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Clubs (Dance Music) and Music Bars
  • Visions, great for peado's and plastic gangsters. The Med Bar (new name now) every miss fit who can't quite get it together for a vulgar night club ends up in here. Nothing more entertaining then mong watching
  • The Glengarry nite club was ever so popular, what happened to it.
  • Where did the old traditional pubs go like the 3 queens (Queens) and the queen vic
  • Nothing left I'm afraid, not since they closed Hobbits. :(
  • if you go to the clubs you will probaly get attacked by some sixteen year old pissed up pikey
  • 7
  • There are lots of clubs/bars in weston but not one dedicated to r'n'b/hiphop/garage which is a shame. It's either alternative (rock gardens.scallys,hobbits,phoenix,dominion) or charts (everywhere else, especially senoritas!).
  • For cheap fun, Vision is the best- 10 all you drink... absolute skank-hole though. Actually, everywhere is but then you have a better time because you don't respect the place as much- like going to the Canary Islands on an 18-30 thing.
  • there are loads
  • hobbits--rock,heavy metal
  • What has happened to Weston??? Moved away in 2002, came back to visit and it's all gone downhill. Voltz used to be where it's at, bangin hard house nights, Time if you wanted a cheesy piss-up. Now you've got Bar 7 (what's all that about?) Sands, which is still a load of shite and Vision, assuming this is the chain club (there's one in Bognor Regis too) which is like Time only much worse. And Hobbits????? Rock nights? Whatever! Apparently a fantastic night if you like that sort of thing, so well worth a visit. Id' recommend going to Bristol and getting a taxi back with mates, it won't cost you much more. You've got the Academy, the Gatecrasher nights in Baja (previously Evo) and the fabulous Castros for *decent* music (none of this awful 'funky house' shit that's everywhere at the moment). All things considered, this is a good town to grow up in as there's shit loads to do nightlife-wise!
  • Cabot. Bring back Nigel! Nigel is the Cabot!
  • There is absolutely nowhere in weston-super-mare to go if you're into anything other than pop music, a few places have jukeboxes which is the closest you'll get. a shitehole ownded by andy & louis "BS23" (oo its westons postcode, well done!) is shockingly bad - full of chavs and im not sure it even has a licence as one day all the logos were gone and A4 sheets saying 'Function Room' were up. Go to bristol or make a night of it and travel to Bristol, Birmingham or even London. Do it all the time and its great fun..
  • visions alright. sticky carpets and cheesy music but generally a laugh
  • Go to Bristol, Taunton or Bridgewater
  • In my opinion, Seven is the best bar in the town at present. The new owners had a tough job on their hands taking over from the last lot but they have done themselves proud. The decor is amazing, Good selection of wines and beers, Good entertainment and the food is great too.. They even have a childrens play area! Long gone are the days of burley bouncers stood on the doors trying to look intimidating, They have now been replaced with polite, Decent and professional doormen (The previous dicks can now be found at sands!) Gone are the days when you got served a disgusting looking drink from an unwashed glass by a kid who didnt even look old enough to be in a bar let alone work in one. The bar staff today are again, Like the doormen, professional and polite. Fine, It may not be the cheapest bar in town but who wants to pay 1 for a drink and be surrounded by morons and tacky decor?! The terrace is a great place to relax and they have put on some great nights there. People knew 'Volts, Joes, Suga and stars' as a drug riddled venue where the owners where as bad as the junkie scum that used to vacate its premises. Now its a classy and friendly establishment where you no longer have to worry about someone offering you an e in the toilet. I say a big well done to Vas and his staff for transforming the place and turning into into westons best bar!
  • yo mofos. were like so myspace! and we totally love hobbits. they let local bands get up thre and give it a go. and we really like the whole open mic night thing going on at backbar resently. WE HATE ROUTE66 its just a place where people like to go...and start fights. ok they do, do the occasional mic thing, with local bands, but somehow the night will always get ruined. 7 is a great place, yet we think that its a little to expensive for teh chav likes of weston, dominion is fun [they have play stations] and good music! going out isnt just about drinking so much that u cant even rememeber what happened last week. its got the social side to it to...and the whole meeting new people and appreciating the music! whats with everyone 'biggin' it up to the chav life of weston and giving this place a bad name? thre are normal resepecatble people here to u know? jeez! thanks bye x
  • DONT BOTHER going to Senioritas in Weston. Its full of chavvy bastards, ugly slappers and the dregs of the gutter in Weston. Avoid like the plague. Its a tourist trap for thick people who enjoy paying 2.70 for a bottle of VK blue which is 1.50 everywhere else. Also when they have their "hardcore nights" on a Friday night the place is crawling with 15 year olds trying to sell you E in the toilets. This happened to me last weekend when I was in the nicer bar Phoenix above. Bastards. Also avoid Med Bar-fight city, Madisons-you can change the decor but not the customers, Latinos-Chav city on a big sticky stick, Dragon Kiss-jumped up "you arent gettin in ere with trainers on mate despite the fact that i just let my mate in with his 8 criminal convictions and pocket full of coke", Yates-do i really have to explain this one.? Wank, the lot of em.
