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  • Thank god for the junkie scum that come here, at least it adds a bit of variety, trust me the lower class crime hasn't changed that much here in 25 years they just dress better then the local twats from the estates
  • 2nd Hand Bookshops. Weston has some gems. Manna Bookshop in Orchard Street is great place to lose time
  • you think this is bad, try bridgwater and peterborough
  • The council building, £11,000 spent on the "map area" (where they send you to sit when they don't know what to do with you)brilliant, that much money and they didn't get the map right, they just enlarged the bus route so it's all inaccurate and awful. They have a good laugh about that in the town hall...a good £11,000 screw up... What a sense of humour...
  • Fights tend to break out mostly on a Saturday night, there are a couple of indoor markets if that's your thing and it's the only place you can buy cds except for smiths, when the tide is out it's pretty much mud and people walk their dogs along it never clearing up their mess, the college is brilliant they're remarkably helpful, doctors surgeries have ridiculously stupid catchment areas (I can't get into the one on the next street, just the one a ten minute walk away because of the area) dentists on beaconsfield road is good, schools aren't great though the teachers do try bless them but can't get much done while repeating the lesson in 19 different languages(literally, not an exaggeration, 19), few ethnic minorities, many students, nightmare in july with T4 on the beach, carnival is beautiful,
  • if you decide to take a trip to weston dont say we didnt warn you...
  • Grove Park in the very early 90's was very druggy until Thames Valley drugs squad was brought in to clear up with a big bust in 91
  • what happend to this was once a nice place about 100+ years ago.
  • Just correcting somebody else's information. Weston Super Mare is in the administrative county of "North Somerset" but for geographical and ceremonial reference it is in the county of Somerset.
  • Moving to the area but will be working in Highbridge and notice there is only 1 train per hour going there. Are the trains busy early morning (before 9 am) and evening (after 5 pm)?
  • pier has gone
  • best nudist site is sand point
  • There is a hooker living at 61 kewstoke road worle
  • Weston is rubbish but good... wouldn't have it any other way... it's so good because it gives anyone with half a brain cell to the chance to expand their minds to places far, far away, to places so far that they may never return to the molten golgotha of heroin syringes, bottles of Diamond White, homeless rent-boys and the lightning-white Nike Airs of chlamydia-ridden chavs. It's also great because all the scum seem to collect there, making everywhere else so much better. I've heard the nearby Nailsea's council are giving their entire education-budget for 2008 to Weston as a thank you for attracting their 10 most wanted to its shit-pit of a beach. In short, don't go to Weston, you'll only get hives.
  • this place needs some re-generation before it sinks into a place that doesnt look after itself, possibly it's too late to turn back
  • SUE - the resident resort piss-head
  • weston-super-mare may not be the best place in the world but its a lot better than u 'FREAKS' make it. i'd like to see where u live thats so bloddy great. people who actually live here, its like any other place in the world. if u even bother to go worle school or find out more about it, then you'd no they DO DO SOMETHING ABOUT BULLIES. you retard. every one who comes on here to dis weston u r ALL GAY. get a life, get real, and let me post some stuff about ur town. im sure thats perfect init? mmmmmmmmm, didnt think so.
  • The women that persist on squeezing themselves into size 6 trousers and shake ther "booties" to Sean Paul....VOMIT.
  • This place is a pile of shit.
  • i think we should definately have a quasar, there brill, and you get to see girlies gettin sweating, and you can shoot at them without getting a slap. they should put the it inside the tropicana cause its not in use and will never be.
  • A smart car
  • Quote: "I am from Weston and I see there is no problem!The resort is great and those of you who still live there should think yourself extremely lucky you have a beach, e.t.c" Seriously, what the fuck are you on?
  • I would like more designer shops like Morgan and Dolce and Gabana
  • Hi there. I heard that there is a project about to start in Weston to re-establish the old pier. Can you tell me more about this? Am in PR and am interested in finding out who is involved etc. Having never been to Weston, cannot comment on all the above but your site is pretty good and very informative! Well done to the person who thought it up! By the way, would rather not have name on list for confidentiality reasons, but would be very grateful if you could let me know the above. Many thanks
  • The place is cursed by allistor crowley.
  • Grove Park was cleaned up by the police over the last two years, CCTV and Jill Dando's Garden giving the impetus. So not much drinking or drugs there now; but the college students hang out there at lunchtimes.
  • Weston super Mare is indeed in N-Somerset.... and Super has a little 's'. Thought u lot are meant to be locals! :-)
  • Weston Super Mare is now just a stop over place for people who go on there hols to Devon or Cornwal Come on Weston Super Mare do something before Weston is gone forever and will just be an extention of Bristol with a beach.
  • The people in weston are very rude and selfish, take the traffic, no one lets anyone out, that is why we have such traffic problems in weston, people in weston do not help each other hence not a friendly town.
