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  • The Foresters used to be a brilliant pub, used to have a scottish lad play the drums and his mate the piano, lot of RAF lads used it as their local as the bus stop back to camp was outside it. Has the Queen Vic or the Queens gone? The old pier was brill mind you I am going back to 1970-1974 when I was stationed at Locking.
  • Hasn't Weston got a GAY bar, gay bar, gay bar? I'm sure there has always been one. Though it might have moved venue, changed its name and worn a false beard a few times. You don't have to be gay to drink in a gay bar. Or do you? Has it been made compulsory? Like smoking outdoors. Has anyone been?
  • Check for I d
  • Kameleon is a giggle on a Saturday, Scallys is still a brilliant biker bar.
  • The Royal hotel has a nice bar that serves non-guests, Geez down by the Blakehay theatre always has a lovely atmosphere and if you're lucky Giovanni might give you sweets, Scallys is a great biker bar with live music most saturdays and there's hardly ever trouble in there, and Cheers, purely because it's got the Back Bar which often has great bands.
  • lion
  • The Waverley Pub has improved considerably. Monday quiz nights have rotating question masters who actually make up the quizzes themselves. You don't get chucked out so early these days either. The beers are good, always a good selection to choose from. Even the clicky crowd at the bar smile at the hangers-on. Well, sometimes.
  • That senoritas has gone right down hill since that chris eggington sold it. Should have kept it. nobody else knows how to run a decent club. they're all boring shytoles
  • The London, Cabot, Bar Four, all lively and inviting.
  • market house and scally's are the only place you really need, but h2o in the winter gardens is great for watching the idiotic tourists plod along the seafront.
  • TC's (a very Attitude Friendly pub)
  • Bar4 is one of my favs, its not too close to yates etc so u dont get them idiots and theres no plasmas so u dont have loads of beerheads shouting everytime football season is in, top place. avoid any bar owned by Andy & Louis MacCredies (senoritas, med bar, latinos, elements) all of their places would fail a health & safety check if they we'rn't playing them off.
  • dragon kiss does good food. the windsor castles alright. good food and beer, plenty of hot blonde barmaids. the one with the glasses is particularly do-able. get in!
  • My favourite pub in the town has got to be The Ship in Uphill. Although it changed owners nmore than i change my socks (Well, Not that much maybe) it has always remained a friendly and sociable pub. The new owners seem very nice although the landlord seems to sometimes take over the pool table with his friends for hours at a time which can seem a bit unfair. Its a dog friendly pub and is great both in the summer and winter. The winter nights they have an open fire which is always burning, A jike box and good selection of drinks and in the summer you can sit outside on the tables and have a beer whilst your dog tucks into a bowl of water.
  • Cabot
  • Town Crier in the town centre is good for a pint, the landlady was friendly enough and I don't think anyone's gonna beat the shit out of you for glancing in their direction. Off The Rails is the last port of call before seeing the lads off home on a Saturday night, Gaz is pretty safe aswell. Shooters is alright, a bit boring in there and a bit draughty if you're sat near the door. And of course Rileys! Friendly staff, great service, good food and drink, eight pound for play all day on the snooker - sound.
  • under 18! :S
  • madisons, dragin kiss, latinos, bar code
  • rileys pool club is good for a sat afternoon.
  • The London used to be nice, now its full of scum and alcholics!
  • The Full Quart in Hewish - about 10mins outside weston on the bristol road - has a good atmosphere, good food and drinks offers, as well as a widescreen TV for football matches, and a kiddies playarea.
  • Best pub...The Weston Super Mare...The landlord...Con Flynn is an incredible person...a gentleman.
  • Dominion is a great rock/metal pub, opposite the main college. Is has got a bit over-run by townies since they put a pool table in but its better than some other pubs in weston i cud mention...
