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The Best Things
  • It's the best place to come from - think about it!
  • University status, we might eventually catch up with the rest of the world if some young outsiders come here and mate with the local slappers. Just think music other then covers bands, clubs without pop music, theatre other then that rip off Ken Dodd place that only the elderly can afford to go. A few more art exhibitions, poetry nights, comedy, women without tattoos (im getting exited)
  • The girls, had plenty of girlfriends in and around Weston in the 1970's, biggest regret that I didnt marry one and settle in weston
  • Sunset.
  • New market
  • New market
  • You can do pretty much anything in this town and still feel sane comparatively.
  • The parks, Grove park has a band sometimes in the bandstand and up the hill a bit is a nice play area. The way people seem to all know each other. Sitting on the seafront with a cold one watching the sun set. The fact it's not too far from the bigger places in the South-west, but there's no real spillover.
  • Pioneering early rave/free party scene with Crucial 6 parties in wsm woods '89-'91...Virus@Sumo's Nightclub early 90's, The Assembly, Orca
  • pissed up teenage girls on the week end
  • the drugs
  • tk maxx, worle rec
  • Sand Bay/Kewstoke area is like an idyllic, untouched seaside.
  • the road out
  • The (now burnt down) Pier; A wonderful Victorian monument.
  • the fresh air
  • mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  • Weston super mare is crying out for improvement and cultural diversity. The town has a huge quantity of beautifully created buildings, the towns folk are mostly polite. One of Westons best kept secrets is MEADOW STREET! I had worked in the town for over two years before finding some of the many gems kept behind the high street curtain. Meadow Street offers huge diversity for all ages and budgets. Playground is amazing for clothes, Nk Opticians is a fantastic and friendly opticians, Meadow Ceres has some mouth watering deli foods, Alchemy is probably the best hairdressers I've evre been to for price and staff.
  • It does have a beach, so in the summer its velly nice to sit outside a bar with a nice pint..
  • Summer in Regent Street and the High Street all those pretty girls.
  • chatting to pissed people outside kebabbys
  • The best things are walking across the seafront in the winter when there arent any tourists and even though I think its highly tacky, The carnival brings alot of joy to alot of people.. Especially the kids.
  • u wud never know how many rehabs r in such a small place - especially a small place where the avarege druggy thinks hes in flipin amsterdam! neway there is alot of help and good help at that, for people looking to get off drugs and alcohol - look up a rehab called 'sefton park' also 'jasvin dryhouses' have the best reputation for taking good care of people in weston!
  • Chris's mum
  • The M5 junction which leads up north.
  • Ummmm shopping cuz i LUVRE shopping
  • Easy Girls The Bouncers are ok nowadays, they sacked all the old ones or they went to prison for biting off ear's! (you know who you are)
  • Choices video store. Friendly staff and wide selection of vids so you've got something to do in the evenings (coz the nightlife in weston isnt exactly high class)
  • Dominion,Martian Records in Dolphin Square Market & the road out of weston...thats about it...!
  • me. i'm the best attraction in WSM
  • The dodgy ghost train on the pier.
  • Great for Heavy metal
  • Quite a pretty place really, in comparison to other similar towns across the country. And everywhere's close together for a night out.
  • The road out of Weston Super Mare
  • The road out of Weston Super Mare
  • My friends! I came here 7 years ago, straignt from Uni. and although I have left a few times I always come back. (Most) of the people are laid back, while at the same time being dynamic and interesting.
  • Theres not alot to like about weston really is there! its full of drunks, smack heads and old people. for fcuk's sake!!!
  • Leave for a while, come back again, and you'll see...
  • Loads of drugs
  • Sand Bay (just N of Weston), quiet and romantic!
  • The dodgy accents, and the amount of supermarkets. Cheap weed.
  • there are now people spending lots of money on new projects in the town. (tropicana etc)
  • hobbits... best damn thing there. i noticed a lot of people saying this is where all the 'freaks' hang out. this is true. and screw all the people who said this for being normal and boring and leading sad lives of mindless and blind comformity. funnily enough after being talked into going to many dance clubs by friends, ive seen a good thirty or forty fights in various dance clubs, and so far only one in a metal club. go figure.. and those in agreement: keep supportin' metal \m/
  • The summer where theres loads of tottie and everyone drinks at the pub all through the day!
  • Me (of course) most people are really nice and do smile, and the people who enjoy life and really do make themselves shine by not getting sucked into the depression of weston-weston can be depressing, why should you be?
  • It's all so bloody average
  • the best thing is the M5, great way to escape! The beach.
  • trying to work out why ive been coming to wsm 3 times a year for a laads night out instead of staying at home?
