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Demolish It Now Building
  • The derelict corner shop at top of Windsor Terrace was renovated into a fantastic home by a talented and visionary designer/builder who was also a professionally trained and employed contemporary and ballet dancer. Work was more or less completed around 2002. The house, now pale pink, was used as prime-location in the BBC3 drama 'Being Human' (first broadcast 18 Feb 2008). This was about 3 flatmates (werewolf, vampire, ghost) all cosied up in the corner house. It was good drama, excellent cast, very strong production values, inspired script. The Shakespeare was another location ... and a few other Bristol 'typicals'
  • The Bush public house
  • To all you snobs who are trashing the garage at the botom of Pile Hill. Ever thought that it's there to provide a service to those without as much money as yourselves? Ever thought that someone's inside slaving away to make a living? Oh and as for lowering the price of your homes I'm afraid that the garage was there before you bought your houses... before Totterdown got "trendy"! As for the Bush pub it's actually the best pub in Totterdown, and has been awarded accordingly. It's the tidiest least intimidating pub around and provides a good place for the younger generation... sorry if the architecture doesn't fit in, but I think that Totterdown has bigger worries, like the increase in muggings and attacks!!!!
  • The GARAGE on Pylle Hill Crescent Its an abomination and seems to be leaning on the mosque now any one living in Richmond street who doesnt appreciate how lucky they are ( can we demolish people?)
  • The new house on the Wells Road with stretched diamond shaped window spanning 3 floors (so 1989 !)
  • That garage who is he paying ?????
  • The garage on Pylle Hill corner a disgrace which keeps thousands off house prices and is probably responsible for most of the ills of Totterdown ,how come no one complains about it ???? knock it down and lets have a little park . if the and
  • The garage on the Pylle Hill Crescent and Windsor Terrace, The derelict shop at the top of Windsor terrace . The New Found Out (or paint it and clean the nets !) CLEAN IT NOW The Mosque . PAINT IT NOW The 22 houses at the bottom of William St (GRIM) Horrible Red brick YUK !!why cant someone paint one of them ????
  • The Bush pub. A grotesque architectural horror without reason or sense of cultural heritage. A bile inducing mish mash of English brick, Modernist concrete, Italianate archwork and late seventies wood and glass. It is also far too big, dominating the skyline in a position which should have a view.
  • Car garage at bottom of Pylle Hill Crescent - currently being held together by scaffolding - looks a really state - can't understand how it hasn't fallen down yet.

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Last updated: 2008-02-20

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