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Clothes Shops, Shoe Shops, Fashion and Bargains
  • Forget the charity shops they charge more now then new shops.
  • Bewitched has closed :(
  • Tobyns, they make handmade glass and brass bits and bobs.
  • burtons
  • usher suit
  • New shop in Meadow Street called Rose & Amber. Really funky clothes including Chinese dresses and G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S Handbags plus jewellery as well. Very good prices as well
  • loads but the male majority is not catered for properly
  • playground, bench clothing
  • The Mosh Pit in the Tudor Mall does all the Dark Side clothing and printed tee shirts and band tee shirts
  • High st and Meadow street have Quality shops staffed by dedicated volunteers specialising in branded top of the range stuff really cheap. for example...Levi jeans 3.50, An Armani Suit 30 and a faded queen tour T shirt 1 although they do have a limited stock range and you often have to wait for people to kick the bucket before stock becomes available. PDSA on the high street is a popular one, so is Weston Hospicecare. AND remember you're either doing your bit for the poor animals of Britain that can't afford the vet fees! or ensuring that there is somewhere for the unfortunate terminally ill people to go in the final days before all their stuff ends up on the racks of the shop
  • We need TOPMAN!
  • theyre all over the place. in the soverign center, on the high street, the back streets, everywhere!!!
  • HLA (my mate works there)
  • No secondary school could get so many people to dress alike. Far too many.
  • New look cuz it's just plain good n reasonably priced
  • Stunning rags in the soverign centre in town. Lush clothes, bit expensive.
  • Forget HLA and the pathetic Stunning Rags and head for Bristol for cool clothing
  • STUNNING RAGS!!! if anyone didnt know this then stunning rags & HLA are the same shop but just ladies & mens wear. ive just come off of work experience from there & the people are friendly & there's lots of brands like FCUK, miss sixty, fire trap, john zack, blu, playboy etc. also D2 is lush & has womens wear at the back of the shop. these 3 shops are all in the soverign centre & they're small but quality.
  • Girls Bench clothing is way cheap at the Playground in Meadow Street
  • Again, go to Bristol. We have Topshop, Next, New Look, Select, Dorothy Perkins, MK One, Pilot, the usual shit. Stunning Rags isn't bad for slightly better quality clubbing clothes and we've got a TK Maxx in Worle, can occaisionally pick up good stuff there. Mens clothes, I don't have a clue.
  • For skate clothes the playground is real good. Cheap too.
  • There is nothing for men in Weston Super Mare CRAP!!!!
  • Charity shops are in abundance and you can always find a bargain, if you look hard enough.
  • Clothes shops in weston are pretty shite! top shop store is pretty small so if you get something for a night out you will no doubt see at least 2 people in the same item! dont even bother with stunning rags, unless you want to look like a townie (yes, that goes for HLA aswell!) no decent clothes shops, no shoe shops so best off going to bristol or even cardiff (where you'll find faith, dune, monsoon, jane norman, warehouse, kookia etc)
  • yes we have a grot mall and high street tack
  • If you want anything out of the ordinary, forget it. Oh, unless you're into tie-dye.
  • Vagabond
  • TOP SHOP-that is all
  • DV8 and Koshi Rumba, both in meadow street!
  • extreme sports for all your sk8in clothes
  • Girls(who like fashion-and are willing to pay extortionately): pilot topshop, Next and Marks and sparks Girls(for whatever): Mark one, tammy, Q and S For scrubs: oxfam, mind shop, cancer research..ur never too far from a charity shop For men: hmmm, burtons and officers club..not alot of choice... For sports men: gilesports, allsports
  • Weston has marginally started to improve in clothes shops! i recommend stunning rags, always has a good collection of clothes ranging from miss sixty, fcuk to lipsy (not bad hey?!). Good old Top Shop has recently opened up in the high street, only a small branch but has some good stuff in there! (the only trouble is when u find something nice to wear out on a saturday night u can guarantee that when u walk in to a bar there are about five other girls wearing the same top as u!)
  • there is only four shops i like in weston hla,next,burtons and D2 thes are the only good clothes shops in weston
  • i have to say new look and etam are my favourites as they provide a variety of clothes for children and women that are a 16+. where as select and mark one, make clothes at a maximum of size 14, which i think is stupid as the target the twigs of weston, and dis-criminate against any one bigger.