  • Hobbits is the best.
  • the newest bar open so far is bar 7 which has had alot of money spent on rebuliding it! b4 it was a shithole! u wudent even know nething was there, now it is the first thing u notice on the seafront. but if ur out on the piss, u will always end up in sands, which is also on the seafront. oh, and dont go in vision - the underage club - legally! vision is a non-alcoholic club 4 the sad kids who used 2 sneak into the real clubs and start fights and try 2 split up loose couples!
  • Cabot
  • hobbits the rock club - rarrr -- pheonix if not..
  • Well there's the obvious: Vision, Joe's, Sands, etc, and there's Dominion opposite the college, and Hobbits for the alternative crowd.
  • some lads run a thurday dance night up a shitehole called Oasis which i think is actually pool hall usually but its probably the only good music you are likely to find in weston unless you like pop!
  • Vision
  • hobbits is where all the skaters go to stay away from the rest of the inbreds that populate yhe area
  • best vlub is vision used to be called time, great nifgt, great music!
  • Madisons and DK are da best bars in weston. cheap, clean n most of the time thers a supply of bog roll in the loo's. Madi's is well cheap for drinks. Get a squashed frog for all of a quid. Vision is good 9 all u can drink on fri and sat.
  • there now vision- formally time formally uropa formally bees? suga is crap- pure chav scum. sands is ok-ish. hobbits for the goths, but if you really want a great night out, go to bristol!
  • im 15 and im a good girl & i would never drink in my life ever. however....there are some pretty good clubs in weston & the night life is wicked (just don't get in2 a fight like all the other blokes do otherwise you might end up with a broken nose!) the clubs are dotted all around weston & should be easy to find. some on the seafront (good if you like getting on the dance floor), some down the street to the right of argos (good for getting chatted up in) and there's also a couple of strip joints (he he he nawty)
  • Senoritas is a real nice place to go if you want to meet decent people and dance to all the classics! The new owners have really turned the place around and made the venue a safe and fun place to be. Definately the no.1 place in weston!!!
  • Hobbits is the 'alternative music' venue, Goth, Rock, Metal etc; expect lots of black.
  • Hobbits absolutely rules as a place to go on a night out...don't attend if heavy metal and headbanging isn't your scene (you will be better off in one of your crappy trendy clubs)
  • They're all pants if you're over 15.... Try Bristol instead! :)
  • Thought this could do with a bit of updating from one of the remarkably young looking patrons herself! Sands is now the in place to go again, doesn't mean it's any better than before though...double the people limit inside, rarely anywhere to sit, people who look strangely like their bouncers come to our SCHOOL and start fights. I personally prefer TIME, (not Uropa, think it changed name in about '99?!) which is getting a bit more popular again now cos of the 7 all-inclusive on Friday nights, nice lounge area, friendly bar staff. Watch the carpet though - you WILL stick to it. Allows you to get soo pissed so quickly you no longer care. But yeah, most of us 'look' about 16. Hobbits - very friendly but at the same time quite insular (the weirder half of my old tutor group). And the music gives you a headache. To be honest I would recommend Bristol if you're not local, everyone knows everyone else here, one of the only reasons it's fun.
  • The club scene in weston is pretty crap! used to be ok back a few years ago but things have changed which is a shame! Dragons kiss is good for a pre club bar, trendy and classy as is liquid lounge. sands is always a good laugh with mainstream chart and dance. stars niteclub is crap and ALWAYS empty (shit dj's), Time is definately a no no (well, ok if you wanna pull a ben sherman or rough bird) (again, shit dj's). i suggest Bristol! level and creation for a wicked night out and cafe blue and bar latino (empathy) for quality dance music.
