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The Worst Things
  • Dom Thomas is a great spud stacker to be fair
  • great place for spud stacking 10/10
  • Bournville estate gang gang bs23 smoke all the ops
  • Lack of imagination, Weston Village,
  • Druggies
  • Head and shoulders above everything else .. the worst thing about Weston are those ugly people who can do nothing but complain and run the place down. Bitter bitter bitter!
  • Druggies
  • Druggies
  • Druggies
  • The crazies, the needles in the park, the weekly bar brawls, the chavvy behaviour, where exactly would you like me to start?
  • shop shop pub pub pub pub pub hairdressers takeaway pub rehab centre pub. Yup. Rehab centres, pubs as far as the eye can see, what have we got to do to get a record shop round here? Or any shop that isn't a soulless chain store? That and the shocking behaviour from the majority of the under 30's, what is this? "The only way is Essex?" "
  • i got raped.
  • Police, Many violent Wankers....
  • the town
  • Weston is Gods waiting room for birmingham, is run by a council that is so old fasioned that they scared to change incase they upset all the old brummys waitin for god, oh yea, on the plus side the drugs here must be good cus it attracts all of the uk scum n smack heads,
  • darren phillips
  • Dog shit. The place is covered in it. Must be the chavs with their compulsory staffies who don't clear it up.
  • the lack of control & respect by anyone drunkenly staggering past my house on locking road on a saturday night. The michaels family have too much money for their own good and should never have been allowed to buy the pier which is the biggest disappointment to date. Too much drug use. Loads of kids having kids and the education standard in weston is not brilliant - most kids with prospects & brains leave to go to uni and never come back! Everyone else has babies, goes on a beauticians course, takes drugs and gets pissed up on a weekend with their benefit money,
  • the road in
  • The (now burnt down) Pier; a pile of tacky rubbish purporting to be entertainment for the brummy army! Grow up! You could be so much more!
  • erywhere is for the very young what about the more mature, are we expected to just dissapear? well we wontev
  • the smokers outside the pubs
  • your kidding right
  • all
  • the people who come on here to dis weston
  • Whilst I appreciate the towns huge concentration of drug and alcohol abusers I still feel that the more able mind and bodied inhabitants are merely too happy to shrug their shoulders at most opportunities to improve what should be their very own pride and joy.
  • ...but as soon as summers gone, its just the capital of pensioners and smackheads...
  • too many charity shops
  • Winter in Regent Street and the High Street-dead.
  • drunken slags and jumped up 'hard men'
  • reading letters in The Mercury from people who think we have too many rehabilitation centres here. For god sake, Give them a break! They are trying to get their lives back on track!!
  • It is full of chavs.
  • where to start? - u cant call it a beach - 'BOY racers' empfasis on the word boy! - scagheads or known by the very old generationas the druggies ....
  • Chris's mum at head
  • The south west.
  • The poop on the floor. Please put ur doggy poop in the bin :)
  • there is no bad things in weston drugs come easy smoking drinking its great getting hamerad and mongging out in the park after getting stoned in town after a night clubing
  • Plenty of STD's as a result of easy girls! Too many girls who "Sh*t don't Stink", but it does just like all of us. Too many wanna be hardnuts, crap job, ugly girlfriend, no money so lets punch people on a saturday night who are doing better :O) Too many Drug Rehab centres here, we got more than any other town in the UK, stop them now!
  • The general look if the place - browny grey colour to match the sea and the sky. The high crime rate - Ive been pulled over by the police so many times coz my car isnt registered in the area and they're thinking its stolen. The lack of decent shops, and the amount of thuggish wanker teens hanging out in the centre on saturdays, smoking, wearing identical outfits and thinking its 'cool' to be loud and obnoxious.
  • townies,boy-racers,people jacking up in shop door ways (lovely thing to see on a saturday night...!or any night for that matter),all the estates-BURN THEM ALL
  • The angry kids in the arcades.
  • Too many trendies
  • The worst thing about Weston is that it's populated by cynical, ignorant tw@ts who make comments about things like the girls being "hot and easy". Whoever wrote that - you have SOOOO never been laid in your life! And as for all the other derogatory comments that people have made - I suggest that you stop trying to blame your own sense of inadequacy on your geographical surroundings. In other words, if it's that awful, why haven't you left yet? Maybe because living in a small place like Weston helps you to ignore the fact that you're actually a bit of a loser...?
  • Hate of anyone who looks different in clubs, pillheads, no decent record shops.
  • Weston super mare is the worst place you can come too, weston is coming to an end, all there is here is just clubs and pubs, there is nothing for the family to do together, the coucil just take all the money and not invest back in, if you take your kids to the beach all they can do is stay on there the road is too dangerous to cross, there are no nice gift shop just clubs pubs and chip shops even all the arcades are going now, what happend to Rhyl in wales, that place was great now it's dead. Here in weston the council have made it very hard to drive round, Asda ring road has traffic lights and hold all the traffic up. also the people here are not nice.
