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Hookup Spots
  • Vince Noire's underground Coffee House Crack Houses down Baker St always someone to talk to there if you can get a word in.
  • New town market
  • Go to the new weston Market get some great plant for your mum!,
  • Set in the suburbs of Worle, the batch is the place to be if you are popular and awesome. Almost every day a new fight breaks out and the police are called, but the party still goes on late into the night after that. The smell of weed is plentiful and the girls are hot hot hot and do not wear many clothes. If you get accepted ito the batch, you know you have made it!
  • Grove Park, The Playhouse
  • theres an old man waiting outside bournville primary school at 3 oclock every day.......when the kids finish he starts flashing and shouting one seems to care
  • did you hear about that fourteen year old stripper in shadow lounge.....
  • did you hear about that fourteen year old stripper in shadow lounge.....
  • I LOVE THE NIGHT CLUBS!!!! i was in the toilet and i managed to blag a few free lines of coke!
  • the night clubs are good.... alot of pissed up girls
  • alot of people in weston can hook you up with what ever you need...
  • crime hot spot: the ally near the high street that stinks of piss and is coverd in low standard graffiti
  • i was in grove park the other day and i could not beleive how many heroin needles where on the floor!!......HAVE THEY EVER HEARD OF CLEANERS!!!!!
  • if your a young aggresive male looking to fight,have sex,take drugs and have a good party....... then weston will be the perfect place for you
  • watch out for the piss head in the wheel chair in the middle of town randomly shouting abuse at strangers.
  • just sit in town in the middle of the day and watch all the various dodgey/wierd charecters walk see some pretty messed up people doing messed up things....its funny as fuck
  • italian gardens at night has now become a rape/mugging hot spot.
  • PUBLIC TOILETS IN WESTON!!!! always a good place to get your willy wet....
  • if you hang out at denizs kabab bar near the arcades on friday night...... YOU SEE SOME OF THE BEST FIGHTS EVER!!!!!!
  • theres a good 24/7 brothel down that allyway in the middle of town that everyone calls crack ally. smells a bit like gone off fish tho.....
  • ive been randomly attacked four times this year... i learnt the hardway not to walk the streets alone on friday or saterday night!
  • weston is not the place i would consider taking the family.. but the DRUGS are ok :D
  • when im in weston i just stay in my house. its nothing but piss heads, smack heads, tramps and old people
  • tk maxx car park
  • grove park toilets, ps dont use the phone coz the police will nick anyone who touches it.
  • The seafront after dark is becoming a dogging area
  • is there ANYWHERE in weston for the mature amongst us i mean over 50s, no r`e not past anything at all
  • Hook up spots... depends on whether you're a crack whore or a 'grockle'(the ever so slightly dated term for a tourist from the Midlands, coined by the 'I've-got-a-mate-who's-black'- sort of bigots that you get in weston)... just hang out on the beach or the arcades- the beach is cheaper so you can spend the money on trying to bribe an adult into buying you some White Lightning.
  • TC's aka The Town Crier
  • There is of course the Italian Gardens, the place where teenagers, goths, emos, skaters and teenie boppers, and of course the occasional hobo hang out and to share drugs. they laugh at the police driving by while they are there with a joint ... but not any more now it is deserted. Only old fossils and little kids hang out there now, frowning at the remains of the Italian Gardens, covered in graffiti and no grass from constant skating. We are finished with it now, and we helped encourage the tourists by turning the fountain red. And people say we are useless drop outs and misfits ... Now you will find the rebels of weston-super-mare at the flyover, by the train staton.
  • I hear they are planning Miss Weston-Super-Mare 2007 for September. That will be sooooo cool.
  • Sand Bay Car Park (at night only!)
  • the italian gardens in the town center,no chavs just skaters,punks,goths
  • the corronation skatepark is not run buy the bulles no more is overtaken
  • Good old Italian Gardens. Seems to be CONSTANTLY occupied by various tweenagers, dropouts and obviously-very-bored "young people" throughout day-light hours.. at night at least one of the billion benches is occupied by wasted/stoned youths.