  • i guess it must be the make up that makes people at hobbits look so young or so old and yay for the awful music
  • Big shout out to Lee Thomas and Paul C who brought us those Dare2Be nights at Voltz. What have we got now???? Cheese nights at sands or time where they promote nights for 5 all inclusive cause thats the only way to get people up there.
  • Hobbits, everywhere else has shocking music, door-men with attitude problems and a surprisingly high proportion of moronic clientele
  • Madisons has re-opening, completely changed. If you want to spend your night with decent music, and the only Video Jukebox in the South West. This is the place to be. No under 18's will get in. If you don't have I.D you won't get in the front door. Even if you have your tits out you still won't get it. So if you want a place with no underage drinkers or full of 14 - 16 years old then Madisons is the place to be. Friendly staff, two dance floors, two bars and music from the 70's, 80's, 90's and some of todays charts. Since it's re-opening it has had nothing but very good coments, so come see for yourself. Madisons Late Bar and Club, oppisite the Grand Pier on Weston Sea Front. Oh and did I forget to say that I am one of those friendly staff. And anything I have said about is truthfull.
  • best club in weston has got to be sands, no matter wot people say, its changed a lot in the past few years and is now a great place to go, monday nights is 1 to get in and 1.50 a drink all night although it does close at 1.00.on friday nights it ias open until 3 and is 3 to get in and drinks are buy one get one free until midnight, they play all different kinds of music and doors are pretty strict so you wont find many underage drinkers in there. Time is also a great place to be on a friday night it is 12 to get in but free drinks, food and cloakroom all night, there are lots of offers on in time the usual price is 5 to get in. i dont rate stars at all, stars used to be suga and before that it was voltz, it has really gone downhill, however its free bar/club downstairs (joes) is a good place to be. on a usual night out most people start off in madisons which is free admission bar/club, this also plays a good range of music and you will find a good range of people there too. the bouncers or doormen as they like to be called in weston are nice blokes usually unless you piss em off again time and sands have the best bouncers and 1 of the main bouncers on madisons is a good bloke i have to admit that a few of em r wankers but just stay out of their way and there will b no problems.
  • H20 bar in the Winter Gardens has late license (till 2) and has live DJs like Lisa Pinup and Ras Kwame.
  • HOBBITS IS BACK!!! it has now re-opened at the back of dolphin square near scallys. The rather large but incredibly nice fella Mr Bolam has brought the legend back and its fantastic. It still has the best atmosphere in weston and has there are no tossers, unlike the other clubs. Oh yeah, avoid senioritas, i've never known a wedding reception last that long with no bride!!!!! it really does suck. So if you don't want to get some little TW*T in a puffa jacket who thinks he's 'ard' or some fat trog trying to get some, get your ass to Hobbits. so big pat on the back to Mr Bolam for reviving the best club in weston.
  • Time Funkin Exelent for a cheep night out but watch it there are too may people thinkin they thugs and to may 13 year olds finkin they hot, so if its a heavy drinkin easy shag fest sands is now the place all the grannies have fucked off and the fit ass has arived so go an enjoy it! They also do a Charity night were you can pay anything you want to enter(anything under a fiver expect a beating from the bouncers) and is 1.50p a drink all night.
  • "Hobbits" is an amazing little club for the Alternative scene, other than that there is "Sands", for idiots in fred perry shirts, "Time" for fighting and council estate trash, and "Voltz" for pillheads.
  • Senoritas Bar/Nightclub is the only place in weston, all the other clubs are full of young piss-heads falling over and puking all over the place. The music's great, the atmosphere is brilliant. The club is owned by that guy who won millions on the lottery, bloody nice guy apparently.
  • Time Nightclub in Weston-super-Mare
  • oh well ur all not with it, Time is now so empty and the music crap everyones heading to SANDs its a good night a mix of music and a lot of laughs. Hoiwever if you want a cheap night do wat i did this friday talk to a bouncer in time they will get u in free then get wasted on the free booze then move on to sands when ur pissed and just pay to get in brilliant!
  • There is a growing number of hookers in Joes club on the sea front
  • Well theres a few in weston all as bad as the last but if you must go clubbing dont goto SANDS its full of wanna-be`s i recomend TIME at the moment because its 10 all in thats free drink and food and cloakroom all night long...NOT BAD HUH !!
  • Bar Red, Oasis, Suga (previously 'Voltz' but unfortunately gone to RnB chart teeny bopper cheese now)
  • No matter what ne one says suga and Joes are wicked, the only let down is the bunch of wankers that call them self door men!!!!!!
