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Buskers, Street Entertainers
  • The guy who sells the paintings but is bullied by the old bill to keep walking on his Hawkers Licence. He's been a part of Weston a long time, knows all the history and is a very good artist. Respect.
  • That woman who Walks around town shouting
  • Who put Bex on here?!?!?!
  • Serious level of "characters" round here :s
  • be fair, Weston is pretty full of nutcases, not the pleasant kind, but there's always the odd bloke spray painted silver stood in the park like a statue, and the crowd of students that hang out in the winter gardens usually show off on their boards or get out their poi, that's amusing for a while. Oh and don't forget the nutbag down the high street who frequently insists we're all going to hell :/
  • Clive "Jump", Pigeon Woman, The Penguin, Keith Clarke, Gary Fear....
  • the pissed up guy in a wheel chair shouting abuse.......the pissed up tramp in grove park.......and various other crack head/smack head tramps located around the town.......piss heads fighting OR EVEN A STREET BRAWL.
  • does anyone know the name of a man who sang kareoke in 3 pubs in meadow st in 2005 he was about 60 had glasses and a beard sang brian adams really good
  • theres a local hobo in grove park hes well funny
  • the blind lady that sings, also indian people, the big issue people also the bigger issue people
  • Big Bez the bouncer
  • Bex
  • oh my god i moved away from weston and the nutters there, and poor colin the radio one man who lived with his mother I think she died, and the Bird lady who was called fiona she lived with her brother who was a bit naughty to her and sent her mad she lived in the garage at the back of my flat, why the council did'nt give her a flat was beyond me but she did have about 30 cats for company. Me ! i used to get drunk all the time and live a coupe of doors down from gary moore's mum who lived in a rather small house but was a nice lady I went to school with his sister pat. I left weston and became a real person now traveling the world eating nice food and i leave my windows and dorrs unlocked and my bike is still outside the front door where i left it, oh and my underware has never been taken, so yes weston is such a lovely place to be.........NOT
  • SUE - the bleach, blonde drunk, with bright red lipstick and an orange face, who has spent half the night on her knees in the resort's gutters and the other half, being entertained by 'guys' in her flat. Anyone else met her?
  • Where Evanfly seem to be everywhere it also seems to be the same for some guy called Ryan... umm (something) he doesnt seem to go to a pub without singing or playing guitar. Nice guy too.
  • Theres the good damn accordian man or what ever that thing he is playing but thats about it.
  • yea rite! u gotta b jokin - this isnt covent gardens u kno. but u do sometimes get the random group of clowns running around the seafront in the summer along with the insane physco guy who spends all day waving at people as they totally ignor him and drive past as fast as they can!
  • Well, it's all been said really.. for local characters though.. no, nevermind. See for yourself, it's a right laugh.
  • The man who sells teh Big Issue outside tammy. Sometimes he dances to the busking people's music. He is ALWAYS there so everyone knows him as the dancing homeless guy.
  • I saw Colin the other day. I hadn't seen him in tears.
  • Well who haven't we got roaming the streets of Weston like the low-life leppers they are? It's like setting the scene for some apocaliptic earth scenario: drug addicts; muggers; burglers; rapists; kids on social restraining orders; pregnant teenagers; violent drunks; and stupid amounts of old people waiting to die amongst a population that is, for the most part, so hideously under-educated, malajusted, fat, ugly and generally a blotch on the word 'civilisation' that it honestly deserves all the councils efforts for application for the town to be used as a tactical nuclear weapon test site. Seriously, every day I pray that the hand of God will come crashing down and destroy all trace of its existance, it is SCUM do not go there, though I should apologise to those few decent people who live there because you have the ability to put up with the poor living standards, discraceful amenities and social provisions that most of the barbarians in the town are intent on worsening. There is no hope, get out of there now.
  • How much time you got, WSM is a nutter magnet, if you know a strange person, they most likely live here!
  • Watch out if you're waiting at the Weston-Bristol bus stop, there's a fat loony bloke with glasses who WILL NOT stop talking to you if you even say one word to him. He'll sit next to you on the bus even if there's 20 other empty seats.