  • Not in Weston but only just up the Motorway Debemhams best shopping around the girls in there are great make up or clothes check out Evans in there or Elvi girls are so helpful and very nice .Weston could do with some more shops like that.
  • select cuz my ickle sis works there. Hi Hanna!!!!!!!!
  • hmmmm well we finally got a top shop last year........
  • HLA is the cool place to shop, but the Mall in Cribbs is only 15 minutes away, so get your car and go there as there is loads of smart clothes shops
  • For some cutting edge mens (not boys!)fashions, year in-year out, theres no beating HLA in the Sovereign centre. Currently (May 2001) have a good range on FC-UK gear in.
  • Alot of Charity shops!! Not enough clothes shops
  • If you want to look like avery other teenager in Weston then simply copy the dress style of the latest pop sensation. Currently Weston is populated by 3,000 Eminems and Brittney's. To give you an idea of the Trend setting styles of Weston, People who shop at Next are considered Ponces. If Burtons and Fosters aren't good enough then bugger off to London you Posh Git.
  • Burtons
  • HLA is pretty cool in the sovereign centre.
  • All over priced and aimed at 12 year olds or 60 year olds.
  • Next is ok, but the rest suck, and HLA are ok provided you don't mind paying a tenner over the top on every shirt.
  • WHAT CLOTHES SHOPS? Oh! U mean the ones where all the pensioners go. Lets see, theres Oxfam, British Heart Foundation, QS....Wow! Hold me back! Oh and there's Tammy (oooh so fashionable for pre pubescent teens) and select! YEH! WHERE NOTHING EVER FITS! And there's True Trend, Aniqua, the list is endless! I CAN SPEND MY LIFE HERE SHOPPING!!!!! Oh please. Kill me now. For my kind of stuff I prefer to go to Park Street in Bristol. Yeh, thats more like it.
  • hla and fosters full of shite charity shops and total crap
  • there are no decient clothes shops. I have noticed that if you are a size 16 you will never find clothes in this shit hole!!
  • the only good clothes shop and bearing in mind I am 18, is C&A it is totally uptodate, and is now going to close in January so we are going to be left with just Next, which is higly overpriced for cheap tacky clothes, I prefer to send my assistant out whilst I am in london. otherwise check out Fosters, oh! shit I forgot that is closing next week isn't it, I wonder why, might have something to do with the fact that everyone goes to Bristol for places like river island and near quality matches. what I am trying to say is, bring enough clothes and if you to fancy a nose around the shops when you come,only put 1/2 hour on the car park, that will only cost you about 2 rather than 5 for the hour.
  • Is that the shops that offer cheap shoddy goods at no more than 5.99 a go-. Surely Dolphin Square is adequate for these needs without New Look, Mark One, Select, In-Shops etc. etc. I think the only decent shops we have are Next and now sadly, the closure of C&A and the recent closure of Richards is the demise of the rest.
  • The indoor market in Dolphin Square is fantastic if you are fifty stone.Top Shop - with a range of clothes quite unlike any other Top Shop in the rest of the country. Woody's mum knits an excellent line in jumpers for your action men.
  • LOADS! - top name outlets (people travel from 10 miles and more just to shop in Weston)
  • Ive seen better clothes in a Freemans catalogue.
  • Allsports, Fosters
  • the clothes shops are great as long as you want to either look like your grandparents or a ganster rapper with the crotch of your jeans between yor knees
  • if you like the mass manufactured trendy look, then fine... if you want anything individual don`t bother.
  • HLA is about the best clothes shop, but overpriced and full of tossers buying clothes.
  • Oxfam in Meadow Street [opposite Sarnies!] is a really groovy place to pick up an old pair of open-toed sandals, to wear with grey socks in the summer months. Otherwise, Suzie can just borrow stuff out of Sue's wardrobe.
  • Weston is practically anorexic in terms of good clothes shops, but a new shokp for the girlies has opened in the Soverign Shopping centre (just off the high street)called "Stunning Rags" which stocks French Connection stuff and a few other lines,but not really very much of anything. The clothes there are tolerable for when you need something quick and can't get to Bristol.
  • Weston does have a good clothes shop... it's called Uniform, and they sell some right smart stuff.
    The clothes shop that sells smart stuff is no longer called Uniform! It's now called... Industry!

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