also the Tibbington estate if you fancy hanging round a little shitty maze of forgotten terraced hell-holes. What a wonderful environment..
  • ok erm owen street benches an the train station i had a good laugh there back in the day it used 2 b mad full of gangs bout 50 people all gettin pissed n stoned. The train station is full of grafitti its mad if u hav a read u hav 2 watch dossin by the train station now though cuz the pikeys hav took over the site next door with 10 big massive dogs runin bout the place oh well
  • Owen Street - a thawn in many a raear's end..
  • Victoria Park was great until the council started taking away things to sit on, i.e, swings, climbing frames etc.
  • Tipton rail station would be the best place to meet up, and then leave Tipton ASAP.
  • There are some nice small railings outside the Shepperds Cottage pub on the Wednesbury Oak Road, some tidy benchs at Wednesbury Oak Primary School and finally there are some steps at the Mecca Bingo hall in Wednesbury.

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Last updated: 2011-06-05

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