  • Weston Super Mare is going to Die all there is in weston is a lots of clubs and places to drink, there is nothing for kids, there are no nice gift shops, if the kids are on the beach they have no place to go on there own, all the hotels are shutting weston has nothing to offer, weston has become a half way house, people who come on holiday come here for a break on there way to Devon or cornwal, the council are just too old here turning everything down WESTON NEEDS TO BE MODENISED. The worst thing now in weston is the traffic lights by Asda and the traffic cock up in the town centre.
  • the drunks that roam the high street late at night. the smack heads begging outside spar on the boulevard. the old people who think a good day out is coming down on a coach in the pissing down rain, sitting on the seafront eating fish and chips before heading of to the winter gardens for a tea dance! (well, they did come down from birmingham!)
  • Tossers who write sweeping statements about the people and the number of STD's and so on(Oh please! Don't lie! You've never even been laid, admit it!) and the girls all being slappers (The girls are NOT all slappers, just the ones who would sleep with a twat like you!) And finally, narrow minded cowards who are never going to leave the place to see what else is out there, but who are quite happy to run the place down with no frame of reference. It's people like that who make what is potentially a nice, normal town full of bad feeling and precocious sneering.
  • The people that take most of them.
  • A guest house on the Locking Road called L'Arrivee. Went there in April and was charged an extortionate price for a disgusting attic room with bloodstains on the sheets, mouldy shower, all the lightbulbs nicked. The whole hotel was filthy and the dining room was stuffed full of junk as if someone was getting ready for a car boot sale. Don't ever bother going there, it should be shut down.
  • All the drunken chavs going to Sands on Saturday night
  • The Council. They have just stopped B&Q from building a new store. They say that it would take the business away from other DIY stores in the town. Strange, they didn't stop Homebase from building a larger store! Oh I know the council got money from the sale of the land at the school where the new store has been built. Maybe there was nothing in it for them with the new site for B&Q being on a private trading estate.
  • The people who come to Weston for like a day, and then go home and slag it off on websites like this one. I live in Weston, and funnily enough I'm not addicted to drink, drugs, and i don't plan on having kids before i leave school. I don't have an STD, and I'm not an easy slag/slapper/whore etc. I'm not a townie, so apparently i'm an arrogant trendy person-um? Oh and by the way most of the people i know who live here don't deserve to be shot. Nobody said you had to come here, no one invited you, so just Piss Off.
  • Heroin addicts are EVERWHERE, i mean, seriously, we have one of the highest populatoin of scagheads due to the amount of rehab centres here. Also, boy racers, Townie pricks and Violent Muggers make this town miserable.
  • The winter
  • Has to be the abundance of gypsy blood permeating through out the all know who you are ,the obvious inter family relationships,the mothers who let there 2yr old kids roam the housing estates naked while getting it on with yet another scumbag who will bugger of once she drops the next sprog.The local hard nuts who top up with steroids to make em look hard.This place is a total dump and im well pleased to be out of it.
  • The Foresters.
  • All the little 14 year old slappers who dont know what a condom is! please are we supplying sex education in schools still?
  • The hoes in weston (usually 15-16) who think there hard by giving you a snotty look The Jitters who say we should tolerate their choice of clothes, yet they seem ignorant and snotty to those who like and want to wear normal brand clothes. The druggers/boy racers/wastaways/the fighters/the hoes-a typical friday night
  • the radioactive watery stuff, oh yeah and the majority of the residents!
  • wondering why all the nice pretty, non-violent people decide not to go out the evening i visit the town?
  • lived in weston for 5 years now yeah the gaf is full of wanna be hardmen and women, witnessed 2 fights both women,anyone under 30 has a tattoo thats the women,too many gypos you know how much agg they are,all the interbreeding has caused a massive amount of degenerates who turn the town into freak show.
  • just a few of the many private hire drivers who think their hackney carriage drivers and nick our work , your just a bunch of selfish scumbags,to thick to do a knowlege test,and to tight to pay for one.
  • the bad attituded peepz that think they rock & can take the world on.
  • The hen and stag nights from Birmingham
  • Oooh where to start, weston is a big place with a small town mentality, the council seem obsessed with living in victorian times when it was allegedly popular, probably cos it wasnt overrun with brummies on holiday all fucking summer long. The pubs and clubs are pants, its your typical "seaside town they forgot to shut down", Morrisey I think it was sang that, although probably not about weston cos even that gladioli luvving tosser has more sense to come to a shit hole like weston-SUPER-mare. Isnt that blantant misrepresentation, surely it should be Weston-not-even-a-little-bit-super-Mare!!
  • 80% of the people in weston are wankers. Its hell to live with. All the kids think they are "cool" or "Hard", but they'd get a nasty shock if they went to live in nearby bristol where I used to live. People always spread rumours, there seems to be more bullying than other places, fucking boy racers driving around pointlesly, the preposterous amount of binge drinking and drugs, vandalism, underage everything. Most the people suck, sorry guys but its true, I've lived with you for 7 years now and hell I can't wait till I leave home.
  • Druggies wasters bums scum but is not the whole of this once great country given over to such people .But Weston seems to have more than its fair share.