  • OK, if you lot don't like Weston, why not move somewhere better, like, Birmingham, Bradford, Burnley and that's just the Bs. Go on then, aren't you gone yet?
  • Uphill hill is rather nice in the summer. You can look all across weston. Pack a picnic, Its beautiful.
  • the java lounge now in orchard street, its an internet cafe and coffe shop
  • Not really anywhere. Beach maybe or one of the parks but not during the summer as the place is invaded by brummies and other such people who have never seen the sea and probably never will by coming to weston. If your a goth or a skateboarder who likes to wear black there seems to be an epidemic of them at the moment all meeting opposite the pound shop.
  • the high street macdonalds (NOT the 1 where all the "BOY racers" chill - emphasis on the word 'BOY') U always c people of all ages waiting either side of the double doors of macdonalds, looking bored, having a fag. The best link up place coz u cant miss it!
  • The Wyvern Tree
  • The Italians, Phat hangout with all the chavs walking past telling people that there "gay bois" pretending like its there are just becasue the wrote in byro there name followed by "woz ere", oh also the abbandoned house kicks ass but its kinda burnt now, woops!
  • Not applicable, I could tell you where I go on a Friday night but I might get mugged.
  • Outside subway- great place to sit!
  • Milton train station in the shelter, some barn down moor lane where the farmer if he cought you would chase you with a pitch fork. The fields next to moor lane in the summer where great, but now 1000+ crappy houses
  • OLDMIXON!!! it's the only decent estate in weston & i think it's the only estate that you wont get mugged in :)
  • ok go to the seafront, walk right (facing the sea) round past marine lake untill you get to the flat roofed cafe, on it's right is the ladies bog, further right than this is a curved path, up there and onto the flat roof isa dip for sunbathin and chillin..........
  • Recently I have noticed on friday and saturday nights women who are whores working near the sea palace and also the Alfred street area.I was approached three weeks ago outside the sea palace and asked if I was looking for sex......looks like they are arriving for the summer season early
  • Mc Donalds, outside the sovereign centre, Dolphin square.
  • Borough arms pub Locking Road, is the worst pub in Weston Super Mare, the land lady is never behind the bar, the only time that you see he is when she kicks you out, she is so rude she tells you to f**** off, this place is very dirty, now she is leaving the pub, but Ha! Ha! she is having another pub that she can reck.
  • The Borough arms is the worst pub in weston, it is dirty the land lady never works behind the bar and she is very rude, you see at the end of the night and she tells you to F*** off
  • skaters in weston are pretty lame on the whole, but if you know them you would hook up at the itallian gardens, the flyover, ufo, or any of the very few spots around this town
  • The little shelter by Marine Lake, nice when the sun's going down
  • Phone boxes in front of Grove Park
  • the green opposite the pier, good for sunbatheing in the summer and pissin about with your mates at anytime! close to attractions such as arcades, pier and beach surrounded by restaurants and bars and main focal point in the day for people aged 14 to 25.
  • There has been a massive clamp down on drinking in the street and some local parks. So a drink from a can or bottle in the town centre is a no no. If you get caught the fine is 25 for a first offence. Grove Park is out of bounds if you feel like a drink. But the council have put needle bins in the park, so it okay to do drugs there but don't drink. Great message there North Somerset Council.
  • The italian gardens on he high street, a good meet up point with plenty of benches and a lot of grassy bits to sit on. overlooks the shopping centre.
  • Clarence Park - full of kiddies up to mischief on dark nights!
  • On the sea front opposite the cabot bars, interesting to watch the traffic, joggers and old people from west brom admiring the beach!
  • Grove Park, on the benches next to the angel.
  • Find some street corner and its guarenteed there will be a bunch of dickheads who think they are cool doing shitty things.
  • Well there is no relevant box for this so I am gonna type it here. Weston-Super-Mare is in North Somerset and has been for a long time. It is important that this information is corrected. Thankyou
  • the arcades used to be the place to meet up and get pissed on the weekends
  • The Magistrates Court is next to the Police Station in Walliscote Road. The steps of either are usually gorged with young people. If you hang around either one long enough you will see someone you know.Its also a convenient location for hooking up with mates who have been to the nearby DSS.