  • Rarely have I lived in a place with so few decent pubs. The Dragon is a typical wetherspoon: service poor, management arrogant, prices cheap. Yates is also cheap but slovenly service and dirty. Dragons Piss next door is much better. Cabot is potentially one of the best, but ridiculously expensive and staff training and customer care non-existent. Reasonable traditional locals include the White Lion (St James St), White Hart (Palmer Row) but be prepared for heads turning when you first go in. More upmarket is Regency (Lower Church Rd) - similar problem with cliquiness. Bar Shallus (formerly Jack Stamps / Carriages) got much better lately but now the enthusiastic manager has left. Hotshots opposite is popular with a younger crowd but a bit intimidating to anyone over 30 who does not come from the Ville; Junction 21,owned by the same outfit is very heavy going. Scallys is an excellent bikers pub if you like that sort of thing,and has good bands. The Imperial has now gone bust, as too has the Forresters (there was never enough demand for a gay venue to make it viable). Cheers / Shooters attract a rather dubious clientele as does the London Inn next door. The Brittannia (in between) is one of the better places. BarCode (formerly Remedies) is run with typical nonchalance by the Greek family that also have a hand in many of the other bad licensed premises in the town. My answer: Get a bus out to Worle where the Golden Lion, Woodspring, Lamb and Olde Kings Head are all worth a visit.
  • (weston is full of alcoholics) yep a few :)
  • The Borough Arms - newly refurbished, serves brilliant food!!
  • whoeva said steamrock was a dive is mad!! Now its known as MED BAR, and its prob the best pub in weston, its full up evry weekend with an older underagers and no scum! It plays a good mixture of music and there are never any fights. The owners are actually really nice, decent blokes and have given the place a real good makeover!!
  • the imp is a nice, fresh, place
  • 'Off the Rails' or 'The White Hart' are good for the real ale types, 'Cheers', 'The Cabot' and 'the London Inn' for lager drinking Sky sports fans. Scallys is a biker bar with two or three live bands a week and never has any trouble (well would you kick off around fifty bikers?).
  • The Regency is a great quiet pub, a must if you want a couple of pints and a quiet game of pool this is the spot.
  • The Dragon Inn, cheap food and drink but always VERY busy, you might have to wait a bit to grab a table. Suppose this sections for bars too? Bar4 - cheap cocktails that don't make you ill (except for the bruiser and the chocolate monkey), jungle juice is very nice and 3 for a double load on Friday nights. Upstairs has comfy sofas but gets VERY hot, we dont wear little tops just cos we're slappers you know! Yates - nice place and friendly staff, Dragon Kiss - posh decor, red black and silver, but drinks aren't more expensive than anywhere else.
  • Again, full of Westonians who have their head's up their arses so far it is a surprise they can breath. Naff pubs, full of naff people, nuff said!
  • Borough arms pub Locking Road, is the worst pub in Weston Super Mare, the land lady is never behind the bar, the only time that you see he is when she kicks you out, she is so rude she tells you to f**** off, this place is very dirty, now she is leaving the pub, but Ha! Ha! she is having another pub that she can reck.
  • The Borough arms locking road is the worst pub in weston, it is dirty the land lady never works behind the bar and she is very rude, you see her at the end of the night and she tells you to F*** off and now she wants another pub Ha! Ha! Ha!
  • The london is always a good starting point, Barcode is ok and offers karaoke nights on a thursday. bar 4 and dragons kiss, madisons and joes are all ok too.
  • pubs here are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good, no they suck.
  • The Waverley in Severn Road is a real locals pub. Very tiny, quite pricey, if you use bad language at all you're out on your ear and barred for, well, a long time. Monday is quiz night which is good fun when it's not the same quiz as the one you did last week. Which isn't often..
  • Nothing outstanding, unless you're temted by 2 for 1 Bacardi Breezers, in which case you'll be in 7th Heaven.
  • The one and only "Olde Kings Head"
  • The new H20 bar in the Winter Gardens is amazing! Cocktails, outdoor terrace and fresh tunes!
  • Cabot is sooo full of sixth-formers.You just wouldn't recognize them cos their in their Friday-night-I'm-well-underage-lets-trowel-on-the-make-up-and-dress-like-we-are-nearly-forty-five-disguises.And although their arent any nearby schools, there is a direct bus route. Steam rock is now Med-bar, (that wouldnt be an unoriginal bar-med rip off would it? Nah, surely not!) in the time honoured but freaky Weston tradition of changing all local nitespot names them changing them back again just to confuse all the local alkies. Its still scary. No matter how cold and windy the sea-front walk to Stars(newly name changed back, natch)do not be tempted in for an enrout bevvie.Its spooky!
  • Dominion, a good but rather odd little bar.
  • Unwined wine bar(opp Bar Code) is a welcome change to the rest of the crap in weston.
  • What a crap pub that Foresters has turned out to be. Used to be BRILLIANT but now the landlady is a lesbian. You gotta go there to experience it - on second thoughts...
