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Skateboard Shops in Weston Super Mare, Somerset*

Where to buy skateboard decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, grip tape, curb wax, tees, caps, set ups, bolts, kingpins etc

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Skateboard Shops
  • Grow up
  • SMART BARBERS in clevedon stock loads of brands and is skater owned 1 lower queens road clevedon
  • There is no real skateshop in Weston anymore the nearest skater owned shop is in smart barbers in 10 miles up the road on lower queens road they stock most major skate brands including palace,fabric,venture,Indy,flip,baker etc
  • they shut down
  • playground
  • UFO Power Kites, sell all the cool stuff, boards, kites, diablos, fire poi - they are op. Tesco. They do free power kite lessons too! ;-) For learning Circus tricks, check out the church hall on the boulevard op the Weston & Worle News offices, Wednesday evening, dirt cheap and a free drink too!
  • Bristol- definately Bristol, Gloucester Rd.
  • Playground and not ufo bcus ufo is a rip off or just order stuff from
  • playground ufo are in weston
  • damn right they don,t have a clue in that shop buy your stuff from real skaters that help the skate scene not a shop/company like that ps you,re right about the smackheads
  • I'm sorry, but you clearly dont have a clue. the guy that walked out, was the only skateboarder that worked for 'extreme direct'. and the 2 smack heads that now work in playground, dont have a clue. why support a shop that has nothing to do with skateboarding !! SUPPORT SKATER OWNED.
  • What do you know! if you were a proper bristol skater you would be shoppin in FIFTY FIFTY not in a poor excuse for a skate shop like the PLAYGROUND
  • See your point! but there arnt any skater owned shops in weston, is there? (Dont know im from bristol) so probably not a good idea p#ssing off the only decent shop you guys have....anyway, think the guy your talkin about has left, walked out apparantly? Never got on with the guy myself, thought he new it all!! Anyway, dude with dreads is still there (Sorry don't know name), cool guy!! When i went in a new girl had just started, seemed really cool, and better lookin....Playground still the best (and only) real skate shop in weston in my opinion, been going there for years, still will...spend, spend, spend i say
  • If you,re visiting weston or if you live in weston for that matter DO NOT REPEAT DO NOT SPEND YOU,RE CASH INTHE PLAYGROUND !it is not skater owned nor has ever done anything to help the scene nor ever will it is owned by people who are cashing in on other peoples passions WHAT KIND OF SKATESHOP OWNER LAUGHS WHEN A SKATEPARK PETITION/COMMITEE IS SUGGESTED THE OWNER OF THIS ONE THATS WHO! ........SUPPORT SKATER OWNED!
  • UFO currently opposite Tesco's and there used to be the Playground or something though not sure if it still exists.
  • they r scattered all over the smaller streets of the high street area
  • The playground ( meadow street ) best in weston - cheap as hell - new stock all the time - worked in by skateboarder. happy shopping.
  • The Playground on the corner of Meadow Street/Palmer Street, UFO at the top of Alfred Street opposite Tesco.
  • playground skateshop is the only skateshop in weston run by skaters the other shops that deal in skateboards are just cashing in.come in and buy the latest weston skate dvd called concept its sick and features the skating of scott whittaker tom cooke jack bright jason day jon connis ben smart marcus carman ashley bailey and loads of other locals the boxset ofall 4 previous vids dating back to 97 will be available in 2005
  • playground is the best in weston buy far-
  • i dont know much on this. well i know dat there's shops. and i have been in them b4. but i cant name them!!! there's one opposite tescos and a few down the side streets leading off from the bank opposite mcdonalds (i dont even know the name of the bank!!)
  • word of mouth probably the best deal in this town, otherwise well ufo is too pricey and playground guy rides a bike...
  • If you're looking outside WSM then you can try Rollermania in Bristol at the top of Park Stret.
  • The Playground is the best shop in weston. Pro decks are like 25 cheaper than UFO
  • ufo is ok, avoid the playground if you can
  • John Terrys, bastard caught me nicking stuff once.
  • My Shop is one of the best in the area for skate shit (unless you go to Bristol) its called the Playground and its got all you need from birdhouse to Zero we also sell Skates
  • The Playground, Meadow Street, good clothing too, but its a bit pricey.
  • extreme sports
  • The playground is wicked!!
  • Extreme sports by Nationwide Bank sells most stuff guys love, surf style, skater style, though most things are expensive
  • thank fuck jhon terrys gone. he would never let u out the shop till u been in there a hour after byin 1 worth of wax now the playground.thank god
  • John Terry's?? No idea really ...
  • There is one I know of in Meadow st. (though I don't recall the name)
  • U.F.O The Playground

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