  • A lot of people do not realise Weston has the biggest scrap yard in the country it,s called The Helicopter Museum.
  • The best thing about weston is that after 20 odd years you can leave it and go and live in a much nicer part of the country, pretty much anywhere is better really.
  • woods, rocks, the natural things. Apart from the sea which is full of shit.
  • I like living by the sea when its in I like the place I live in.I love to drive up to Bristol and shop because Motorway near by .
  • The arcades used to be ok, one of them had a Quazar were we used to go and have a piss and smash the place up, the guy who run it was a right weedy twat who was filthy and always stunk of B.O and used to get bullied by his, mega ugly and just as smelly, wife. It was a right laff watching him follow her around like a lost puppy with his head down. One day in the arcade bit i hit one of the fruities and this big elvis looking dick head grabbed me by my hair and smacked my face against it then threw me out, so we stoped going in on the days he was there and went in the one oposite. i havent been in weston for about three years and i no plans of ever going back unless i get lobotomised
  • Banging nightlife especially at weekends during grockle season.
  • gettin mullered constantly
  • The tide takes the shit out twice a day.
  • The beach when the day trippers aren't on it. Worlebury Woods and Uphill. The sun sets across a high tide (it does come in you know - honestly - actually it's the second highest tide in the world)
  • Girls, girls, girls... loads live here, loads holiday here and loads are easy to lay. Most of the locals have grabbed a girl in a club and then taken her over the road within minutes to lay her under the pier, but if one says she is from the Bournville, then drink up and run for cover! or you'll wake up in the worse estate in Weston and have to hire a taxi with bullet proof glass to get you home ! mmm, some nice girls on the Bournville though looking to better themselves, so don't knock it entirely. In Mead Vale I recall a very tasty tall blonde I dated for a few months with an ass and legs to die for!
  • Pubs, Clubs, Beach, Tropicana, Knightstone Island, whores e.t.c
  • The M5 is close, so it's quite easy to get away to nice places.
  • Lots of easy young girls
  • The girls are hot, and easy...
  • Worle is a great place to live and bring up your children, great schools and nice pubs around (except for Birdland), North Worle and Castle Batch Area is the nicest houses, but they are fairly expensive, but avoid Locking Castle as they have too many council houses mixed with normal housing.
  • Best things? Excuse me??
  • weston drunks . addicts . police are funny to.
  • country side (not a slut in site) there are in the towns
  • me, and my home.
  • Second hand bookshop in Tudor Market.
  • The boy racers just for getting on all the Councillor's nerves - and the new arrival of the large mental hospital/mental health centre to be opened in the future - mi god.. what a WASTE OF MONEY - why do we have to cater for the whole of the North Somerset in a town the size of WSM - do we not attract enough pathetic people with mental health problems as it is in this area?? Come on, let's have a brand new site for the youngsters...
  • The lights that work on the sea front
  • Country & seaside rolled into one. Good night life. a council that cares to invest money in solving the problems that young people face in any town these days (drugs etc.)
  • There is no best thing about weston, Oh yeah! the road out and the fact that its the only place in the contry where Londoners and Brummies will be friends '`cos its better than making friends with anyone from weston'
  • Pubs, and the fact that if you are local, you are likely to bump into someone you know on a night out! And of course, Hobbits, which I have never found an equal to!!!
  • There ain't any!, steer clear of this hole.
  • The road out of town. Cellars two years ago.
  • My 4 year old loves the Thomas the Tank steam engine which runs on the "beach lawns" on the sea front.
  • For the adventurous an "open top" double decker bus will take you to from the New Pier to Sandy Bay (which owes its name to being a little less muddier than Weston beach).
  • The very adventurous can visit the islands of flat and steep holm (which lie between Weston and the Welsh). (Local hostility to the Welsh stems from the days when Westoners had to endure Welsh TV and were active in the "Ban Welsh Telly" campaign).
  • If you want to get away from the crowds, try walking to the "Old Pier" which has less one-armed bandits than the "New Pier" but in my opinion has far more character and charm.
  • Best bit: The northbound junction to the M5 which is only about 3 1/2 hours from Yorkshire!!
  • Cybercity Internet Cafe - you can surf the net and they've got some wicked network games too
  • Best things? Hmm...The O K Diner for hanging out, getting drunk on the beach in the summer, the playground in Ashcombe Park, and Grove Park for the groov-o bandstand which you can lie in at 2 in the morning!
  • The sunshine in the summer, if you live here you ALMOST know everyone else, but not so much as they all the most intimate details of life, everyone who dosen't live here thinking we have better weather then there really is and not having manic Bristol accents.

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