  • Suga (ex voltz) is still crap-no matter how much they change their name Time - meant to be quite good...for pillheads Rock Follies & senoritas - with stripping and lap dancing - weston gets seedier Personally, weston is too dangerous for clubbing..too many violent drunken men.
  • Senoritas - but only cos I met the missus there, their all the same rehased tat populated with the unimaginative and the dull
  • Clubs, well Time is alright however when u go there the term 'nappy night' might spring to mind - these days everyone staggers along to Sands now the owners have changed, YES SANDS! its a laugh, there is a good friendly atmosphere, varied age range, not to expensive and the music is normally quite good, however, it does look skanky at the moment but there are plans for a refurbishment. Just whatch out for the Large number of pissed up Wankers, that will be the locals!
  • Sands night club! Almost guarrented a shag if you can put up with queueing for hours and the terrible music till 2:05am.
  • VOLTZ VOLTZ VOLTZ what can i say?? opposite the Grand Pier, the best club to go to for underground tarance, and hard house tunes. Great atmosphere, very smiley and friendly, fantastic local DJs and regular themed nights. Pre Bar is the Pig & Truffle towards the town hall, and a good late bar is Bar Red behind Cheers Bar (down the same street as the playhouse opposite Argos).. more up & coming DJs. I even saw a female DJ called SPANKY there January 2002, she made the place rock!!
  • Manhattens nice place no bother no fighting or prats trying to be hard.Most clubs full of losers and scum in this town better off staying in with video and take away or go to Bristol
  • Dragons Kiss is a new bar, very classy and no scum allowed The Liquid Lounge is very nice too, cool place to hang out
  • Hobbits, the only alternative club in town has closed down and re-opened as a swanky trendy bar, poo. Never mind tho,cos VOLTZ (4-5 beach road) is,without doubt,the only place to be seen. They have outstanding resident djs plus the occasional big name:judge jules, lisa pin-up, yomanda to name but a few.
  • 1/8/01 Sadly Hobbits is no more.
  • 18-25yrs try Joe Montanas on beach Rd. Opens till two and is free. If you go upstairs to the grown ups club it will cost you. 25-40yrs try the new one in Regent St, its called TIME or something. 40yrs and over, and any one who wants to date some old slapper's mother go to Sands on the sea front. If you cant get a shag there, then start questioning your choice of sexuality. If you do get a shag, you'll be glad you didn't give her your real name or phone number. If you are really good you'll be able to gnaw your arm off in the morning without waking her.
  • does anyone remember the comprtition in the local free rag where readers were asked to find a name for what was then Uropa? They settled on Time in the end, does anyone know if the company's other club in Swansea, i believe, is also called Time? By the way the sad day when Hobbits finally closed has come and gone. Apparently many of its patrons now have bits of furniture from Hobbits in their homes, good on u boys + girls. it all went down hill since Bev stopped working behind the bar there in mid 2000.
  • Hobbits is now closing. Weston has no clubs of any note now so may as well f*ck it up to Bristol instead.
  • Voltz is really the only place to go. musics excellent and the bouncers are actually quite friendly ( i know.... only place on earth!) Time ( used to be uropa) apart from a new carpet, name and lounge bar the 1.5mil refit didn't really do much. music is still as totally crap as before. bouncers with bad attitudes and extortionate drinks prices. senoiritas is cool but more of a pub than a club. but nevertheless a must on the nites itinerary. hmmmmm hobbits is a dark dingy hole where all the freaks of weston hang out. so your left with voltz - by far the best choice - mentions in mix mag and visits from dj's such as boy george and lisa lashes!
  • Senoritas is THE place if you dont want all the shit and hassle from the kids..clean, tidy and great party music, knocks spots off the other hell holes
  • just to let everyone know UROPA has had a face lift and is know called TIME don't be fooled it is still the same trendy filled pre teen slapper infested club it always was if you don't have your breasts out and have more than two brain cells you're not getting in.
  • Voltz, Club Uropa now Times?? Best is probably Joe's and Voltz
  • Sands!!!!! Pull a 50 yr old evrytime!
  • Sands - Cattle Market. Uropa - REMARKABLY young looking patrons!. Voltz - About the best dance venue. Hobbits - YUK.