  • Kiting should be big in Weston. The beach is perfect for it, but there are some old residents who disagree with it, why I dont know. To see the beach full of kites on a lovely blue day is wonderful, and something Weston could make a name for itself with, rather than being a place to come on a stag weekend to get drunk. If you are into kites then come to Weston and check out the UFO kite shop opposite Tescos, and make your way down to the beach where there is a designated area for kite flying in front of the sand dunes.
  • the health and fitness web site is based in weston-super-mare.
  • The most embarrassing thing is, that all the people who have been bitching about Weston on this site, can't actually spell and appear to have no grasp of English grammar. Get a life. Get a dictionary. Then go & see how scummy some other places are (e.g. Hackney in London)and count your blessings. In other words, SHUT THE FUCK UP! Next...
  • How about a section on where to go to avoid the hordes of smack 'eads that inhabit our otherwise peacfull town? Or a section with tips on how to go out drinking in pubs / clubs without encountering unprovoked violence from mentally deficient beer heads who cant have a 'good night out' without breaking someones nose, stealing your pint and getting freaky with your mrs? I still haven't found an establishment for broad minded peace loving drinkers in Weston. Oh! and a decent club with real dance music instead of cheesey vibe101 style DJs - Drum n' Bass anyone?
  • please note that going over that bridge by the carplace out of weston is a 30mph limit, its interesting to know this, as i was standing in court on walliscourt rd getting banned. BASS IN THE PLACE - Keep Weston Crusing. Boyakasha.
  • All in all weston might be full of losers, but there a bunch of lossers who know how to enjoy themself! we make the most of what we got!
  • Avoid all seemingly nice big men on a weekend...just do it Do not attempt to drive in weston at night- theres always one boy racer who couldnt give a toss about other road users
  • Some moron had the bright idea of pumping 'Christmas' music the entire length of the High Street. Very little of it has anything to do with Christmas and even less is to do with music. To make it even worse every few minutes Weston's very own Alan Partridge will interject with a jolly commercial. This is a cross beween Radio Butlin and Stalag Luft 3. Anybody remember the tv series The Prisoner? THAT'S what it is. Very soon I will be running down the High Street screaming 'I am not a number' With extreme effort I manage to put up with it until it comes round to Wizard and Slade. How imaginative! Surely 30 years of those 2 records is quite enough.
  • amazing view's from Uphill hill
  • what about the parks been shitted on by these young thugsits about time the locals did something the police are shit as well,so dont expecp any help there or from our council wast of space all of them.
  • Look out for the Weston hospicecare second hand bookshop on devonshire road, it's a treasure trove!
  • one of my fondest memories of Weston is the Old Pier (Birnbeck Pier). I have been in contact with 'the Friends of the old pier' who are volunteers working with 'Lay Brothers' of Swindon on the restoration programme They have applied for various fundings via the lottery, National heritage and SRB are currently going through this process. Three buildings at the Pier have now been restored and the Plans are to Restore the whole site, which will take time and be expensive as it is a 'Historically listed site'. To support the fundings for this project they have various memorabilia on sale and also a 'sponsor a plank' scheme where you can 'buy' a plank with your name engraved - all proceeds go to the restoration. They also have an 'official website' which gives the history of the Pier and outlines the restoration plans. see
  • Weston is a great place to visit, but not to live; Worle is probably one of the nicest places around the gateway of the West Country, but I would avoid the Mead Vale area as it is rather rough. If your gonna buy a house then head for North worle, its pretty expensive up to the rest of Weston/Worle but you'll have a quiet neighbourhood with no crime and no boy racers around!
  • I am from Weston and I see there is no problem!The resort is great and those of you who still live there should think yourself extremely lucky you have a beach, e.t.c
  • If I ruled the World over half of the population of Weston would be culled. If they can do it to farm animals for the good of the country then they should be able to cull the scum and shit on the shoes of socity that inhabit Weston. A new law would be introduced: An officer of the law can visit your house anytime of the night after 9:00pm and if you cannot instantly tell him where your child is, he is legally entitled to smash you and your kin in the face with a croquet mallet, until you either give the correct location of your brats or physically present them to him.
  • Weston has changed a lot over the past 2 years, and a lot of the trouble that was about has moved on, if you stick to the nicer pubs and clubs you shouldn't get too much trouble. I wouldn't live in Weston myself and have always lived in Worle, which is nicer and near the motorway and only 10 minutes from town but at the same time is away from the scum that frquent the area as does any town have this problem nowadays. Yes there is a drug problem, but you won't see it unless your in that scene or live on one of the rough council estates.
  • the muddy beach is full of neadles
  • The Polcie do not give a fuck and if you want any help then do it yourself, they would rather protect the quilty then the innocent.
  • The best place to buy caravans in the world is certainly DAVAN CARAVANS LTD.
  • One of the best colleges in the country offering qualification opportunities to the full range of the Arts. Music Technology campus with masses of cutting edge equipment offering N.C.'s N.D.'s, H.N.D.'s & Degrees.
  • All the people that were born here are related through in-breeding, which has made them extreemly mutated over the years, often you see(quite obvious) siblings kissing in the street and fondelling each other.
