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Skateboarding Spots
  • Winter Gardens
  • U.F.O is about the best skate shop in town.
  • skateboarding is dead in weston super mare
  • hutton moor
  • Uphill Beach, Not quite skateboard, but Land Boarding is cool, being powered up by a phat kite, or maybe you'll like buggying or just being ripped across the sand on your feet. We have our own zone provided by the council. So much more positive than all these negative posts about Weston. Check out
  • by Hutton Moor leaisure centre- well good.
  • Outside the college, on the italian Gardens (although you now have to compensate for the studs now drilled inrosome of the steps)
  • tropican pool is full of water! it used to b good wen u cud get inside bcus myself and other build flat banks ledges and various ramps o and ther was a manual pad and 2 set aswell but then fnx to the skaters from the italians it all got borded up but if u happen to have an axe handy then just break down the boards and ul find a great spot 4 any weather and outside ther ar 6 ledges at the bak ther usd to b a white fence on the end makin it un-skateable but we rippd it off :> had to b dun. But if u live in weston and u want sumwer good to skate my advice is go to bristol insted.
  • if you are able to climb over the wall on the tropicana along the sea front ther is a empty huge pool, great for pool skating!
  • Worle Comprehensive school have an excellent skate facility and there is no longer between a rivalry between Worle and Priory, like when I was a nipper!
  • outside the college is a good spot.
  • Aldi's car park after 6 for skateboarding, plenty of ramps (pallets) lying around
  • Marine lake benches are startin to slide and grind, but if u do go skatin there please keep waxin the benches, as they are rough as bumoles. erm, new spot near industrial estate with bars and fridges and other slidy tings. erm, anywhere new i'll keep it updated !
  • I see alot of people carrying them around but no actual skating going on in the town center. There are two reasonable parks one behind safeways and the other next to hutton more though nothing to shout about.
  • there is a skate park on every estate but u dont wanna go there unless its ur crew's daily hang out spot. y? because the corronation estate H8 the mixon crew, who H8 the bournvilites, who H8 the corronation estate. There iisnt actually a skate park on thhe bournville - they have taken over the corronation skate park and the corronation lot stay away even tho its on their estate but the mixon lot loosen all the screws on the corronation skate park hoping to cause serious injuries but they dont succeed coz the bournvillites are not stupid- they r a step ahead, even if most of them r on drgs!
  • Underneath the fly over bridge
  • fly over, aldi, college, italians, winter hip, winter 4 set, grove park 2,3,6,7 stairs, corrie, huttonmoor, oldmixon box, st johns, ncp, town hall 2 stair, westcliff gap, library ledges, tesco 6 stair, royal 4 set, marine lake stair gap, st martins school, milton school, broadoke school gap, lidl, trainstation, church 5 set, dolphin square, montpelier hand rail (7), worle high street ledge, industrial estate, libby 3 stair, clock tower ledges, sea life centre set and hip, bournville shops gap, they all suck!
  • In the summer holidays the kids use the Italian Gardens on the High Street, aswell as the three or four tremendous skate parks the town council have sanctioned to keep the kids out of trouble. Ha. All the other spots have already been listed.
  • under the flyover on wet days ,ledges by the library,college ledges,aldi manual pad into a bank thing,coronation skatepark,stjohns skatepark,hutton moor skatepark,safeway skatepark,oldmixon skatepark all parks have been designed by council monkeys unfortunately
  • lynch farm rails, now a 'skatepark' at hutton moor. i used to go to council meeting when i was younger and still skated to campaign for that, Thanks for putting it in 10 years later for some bournville chavs to exercise thier freshly stolen mountain bike north somerset council!
  • um.....skating??? weston's got alot of skaters but not much of what u call "skate parks". the only things you can do is either go to the corination or oldmixon & have a go on the little plastic excuses of ramps. yep skaters heaven down ere!!
  • the front is as smooth as a badgers arse an perfec for crusin and doin power slides,whatch out for the land train,some misrebel old sod sits at the back checkin none of you punks skitch on it.In the middle of town there is a nice two set perfect for busting 540 flips(nicn'n smooth,just like i do them).In an alley way by the h2o bar there is a nice hip,we saw a nutter there so keep your wits about yer.Opposite the sealife centre near the shelters ,there are many small but seriously sick(extra points for aliteration),Theres a double set made up of a two and three set with a sketchy handrail.Knight stone pier is the knew Barcelona!If you don't know where this is,follow the sound of jet ski's and bored wives(boys and there toys hey!)There is a dodgey two set(whatch out for strategicly placed animal poo of all shapes and sizes on the landing)and lots of other sets.There's also a set of curbs to enjoy.Over looking the really old pier there is apark with yet another two set and some ledges.Unfortanantly for some ,a local hobo resides here with his bottle of white lightening.Don't catch him when he's just woken up.
  • near the college there is a long maual block it looks preey gd so take a look
  • theres a gnarly ledge near the weston college check that out if u want a gd skate the skate scene is pretty non existant which is a shame coz there r many gd skate spots if u look hard enough
  • past marine lake is lotsa lil nooks and crannys to pop over swerve round and ride right thru, take a look
  • flyover when it rains, weston college, seafront clock, library ledge, tesco's if its shut (which it never is now) black bars at scalleys, dolphin square - its a bust though, ncp carpark, aldi bank is dead now due to some idiot wannbe skaters who spend there time starting fires at the spot. the industrial estate is full of supprises, oh we have a bump as well?!?!?
  • Dolphin Square or the sea front
  • New Skateboard park at Hutton Moor Leisure Centre. They are talking about a new park on the Borneville!!!
  • Theres a new skate park in hutton moor, and another in the coronation, although there overpopulated with 13 year olds with cider and stanley knives.
  • new sk8 park!!!!! by hutton moor leisure ramp,spine,quarters,fun box!!!!! woohoo!!!!
  • The new one on the Bournville, not amazing but at least the concil is trying!
  • finally the council has done something to make shitty weston a little bit better there is now a skatepark on the coronation estate (outdoor) Ok it may not be the best skatepark in the world but a least theres somewhere to go and something to do.Oh yeah and there are many rummors that KNIGHTSTONE formerly swimming pool near marine lake now just big old abandoned building is going to be a indoor skatepark but i doubt that'll happen lets just wait and see.
  • under the bridge near aldi. big flatland area with waxed curbs everywhere. dry when it rains and you dont get told to leave...probably.
  • ALDI nothin else anymore
  • Skateboard spots? shit, i thought it was a hunting ground, i s`pose ill hafta stop knocking them off now. Dam
  • Ascomber School (used to be), Grove Park, College... Everywhere else is shit.
  • From The High st to Dolphin square is one big Skateboard spot
  • Grove Park Weston Collage
  • Jake has just taken over John Terrys, the short arsed twat.
  • Huge girt big 40' wide ramp. Section burnt during summer of '91, and now it's ancient history. Probably best to head for Bristol.

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