  • Senoritas is the place to go now, newly opened up by a lottery winner who one a million, this place sells cool drinks with hot barmaids and hot girls who frequent the place, the usual tossers in weston don't go here as its too clean, plus cameras everywhere prevent drug use and dealing on the premises. The bouncers are also sound too. Yates is a cool place, but ya gotta wear shoes in, it is so busy but all the girls go here. I wouldn't recomend anywhere else now in Weston unless you like trouble.
  • All the clubs in Weston are shit u'd be better of going to Bristol where the clients are a bit older than the 14year olds who go out in Weston
  • For anyone over 18 avoid Ugropa, Voltz and Joe Montanas. For anyone over 50 - head for Sands - you are guaranteed a pick-up and for the in-betweenies you've got a choice of dark and dank Hobbits (if you're really pissed) or the recently opened Senorita's - however very busy and very very long queues to enter! I forgot, if you're really sad and desperate to grab-a-granny try Oasis above Burtons - not to be missed - worth the 3 entrance fee for the laugh!!!
  • Hobbits has ACTUAL rock heritage. Previously owned by the drummer from RACY (Some girls will, some girls won't...) and always frequented by those odd flour-covered goths and filthy trainered JITTERS. The carpets are black as your hat and the beer is mixed with washing up liquid. Having said all of this, I wouldn't change it for the world. My favourite childhood haunt.
  • Europa , Sands, and I don't remember the names of the others but there are quite a few, despite the rumour of weston being a large open old peoples home (there are many times more rest homes in weston than rehabs)
  • UROPA, all others R pretty crap.
  • Uropa and Stars - local meat markets... only go there if you want to get in a fight or join the fetuses on the dance floor (most people in these clubs are under age) Hobbits - dingy but the best place to go. Good atmosphere, friendly people, little trouble, and a good variety of music, from mainstream indie on Fridays and Saturdays, to metal nights on Tuesdays. Drinkks aren`t too expensive either, and you won`t get beaten up for looking at some one!
  • No, none of those. Uropoa - c**p music and too many kiddies/grandads. Stars/B_something - random stabbings. Hobbits - just don't. Joe Montanas - floodlit. Cabot - what have they done to you? New one opposite the college - barman who slips young girls 'roofies'. Lodge - bent. Anything I forgot - says it all really.
  • Dance venues.......Karanga at the DJ's?? Last time I saw Paul Oakenfold (3 decks and still bouncing - DJ God), Judge Jules, Pete Tong (WE CONTINUE!)and an assortment of other top DJ's giving it LARGE the one thing it was not was at the Tropicana. As my mate said when we got home from Uni one day and were standing in the London: "I was in the f**king MINISTRY [OF SOUND] last night!" Top DJ in Weston = some bloke from Galaxy 101. Uropa - "Hello little girl, would you like some sweeties?" is the traditional chat up line used by blokes in their mid-twenties who can't pull anyone over the age of 17. And the music SUCKS (especially on Thursday - you can predict the playlist as soon as you walk in. Because its always the same).
  • RE: If you want to laugh at the locals then take a trip to "Hobbits"; local rockers demonstrate how to make a complete fool of yourself by playing "Air Guitar" and "Sweep the floor with your hair". No-one should under any circumstances visit Mr B's or Stars nightclub... they should go to Bristol. Star's is now called Voltz.
  • If you want to laugh at the locals then take a trip to "Hobbits"; local rockers demonstrate how to make a complete fool of yourself by playing "Air Guitar" and "Sweep the floor with your hair". No-one should under any circumstances visit Mr B's or Stars nightclub... they should go to Bristol.
  • Mr.B's has been changed twice recently [1996]. First it became "Buzz" then it was given a million pound refurbishment and it's now called "Club Uropa". Basically it's a flashy handbag heaven with a better sound system, bouncers with better clothes and more attiude problems, sky high entrance and bar prices and occasional live bands. Stars and The Sands are still open, Hobbits is still the same and in my opinion the whole place could do with a spot of nuclear re-modelling.
  • Hobbits - who cares if the place looks hanging, its got more atmosphere than all the other clubs could raise in a year and about as much violence as a convent (ie not much at all ever).
  • Uropa, Uropa, Uropa. Espesh on Thursday [Seventies night], when all the local totty [not much] converge on the place. Groove on down, daddio! Also The Sands for all the totty that used to be in Uropa ten [fifteen, twenty] years ago.
  • A surefire method of having a terrible night: Go to Club Uropa. Enough said.

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