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The Worst Things in Totterdown, Bristol*

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The Worst Things
  • The fact that Frank Smith doesn't open anymore!
  • Trying to drive around in Totterdown... you always meet traffic coming the other way, and noone want to reverse!
  • Too many 'less than positive' comments on this site about 'other people', the colour of their houses etc etc. Come on totterdownies, can't we do better than this?
  • Worst things about Totterdown... Liberals (The paint your house in bright colours brigade) who feel its their perogative to stick their noses in. Take for example the YMCA building (wells rd). Due to the beareded posh urchins right on attitudes, looks like it could well be left to developers to turn into flats because they wont let the power station gym take it over and keep it as a comunity centred building. I have an idea why dont these middle class activists dig into their trust funds and maybe even re-morgage their Victorian mimalist feel Houses and save the YMCA building from being turned into flats. Or is that just not right on enough.
  • Patronising middle class hippies who keep telling people to paint the front of their houses because they look soooo drawb and dweary. Can I borrow some of your daddies money to paint my house.
  • It can be a bit grim on a rainy day cuz there are a few dweebs and under evolved people who have no imagination to garden or paint their houses but just throw out a new sprog every nine months and then leave the cars to bring it up . Luckily I think they have moved There was a tribe of Pygmies clinging to the side of the hill but i think they have been captured
  • ZONE A (Why oh why)
  • motorised skatedboards you can certainly pull the ladies lads!!The saying is if you get mugged in montpelier move to totterdown.
  • all the trendy people HOW DULL and the pretend poor people we know youre POSH
  • The little kids on bikes on William Street and the drunks but you've got to laugh!!!
  • The GARAGE THE GARAGE THE GARAGE unimaginitive people ,the pub on the corner of Green Streets net curtains most of the gardens in Totterdown .
  • The traffic Bristol attracts because the people are too complacent to walk to the bus stop in the mornings.
  • Trying to get anywhere in the rush hour. All the buses fill-up on the way into town - we're the last stop before the central area. Pointless trying to get anywhere in a car - no one will let you out onto the main road to get anywhere!

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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