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Record Shops
  • what's a record ? OK Oppo Town Hall, brilliant selection for the open minded
  • the internet frankly!
  • tesco
  • all the way to Brizzle!
  • Twsco and WH Smiths for CD's thats it now, wooliees has gone
  • Bristol again.
  • There are technically no "Chart" record shops unless you count the tiny bit of Woolworths, though there are plenty of second hand and "indie" record shops
  • Couple of interesting record shops in WSM. Try Revolver opposite the Town hall for across the range of vinyl and CD (new and second hand) - accent on Rap and soul but loads of other stuff. Different range in a second hand Hi fi shop on Meadow street. Interesting but check the condition!!
  • Westons only record shop 'Spin Central'(well for DJs anyway) is absolute crap - only caters for the sort of music the 2 owners play, they dont sell & cant get anything else in stock - stick to the net...
  • Martian Records sells alot of more "alternative" music.. not exactly cheap tho.
  • The only pace I know of that sells record is Spin Central. I havent been in there since the new owner took over but I have heard its a great place for budding DJ's. They have a wide and varied stock and am sure they will order anything they dont have. I know the people that work in there and theyre a nice bunch of people therefore I would always reccomend it.
  • spin central on medow street if you like it hard
  • Umm best bet is to go to Bristol wont find any thing other than Chavs stuff here
  • now there is only one real music shop left in weston. - martian records, which is in the far corner of dolphin square, by the pet store. but martian records dont have a wide variety to choose from unless u only lisen to rock or gothic music - thumbs down. it is recomended 2 go 2 hmv or virgin in bristol
  • Heh. Er, there's Spin Central on Meadow Street, they specialise in vinyl and other DJ stuff. Aside from that, just look under the Bristol guide since there's not much of jack shit as far as music goes around here.
  • Theres one called Spin Central just opened but only any good if your 15 and play hardcore...
  • spin central
  • spin central medow street must be the best in weston?
  • most of the decent record shops hav been shut down & turned in2 other things. we had like 3 stores in the high street last year & now they're all gone! and they've been turned in2 phone shops and camera shops! I WANT MUSIC! i've just resorted to the local radio stations now. vibe fm's the closest to up2date stuff at the moment. otherwise tesco & w-h-smith do some stuff but woolworths is the only place that does single cd's.
  • suprisngly the dolphin square market has a place called martian records, most titles a tenna pretty good range...
  • Check out Martian Records in Dolphin square, great selection...just don't look up if you don't like loads of pornos!
  • Well...go to Bristol.
  • There arent any good record shops in weston. one opened last year (called spin or something)? and your better off making the trip upto bristol. been in there a few times but it seems to be full of kids and hardcore lovers (hmm, nice)! bang bang in bristol is definately worth the trip or if not then the web!
  • weston sells shit all, go to bristol for a fair choice of music, i go to replay by the bus station from time to time but internet shopping is the best way for specialist music
  • SpinCentral!!!! speaks for its self!
  • Sadly we only have shite record shops like Insanity.... Best place is to hop on the bus to nearby bristol and visit Replay Records in broadmead. good vinyl selection, and second hand goodies.
  • V shop..ooops i mean sanity..or do i mean V shop..(it's like leos again..or do i mean asda?)
  • Spin Central 43 Meadow Street, WSM 01934 625999 specilising in the Dance music. Open since 1st Feb 2003. Run By DJ's for DJ's Very good and quality tunes for all genres within the dance scene. GET YOUR SELF DOWN THERE, IT IS THE PLACE TO GO.
  • spincentral is the newest (and only) place in town to purchase recent vinyl, check them out on their website, they can get hold of any genre and have a price promise!
  • san!ty is pretty gd
  • 10-15 records, Orchard Place
  • Tower Records had choice (although you needed a gold card) but now its gone online, Virgin-turned-Sanity is good for all cds,dvds, and vhs, although personally I prefer Sainsburys where all top 10 cds are 10.
  • there is not really a good record shop in weston we have the v shop but if you want good music you would have to go in to bristol
  • personally i prefer to go to virgin or tower records, as they have a wide variety of tunes, especially tower records, so if your a budding dj or mc, go there.
  • The Commission Shop is the boy.
  • Dappy Tower Records in the Soverign contre is the only place in Weston to buy Vinyl......c'mon people, some of us cant get to Bristol you know!! The Virgin shop wich was small hes been converted to a VShop and is even tiners than a stunted moles balls....expansion is required fellas!!
  • 10-15,the only interesting second hand record/hi-fi shop in weston has now closed it's doors. Its a mystery 'cos all the stock is still inside!
  • Best deals are in Woolworths and Virgin records, I wouldn't go in 10-15 records if you paid me, its's where poor people who are down on their luck get paid a pittance for their record collection, then 10-15 sell it as new making massive profits out of hard done by people.
  • Fat Trax used to be the place for indie stuff but I'm not sure its still open? The place for dance appears to be Tower Records.
  • Virgin is a little crap, Tower records is kewl
  • Fat Tracks- but it looks like it's shuting down cos of lack of business.
  • Decent record shops in Weston - you're havin a laugh!
  • 10-15 records are good, but if you want to sell a record collection, don't bother they con you and would give you say 1.00 for a brand new CD then sell it for 10 as new.
  • Tower Records and Fat Tracks is a good record store however I prefer to buy online or visit, our price is too small and over priced, full of lurching dirty old men behind the counter, especially the store manager, woolworths are full of drugged up rude, ill-mannered uneducated and untrained twats. ask them a question and they will spend a week or so trying to work out the answer, and they look at you as if you are something they just scrapped of your shoe. basically, all of these company chains have no customer service, no genuine smiles, stick to small family run places they will always look after you.
  • Woolworths - is that the best we can offer in this godforsaken place?? Where's Virgin Megastore, HMV etc. etc... Even crappy Our Price is now shut down!!!
  • 10-15 Records tries to pass itself off as a record shop but is really a collecting point for all the utterly useless eighties computers and bontempi organs you would ever want. And it opens at 10.15am.
  • 'R-Price' down the high street for c.d.'s & cassetes '10-15' in Meadow street,for second-hand vinyl,tapes,c.d.'s
  • Great record shops for under 18s who like dance,rap,techno and all related music.unfortunately all other types of music have to be purchased in bristol
  • fat tracks is proobably best - on the boulevard - cheaper sometimes and a wider range than our price and tower records. 1015 used to be good, but is now going somewhat downhill...
  • new Tower records opened. hurray! Our Price is the pits unlss you want chart material but they are often out of stock with even just that.
  • 10-15 records, which my mate runs, and is also good. Otherwise "Our Price", naff selection, over inflated prices, too small.
  • There is a good second-hand record shop in Orchard Street (I'm not sure whether this is the 10-15 records referred to).

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