  • Old people driving round town who have lived here all their lives, but ain't got a clue how to get where they want to be. Please take note of the piles of smashed headlights and indicators on every roundabout, thats my favourite!
  • Unfortunately the tide brings the shit all back again
  • People who think Weston is rough - god, get a grip. It's full of old people and a few idiots who can't handle their beer. And, like everywhere else, a few druggies. Buts mostly it seems pretty middle class and ordinary to me. And most of the people are really nice!
  • The whole town is one large shit hole
  • Down market attitudes to everything
  • The Bournville Estate in Deep Weston is a serious flea pit full of drug dealers, addicts and whores. Avoid like the plague! Heroin is a problem on the Bournville and in the Alfred Street area of Weston People are not very friendly in Weston, if you don't come from there then they don't wanna know you is the general attitude, however Worle is full of different people from all over the West and a lot better
  • Druggies, scum
  • 95% of Weston's population are Adiicted to either: Drink, Drugs, Sleeping with their Family, fighting anything that moves, having Kids before they leave school
  • Lots of STD's
  • The amount of sexually transmitted disease in Weston, for gods sake wear a rubber!, there is so many cases of STD's, you only need to pay a trip to the GU clinic to see all the local slappers in there on a monday morning with a dose of something nasty!
  • The worst thing about Weston super Mare is that it is over populated with senior citizens and no one in authority seems to care about the needs of the younger generation. Every now and then there may be a token item in the local rag about getting some place sorted for youngsters to go but nothing ever comes of it. I am seriously thinking about doing something myself, if I had enough support and contacts. We could really do with a good skateboard park, like the one in Victoria Park, Bath. And for the really small kids, why are there no good play areas? The swings in Castle Batch and Worle Rec have been dismantled and there are only a few tiddly slides etc left which are too small for anyone over 5 years old. Why haven't we got slides, swings etc on Beach Lawns ? Why are Beach Lawns so sacred? Could there be some kind of monopoly on play stuff in the town?
  • The Bournville and Oldmixon Estate, they are the breeding ground for all the scum in Weston and they have a serious Heroin problem, if you meet a girl at a club and she is from the Ville, you may find she has a heroin problem, or her ex-boyfriend does who will want to kill you for shagging his ex-bird, the mentallity of these people is low, and they even have there own school to stop them mixing with good kids!
  • kids who hang round the arcades cause they know a load of people. and the beach
  • The teachers in weston are shit they dont know anything. teachers are scared of there pupils. I have been in weston for the past 7 years and every school i had been to i had been bullied. the teachers punnish the victims but not the bullies as they are scared of them. Broad oak and wyvern are the worst. i would never take my children to any of the schools in weston beacuse either they will be bullied into being a bully or be bullied for there intire school.YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD LISTEN TO WHAT I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO SAY!!
  • The meanie officials who try to drive disabled badge holders away - you can guarentee that if badge holders park somewhere the council will find a way to charge them or change the restrictions quietly and the give them a ticket. But - when people without badges use the disabled bays do they get a ticket? Don't be silly! Oh - and on the seafront you think you can cross the road with your wheelchair coz there is a lovely drop kerb - but when you get to the other side there is no drop kerb in the six foot(!) kerb so you are stuck in the road surrounded by traffic - this council simply doesn't want disabled people in the town.
  • The Tropicana - what is to become of it?? The dog poo on all the pavements - even in the town centre, the amount of rubbish on the streets after a Friday and Sturday night, the amount of blood stains on the pavements on a Sunday and Monday morning (is this not even slightly scary and revolting to every one else) also all the vandalism, drunkards, druggies and crime in the area - please - no more helpless cases in the area - the town will turn into a haven for idiots and druggies (if it hasn't already)
  • The lights that don't work on the sea front.
  • People that slag down the place who can allways move to another town if they don't like it here.
  • Weston is a blight on the west country, historically its bollocks, the people are scum that should all be shot
  • the wost things about w-s-m is the actual town,
  • the townies and trendy people, with their huge attitude problems, and think they are very cool at the age of 15!! Also the huge number of underage clubbers with said attitudes!! And then when they don`t get into Ugropa, they come to Hobbits!!! Aaaargggh
  • Everything BUT the road out of town. And the Bournville.
  • Locals who have interbred over several generations.
  • The poor quality of the beach and sea (not a blue flag in sight). Many a hapless tourist has had to be rescued by helicopter after trying to walk from Weston beach to Brean Down and discovering that one can sink in the mud.
  • Stay well away from Weston on August Bank Holiday Monday when the place is full of cars and Birmingham accents.
  • The climate. "sunny" Weston-Super-Mare is probably wetter than most UK seaside resorts, although I have no empirical evidence to back this up.
  • Worst bit: The bits of Weston that are in Somerset.
  • The hideous drug problem, the old pier, Knightstone Island, Blokes who act like complete tossers on a Saturday Night, all the old people who populate the benches in the high street, Sovereign Centre, and EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK, ALL THE TIME!
  • The drunken brummies in summer, the pathetic boy-rays along the beach road, the poor exploited donkeys at the beach and all the people with chronically bad style. Theres alot of weirdo's in Weston too.

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