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x by Table (Member 10075478) on 12-Aug-2002
Rubbish I say   
Well, I live in twyford. by Table (Member 10075478) on 12-Aug-2002
But I don't think many people round here know what the internet is, let alone how to use it.

By the way, for you USA'ians, there are a few twyfords in the uk.
  • Re: Well, I live in twyford. by Table (Member 10075478) on 12-Aug-2002

    Does HTML work here?

    Shame you can't edit messages after you've posted them.
    Just in case you've made a glaring errrrror.

Looking for information on the Charles Cecil Boshier ancesters by Pat Balcerzak (Member 10057051) on 17-Feb-2002
I am trying to research the Boshier surname.
Charles Cecil Boshier lived in Twyford in 1935.
He was my great Uncle. I would appreciate any
information on the Boshier surname.
  • Re: Looking for information on the Charles Cecil Boshier ancesters by Rachel Pearce (Member 10206987) on 20-Apr-2007
    Hi Pat,

    I found your message on the Knowhere board from years ago. I don't know if you'll find this, but I am researching my husband's family tree, and Charles Cecil Boshier (son of James Boshier and Sarah Smith) is his 3rd cousin twice removed. John Boshier who married Lucy Everard is his gggg grandfather. It looks like you are further on than me, but let me know if you would like to exchange notes.


  • Re: Looking for information on the Charles Cecil Boshier ancesters by Pat Balcerzak (Member 10216393) on 10-Nov-2007
    Rachel Pierce please contact me!!!!
    Charles Cecil BOSHIER was a brother to my grandfather ( Walter Alfred BOSHIER),
    James and Sarah SMITH BOSHIER were my great grandparents.
    When I posted the message in 2002 I had a different e-mail address.
    Would love to share information. I have quite a bit.... more >>

  • Re: Looking for information on the Charles Cecil Boshier ancesters by Pat Balcerzak (Member 10216393) on 10-Nov-2007
    My email address should have read:
    Thank you

Old Southallians by David A. Cavell (Member 10037516) on 14-Jul-2001
Any ex-pupils or staff of what was Southall Grammar School are invited to join us at:   
  • Re: Old Southallians by sheila gibbs (Member 10224392) on 14-Apr-2008
    Hello. I am Sheila Gibbs [nee Standen] and I have only just heard about the reunion in September. I started at SGS in September 1954 and I would like to hear from anyone else who went there at the same time.

ha ha ha by davie johnson (Member 10037285) on 13-Jul-2001
At last stoner Gatch has got his dope cartoon and rastagatch site up - check out   
Searching for stepbrother by Marsha Highfield (Member 10024350) on 25-Mar-2001
Looking for stepbrother 56-57 yrs old. Father's name R. Gordon Cole, during WWll, was stationed at Aldershot 1943-44, was a gunnar instructor in the Canadian Armored Corps. Went into London on leaves, Returned home to Canada when injured in bombings. Mother's name possibly Emma, not sure, only hope that son was told of father and given a name. Anyone knowing of this situation please contact me. I... more >>   
Hotels by Joni Kroll (Member 10021470) on 7-Dec-2000
Need information about accommodations in Twyford. Also need to know how to travel from Gatwick to Twyford.   
Is there nobody who lived in this town? by Edward Tudor (Member 10016206) on 30-Aug-2000
Hi, just a line to ask if there is anyone who lived in Twyford besides me?

I lived there, from about 1967 till 1974 and I loved it. A little quiet, but still a safe and cool place to grow up.I went to Wargrave Piggott school. If there is anyone else out there, who is willing to own up to have lived in Twyford, please let me know. Thanks.
  • Re: Is there nobody who lived in this town? by David (Member 10127675) on 25-Jul-2004
    I was born there Sept 1956, went to the boys school until the "Junior" school opened in '64/65 Migrated to Austalia Febuary '65 with parents.One day I'll get home.

Dorling Kindersley Distributors by John Vickers (Member 10015036) on 9-Aug-2000
If any DK distributors would like to contact me they could learn something very much to their advantage.   
  • Re: Dorling Kindersley Distributors by barbara & alan peachey (Member 10093440) on 17-Sep-2003
    Earm while your learn in network marketing. Just a few hours a week now will ensure a financially secure future. see our website:

CIRENCESTER BUDDY by Francis Roy (Member 10003145) on 6-Jul-2000
This site is a nice way of visiting if a person can't go in person.
Very informative.
I would also like to use it to try to find someone I knew in the middle 50s. We called him "Lofty" which could have been his last name but I think it was really Craig. Harold "Lofty" Craig. His wife is
named either Nora or Norma. He was stationed at RAF South Cerney Glos. between 1954-1956 in and we would m... more >>
Where is Twyford? Is it near Henley by marycrn (Member 10013450) on 13-Jun-2000
Hi! I'm coming from USA. Interested in finding an area called Shillingford Hill? Anybody know where that is.Thanks
HICKS,AIDEN JAMES by shepherd (Member 10013278) on 9-Jun-2000
DO YOU RECOGNISE MY SURNAME, if so you may know my father. I was born in the 1980's and moved to North Wales when I was about 5 years old. I know my father's surname is Hicks but that is all. Do you know him? Please help........   
Utter silence by Jack Dusty (Member 10003073) on 21-Mar-2000
Doesnt any one live here? such a dead notice board,   
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