  • The Britannia, hidden away down the north end of High St. - quiet(ish) and friendly
  • Again the Summerhouse have a pub with a wonderful atmosphere Yates, Dragon Kiss, Forresters & Manhattan (for gays/lesbians) Senoritas,Madisons, Route 66, Joes, Scallys, Oasis, Bar 4, Cabot, the many
  • Hmmmm well what can i say! (apart from don't come here!) Actually, Weston is up and coming. A range of new bars have opened up around the town centre such as- Bar 4, Dragon kiss, yates, liquid lounge, remedies, here and now. All quite classy, well, in comparison to cabbot, cheers, steam rock, madisons ect
  • The elm tree, a refreshing start to an evenings pub crawl around the town, followed by what used to be called carriages, now not so good as no longer any carriages!Ending up at Sands, the last place of hope before the long sad walk home.
  • dragon kiss, its well tidy nice atmosphere. steam rock for teeny boppers, senoritas, um thats ok. madisions, Boring, Cabot its alright, nice peepz friendly atmosphere
  • The Bristol opposite Miss Millies, free jukebox and pool 40p table. They also swerve Caffreys. YUM!!
  • Charle Dickens friendly pub
  • Typical night in Weston begins at mates house downing tedious amounts of vodka mixed with anything that will go to limber up and calm any pre-night nerves! 1st half spent in the Dragon - no atmosphere but cheap, followed by Yates - for Kangaroo's - one sure way to piss the staff off!!! score!! for Kangaroo's!! 2nd Half trip to Paradise, first foul of the night but worth it for the cheap drinks and great staff. Extra time spent in Senoritas - and if you can get out again, Time - full of teenie boppers but good for cheesey music! Celebrate with mouth full of chicken kebab and half an hour wait for taxis!
  • The Bristol Hotel, locking road always busy, a good croud plus a free juke box, sorted!
  • Scallys is the alternative to all the theme pubs in town.
  • Loads.You got to try them all and decide for yourself. Avoid anywhere on the sea front in the summer. Tourists and locals meet here and it all ends in tears.
  • Update on the Cabot - it is still the most friendly pub in weston and is now open until 2am thursday friday and saturday which is a bonus. Top locals u could find proping up the bar include charlie and Gary White, both top blokes -buy them a beer! best bar staff there at the moment are (scary) Kate and Dee -those mentioned earlier have now left (Mel - moved to Manchester with her boyfriend, Hannah - about to go travelling round the world, and Edd - got his post-grad and is now working for the local paper - The Weston Mercury, - not the free rag). The Imperial is under new ownership and getting better The london is okay and recently extended -the upstairs bar is great - it feels like u are drinking in a nice bar in Bristol or dare i say it _ London. Top staff here are Steve and Rob. Avoid moody Denise at all costs, If Hella still works there she's a good bar maid too. It hasn't been the same there since Gary left. Pig and Truffle, best to avoid unless u are in Baggy's (the landlord) little clique of chums. Remedies -former Natwest bank, but didn't quite make it to trendy wine bar. Remedies is too red inside. Needs a change in the decour, but not a bad place by any means. The Regency - bit of an old mans pub and u may get stared at first off, but it will soon pass and the locals are very friendly, look out for locals such as Andy White, Darren Bane, Howard and Young Peter. its in the good beer guide (one of only 3 in Weston -The Dragon and the Woolpack, which is at st Georges by the motorway) and does sell quality ale. The Dragon - JD Weatherspoon pub, serves good beer with friendly staff. A good place to go and chat with friends ver a pint or five. Scally's - a bikers pub, usually has a friendly atmosphere. used to have a bit of a reputation for trouble, but i go there sometimes and have never seen any trouble or felt particularly intimidated. Senoritas - i still haven't worked out why people go here. Its got loud music and so many people go there u stay squashed up to everyone the whole time u are there. it has a 2am licenceThe entertainments manager Paul seems okay, the owner Chris Eggington bought the pub with his share of his mother's lottery win -and good luck to him. Lot of people in the town seem jealous of him - this was not helped by perception that some members of the extended Eggington family let the money go to their heads a bit in the early days.
  • My ex-local, The Heron, used to be ok but it changed its name to the Borough arms was over run by Elvis Presley impersonators and Teddy boys/girls who play Elvis, Bill Haley and 'Jive Bunny' type stuff all night, it looks like a scene from Grease!
