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Hookup Spots
  • Chad's Church wall was my favorite spot in Leasowe
  • this is scotty p a shout out to all of harry park
  • around the village. full of action try dinner time...
  • We ALL have a SuPeRb NiGhT In the Albian (New brighton)(Wallasey) first friday in every month, so far. This is a charity doo, where we put on three bands which so far have proven superb. Our third charity night is probably going to be the first Friday of December and the best so far, third time lucky and all that, so there's no excuses bring your end of the month wages and get down with us , and right back up again THE NBR CREW
  • We used to hang around The Cage, in Central Park, playing footy and drinking Thunderbirds, with those two Brick goals, god, nearly 20 years ago, or messed on Grannys Rock in the Breck, and Blue Bell woods, always good for hiding!!!
  • Earlston Park by the cemetery in Liscard with the Library in it, and Harrison park if you're a wannabe scally from the Village because it's a bit posher!!!
  • Belvidere Bench
  • If your still in school then the best place is harrison park, always gangs of males and females hangin around especially on those light summer nights, or if you're bunking off school then round mosslands playing feilds for an eyeful
  • The Captains pit, Everywhere now to come to think of it
  • To the Bel vi dere; perverts and pryomanics are not welcome here. Go take a run and jump into the Irish Sea (preferably at the height of a winter storm!).
  • We used to go round demanse street park with heldy super. The playground at somerville school Cenral park- Class!
  • The big brick bus stop at the Village roundabout. Snoggin', scrappin' and learning to drink...great days!
  • Used to be the brokey down in seacombe. Gone now. Plenty of old bombed out buildings to explore .
  • belvidere field was always a favorite place to endulge in,shall we say recreational activities with the opposite sex. also the bench at belvidere outside bird's newsagents was always a great spot. you always got asked by 12-16 year olds to go in colhearts for a few heldy supers and 10 lamberts and a box of matches. another great spot was and is the captains pit.(this is for several reasons).:- in late october - early november,we always sat on the sandstone steps at the back of the pit,only to drink stella's and bombard the houses opposite with heavy duty fireworks and then getting a leg to elleray park or to the seaview shops. also in the winter the pit freezes over thick.(we always rode our bikes on it and there was always at least one kid who fell through the ice and had to stay pissin wet for the rest of the night. another amazing reason for the pit was that when i used to bunk school,me and the lads always went there as weatherhead(the all girls school) was right behind the pit.
  • Has to be the little wall outside the kwiky in da village, and they pulled it down ,sniff,sniff
  • Behind the kwik save in in the village used to be a laff a few years back!!!! well till the police turned up
  • If your in to grinding then the best spot is poulton primary school yard loads of benches and some nice kirbs that can be waxed theres also a safety rail outside you will find 2 nice wooden banesters leading to a mobile class room and much much more
  • lighthouse car park in the summer
  • The Cherry Tree centre before they closed it up at nights, a skateboarders and break dancers paradise!

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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