  • In the summer everyone chills out and grabs a beer from a pub on the sea front and drifts onto the beach lawn opposite the grand pier, its not as bad as it used to be and the eye in the sky is watching for any jerk off's
  • Any Place that has more than 10 feet square of Tarmac. Anywhere in Weston that has an area big enough to turn a car, will by nightfall have around 20 Ford Escorts, Fiesta's and Mondeo's revving their engines and blasting their steroes. These souped up,18" Exhaust, 25" Alloy, 40" Sub Woofer carrying Tin Cans are mostly driven by 30 something men in Tracksuits with far too much Fake Gold jewellery, who under the mis aprehension that when other motorists see them they smile with respect and in awe at these pillions of our community and aspire to be as them. When in reality the only word that every man woman and child who sees these sad excuses for men utters is "Wanker". OH Yes nearly forgot, they have all got small cocks as well!
  • Worle High st. outside the Starchip.
  • Grove Park - YUK
  • Druggies and scum hang out on Alfred Street in Weston, they was even a case of whores being around there and giving sexual services to men in alleyways! Most of the boy racer sados hang about at McDonalds, as they all do worldwide, they all smoke pot outside in their cars and laugh at the cops who don't arrest them.
  • HOOK UP SPOTS? WHAT THE FUCK? THIS IS WESTON RIGHT?? The simple answer to any question relating to the so-called "hook up spots" is that THERE ARE NO BLOODY PLACES TO JUST BE. The high street is never endingly populated with old people, that fat man who sings, and little 12 yr olds who think they have reached puberty just because they can go buy little things from the poundshop like little imitation Barbies and Shampoo (not a shop i recommend to be seen in may I add, that Poundland does attract many oldies though. PENSIONERS APLENTY! Anyway I digress.) Then there's the beach (not exactly a beach is it?) Ok, scratch that...Then there's that stretch of mud and crap where that brown liquid occasionally comes and goes where you can see a couple of mounds of earth that look particularly inviting compared to Weston! That I would say is a no go area "pour moi" because it is crawling with either senseless old grey families "touring" from the Midlands (what they are touring I do not know) or SPANISH STUDENTS!!!!! AARRRGGGHHHH!!!! During the summer months they take us over. Ok so lastly the arcades and backstreets are a bit of a sad place to be because the only people u come across there are 12 yr old boys who think they are hard to be smoking "fags" and getting pissed and trying to start fights with the locals. Inviting? Only if you're insane.
  • the town is full of hook up spots, everywhere you go there is a gang of approx 5-10 youngsters thing=king they are all hard.
  • Boy racers: Sea Front and MacDonalds. Druggies: Grove Park and various benches. Alcoholics: Also Grove Park and Italian Gardens. Mental people: High Street and Italian Gardens. Normal people (if there are any left: At Home - too scared to go out!
  • When I was a kid it was Worle Rec. Mind you, all the really thick Worle kids went to Castle Batch.
  • Burger King , Soverein centre
  • Knightstone Island, Ashcombe Park, Weston Woods, Hutton Moor, anywhere that is crap an has nout to do.
  • The whole town is one big hook-up spot for druggie`s and piss-heads from all around the U.K.,their favourite spots however seem to be- Grove park-dope-heads and in the evenings,bedroom for the local beggars Benches at crossroads in Baker st-piss-heads High st- the local (wish they were)hard boys Arcades-all of the above(doubled)
  • All the scum hang around weston in general, its a nasty place to live, over 15 drug rehab centres surround the town, with over 5% of the population known drug addicts. Heroin is rife and getting worse.
  • Sarnies cafe in Meadow Street. Ideal for a late-morning brekkie after a real heavy night spent at Sue's flat [now Sam and Anna's]. Really chummy staff, and they'll even put up with you weraring last night's grotty, scummy, smelly clothing.
  • Grassy area in front of the High Street (known as Italian Gardens). Here you will find all the misfits and dropouts "hanging out!!"
  • Teenagers congregate anywhere near the High Street
  • Grove Park - another fine spot for drinking vast amounts of cider, falling asleep on your side and getting sunburn down one side of your face.

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