  • There's a novel about Weston Super Mare called "Tourist" by Matt Thorne which is excellent and well worth a look. Sums up the loneliness of a collapsing seaside resort.
  • The worst place to go in Weston is regent street(arcade end),where all the little boys like to act like they are important gangster 'hardmen',they will frequently try to start fights with anyone they can outnumber,usally 7 or 8 to 1,they never fight on there own,and the actual arcades are swarming with this type of scum and are best avoided by anyone who isnt in a crowd.Unfortunately what was once a nice town is now a haven for pathetic little boy gangs
  • I didn't believe in hell, until I lived in weston Super Mare. Satan is the local mayor.
  • Hmmm... weston gets a little tedious after a while. However there are enough pubs and clubs to merit a few nights out. Oh yeah, and never EVER swim in the sea (as we seee tourists doing year after year) unless you want to emerge with an extra set of limbs... Far too polluted!!! And don`t try and walk out to the island at low tide (another favourite tourist trick!!) you are almost guranteed to get stuck in the mud!
  • Don't come to Weston, its s**t. I left for Uni and don't intend to return unless I have no where else to go (and this includes venues such as downtown Uganda).
  • Everyone in Weston is related to each other. Several times. Only trust someone whos parents moved to the area after they were born. Also, anyone who goes to University, although we don't come back very often. No one else though. When near a council estate, carry a side-arm.
  • Finally !! A spot to put in my two cents, or I guess a penny's (1P)worth !! As an exiled Limey who's Mother lives in your exhaulted town,I came looking for things to do with Mum whilst check out that word -no american understands its meaning) on a visit. You need to add (if it's out there)some "What to do to Impress Yourself with Weston" and the surrounding area. I'm not meaning to be a bore - but where, and or what do I do to show my aging Mum a good time in Weston, beyond her daily life ?? I was looking for Live Theather listings, Arts, timely events etc: And just so you know I've really been need to mention for the outside world how mant wonderful old "antique" book stores Weston has to offer. Every time I visit I take back to Ohio a "find" that can't be beat. Regards Lynda (rbonchac@neo,
  • What can I say about Weston? Well...
    • John Cleese comes from there.
    • The tide goes out so far you need the telescope at the end of the pier to see it, many a hapless motorist has driven out to see where it has gone and has returned minus car. It has one of the largest tidal rises and falls in the world.
    • Best feature is probably the donkeys on the beach!!
    • But, following complaints from a concerned mother, please also consider that Weston has:
      1. A new Sea Life Centre with a clear walk under tunnel for viewing all the sea creatures.
      2. A Bowling Alley.
      3. The Tropicana Pleasure Beach with an outdoor leisure pool and evening entertainment. A cafe and bar.
      4. The Playhouse with a star studded programme through the Summer months
        I wouldn't describe the Playhouse as being "star-studded". It's not exactly full of Hollywood stars but it does give Weston its not-so cosmopolitan flair.
      5. The Winter gardens with shows and dancing.
      6. The Woodspring Museum "Step back in History"
      7. The Motorcycle Beach race held every October.
      8. Many parks and pools.
      Anyway, there are hundreds of other attractions within easy reach of Weston-Super-Mare. For details phone the tourist information centre on 01 934 626838.
    • On the other hand: "A nice layed back easy going attitude, oh yes too layed back perhaps. It seems to me that all your information came direct from Westons' tourist board. Don't believe what they say. They are unconnected fools. Although the ramp is gone now, and all the skaters have donned their slippers, the spirit of adventure still lives on in "sunny" Weston - s - Mare." Love and regards, Leo Batfish.
    • And now: "Yes, the information did come (via Australia) from the Tourist Guide To Weston, but I was forced to do it! My Mum Lives there and if I want to go and visit her again I had to say something positive about the place. FORGIVE ME."
      • Best thing: It closes during the winter!!
      • Worst thing: Everyone is so strange.
      • I feel this is a pretty acurate description of this town and not at all bias towards all the freaks and misfits that habit the place!!
        • Best Thing About Weston... Loads of easy going people, lots of hash!
        • Worst Thing About Weston... No decent clubs, loads of tourists from Birmingham invade the place all summer.
        • Best Thing - 24 hour Spar on the Boulevard for those late night hungry moments. Worst Thing - The untimely closure of 'Sumos Niteclub' - somehow Hobbits just doesn't compare :)
        • Weston is full of techno heads but the rockers and the gothic's are all right but I can't stand the trendies playing their rubbish music on the sea front. Mainly because one of the techno heads ran me over while I was on my f*!?ing bike excuse my French...
          • The best car boot sales takes place next to the Texas Homestore every Sunday.
          • The people who have written about Weston are obviously only people who have lived there and it's turned them insane enough to think it's OK. Weston goes beyond tacky. Blackpool for instance has quality tack, it's a good laugh and there are things to do there.
          • There's nothing to do at night except drink (worst thing? what am I saying?)
          • If you walk through Worlebury woods to the observatory at dusk theres the most amazing view. Good cream teas for lazy Sunday afternoons at the cafes on Sandbay's beach road.

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