  • theres a fat man who comes out on the summer to sing for us all. ive tried paying him to shut up but he seems to think he's good. My voice is horrendous but hey, im sure i could make a few quid!
  • weston is perfectly normal
  • The guy who sings "acapella" in the High Street, never sure if he just hasn't realised he's been kicked out of the pub...
  • Steve Wells and the guy with the dogs. Oh and of course me mate JR
  • Fifties woman and her non-fifties blokie
  • The fat drunk guy who cant sing in the high street every saturday - he will do requests for 10p. Also The 3 mexicans who are actually really good.
  • there are loads of poor, homless people in weston, all over the town centre, quite annoyin! sort them out!
  • not many, i mean we aint that close to bristol!!!
  • the Wavey Man, the woman who feeds pigeons with a wooley hat lined with newspaper and the bloke who sings like an opera singer in his DJ on a saturday morning.
  • chris hills and his amazing fire tricks on the beach r good to watch now and then !!!
  • A superb resident nutter who stands on a carrier bag and shouts opera-he's great. Plus the obligatory bible bashers who set up an organ and tell us that 'Jesus forgives us', Thank you Jesus.
  • TOO BLOODY MANY. If you can get along the whole of the High Street without being pestered by beggers, buskers, catalogue sellers and big issue touts, not to mention the charity collectors then you must be blind, deaf or fit into one of the aforementioned groups.There are no street entertainers worth throwning your wonga at.
  • The high St is full of untalented, useless buskers. Fat man - who sings for beer money, Bald guitar man - who plays classical music, Piano man - plays a piano under a huge umbrella(how does he get that piano there?), Fake guitar man - plays a tape and mimes to it???
  • only the old sweaty fat guy in the high street who never seems to move or change his clothes but gives an interesting interpretation of modern opera
  • Weston has recently been awarded a centre of culture, we have introduced a performing group of Patagonian Pipe players who annoy the shoppers with their unique and incessant tunes on lumps of wood stuck together with Yaks intestines. We are also home to the mysterious "Silent Dog Leading Indian Painter" who simply sits silently surrounded by crap pictures of crap subjects, whilst anything upto 6 dogs gnaw at the string around their necks.
  • That Fat Man. OOooh he's really something else. Oh and that man who plays the guitar plays that one tune so well. I think I should show em how to busk!
  • a load of untallented scum and all the homeless have flutes
  • the town is becoming full of tramps every time i go to do a bit of shopping i see a different. they want poeple to feel sorry for them!!
  • they are all as bad as the Spice Girls I don't know why they don't get a Record Deal.
  • Weston's High Street is the local hotspot for daytime entertainment - you can choose between some 6 or 7 regular 'nutter's' putting on their shows... any spare change for a cup of tea (or is that a can of Special Brew?)
  • all towns have their share of crusty old spongers and wasters (we have TONY BLAIR in LONDON...) but a quick body swerve and then forget them...
  • COLIN......."Radio One!". Eternal Sixties Woman. Blanket Radio Dog Man. The largest collection of mullets since Kajagoogoo.
  • A south American troop that visit most summers for a few weeks. various guitarists/singers ,and an old drunk who sings badly for booze money in the middle of the busy high st.
  • All a bunch of lazy wankers that cant be botherd to get a job and earn some money like normal people, they stink, wear cardboard plaques and get spat on, just like they deserve
  • There is always this drunk guy who walks down the High street, singing ... well that is what he is trying to do! He is ALWAYS pissed!
  • The town is full of mankie people,who seem to make the town constantly entertaining
  • the highstreet is constantly full of entertainment,just sit on a bench(if the local 'scum' are not infesting them) and watch the world go by, the town is full of misfits who constantly amuse.if your lucky you can interact with it when a local 'hardman' will try to start a fight,just having a go back will usally result in him running away hurling abuse from a safe distance,and coming back with about 10 mates,which is the only way they will fight
  • Run away very fast - especially from the large singing man... tuneless and forgets the words on a regular basis!!
  • That nutter bloke that stands in the High Street with a bag in front of him and starts singing for no apparant reason.

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