  • God, they're all dreadful, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. Britannia's OK - at least you're not forced to listen to somebody else's crappy music
  • If you arrive in Weston by train, you must visit Off The Rails, the station bar. Drinks are cheap,they always have a good guest ale on tap and there's a free jukebox and good company. It is THE afternoon chill out spot to get away from the rat race with a few pints and a pie or a sarnie. Ace!
  • The Meeting Place is gr8!
  • The Cabot is the best place to go as it has three floors: The Basement - is where the good people go, No Loud Music, the chance to chat and Pool Tables. The Middle Floor - A little more lively, music a little louder and a nice atmosphere. The Top Floor - If you are either a Whore or a slobbering young greaseball who ejaculates at the sight of a slightly exposed breast, this is the floor for you....You'll be in wank heaven and all backed up with the thumping bassline from a 50.00 stereo system, mixed and introduced by a DJ who is more at home doing Weddings and Birthday Parties.
  • Madisons- do two for one.
  • Senorita's is the cool place for ladies to go, and be free with the chat, and the barmaids are maid to order!
  • The Windsor Castle in Milton and Route 66 in town
  • Senoritas and Yates is a cool place to be too with no trouble and good bouncer managment. Keep away from the Steam Rock, which is owned by two spoilt Greeks who chat up every girl they can (under 16) and may even attempt to woo your girl while with you, and if you smack em, you'll get 10 bouncers jump ya and kick the hell outta ya! Bouncers here will break your fingers if you do wrong, not a nice place to be!
  • full of weirdo's
  • Nicks Bar
  • Mi god... wot a lot of pubs we have in this town - does this contribute to the amount of alcholics we house??? Or is it just that everyone who lives here is either so misguided or depressed that they just HAVE to drink???
  • CHEERS is the place to go i first visited in 1984 and the carpets are the same ones now.....adds to the atmosphere.. JOHN the landlord runs a tight ship and i have only witnessed 1 fight in years ...whoever writes these articles about fights and WESTON HARDMEN must be about 2 foot tall and scared of his own shadow ....see for yourself ..and enjoy...
  • My first pub was The Imperial in the mid eighties. They let me in to the back room with my large trilby hat covering my face and a half drunk bottle of beachcomber cream in my coat. Then it became a "fun" pub.
  • Masses of them ,many of them providing live music.
  • Bucket and spade(yes,thats its name), the Foresters and Scally`s, Why? the local 15Yr old tough(HA!) guys dont go there(scared of getting hurt)
  • The Windsor, The Bristol House ...
  • alright if you are drawing a pension or still getting pocket money
  • Cabot - everyone ends up there... kinda expensive at times, but as someone else said, there is the added advantage of people like Hannah, Ed and Mel working there!! Also Woodys - some good drinks offers, and right opposite Hobbits - good for crawling across. And the pool tables are often free!
  • Poor - either iolent Bournville types, underage kids all dressed up to go down the pub or single midle aged blokes having a midlife crisis (also associated with the kiddies pubs when on the pull).
  • Cabot Bars. When I went to 6th Form we extended occupacy to Thursday as well. London - Just don't. Dark, crowded and full of unattractive tarts. Anywhere for Jitters [Goths] - Avoid. Imperial - Not Bad O'Malleys - Top place if there's a band on.
  • The Pig & Truffle. Mel the landlady has a fantastic arse and a nice set of bumpers. Fat Baggy is also a whole lot of fun to look at. The DJ is a twat. The London Inn, fantastic place to fall over.
  • Catherines Inn at Bleadon, on A370, two miles out of town towards Bridgewater. Marstons beer (Pedigree good ) and loads of good pub food. Childrens play room as well.
    • Cabot Bars occupied exclusively by Sixth formers from local school.
      When I was a 6th former it was the only place to go on a Friday or Saturday night.
    • The Cabot bars on the sea-front is the best pub in town, and me and my mates have been going there for years, and it isn't populated by sixth-formers, as there isn't a school anywhere near it. The college is over the road but no-one from there goes in the pub during the day, as it is full of old women eating roast dinners. It's good at the weekend though!
  • Cheers - despite the name you won't do much laughing in here, it's very smokey, very seedy, and full of "hard-men".
  • The Dragon - yet another Witherspoons club; great ale, great staff.
  • The Imperial for your mum and all her friends - especially if you want to pull. Runs a Grab-a-granny night every Thursday. The London-Dark and smoky but tends to be very popular on the weekend. And last but not leasr, The Cabot Bars, beacuse all my chums [Edd, Mel, Hannah] work there, and the service is impeccable.

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