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Hookup Spots
  • Sam Horn bedroom
  • Columbia coz its wicked on a weekend we go to arches for our drink go down the pond haha few joints and drink then go to asian delight for class curry and chips or a pizza itz belter..!!
  • co-op or greggs in concord, mcdonalds at the galleries, barmston centre, washy comp.
  • Rickleton centre shops, where everyone will be drinking lambrini. The football fields in Rickleton, usually full of stoners. The subway next to the fields, perfect for showing your artistic side, just ask the well known "Rcp" and "Lbd" crew's if you can borrow paint. The power box inbetween Swinhope and Rookhope, another artistic side of rickleton, bucket galore on a friday night. The blue hut is usually full of smack heads. The cricket field is usually great for getting chased. The bike track. The small park just past danby close is where dreams come true. If your not from Rickleton, or you'r a goth, or anything that doesn't involve wearing fake sports brands, you should really stay away from Rickleton after 7pm.
  • round the back of the church in oxclose
  • Dan Bam's garage has to be the greatest ever hang out spot! supping buckets and munching hands full of E's. god rest its soul then not to forget going down the river after eating 100+ mushrooms! im still having nightmares.
  • oxy centre
  • the rock at ayotn/lambton and oxclose, black path, prinny anne
  • Lived in washington all my life (almost 22 years) n still aint found anythin worth mentionin. WASHINGTON SUX!!!!!!
  • the piccadilly bar is gud place as it's only pound a pint 12-7 n 30p a game of pool, it has a limited jukebox though
  • the bus stop for all the little shits standin with there cider! lol
  • The rocks - Rickleton football fields. The Hill - in Larchwood in Harraton. More of a bump in a small piece of grass but always a popular spot for local residents.
  • We are forced to spend our school dinnertimes wandering around the filth-laden cess pit that oxclose village centre. As do 500 other morons.
  • If you wish to be assaulted, both physically and visually, there is no-where beter to go in Washington than your local bus stop, Indian corner shop or the Galleries. Here, many of the locals, mostly youths clad in last millenium's take on luminous tracksuits, will happily welcome you with a gold-clad fist in the face, with such force that the slogans on their cheap sovereign rings will probably become irreversible imprinted into your face. I personally recommend Oxclose village centre if you want a good beating-up.
  • The most popular place to meet in Washington is otside of Mc Donalds in the Galleries. DEFINITLY. If somewhere more local is more convienient is any 'CENTRE'in one of the districts (outside local corner shop) E.G Outside of Archies if you lived in Columbia, or the sandy if you liveed at Biddick
  • We used to hang out down the Burn (part of Prinny Anne park) and hide under the wooden bridge over the stream, also play on our rope swing.
  • The Grundy in sweet old prinny-anne, oh yes, the sweet sweet smell of sewage, and the picturesque view of broken trolleys strategically scattered in the water, in the trees, in the streets.....basically everywhere! the few playgound areas around lambton where on a friday nite u can see the charvs playin on the swings comparin their new rocky-p's whilst swiggin on their white lightnin - classy drink. one day, they may move up in society and drink Babycham the streets around oxy near the school...wen its dark n you've had 1 2 many, they all seem 2 merge in2 one, and u dnt realise how confused u were until you wake up the next day and realise that it took u an hour longer than necessary to get home...the joys of washy there used to be a time wen all the sweatys n goths wud meet up near the job centre - scary wen its dark n every1 blends in due 2 the black, think it stopped wen all the charvs in their fluorescent trackies n burberry knee-highs came along n stated the all famous "ya startin like?!" you can always guarantee a warm welcome in washington!
  • The wooded verges.
  • All the car parks if you have a car or a mate that does...(unless your a mackem) Ideal spots for getting getting busted by the local cops,who (sometimes) confiscate yer stash and let you off with a warning..(why do they take the skins aswell) when i was a kid(15+ yrs ago),They wasnt anywhere to hang out then..THERE STILL ISNT...(DESPITE THE FACT WASHINGTON HAS THE BIGGEST POPULATION UNDER 25 IN THE UK..
  • lambton center is the place to be wif al the charver and the posseys with your bit drink and drugs
  • The Adventure Park at Ayton
  • oxy centre, lambton cetre, holly park rock, ayton centre
  • The Hoolies in albany is a place to go to drop pills and sup buckets
  • the shops next to the sandpiper
  • Concord - an ideal place to park your car overnight in the certain knowledge that it will be quite safe.
  • The bus stop at the bottom of Barmston, the bus stop at the top of Barmston, tha bus stop in Glebe, the bus stop in Sulgrave....actually, any bus stop at all
  • Most bus stops
  • Rickleton and Harraton shops the latest hang out for the KAPPA SLAPPERS!!!!! Oh ye, There hases been a reported sighting of a KAPPA LAD, any other sightings?????
  • There is nowhere really to go in washington apart from the Galleries, so id say the main hang spot is there or at the bus stop. No matter when you go to the galleries you will ALWAYS see someone you know
  • Ben's rock found in the wasteground by the rickleton footie fields - it's superb, once you've seen it, you want to spend the rest of your life there!
  • The wall in glebe
  • Jon sands house, biddick or Joe Hutchinsons house(me), fatfield
  • Brick bus shelters, plasticky bus shelters, metal bus get the general impression
  • The bus station at concrod - or by the telephone box at Archies stores in Columbia
  • The parks in Albany and Glebe, I suppose, but generally street corners.
  • Any street corner near a shop that sell cheap booze (well for younger folks anyway!). The Princess Anne park is a popular place after dark.
  • to hang round washington , you need to take part in the art of drinking cheap lager or cider in bus shelters and wearing loads of sports branded gear even tho uio have never done a days sport in your life......

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